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Good Ingredients • Naturally Pretty™

No parabens. No paraffins. No soy. No gluten. No parabens. No paraffins. No soy. No gluten. No sulfates. No phthalates. And we’re No sulfates. No phthalates. And we’recruelty-free! cruelty-free!

Pretty Please

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Products made from earthy, healthy stuff: good ingredients so you can be naturally Pretty.

Our Pretty Mission

Perfectly Posh proudly introduces Pretty Please. A youthful, bright, and sparkling extension of our product offering for a mobile, social, youthful generation.

Be Good

With record-setting unemployment for under 24s in the USA (as high as 50% in some areas!), we introduce a flexible way to earn - your own business as young as 16. Take charge! In a world that isn’t being too kind to the young and upcoming generation, Pretty Please is unique - the extension of our pampering products with a younger appeal. Make your skills and ambition work for you - even though the economy isn’t. We let you share pampering products and real opportunity. Good products in a simple business it’s the PERFECT combination. Pretty Please learn more about this new little sister of Perfectly Posh.

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PRETTY PLEASE IS FABULOUSLY FUN NEW PRODUCTS FROM PERFECTLY POSH THAT LET YOU BE GOOD.... Introducing Pretty Please, an exciting addition to Perfectly Posh Purely Pampering Products™. Enjoy pampering things for your face, your body, and your mood that will clean you up and polish you off with high-quality ingredients.

We feature a

These great products are designed to go with you - customized to fit your fastmoving life. They’re all things you can really get passionate about: naturally-based and free of the ickiness that plagues most other body products.

Pretty great line with:

No parabens No paraffins No soy No gluten No sulfates No phthalates And we’re cruelty-free!

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All Pretty Buy 5, Get yourself or can combine

Products focused on what YOU need for your Pretty life....




Please products are the 6th free. Spoil you and your friends an order to save.

Pretty Please products may also be combined with Perfectly Posh products for Buy 5 Get the 6th FREE. LipShot LipBalms excluded. It’s easy to share Pretty good products with everyone you know.


a Pretty

you’re Pretty!

Good Mood

Let’s face it: sometimes

Stop and go - you choose.

a girl needs a little good-

If it’s “ready for more and

ness to go with her.

brighten me up”, or “lock

Pretty Please gives you

the door, I’m not here” -

portable prettiness that’s

it’s up to you. These prod-

ready in a dash so the par-

ucts let you be good to

ty doesn’t have to wait.

yourself: body and mind

Naturally your face will

in a pretty good place.

love your portable pace.

Spoil Yourself,

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All Pretty Please & Perfectly Posh products are


Get the 6th


*Perfectly Posh LipShot LipBalms


Be a

Pretty Body It’s your body and you only get to take care of yourself once. Washing and caring for your skin with the best is what you deserve. Keeping it simple, natural, and real means keeping you looking pretty earthy and looking pretty smart.

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Put a little flavor in your aura. It needs to be new and now and just so. Flavors that will bring you up and brighten your energy - be contagious!

e r u t a N y b d e r i p Ins

FA B U L O U S &

at her best!

Nature has given us lots of ideas for being Pretty! Our products use great things to make your skin sparkle, your face finer, and your mood take a skip!

Green Apple & Hot Pink Lilies A truly unique fragrance as smart and bright as you are. Put yourself on the A-List!

Peppermint does it all! Naturally antiseptic for a deeper, gentle clean, and Mother Nature’s energy drink purely perfect. peppermint!

Honeydew You Shine? Let fruity f lavors meet magically shimmer for a perfect pucker every time!

Nuts about Naturally Clean! Finely-ground persian walnut shells are universally renown for natural, gently exfoliation!

Just a touch of Turkish Cranberry for pinky cheeks that pop!

Chocolate here. Chocolate there -- it’s time for chocolate everywhere. Chubby lips are an indulgence every body can afford.

Fragrance is fabulous! At Perfectly Posh and in Pretty Please products, we use only the highest-quality, phthalate-free perfumes and natural essential oil fragrances to inspire you and your Pretty mood.

