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• Wound Care • IV Therapy • Cardiac/Pulmonary/Respiratory • Orthopedic Erich Wahl Administrator

Cleveland Health Care Center

903 E. Houston St. • Cleveland, TX • 281-593-3737 •

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• PT/OT/ST Therapy Service

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• 24-Hour Skilled Nursing

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Caring Hearts For Senior Living

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A Tax Professional You Can Trust! 20 Years Experience 10 Years in Cleveland

GbfMf ·IC NI`j\ZC eVIWh n eM`fWh KV LYV\f OVK G`Kbï ·`L eM`fWh’L YVY lVIdbK YnM`]Inò Wn eMVY n hfnZfM eVM Kbf KGV lVCLï ³K GnL Kb`L eM`fWh GbV e`MLK `WKMVhIjfh b`Y KV jVò jn`Wfï “³ GfWK KV b`L bVILf KV dfK LVYf OVK nWh KbfC h`hW’K bnHf nWCô lIK bf bnh jVjn`Wfï ·f Ln`hô ‘³ hVW’K bnHf nWC YnM`]Inò Wnô lIK ³’Hf dVK LVYf Ve Kb`L `e CVI GnWK KV KMC `Kï’ ³ e`dIMfhô ‘ŠfZZô GbnK Kbf bfj\ô YnM`]Inò Wn h`hW’K bIMK Yfï’ ‘V ³ KM`fh jVjn`Wf nWh Z`\fh `K n ZVKï” bf hMId ILf dMfG eMVY KbfMfô Zfnh`Wd KV fEOfM`YfWKnò

• Highest Refund Guaranteed • Processed by a IRS Certified Advisor • Individuals & Corporations • Rapid Refund • Direct Deposit FREE

$50 OFF

with this

coupon *See Office for Details

Senior, Teachers & Police Officers And Latino Services Inc. Inc DISCOUNTS

Walk-ins Welcome

MBS$ Income Tax

Across from Southside Elementary

*Must meet requirements

Call or Come By Today 281-592-5070 • 310 S. College Cleveland, TX • E-Mail

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2011 Monday -Thursday 11am - 8pm Friday 11am - 9pm • Saturday 12pm - 8pm 24626 Highway 321 • Cleveland, Texas 77327 281-592-2545

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the tooth root vulnerable to decay. This is why more than 60% of people over age 65 have root caries, making it one of the most pervasive oral-health problems faced by older adults. Roughly one-half of these lesions have not been filled, which leaves teeth vulnerable to further caries and pulp death. Have you ever noticed that the most picture perfect smiles have an almost flawless “gum line” like a beautiful frame surrounding the smile? Periodontal disease approaches silently. It may progress painlessly, producing few obvious signs. At CLEVELAND FAMILY DENTISTRY, we believe oral health is key to overall health and well-being. We’re located at 212 E. Houston, where we offer complete dental care for the entire family. Please call 281-592-1234 to schedule an appointment. You can trust your dental health to our experience and knowledge. We want to keep you smiling. Visit our website at P.S. Mandibular (lower jaw) molars are the most common location to find root caries, followed by mandibular premolars.

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Veterinarian on Premises Heartworm testing and preventative Frontline Plus flea control, and micro-chipping available

WHERE: Walgreens @ 8505 FM 1960 Rd, W. Humble TX 77338 Tractor Supply @ 23741 Hwy. 59, Suite 41 , Porter, TX 77365 WHEN: 2nd Saturday of every Month NEXT DATE: Saturday, March 10th The clinics are from 9am to 4pm

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Free Blown-In Fiberglass

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·fnHfW’L ÀMYC bVLKL jMnGe`Lb lV`Z eIWhMn`LfM

CRAWFISH Tuesday & Wednesday

New Cantina

5:00 till Close

¿ˆ ©»¢¢³¹»“ ‘Œ¤¤»“ ]LIYYfMÃbjWVWZ`WfïjVY “fhô LKfnY`Wd bVK YIhò lIdL G`ZZ e`ZZ Kbf KnlZfL nK ¾ZfHfZnWh’L ¹`Lb nZfL “fLKnIMnWK KV bfZO enY`Z`fL `W Kbf jVYYIW`KCï bf ·fnHfW’L ÀMYC Ve “fLVIMjfL nWh “fjMfnK`VW ¾fWKfM `W ¢fG ¾nWfC bnL OnMKWfMfh G`Kb ¹`Lb nZfL KV bfZO Mn`Lf eIWhL eVM Kbf WVWOMVe`K ¤nMjb èé lC bVLK`Wd n jMnGe`Lb lV`Z G`Kb

Hwy. 59 & Hwy. 105 281-592-1932

Sun. - Thurs. 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

‘ff ¾“ÀŠ¹³‘·ô –ndf ãÀ



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Owens Corning R30 With the purchase of 3 or 5 ton AC/Heating System.

