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SHAKES 311 W. Broad Mineola 903-569-3187

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ATTENTION: We are seeking to locate the descendents of Louella Rainey-Wimberly to attend the Freeman-Rainey Family Reunion on July 13 – July 15, 2012 at the Lindale Community Center. Louella Rainey-Wimberly is the daughter of Phoeby Rainey and the sister of William and Elbert Rainey who migrated from Georgia to Lindale / Tyler, Texas in the late 1800s. To our knowledge, Louella married Sidney Wimberly and they had five children: Effie, Cora, Sidney, Ida, and Lena Wimberly. For more information about the reunion, please contact DeLonda K. Rainey-Coleman

at 916-730-7418 or visit

P.O. Box 1188 Mineola, TX 75773 (Across from Wal-Mart) Rodney & Jonathan Watkins



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* Service/Repairs * New Construction * Remodels * Root Control Master lic. # M-36231

* Backflow Prevention Testing * Drain Cleaning /Maintenance


MEMBER East Texas

FISH DAY Now is the Time for Stocking *3-5” Channel Catfish *6-8” Channel Catfish *Bluegill (Coppernose & Hybrid) *Redear *Largemouth Bass *Black Crappie (If Avail.) *Fathead Minnows *Koi

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We will service you at: Big Country Feed Center in Mineola, TX Tues. May 8 From: 8AM–9AM To Pre-Order Call Arkansas PondStockers 1-800-843-4748 Walk Ups Welcome

bVYOLVWô ¿nMWbnMK Can You have a Principal Guarantee? nWh ¸nZn> NInZ`eC AND eVM LKnKf KMnj\ YffK 5% to 10% First Day Bonus? ÀZlnò¸VZhfW nWh ¤`Wfò VZn NInZ`e`fh n KVKnZ Ve KbMff nKbZfKfL eVM Kbf LKnKf jVYOfK`K`VW hIM`Wd Kbf Mfò d`VWnZ KMnj\ YffK nK Šb`KfbVILf ¹M`hnC nWh ‘nKIMhnCï bf ¦nhC –nWKbfML’ ¢nò KnZ`f bVYOLVW GVW Kbf b`db ]IYO nK à’ Þ” nWh KfnYYnKf ©fLL`\n ¿nMWò bnMK e`W`Lbfh LfjVWh `W Kbf äéé YfKfM bIMhZfL `W n K`Yf Ve ãÝïãÝï ¿nMWbnMK nZYVLK NInZ`ò e`fh `W Kbf èéé YfKfM bIMò hZfLô e`W`Lb`Wd Kb`Mh G`Kb n K`Yf Ve èÞïãÞï ¤`WfVZn’L »M`\ ¸nZn> NInZ`e`fh G`Kb n LfjVWh OZnjf e`W`Lb `W Kbf ãéé Yfò KfM hnLb G`Kb n K`Yf Ve àéïãèï ¤`jbnfZn ¤VeefKK Ve ÀZò lnò¸VZhfW e`W`Lbfh Kb`Mh `W Kbf æéé YfKfM hnLb $æÝïèÜ"ï ¤`WfVZn’L ¿M`KKnWC Š`KK GnL LfHfWKb `W Kbf Üéé Yfò KfML $æÖãàïàè" nWh GnL èéKb

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Serving the East Texas Area Insurance & Investment Needs Since 2005

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QUITMAN, around the corner from Dollar General 903-763-FLIP (3547) AWESOME Summer Classes (Morning & Afternoons!)

FUN Themed Day Camps For Pre-schoolers and School Aged Girls & Boys 2-18 yrs Power Cheer Dance ★ Girls & Boys 2-18 yrs Gymnastics ★ Gymnastics ★Tumbling Power Tumbling ★ Cheer Parties and More ★ Dance ★Birthday Birthday PartiesOpen ★ Gyms Open Gyms ★ and More ★


ÀW fLK`YnKfh èàéòèÞé ¿VC ‘jVIKL jVWHfWfh nK Kbf ¤`WfVZn ¢nKIMf –MfLfMHf Kb`L Gff\fWhï bf KMVVOL GfMf eMVY ·nG\`WLô nWh LVYf ¤`WfVZn nWh CZfM ‘jVIKL GfMf nZLV OMfLfWKï bfC OfMeVMYfh n jVYYIW`KC LfMH`jf OMV]fjKô OIKK`Wd IO KMn`Z YnM\fML nK KMn`ZbfnhLï

Owner, SHERYL WADE - Putting smiles on children’s faces for 38 years!

Mark Young- Evangelist

Liberty United Methodist Church 4 Miles East of Quitman-SH 154 at CR 3130

May 4-6 Mark Young- Evangelist Friday, May 4......6:30 pm Fellowship Following Saturday, May 5......6:30 pm Ice Cream Fellowship Sunday, May 6......9:30 am Fellowship Following

Graduate of Waltrip High School, Houston Undergraduate Degree, University of Houston Graduate Degree, SMU, Dallas Doctorate of Ministry Degree, HGST, Houston Mark is the son of a retired United Methodist Minister. He was ordained an Elder in the Texas Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church in 1983. He served as a Student Pastor at Alba-Golden and has served several churches in the East Texas area including pastorates at Bellaire UMC, (Houston) District Superintendent of the Beaumont District, Klein UMC, Spring, and currently serves as the Director of Spiritual Care & Values Integration at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital in Houston. Mark is married to Sherri Waggoner Young who teaches second grade in the Klein ISD. They have three grown children, Paul, Peter, and Mary. When they are not busy doing other things, they come up to their farm home in Mineola. Their plans are to one day retire on the old home place. Mark has also been a Delegate to Jurisdictional Conference in 2004. He also remembers working with Dr. Dick White in summer church camp ministries for approximately 10 years.

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Mineola Monitor, Sports Coverage, May 2, 2012  

Mineola Monitor, Sports Coverage, May 2, 2012

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