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Texas Guard unit provides security for Afghanistan-bound reconstruc

By Army Staff Sgt. David Bruce Atterbury-Muscatatuck

EDINBURGH, Ind. — The notion of security for Americans may entail locking our homes and cars, questioning whether our children are safe or if our bank accounts have been hacked. For an Afghan, that notion could be expanded to include stumbling upon a roadside bomb or militants with hostile intent. For the people of Afghanistan and the troops deployed there, security takes on added dimensions and is a serious concern. Providing security for the next rotation of Provincial Reconstruction Teams falls to 1st Battalion, 143rd Infantry (Airborne), composed of National Guard Soldiers from Alaska, Rhode Island and Texas. The mission of the security force is to allow the PRTs to be successful in their mission, said Army

6 THE DISPATCH February 2012

Lt. Col. Shawn McGrath, of Lacoste, Texas and commander of the 1st Battalion, 143rd Infantry (Airborne). The security elements provide the tactical expertise to allow the specialists of the PRTs to oversee various projects in the reconstruction efforts under way in their assigned province, he said. By providing freedom of movement for the PRTs and Afghan people, the security force enables the PRT to meet their goals. “Each of the PRTs have a tactical advisor embedded with them to assist with decisions involving security and force protection,” said McGrath. The PRTs are joint service units drawn from the Air Force, Army (both active and reserve components), Navy and National Guard. Each PRT is

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