10 Years Parts Warranty

The Smart Choice for... ✔Air Conditioning ✔Heating ✔Refrigeration

281-592-2764 • 281-689-0800


Air Conditioning • Heating • Refrigeration Lic.# TACLA28605C

Dr. Cherie Poland-Woodward of Tarkington and Mr. Brandon Stanfield of Rayburn/ Coldspring are pleased to announce their engagement. Cherie is the daughter of Lt. Colonel (retired) Betty Beck-Messmore of Dayton, Ohio (formerly of Tarkington and Liberty) and the late Dr. Kenneth Poland of Tarkington. She is the granddaughter of the late D.A. and Lela "Toy" Poland of Tarkington and the niece of Bertie Remkes and the late Johnny Remkes of Tarkington. Cherie is a biomedical scientist, attorney, and rancher. She graduated from Kaiserslautern American High School in Germany and received four degrees from the University of Oklahoma and one from the University of Central Oklahoma. She is employed as a Primary Patent Examiner in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA, and teleworks from home in Tarkington. Brandon is the son of Earl Vernon and Jeri Stanfield of Rayburn. He is the grandson of the late Earl Virgil and Dorothy Helen Stanfield of Hightower, and the late Clen Oren and Mary Edith Broussard of Goodrich. Brandon is a purebred Aggie who graduated from Tarkington High School and received a B.S. in Agriculture Business, Summa Cum Laude, from Texas A&M University. He is employed as a manager in the family business, Lamb Propane, in Coldspring, and is also involved with family ranching operations. He says he is now the happiest Aggie on the face of the planet after meeting the love of his life. The wedding is planned for April 21, 2012. The couple will reside in Tarkington.

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Obituaries To place an obituary visit or for more information phone 281.674.1270

John Cline John "John Boy" Cline, 49, of Coldspring, passed away and returned to his Heavenly Father on Monday, February 27, 2012. John was preceded in death by his mother, Lydia Cline and former wife, DeAnna. He is survived by his son, Joshua Stephen Cline; father, James Cline, Sr.; brothers, Jim Cline, Jr. (Kathy), Rodney Cline and Stephen Cline (Magda); numerous nieces and nephews. A funeral service was held on Thursday, March 1, 2012 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Cleveland, TX. Interment was in Laurel Hill Cemetery in Coldspring, TX. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at

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CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH 816 Blair St. • Cleveland, TX


Pastor Carl Williamson

Sunday School 9:15 Morning Worship 10:30 Evening Worship 6:30

A Life Worth Celebrating Pay tribute to your loved one through an online and print obituary. Publish in your local community newspaper and online news source. For assistance call 281-674-1270

How Can We Best Relay Your Message? Cleveland Advocate 281-592-2626 Dianne Brady

Advertise: Local • Online • Front Pg • Inserts HCN has 34 Area Newspapers

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Sam Houston

Electric Cooperative, Inc. Energizing Communities Since 1939 or (936) 327-5711

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Akin Auto Service

Foreign & Domestic Auto Repair “Serving Cleveland since 1970” A.S.E. Certified

1302 N. Washington 1309


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HospiceCare youknow with a name you

can count on.

Hospice Care of the Southwest is now Embracing

The same compassionate, experienced staff is now part of a larger company dedicated to enhancing quality of life by maintaining patient dignity and comfort. Care you can count on: • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we are there for you when you need us in-home, at a facility or in a hospital

Is your nephew still working on your website?

• Focused care for the patient and family using a team approach • We are here to serve you, your patient and their family with compassion

Maybe it’s time to call the pros.

the promise of comfort

We’ve helped 1000’s of companies grow their business. 281-668-1184 or Brought to you by a trusted source.


Visit or call (888) 797-EHTX to learn how we deliver on our promise of comfort across the country every day. Embracing Hospice provides care, employs staff, and offers volunteer opportunities regardless of race, religion, creed, color, gender, national origin, disability, age, diagnosis, or sexual orientation. Embracing Hospice is licensed by the State of Texas and Certified by the Medicare Program. © 2012 Embracing Hospice NPI No. 1083662852; Medicare Provider # 67-1541• NPI No. 1265607519; Medicare Provider # 67-1619


We cannot guarantee when this offer will be repeated in the newspaper. Clip this offer and please call today!

10,000.00 Whole Life Insurance.

Now, from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company ...


Are you between the ages of 45 and 85? Then this GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE policy is for YOU! >> Choose from 4 benefit levels - up to $10,000! >> Rates “lock-in” at the age you enroll - never go up again! >> Call for your FREE all-by-mail enrollment packet!

>> CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-608-7569 Or enroll online at Why this policy? Why now? Our graded death benefit whole life insurance policy can be used to pay funeral costs, final medical expenses...or other monthly bills. You know how important it can be to help protect your family from unnecessary burdens after you pass away. Maybe your own parents or loved one did the same for you. OR, maybe they DIDN’T and you sure wish they would have! The important thing is that, right now, you can make a decision that could help make a difficult time a little easier for your loved ones. It’s a responsible, caring and affordable decision. And, right now, it’s something you can do with one simple phone call. You may have been putting off purchasing life insurance, but you don’t have to wait another day. This offer is a great opportunity to help start protecting your family today.

NO medical exam!

NO health questions!

Plus... Proceeds paid directly to your beneficiary ... with NO Income Tax due! Builds cash value and is renewable up to age 100!**... Then automatically pays YOU full benefit amount! Policy cannot be canceled – EVER – because of changes in health!

Your affordable monthly rate will “lock-in” at your enrollment age ... $10,000.00 $7,000.00

Age 45-49 50-54 55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79


Benefit Male Female 32.50 27.00 36.00 30.00 45.00 37.50 55.00 42.00 66.00 51.00 89.00 69.00 121.00 98.00 166.00 139.50

Benefit Male Female 23.05 19.20 25.50 21.30 31.80 26.55 38.80 29.70 46.50 36.00 62.60 48.60 85.00 68.90 116.50 97.95


Benefit Male Female 16.75 14.00 18.50 15.50 23.00 19.25 28.00 21.50 33.50 26.00 45.00 35.00 61.00 49.50 83.50 70.25


Benefit Male Female 10.45 8.80 11.50 9.70 14.20 11.95 17.20 13.30 20.50 16.00 27.40 21.40 37.00 30.10 50.50 42.55

In Oregon, please call for rates.

