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Bank Financing Available • Buy Here-Pay Here

316 E. Broad Mineola - 569-2506

‘ff ©À¾§»‘ô –ndf ã¿ | 903-569-5646 | 105 E. Commerce • Mineola, TX


Specializing in “In-House” repairs / restoration, QUALITY Diamonds, Custom Design Authorized Citizen Watch Dealer, Watch Batteries, Class Rings



215 W Broad - 903-569-2602 1224 N. Pacific - 903-569-2114

11. hens Hardware & Deli Kitc


“Take a trip back to the good old days!”

12. Mineola Auto Supply Across from Wal-Mart

903-569-9494 •

Computer balancing • Wheel alignment • Brakes & Hitches

“Where service is the bottom line”

119 E. Broad Mineola, TX 75773 (903) 569-2664

Jim Bittner

Mineola Greenville Edgewood Wills Point 903-569-2165 903-454-0232 903-896-4796 903-873-4949



! FIND US ON FACEBOOK to see new daily inventory!

118 W. Broad St • Mineola, TX 75773 • 903-569-1859

13. 311 W. Broad Mineola 903-569-3187

1116 N Pacific St. Mineola, TX 75773 Lic. #TACLB009839E



Watkins Insurance GROUP

P.O. Box 1188 • Mineola, TX 75773 • (Across From Wal-Mart) 536 E. Broad • 903-579-9780 opt#6


Texas (800) 460-5510

Ph. (903) 569-5115 Fax (903) 569-5110




522 E. Broad • Mineola • 903-569-2911

8. 605 W. BROAD ST. - 903.569.1181

1. Use entry form below (No Pencil & No Duplicate Copies). Circle the team you think will win. Merchants name must be handwritten or typed each week. Entries received otherwise will be ineligible. 2. Starting with No. 1, write the name of the merchant for that game in the space provided. Do the same for No. 2 and so on. 3. Contestants missing fewest number of games will be declared the 1st place winner & receive $20 Football Bucks to be spent with any participating merchant on this page. 2nd place will receive $10 in Football Bucks. (Football Bucks may not be exchanged for money). 4. If you correctly predict the winners of ALL games on the contest entry form, you will win $100. 5. One entry per person per week. All family members may enter, but only one eligible to be a place winner. Winners may pick up their Football Bucks at the Mineola Monitor, 715 Mimosa on Wednesday morning following the announcement of winners. 6. In the event two or more contestants miss the same number of games, the Tiebreaker Scores will be used to break the tie. Contestant picking the correct winning team and with the closest to the actual score will be declared the winner. 7. No purchase necessary to enter the contest. 8. Entries must be postmarked no later than 4 p.m. Friday before games are played, or delivered to Mineola Monitor. Mail entries: Football Contest, c/o Mineola Monitor, P.O. Box 210, Mineola, TX 75773. 9. The Monitor will not be responsible for entries delayed/lost in the mail. 10. Monitor employees are not eligible to enter the contest.