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s am e i r r e cre b w a str and

Starry Eyed Glitter Gels

w e d y one


Do you need just a touch of sparkle under the hot lights, or a full on silver shine? Take Glitter Gels to touch up eyes and cheeks anywhere.

Shimmer Balm

Life’s a party. You never know when it will be time to pose and post, but at least you’ll always be ready for it! .07 oz each

Moisture’s a must, and shimmer’s a show-off. All the attention your lips love and all the sparkle you need with a fruity fabulousness. Keep sweet and sassy -- it’s attitude your lips need all day long.

PP7505 Hot Pink & Starry Eyed

Goes on Clear

PP7506 Hot Lights & Starry Eyed

$7 each

Naturally spunky lip lovin’ and no icky lanolin. .15 oz each

Silver Sparkle

PP7516 HoneyDoodle PP7517 Lusterberry

$6 each

Loaded with Shimmer & Fruity Flavor

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The Chubby Lipper

feel the tingling plump

Bigger, bolder, sweeter, lickable lips grow with sparkle and attitude. Apply liberally and feel the tingle. Put your personality on your pucker. He’ll notice.

I’m Blushing Cheekstick

.35 oz each

Have sweet cheeks anywhere and a fabulous face with no effort. It’s not your momma’s make up bag - it’s your pretty little secret to a sweet rosy glow. It’s just the right tint for any skin. .5 oz each

PP7503 Random Chocolate PP7504 Lusterberry

$7 each

PP7501 Pinky Cheekstick

$9 each

text line: 810-670-POSH •

Exfoliating Persian Walnut Shells

Oh My Wash! A girl deserves a body wash that’s this good to her. Naturally kinder ingredients include a sulfate-free clean with a moisture blast of jojoba beads, aloe, and glycerin.

Complexion Perfection Tree-climbing-earth-mamma beautiful. Your face needs washing daily with gentle and natural ingredients to get complexion perfection.

No dyes & Essential Oil Fragranced

Sweet top to toes clean. 3.8 oz each PP7509 She’s a Sweetie

Free of dyes. Fragranced only with brightening and deep-cleansing peppermint essential oil. Lightly and gently exfoliates with finely ground Persian walnut shells. 3.7 oz each PP7515 Natural Peppermint

$12 each

For a Naturally Clean Face

$12 each

SLS-free! is Gent le

Loaded wit h Moisturizing Jojoba Beads

text line: 810-670-POSH •

Partied too Hard

Partied Too Hard Peppermint Body Paste

If last night was too much fun and a little too late today COULD be a big fat flat. Don’t let it happen! If you can drag yourself out of bed long enough to slather it on, a strong dose of shocking natural peppermint oil will zap through your tired veins at lightning speed to restore vitality and energy. Lay it on thick, then get back to your life.

The Fizzy Triplets Pearly MiniBombinators Give a girl a break. If you’re ready for the go go go to be no more - at least for just few hours, lock yourself away with the Fizzy Triplets. Invite good karma when you slip into a bath of fizzy fabulousness. 3 pack 5.25 oz total

Kind to skin with moisture-rich aloe and beads of jojoba while awakening to an electric peppermint tingle. 5 oz each PP7513 Partied Too Hard Paste

Wake up with Peppermint

$14 each

PP7514 The Fizzy Triplets

Loaded with Jojoba & Essential Oil

$9 Three Pk

text line: 810-670-POSH •

Sparkle Creme

fabulous fragrance & hyper hydration

glitter-filled natural moisturizing for all over

Good meets glam! Big time moisture from pomegranate and avocado mean the red carpet treatment in our moisturizing body creme. Larger than life fragrances get with glittery goodness to make you really shine. Sparkle Creme is a good girls’ dream come true. 3.8 oz each

PP7507 Sweet Starlet Sparkle Creme

The Sister Mister

PP7508 On the A-List Sparkle Creme

Fabulous fragrance and hyper hydration are just what you need from out of the shower until out-on-the-town and everywhere in between.