Life Insurance underwritten by United of Omaha Life Insurance Company, Mutual of Omaha Plaza, Omaha NE 68175; 1-800-775-6000. United of Omaha is licensed nationwide except New York. Policy Form ICC11L057P or state equivalent (in FL: 7722L-0505; in OR: 7736L-0505). This policy contains reductions, limitations and exclusions, including a reduction in death benefits during the first two years of policy ownership. ** In FL policy is renewable until age 121. This is a solicitation of insurance, an insurance agent may contact you. AFN44167

–ndf ÞÀô ¾ZfHfZnWh ÀhHVjnKfô ŠfhWfLhnCô ¤nMjb Ýô æéèæ

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ER DOC 12/7

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At Sam Houston Electric Cooperative, our purpose






each and every day is to provide our members





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705 E. HSustSn • Cleveland Hours: 8:30 am - 9 pm Monday - Saturday


E. Houston



passionate about.

First and foremost, we’re here to serve you. It’s always been that way, and it always will. And that’s worth celebrating.



• C.T. • Digital X-RAYS • Ultrasound Laboratory • Outpatient Services

Hwy. 59

We take all Insurance

with affordable, reliable electricity. It’s a job we’re




Sd L Reg S with istered N catiSn E.R. urse exRe rienc e C

.T. T Call ech JSde e at 9366455290

All MajSr & MinSr Injuries AcceRted When your wait time is important...

15-Minute Waiting Time!



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What’s everyone talking about?! Not you.

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Call us, we can help you in this new phase of media. This year is already proving to be a terrible year for tornadoes. The Storm Prediction Center reports 152 tornadoes touched down across the country the first two months of 2012. That’s 50% more than normal. It’s also three and a half times more than last year, which produced several deadly tornadoes.

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Full Moon March 8

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Sunset 6:26 pm

Unfortunately, what we consider “severe weather season” is just getting started. This is a good time to think about what you would do at home if severe weather threatened. What would you do at work, at Church, while you were driving? Here in Houston, where we don’t have basements, you want to take shelter in a small interior closet or hallway that’s away from outside doors and windows. The type of tornadoes that usually develop in southeast Texas are small and quick. That means they can often strike with very little warning. You might need to act fast which is why it’s good to talk about your severe weather safety plan with your family, right now. Weather Words You Need to Know: TORNADO WATCH means tornadoes are possible. Watch the weather closely. TORNADO WARNING means tornadoes are likely. Take shelter.

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Only $

Great Financing Available!

*Free loader offer on select models only. Please see dealer for details.



1701 E I-10 BAYTOWN (I-10 & THOMPSON RD.)

21103 I-45 NORTH -


713-793-6372 713-793-6522 3356 Hwy 59 • Cleveland, TX 281-432-7770


12650 I-45 N • Willis, TX 936-856-6161

1102 Medford • Lufkin, TX 936-632-5222

10831 I-45 SOUTH

713-758-0988 713-793-6376

¾ZfHfZnWh ÀhHVjnKfô ŠfhWfLhnCô ¤nMjb Ýô æéèæô –ndf ÛÀ

yourhouston y as E GARAGE SALE ADS


3 line ad in newspaper & online 7 days! one item per ad Items under $500!

4 line garage sale ad only $14.99*





ad in newspaper & online 1 week starting at $1999

Agents & Locators Welcome!

4 line ad in newspaper & online 1 week only $2499 Add a picture for only $10

Visit to place your free ad.

Call for our 4 week package

Search over 25,000 listings

Search over 6,000 cars

Call us Monday - Friday between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Call 281-668-1145 or email

Search hundreds of local jobs

*Some restrictions apply.



Place your ad at Eas Dental

Employment Education


Health Care

CAREGIVER, Mature Female in wheelchair needs a F/T Home Health Attendant in Humble area. Will train in duties. Salary based on exp. Call 10am - 5pm. 281-441-2321





Cadence Environmental Energy Inc. a leader in waste fuel supply and technology, is seeking a Commercial Sales Manager. Responsibilities include sales efforts to secure waste fuel supplies that are directed into cement kilns and other industrial furnaces. Primary markets include hazardous waste generators and RCRA permitted TSDFs.




STX Freight Hiring Local & 48 States. Must have good work history. CDL, HazMat & TWIC Card Experience Preferred.

STX FREIGHT CO. Montgomery County Fax Resume: 936-228-0856 E-mail:


Exp., valid CDL & good driving record. Competitive pay, great benefits, guaranteed hours & load bonus. Drug free Workplace EOE M/F/D/V To apply, call

Campbell Concrete

Texas City (281) 337-6433 Genoa (713) 9430057 Baytown (281) 424-2436 Katy (281)391-8224 Harwin (713) 974-4525 Gaines Rd (281) 983-0554 Conroe: (281) 353-8662



Min. 23 yrs of age, CDL-A w/X-end. & 1 yr 18 wheeler exp reqd. for local gasoline deliveries in the Houston area. Excellent pay & benefits

$1000 SIGN-ON-BONUS Coastal Transport 8613 Wallisville Rd. Houston, TX 77029

713.672.6316 DRIVER-REGIONAL & OTR

Tango has immediate openings for Regional & OTR Drivers! Top Pay, Excellent Benefits and Great Hometime. CDL-A and 15 mos OTR exp req’d. Apply by phone

877-826-4605 Mon-Fri 8-5 or online Please e-mail resumes


For Shrink wrap company in Conroe Must be able to pass an extensive background and a hair follicle test. Must be able to work OT and company paid to travel to parts of South Texas periodically. Send your resume or contact info to:


Cleveland Plaza Apts.