Wed - Fri 10 - 6 • Sat 10 - 4

Clothing Accessories Jewelry



Haute Stuff Boutique Consignment

Certified Gold and Silver Buyers

HOME: 903.569.6464

Robinson Furniture

Mineola Jewelers


Since 1988


Bob Smith Auto Sales

Quality Used Cars & Trucks 1417 W. Broad Hwy 69 & 37 569-3815 569-3813


Š`WWLlVMV jnZZfh n K`YfVIK nWh GbfW “nOfM O`j\fh IO KbMff CnMhL VW Kb`Mh hVGW Kbf “n`hfML hfj`hfh KV dV eVM n e`MLK hVGW VW eVIMKbònWhò LfHfW nK Kbf`M VGW äÜï ¤`WfVZn LKIeefh Kbf OZnC neKfM n KbMffòCnMh dn`W nWh KVV\ VHfM Kbf lnZZ eVM GbnK GVIZh lf Kbf`M e`WnZ LjVM`Wd hM`Hf Ve Kbf e`MLK bnZeï ³K KVV\ LfHfW OZnCL nWh nZZ Ve Kbf àÝ LfjVWhL MfYn`W`Wd `W Kbf bnZe KV jVHfM Kbf ãã CnMhLï ‘bnG jVHfMfh nZZ lIK eVIM `WjbfL Ve KbVLf CnMhL `W e`Hf jnMM`fL nWh G`Kb Kbf jZVj\ K`j\`Wd nGnC Kbf e`WnZ LfjVWhL ·IhLVW KbMfG `Wò jVYOZfKf nK Kbf dVnZ Z`Wfô LKVOO`Wd Kbf jZVj\ G`Kb Öéæ ZfeK `W Kbf bnZeï ·f \fOK Kbf lnZZ VW Kbf e`ò WnZ OZnC Ve Kbf bnZeô LjVM`Wd Kbf eVIMKb ¤`WfVZn ½ Ve Kbf bnZe nWh Kbf –À Ynhf Kbf LjVMf æÝòèãï ³W GbnK GnL n MfYnM\nlZf h`LOZnC Ve dMfnK lZVj\`Wd nWh MIWW`Wdô ‘bnG bnh dn`Wfh ææÝ CnMhL MILb`Wd `W æÞ nKò

Pick the winners contest!!



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5834 S. State Hwy 37 Mineola,TX (1/2 mile North of Wal-Mart)




1. Brownsboro vs. Wills Point 2. Chapel Hill vs. Palestine 3. New Boston vs. North Lamar 4. Grand Saline vs. Kearns 5. Carthage vs. Nacogdoches 6. Gilmer vs. Daingerfield 7. Kaufman vs. Van 8. Crandall vs. Glen Rose 9. Tyler R.E. Lee vs. Texas High 10. Gladewater vs. Atlanta 11. Bullard vs. Huntington 12. Lindale vs. Hallsville 13. Harelton vs. Sabine 14. Alto vs. Frankson 15. Union Grove vs. Big Sandy 16. Beckville vs. Maud Tie Breaker

126 E Broad St Mineola, TX


Mon thru Sat 11-8 Sunday 11-3

Name Address

Mineola vs. Quitman

æ¿ ¤`WfVZn ¤VW`KVMô ŠfhWfLhnCô ‘fOKfYlfM èÛô æéèæ

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COACHES CORNER Football Coach Joe Drennon

The win over Winnsboro “started Monday in practice.” The team had “a totally different frame of mind on what it takes to win games.” “This week we have Quitman who is looking for their first win and they would love to get it against us.” Beating Winnsboro is a “good win” but it “can’t be the highlight of our football season.”

Volleyball Coach Kelsey Narramore

“We went four games with both Rains and Farmersville and lost both games. We did not come ready to play our game Friday. I’m looking forward to district. Our focus will be playing our game and getting our first win in district.”


IT’S TIME TO STOCK YOUR POND! Delivery Will Be: Wednesday, October 3 Emory 8:00-8:45 @ Potts Feed Store

Quitman 9:30-10:15 @ Potts Feed Store Mineola 10:45-11:30 @ Big Country Farm Center Canton 1:45-2:30 @ N E Texas Farmers Co-op Specials! Catfish $40 / 100 Bluegill $40 / 100

FISH WAGON To Place an Order Call 1-800-643-8439

Kbf OMfH`VIL hnC nWh `K GnL MIW VW Kbf MVnhL `W Kbf nMfn KV nHV`h MIWW`Wd `W nMò fnL KbnK GfMf IWhfM GnKfMï “³K GnL hfe`W`KfZC n enLKfM jVIMLf KbnW OnLK CfnMLô” bf Ln`hï ·nWWn ¦VIhfMYnW Zfh ¤`WfVZn HnML`KC d`MZL G`Kb nW ÜÛKb OZnjf e`W`Lb `W n e`fZh Ve èÝÝ MIWWfMLï ‘KnjC ¤fZV GnL ÛÛKbï KbfML MIWò W`Wd eVM ¤`WfVZn GfMf  Z`H`n ·fnMhô ¾nLL`hC “VLf nWh ¿M`KKnWC Š`KKï Š`KKô GbV `L WIML`Wd nW `W]IMCô `L WVG VW MfLK nWh Mfbnl IWò K`Z h`LKM`jKô ‹nW ½VHfM

¤`WfVZn ©‹ô ÝKb nWh ÜKb dMnhf eVVKlnZZ jVMMfjKfh LjbfhIZfL bf ¤`WfVZn LIlòHnML`KC eVVKlnZZ LjbfhIZf eVM ©‹ô LfHfWKb nWh f`dbKb dMnhfL bnL lffW jVMMfjKfhï ‘fOKï æé •I`KYnW ©‹ô LfHfWKb nWh f`dbKb dMnhf dnYfL `W ¤`WfVZn LKnMK`Wd nK ãÖäé OïYï ‘fOKï æÝ ¤`WfVZn ©‹ô LfHfWKb nWh f`dbKb dMnhf

Watkins Insurance GROUP

Dance Dimensions

We are proud to have served Texans for over 60 years based on the principles of Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity and treating others as they would want to be treated!