$10 each

Aloe and glycerin add natural moisture. Mist anytime you need to get back in the action and to liven up your scene. 2 fl oz PP7511 Sweet Starlet Mister PP7512 On the A-List Mister

$10 each

text line: 810-670-POSH •

? t i E V O L Do you y! o be Prett t id a p t e G

Product You Get: I’m Blushing!

The Chubby Lippers (2)

Tools You Get:

Hot Pink & Starry Eyed Hot Lights & Starry Eyed

Blank Business Cards (50)

Oh My Wash! (1)

Petite Passing Cards (25)

Sister Misters (2)

• Use your smart phone • Join as young as 16

Partied Too Hard: Energy Paste The Fizzy Triplets (2 Tubes)

(one for you!)

Complexion Perfection Shimmer Balms (3)

y Pretty ™

LookBooks (50)

Sparkle Cremes (3) (one for you!)

• Earn commission

Perfectly Posh proudly presents PrettyPerfe Please.... dly ctly Posh proudly osh prou P ly ct ... Products madeprese fromnts Prett e. Perfe y Please.... y Pleas ts Prett earthy, healthy en stuff: good es Products pr from made from s made can be hy goodingredients so you tty™ f: earth Product uf y, healt st stuff: good Naturally Pre healthy redients • n benaturally Pretty.ingre d Ing earthy, Goodient s so you can be Good In you ca gredients nts so ie ed gr • Naturall natur in ally Pretty. y Pretty™ Pretty. Good In naturally gredient s • Natu rall

(one for you!)

The Pretty Pouch A Pretty Please Protégé Pin Perfectly Posh Catalogs

Be Good Be Good Be Good

ten. No parabens. soy. No glu paraffins.NoNoparaffins. No ree! No No sul y-f. fat es. No re crueltsoy No gluten. No parabens. No And pahal rawe’ ate be halates. pht s. ns pht And . No No we’ es. No sulfat re paraffi elty-free! No sulfat nscru . No es. No ph soy. No thalates gluten. . And we ’re crue lty-free !


Face-it You’re Pretty!

60 days FREE replicated website* Placement on Consultant Locator* A free Virtual Office for ordering and more....

Good Ingredie nts

Join & choose the Pretty Please Starter Kit! You will always be able to sell from and get paid on both Pretty Please and Perfectly Posh Products. Simply choose the kit that you would like to have be the primary focus of your business.

Get everything you need for just $99 • Your schedule. Your way.

• Naturally Pretty™

As a Pretty Please Consultant, you become part of the Perfectly Posh genealogy, enjoy the same Party Perks, Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE, Pay Plan, and are subject to the same Policies and Procedures. Anyone of any age may enroll for either Starter Kit.

* Your replicated website and placement on the Consultant Locator are FREE for 3 calendar months -- your enrollment month plus two full months. Then $10 per month thereafter. You are not required to have a replicated website, but we highly recommend it for online sales, and any recruiting you might do. Any Consultant can opt out of the Consultant Locator at any time.

text line: 810-670-POSH •



exciting opportunity

be a It’s so easy to

Pretty Please


You can enroll as a Consultant with Perfectly Posh and share Pretty Please. Get your friends excited about a natural way to care for face, mood, and body - and then earn a commission on what you sell. There’s an easy way to earn the income you need to fund your life that doesn’t cut into your style.

• Place product orders right from your smart phone, or through your FREE virtual office online. • You get your very own website where friends can shop (FREE for 60 days, just $10 per month thereafter). • Choose where your products ship to. • Keep product in stock or show your LookBook and Kit products to collect sales. • Be portable! Take it places you already go. It fits into your busy schedule. A great way to fund the fun in your life! • Control ALL of your own hours and how much or little you work. Much easier than flipping burgers or making change with a time card and on a schedule. • Lots of helpful tools and training for FREE. • Perfectly Posh enrolls Pretty Please Consultants beginning at just 16 years old.

text line: 810-670-POSH •

Pretty Please™ an extension of ©2012. Perfectly Posh, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Perfectly Posh Pretty Please Catalog 2012  
Perfectly Posh Pretty Please Catalog 2012  

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