915 E. Hanson Cleveland, TX 77327

Health Care

CNC Machinist

Schlumberger offers a competitive salary, benefit packages including 401K, Health, Dental, Vision, Vacation, Paid Holidays, Education Reimbursement and advancement opportunities. Shift premium paid for 2nd and 3rd shift. Schlumberger is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Please send resumes to General Employment

General Employment

$400 Sign On Bonus After 6 months of employment

Are you looking for a more meaningful job? You have found it! Empowerment Options is dedicated to serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).


We have wonderful a opportunity for House Managers to supervise group homes in Conroe and Liberty, TX. Directly related experience working with IDD or elderly care with supervisor experience required. Clean criminal background check/driver’s license required. Apply in person at 108 Commercial Circle, Conroe, TX 77304 or email resume to

Be a part of a caring team!


General Employment

Earn $800 - $1200 Every Four Weeks In this position:


° You will deliver papers 3 hours per day ° Papers available at 2 a.m., 7 days a week

° Reliable transportation ° Valid driver’s license ° Vehicle insurance ° Applicants must be 18 years or older


• Bachelor’s degree (BS or BA). • Working knowledge of RCRA. • Minimum of five years of proven experience in environmental sales. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. • Experienced with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. • Reside in the Houston area.

Qualified candidates should forward their resume and salary history to: fax: (219) 879-0390 • ATTN: PJKSPHR

Business Come JOIN our TEAM! Services EOE

We are looking for an all around

FRONT OFFICE PERSON. You must be able to work under pressure, be highly organized, fast learner, detail oriented with good people skills. SKILLS REQUIRED:

Making appointments, check in, check out, insurance verifications, working with our Electronic Medical Record system, and most of all great customer service (mange, expedite and resolve patient issues with a friendly smile). You must be dependable and ready to work. We offer competitive salary, holidays, 401k and paid insurance for our employees.

Send resume to Administrator 17270 Red Oak Drive, Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77090 Fax: 281-880-1566

LVN’s, CNA’s & Certified Medication Aides Full Time with Benefits. EOE

Cleveland Health Care Center

903 E. Houston Cleveland, TX 77327 Fax resume: 281.593.3989

Work From Home WANTED: 29 SERIOUS PEOPLE TO work from home using a computer. Up to $1500 - $5000, PT/FT



March 16- 1pm- 7pm March 17- 8am- 5pm March 18- 10am- 4pm Antiques, Crafts & Collectibles FREE ADMISSION/PARKING

Humble Civic Center

8233 Will Clayton Pkwy 281-446-4140 COMMUNITY GARAGE SALE ALSO ON MARCH 17TH

Estate Sales

Regular full-time position with a complete benefit package. Compensation commensurate with experience and performance.

Come be a part of our caring team!

Must have good computer & phone skills. A min. of 2 yrs experience in a medical office Bilingual and cast training a plus .

Newspaper Carriers


Garage Sales

House is Packed! *Must park on right hand side of roadsame side sale is on... No Exceptions! Antiques-Lg & Sm, Jewelry, Collectibles, Glassware, China, Knick Knacks, Kitchen Ware, Appliances, Furniture, Electronics, Housewares & So MUCH MORE!

GALLERIA AREA ESTATE SALE OF ASID INTERIOR DESIGNER Immaculate collection of antiques, fine furniture & decor, Persian & Oriental rugs, McKenzie Galleries office furniture, 31” Murano glass sailboat, silver, crystal, mirrors, lots of original art & prints, Nordic Track treadmill, large collection of books (interior design, gardening, cooking), ladies’ designer apparel, all gowns, wicker & wrought iron patio furniture, large potted plants, more! 5318 DEL MONTE DR. (77056) THURSDAY-SATURDAY, 9-5 For info & photos, visit our website:


Garage Sales COME SEE OUR BEAUTIFUL NEW STOCK OF GENTLY USED FURNITURE, HOME DECOR AND ANTIQUES. BELLE’S ATTIC is the one stop shop for you. 31903 FM 2978, Magnolia 77354. Furniture & home decor. 281-259-2955 Dolen Baptist Church, 10078 FM 787 W Cleveland, TX, Fri & Sat, March 9 & 10 8am- 4pm, Benefiting the American Cancer Society & Our Relay for Life Team

Garage Sales

FANTASTIC Estate Sale 33818 Conroe Huffsmith Rd Magnolia, TX 77354 Fri 3/9 & Sat 3/10, 9am - 3pm

We can help! Place your Garage Sale ad today!

(877) 452.7355 Garage Sales


Join The Hunt, The Thrill & Great Prices For Your Home Décor, Furniture & Lots More!! VISIT OUR 8000 SQ. FT. SHOWROOM TODAY!!