Pre-School Dance

MINEOLA HOLLY LAKE HAWKINS 769-3067 569-5115 769-5566

a v T


420 W. Blair • Mineola

TYLER LONGVIEW 509-2468 287-6787

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...Giving you over 100 years of East Texas sports experience behind 1 website.

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Lower Insurance Costs Energy Savings Exceptional Beauty Environmental Friendly

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Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church #2 Alba/Golden

with Micheal Mize!

Alba-Golden Elementary Principal

Sunday, September 23rd 6:00pm Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th 7:00pm

East Texas Siding & Windows Toll-free 1-800-745-8949 903.569.1801




Beef or Cheese Chile Relleno, One Cheese Enchilada, Guacamole, Rice and Refried Beans.


CR 2376 at Hwy 69 903-768-2653

“Creating hope for tomorrow.” Children/Adolescents/Couples Families/Individuals

Licensed Professional Counselor

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East Texas Counseling & Family Therapy

Alicia Hopps, MA, LPC

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Fall Sale! Winter


only SPARK.

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Now accepting insurance. 1042 N. Pacific, Mineola,TX75773

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We Cater

605 W. Broad St. • Mineola, TX 903.569.1181

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Visit Storiesand and photographs photographs ofof East Stories EastTexas Texas

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And while you’re there there And while you’re Check out our business cards Check out our business cards & other specialty products! & other specialty products!


The Upper Sabine Valley Solid Waste Mgmt Dist. conducted public hearings on September 10, 2012 and September 17, 2012 on a proposal to increase the total tax revenues of the Upper Sabine Valley Solid Waste Mgmt Dist. from properties on the tax roll in the preceding year by 7.91 percent.

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Trojan & Continental Batteries

The total tax revenue proposed to be raised last year at last year’s tax rate of $0.0196 for each $100 of taxable value was $523,907.

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Golf Cars, Utility Vehicles, EZGO, Yamahas & Club Cars

Holly Lake Golf Car Ranch 2125 S FM 2869 Holly Lake Ranch, TX 75765 903-769-3600 • Fax 903-769-4810

The total tax revenue proposed to be raised this year at the proposed tax rate of $0.0191 for each $100 of taxable value, excluding tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year, is $558,829.

MINEOLA ANIMAL SHELTER Featured this week are an eightweek old chocolate Labrador retriever named “Hooch.” He is described as having a great temperament and loving attention. The one to two year old male Chihuahua is described as a little shy at first but one that warms up quickly.

The total tax revenue proposed to be raised this year at the proposed tax rate of $0.0191 for each $100 of taxable value, including tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year, is $563,589.


Please help control the unwanted pet population by having your pets spayed and neutered.

The Upper Sabine Solid Waste Management District is scheduled to vote on the tax rate that will result in that tax increase at a public meeting to be held on September 25, 2012 at Commissioner’s Courtroom, 2nd Floor Wood County Courthouse, Quitman, Texas at 5:30 PM.

BAKER STREET (903)569-2252 IF NO ANSWER, CALL (903)569-6294 TUESDAY-SATURDAY FROM 8AM - 4PM PLEASE HAVE YOUR PETS SPAYED AND NEUTERED Sponsored by these Mineola businesses:

Lake Country Animal Clinic

1124 FM 564 (903)569-5418

Lake View “ Dental Center

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Kitchens Hardware/Deli

119 E. Broad (903)569-2664

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1800 S. Pacific St., Mineola, TX 75773

(903) 569-5569

Mineola Monitor, Sports Coverage, Sept. 19, 2012  
Mineola Monitor, Sports Coverage, Sept. 19, 2012  

Mineola Monitor, Sports Coverage, Sept. 19, 2012