Legendary Furniture Consignment & Resale CALL: 281-209-1631



OUTBOUND CALL Representative Houston Community Newspapers is looking for a high energy, full time, outbound call representative whose responsibilities include making 60 – 100 outbound calls daily to local businesses. The candidates must have excellent communication skills, be proficient in Microsoft Office and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. Preferred experience includes sales, advertising, marketing, and newspaper industry. This position is located in the Houston, 610 Loop & Interstate 59 area. EOE

Qualified applicants are encouraged to call (713) 362-5591 for more information. 24738

For Liberty or Cleveland positions, Call with desired location: 1.877.301.7571


Schlumberger, a leading supplier to oil and gas exploration and production companies around the world, has immediate openings in North Houston for CNC Machinist.

Job Qualifications: • Completion of high school or equivalent. • 2+ year lathe and/or mill experience required. • Ability to meet .001 tolerance specifications & operate machine controls. • Must be able to work overtime with little notice. • Able to edit & perform shop math. • Able to work different controls a plus.


To work FT/PT, various shifts in our Cleveland & Liberty homes. Direct experience working with developmental disabilities a big plus.

If you are interested, please forward your resume via fax 281-312-3800 or email:

Duties may include assisting maintenance well.

Skilled Crafts & Trade

Do you want to be a part of a team helping people? Empowerment Options is dedicated to serving persons with developmental disabilities. We have great opportunities for the following positions:

Both Positions require a valid TX Driver's License & Clean Criminal History.

General Employment

Skilled Crafts & Trade

Garage Sales


Exp. required, Humble area.





Submit resume to:

–ndf èéÀô ¾ZfHfZnWh ÀhHVjnKfô ŠfhWfLhnCô ¤nMjb Ýô æéèæ Apartments Unfurnished

Apartments Unfurnished

Apartments Unfurnished

CLEVELAND SQUARE APARTMENTS 104 E. Waco • clEvEland, TExas 77327

1 Bedroom from $409 - 846 2 Bedroom from $506 - 602

Move-In Special for qualified applicants receive Rental Assistance at Move-In. Open House Saturdays 8a.m. - 12p.m.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer.

Real Estate

Homes For Sale

Build on your own lot,

Kendall Homes

Call or Stop By Tax Refund Move In Special

24-Hour Camera Surveillance


281- 593-1731 Dedicated Team of Professionals That Care.

Custom Builder For 20 years, CALL 281-838-4020


“A great eat place to call home”

Land & Real Estate Notes

281-408-3334 Email: Each office is Independently Owned & Operated. Member of Better Business Bureau


Mobile Homes ABANDONED DOUBLEWIDE In Scenic Setting. CALL NOW 936-856-1028. C351

DESERTED Minor Repairs, 4+ BR 2 BA Select Minor Repairs. Need Owner. Located in nice wooded community. Easy Terms (wac) Call Now 936-856-2134 C341 FALL SPECIAL! $500 Down, Select Select Select Doublewide. Fireplace, glamour bath on Lake Conroe. (wac) $800.00 77305 (936)856-2134 C314 HOME UP FOR ADOPTION Well cared for. Available to nice family, small monthly cost. CALL NOW 936-856-1028. C352

Owner Finance Deals!!

Large 2009 DW 4-2 on 1 acre, $995. Monthly, $84,900 plus down. No credit needed. EZ To Qualify! Call 832-326-1978 Hablo Español

Mobile Home Lots



307 KIRBYWOOD, CLEVELAND 281.592.7702

CLEVELAND PLAZA LTD. 915 E. Hanson, Cleveland

281-592-7870 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Starting From

1 Bedroom .................... $400 - 525 2 Bedroom .................... $475 - 595 3 Bedroom .................... $505 - 655

This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer.

Pineridge Plaza Apartments

Stop in with this ad for Daily Special

Office Space

WATERFRONT COMMUNITY!! $250/MO Lease Lot. RV’S OK. All hook-ups available. (wac) (936)856-1028. C329


Storage / Mini Warehouse

Storage / Mini Warehouse

MOVE IN SPECIAL!!! Month of March

HALF TO 1.5 ACRES Restricted to doublewides or site built homes only. $350 a month including aerobic septic system, water, meter pole & driveway. (wac) Call Now (936)856-1028. C335 LAKE LIVINGSTON AREA 10 acres on Hwy 355 near lake, between Onalaska and Trinity, wooded, lots of hills, great lake location, water and elec available, huge deer..$49,900 with terms...20% down and $298 per month..owner 936-524-2794 Repo, 1 acre, nice trees, underground utilities, backs up to nature trail. Assume Balance. 281-324-4427

Ranches & Farms



81.29 AC. LOMA ALTA.

Access Mini Storage 13952 Old Hwy 59 North Splendora, TX



Lake Property

10x12.5 = $45 Homes Unfurnished

Tools / Machinery



RODEO HAT Sz.7 3X wool felt hat American Co. Whiskey brown, 5” crown, 3 1/2” brim, satin lined $20. 281-363-1016 77380

Apartments Unfurnished





936 258 4136 •

TOD #800-736-2989 THIS INSTALLATION IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROVIDER AND EMPLOYER. CITY OF CLEVELAND, 2/1, $560/ Mo. + $150/Dep, 3/1, $595/Mo + $200/Dep, Carport, W/D Conn., All Kitchen Appliances. No Pets!

281.235.6221 Leave Message

Homes LEASE PURCHASE 4-2-2 HUMBLE AREA. $1149/MONTH. IMMEDIATE MOVE IN. 936-756-1550 Lease Purchase 4/2/2, 2,050 sf home, no deposit! Pets welcomed. Kingwood Schools. $1095/Month 936-756-1550 LEASE PURCHASE: Crosby Area. 4-2-2 ON WOODED LOT. $949/MO. pets welcomed.



3 & 4 Bdrms. Pet Friendly, Fenced Yard, Playground, Fitness Center, Lge Pool. $969. 281-252-4788

TARKINGTON ISD, 2/2, All utilities & exterminating included. No pets. Weekly rates only. 281-592-7282

Merchandise Antiques / Collectibles LICENSE PLATE Uncirculated Texas Truck 1953, front/back $125. 936-448-6808 77356


Free Land List, Lake Houston Acreage, 1-15 acres on the water. 281-324-4427


INDIAN WELLS RANCH #28 Muledeer - 381 Acs @$265/ac

Giant 15 acre Estate Tract, Waterfront on canal to Lake Houston. Room to grow! Fenced with central water. 281-324-4427

PAINT MARE RANCH #24 Whitetail- 133 Acs @$265/ac Owner Financed with 5% Down. 1-210-734-4009

Huge 1+ acre lakefront, with utilities, bulkheaded, boat slip, huge trees, Lake Houston / Kingwood area. From Only $139k! Call 281-324-4427


Huntsville. Lots Of Hogs Back-Up To 13K Acre. Game Mgmt. Reservations: 936-435-1062.

Mobile Homes $600 - $800/MO, LEASE TO OWN Manufactured Home. Lake Conroe Waterfront Neighborhood. (wac) (936)856-0986. C345

Apartments Unfurnished



PRINCESS OAK DRESSER In Original Condition, Must See! $325 Call 281-360-4690


Building Materials / Supplies


EXTENSION LADDER 40 Foot Aluminum Extension Ladder. $150. 832-477-7901 77357

Must Sell (Ltd.) Will deal 24x36, 39x57, 60x100 40 yr paint (Steel Bldgs) Pro-Rated freight to site Erection Avail. Source# 1OP


Cemetery Lots / Plots FORREST PARK-WOODLANDS: 2 Adjoining Plots Located in the “Flat Bronze Garden” Area $3995 includes transfer fee. 936-447-9640 South Park Cemetery Section B, Lot 629, Spaces 10,11,12. $3795 Each. Section S, Lot 523, Spaces, 1,2,3,4. $1795 Each. Call: 936-544-6791

Framing Nailer ($100), AC/DC Welder ($250), Air Compressor (New, $350), Belt Disc Sander ($120), Planer-Joiner ($120) (832)206-9681

Portable Buildings

Exercise Equipment BOWFLEX Bowflex for sale $500. 832-401-9761 shelbygt2010@att. net 77328



Firewood / Supplies All Oak Firewood, 1/2 Cord Split, $85, U-Pick-Up Montgomery, 936-597-4575


Firewood / Supplies



10% TO 35% OFF ALL BUILDINGS 90 Day Same As Cash Rent to Own

FIREWOOD, BBQ WOOD, Bobby (936)444-8420

OAK FIREWOOD $75 for 1/2 Cord; $150 A Cord, Delivery is Available. 936-522-8937



104 FM 1485 Conroe, TX 77306


11680 Rose Road-Bridgewood Farms Hours: 9AM-4PM, Mon.-Fri. Vegetables and Flowers (936) 856-6460

Want to Buy

Furniture 2 PIER ONE BAR STOOLS Woven Rattan seat and back on black wrought iron frame with arm rests. Look new. $75. 936-756-6527 77301 ANTIQUE MAHOGANY DESK, rare Governor Winthrop, brass hardware. $495. 936-448-6808 77356 Electric Lift Reclining Chair, good cond, beige, $350 firm 832-527-3146. Kingwood Forest Cove area.

I Buy All Type Of Metal And Scrap

Tractor, Trailer, Fork Lift, Heavy Machinery, Cars, Truck, RV, Boats, Old X-ray Films, Medical And Industry, I Do All Type of Demolition FREE ESTIMATE AND FREE PICK-UP ON ALL

Call: 713-385-4546 Se Habla Espanol

INFINITY FLOOR SPEAKERS EMIT-R Reference 6, brown oak wood, black front, 225 watt per channel $450. 281-363-1016 77380 Large black leather Lazyboy Sofa with wall a way recliner, Like new, $525; wine leather recliner, gliders & sweivel, great cond. $100; cherrywood desk with leather top, 3 yrs old, like new, $300; 2 matching wingback chairs with 1 footstool, beige & blue, $150; Corner computer desk, $25 + kingsize Memory foam bed w/pillow top, complete with frame, $350 +Many other household items . 936-494-9415

Home Furnishings FULL SHEET SETS (2) White & green flannel top fitted bottom, pillowcases & print pink, teal blue by Springmaid $20. 281-363-1016 77380 PICTURE Trees in the woods. Colors gold, green grass, fiery orange & red tones 31X33” matt, silver framed $15. 281-363-1016 77380




Riding Lawn Mowers, Motorized Equipment, Repairable, (832)330-7624

Lawn and Garden 45 Gallon Live Oak Trees Two Hundred Well Cared For 45 Gallon Live Oak Trees. $110.00 Each. Lower Prices For Higher Quantity. CALL: 281-728-3316 BBQ PIT Weber brand, propane gas fuled, like new. $75 $75.00 (832)515-9564 PATIO CHAISE Adjustable lounge chair w/cushion like new white $25. 281-328-5942 77532 SPRING VEGETABLE PLANTS 30¢ EACH: tomatoes & SOME heirloom, peppers, Broccoli, Swiss Chard & more, citrus tree, 5 gal. $36 blueberry plant, 1 gal. $5, Tarkington. 281-592-5067




Hunting Leases 1 – 15 acre waterfronts with utilities! You cant find these anywhere. Lake Houston, EZ Commute, Huge trees, Great Views, 281-324-4427

Hundreds of Taxidermy Mounts including 80 Boone & Crocket White Tails, Antique Guns, Antler Chandeliers, Rugs, Ivory, Indian & Cowboy Collectibles

1x6x16 Pine, $6 Ea 1x6x10 Cedar, $10 Ea 1x12x10 Pine, $10 Ea

RYE, HOUSES FOR RENT 1 & 2 Bedroom, Only 25 minutes from Liberty, Cleveland, Livingston! (936)425-0269 (281)761-8702

PIANOS & TUNING Kawai, Yamaha, Moving, Sales, Tuning $125. www.KeyArtsHouston. com 77062


Liquidating Trophy Room

Acreage Beautiful 1.46 acre creek front, Huge Oaks, Nature Trail, Access to Lake Houston, underground utilities, assume balance. 281-324-4427


Office Space


INVENTORY LIQUIDATION! GOOD Credit, Bad Credit No Credit , No Problem. Low as $500 DOWN (wac) CALL NOW (936)856-0986 C316

Musical Instruments


SPLENDORA 2 BR 1 BA .$425/mo in Splendora, 281-689-2538

1301 Nevell (Hwy 787) • Cleveland, TX 281-432-0630

Portable Buildings

WOOD BUILDINGS! 10X12- $1,199 12X24- $2,250


America’s # 1 Home Buyer


Portable Buildings


GOLD & GUNS!! FRONTIER PAWN & GUN 1301 E. 1st St. Humble, 77338 (281)540-2274

CYPRESSWOOD PAWN & GUN 5653 Treaschwig Rd Spring, 77373 (281)443-0500

Announcements Legals




SAE & metric hand tools, tool chests, grinder, impact wrench, air comp., chain saw, chest of drawers. (832) 326-6819

Legal Notices



Loving 1st time parents promise to give your baby a safe, happy home. Expenses paid. Olivia & Matt, 1-866-664-1213

Legal Notices

An election has been called by the Mayor of the City of Plum Grove for April 7, 2012, for the purpose of electing/re-electing: Mayor, Councilman Position # I and Councilman Position # IV. If you interested in one of these positions, please contact Secretary at 281689-0508. Deadline for filing will be March 10, 2012. If you want to vote absentee, please contact secretary after March 15, 2012. CS 02/15, 02/22, 02/29, 03/07 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Dayton Housing Authority will be accepting bids for the following: SHEETROCK REPAIRS TO TEN (10) UNITS Specifications may be picked up at 2502 N. Winfree, Dayton, TX Barbara Burns Executive Director Dayton Housing Authority 936-258-5372 CS 03/07

¾ZfHfZnWh ÀhHVjnKfô ŠfhWfLhnCô ¤nMjb Ýô æéèæô –ndf èèÀ

Wheels on the move Transportation Automotive

Motorcycles /ATV’s


2007 HONDA 1300ST, SPORT-TOURING, WITH ABS, 8700 mi. new tires, $9,900. 1 owner, 713-957-3470

2008 GMC SIERRA 1500 DENALI Crew Cab, 25860 miles, black, leather, sunroof, navigation, DVD, excellent condition, warranty $12,900. 78260

Recreational Vehicles

Auto Wanted

1996 MAZDA MIATA 91000 mi., Red, 5 speed. Looks great - Runs great! $5,500.00 77356 (936)582-0201 or (979)277-5291

SLEEPY HOLLOW RV PARK Just 5 min. From The Woodlands Mall! concrete pads, cable & Wi-Fi (281)367-2517 or (713) 206-0791

2006 HONDA CIVIC Very nice silver Honda Civic. 5 speed Manual transmission. 36 mpg highway. 100,500 miles. $9,300. 77062 281-486-8353 99 HONDA ACCORD 169k mi., v6, all pwr, leather, sun rf, green, 4dr, 169k, runs great, $3,200. 281-351-7595 77375


$$CASH$$ 832-883-CASH

Boats & Supplies Wet Slips & Dry Storage Available

Auto Wanted



We Come to You!!!



2004 FORD F150

44000 mi. - Pristine Condition Wedgewood Blue $12,500.00 (832) 206-9681


(877) 452-7355



• Foundation • Patios • New Walkways

• Asphalt Pavement • Coating & Stripping • Conversion Pipes

TAX DEDUCTIBLE! (713)862-8482

Junk Cars And Trucks Lost Titles OK. All Type Of Metal.


Call us Monday - Friday between 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Licensed & Insured

“No Job Too Small” 281-414-3707 Low Rates! #20866

Foundation & House Leveling


Free Pick-up and Delivery

“Quality Control Remodeling” “Painting, Drywall Repairs” “Bathrooms & Kitchens”


w w w. q u a l i l t y c o n t ro l re m o d e l i n g . c o m



Roofing & Siding

Discount to Senior Citizens FREE Estimates 281-361-6746 Call Collect

stump grinding


free 832-401-6548 estimates

Homework Handyman Service

Legal Notices

281-796-8171 • 936-334-1428 Legal Notices

Several Cars And Trucks To Choose From Don’t Wait Call Now!! Call Ron Hoisington Today!! I Will Do All I Can To Help.. Internet Sales Wiesner Buick GMC (281) 932-4852 Cell (888) 240-8150 Toll Free (936) 523-6854 Office Direct

CALL MR. HIGBIE 936-714-3787

Sports Cars 1982 CORVETT CROSSFIRE 30,000 Original Miles, Additional Lucite T-Tops, Chrome Side Pipes, Original Owner Manual, 82 Automotive Manual, $12,500, 713-252-8484

‘05 Durango Limited, 1 owner, 4 door silver, excellent condition, loaded with hemi engine. See to love! (281) 852-8308

Pets and Livestock

NEW LISTING GOURMET HAY FOR HORSES FINGERFARMS.NET $11.99 A Bale,Cow Round $129 Cow/Horse Rounds $135, Quality Horse Round $145 Call: 281-659-5584 HAY Square Bales, Horse Quality, $12 in the barn, No Limit, 713-724-5844


100’S of Saddles & Tack Items


(281)460-2054 (936)449-5555

Log onto: or call 877.452.7335 to place an ad in our service directory.

Legal Notices

Legal Notices


Feed / Seed / Hay


You have an...

Let Us Do All Of Your “Home Work”

FREE Estimates

If Anyone Can Help Fill Your Needs And Get A Great Deal, I CAN!!!

Agriculture Livestock / Pet

Stump Grinding / Removal

Painting • Sheetrock • Carpentry • Tile • Siding Remodeling • Roofing • Fences • Decks



Pressure Washers & Generators


T&K Electric



FULLY INSURED CALL: 936-257-1355

Electrical Services


Free Towing. It’s fast & simple.

Lawn & Landscaping


Need Help?


MD Anderson Cancer Center

Place your ad at Eas Easy

2004 NISSAN 350Z 25K mi., White, Loaded, 2 New Back Michelin Tires, Mint Condition $15,900.00 281-705-6006 (77379)


Your LOCAL Businesses and Services y SELL YOUR STUFF!

Auto for Sale

Running Or Not WE COME TO YOU!





Auto for Sale

SADDLE REPAIR Buy, Sale And Trade, Saddle And Tack. Call: 281-999-4645 (77060)




BOXER MIX PUPPIES: Need Responsible Indoor Home Only. No Toddlers, Shots/Dewormed $200 Woodlands Area (936) 760-7765 LAB MIX PUPPIES 11 weeks old. Has 1st/2nd shots & worming. Only 3 left. Visit $75. 281-836-3326 77357 YORKIE PUPPIES , 3 Months Old, All Shots, Potty Trained, Tiny And Baby Faces. $425-$600. 936-685-2396 (77369)

Dogs FREE FREE ROTTWEILER 2 Year Old Male, To Good Home. All Shots/Dewormed Call: 936-697-2062 (77378) FREE to Good Home “3 Year Old Male Blonde Beagle Needs a Loving Home” Good watchdog – all shots current. Call Tiffany 832-370-5040 free to good home, 4 male puppies, Sheltie/Lab mixed, also females sheltie, approx 2 yrs old. 281-622-5128

Pets for Sale CHIHUAHUA $300 - $600 YORKIE-HUAHUAS $300. Quality,Healthy,Variety, CKC, Registered. Call: 936-653-4043

PERSIAN & RAGDOLL KITTENS, $600+, Shots/Guarantee, Registered, 337-230-3150,,

Yorkie Puppies AKC, Teacups & Standard Sizes. Health Guarantee. $600 - $850. Call: 713-818-3422


Pet Lost & Found

BOSTON TERRIER Must adopt out a 4 yr old female spayed. No papers. All shots are up to date. $100. 281-630-1700 77355

LOST PEKINGESE FEMALE DOG Brown/Black. 12 Yrs. Old. Last Seen on 879 County Road 2099. REWARD. 936-334-4514(77575

COLLIE PUPPIES AKC, 2 sets of shots, micro-chipped, Born 12/23/11, $500, Call 936-449-4098


Want to find a FOREVER companion? Come to the Conroe Animal Shelter! We have cats and dogs of all sizes and varieties available for adoption! All adoption fees include spay/neuter, shots and microchips! 407 Sgt. Ed Holcomb 936-522-3550 Mon-Sat 10-6

–ndf èæÀô ¾ZfHfZnWh ÀhHVjnKfô ŠfhWfLhnCô ¤nMjb Ýô æéèæ


FOR SMALL BUSINESSES IN TEXAS Our Small Business Bankers are out in the community, meeting face-to-face with clients in Texas. They know the special needs of small businesses, and all the ways Bank of America can help them. Additionally, as part of our ongoing commitment to small businesses, Bank of America extended $6.4 billion in new credit to small businesses across the country in 2011 — a 20% increase over 2010. Combining our local support and expertise with our national resources, Bank of America is working to grow this crucial part of America’s economy.





Small Business Bankers

in Texas in 2011.



In new credit to small businesses

nationwide in 2011.


Small business lending nationwide from 2010.

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The Advocate, Cleveland, General Excellence, March 7, 2012  

The Advocate, Cleveland, General Excellence, March 7, 2012

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