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Preserving the Longhorn Legacy:

When you walk more significance into the University of in the works featurTexas’ residence ing Longhorns in halls, the scene is faaction. A simple miliar. Students talkportrait may have ing, studying, or been pleasing to grabbing a bite bethe eye, but Dr. fore class, parents Hoelting and the and new classmates students believed popping in for surthe magnitude of prise visits, and this initiative deherds of Longhorns served more than stampeding through just nice pictures of the brush. That’s Longhorns in a doBy Chris Nordahl Submitted by Betty Baker right, Longhorns tramestic setting. So it verse the hallways; was decided that Dr. Hoelting (a native of Nazareth, some in repose, some on the charge, all of the featured works would portray Texas) met several times with the stusome exploring the fringes of the great the wild legacy of the Longhorn, showdent leaders of the University Residence unknown, but all displaying the majesing the creatures in their natural enviHall Association and began discussing tic spirit their famous mascot “Bevo” ronments removed from the influence how the story of the Texas Longhorn has become known for. Now these may of western civilization, roaming free in could be brought directly to the Uninot be living, breathing Longhorns, but scenes meant to inspire epic stories in versity’s 7,500 residence hall students. they’re about as close as you can get. the mind of the viewer. Dr. Hoelting After much thought and discussion, Dr. UT’s residence halls and dining centers and the student leaders drew up a plan Hoelting and the URHA were ultiare home to the world’s largest collecand began contacting professional artist mately inspired by the giant paintings tion of Longhorn art; each of the 24 organizations, galleries, museums, and adorning the walls of museums, galpieces displaying the Longhorn in its the Texas Longhorn Breeders Associaleries, and the Texas State Capital. They natural habitat, roaming the wide open tion of America in 2001, looking for envisioned not just one, but a series of Texas grass ranges, plowing past the artists who might be interested in being massive, life-sized paintings depicting rugged brush, and hewing through the a part of this initiative, and thus, the the University of Texas’ beloved mascot. cactus country. The collection can be project was underway. They hoped these works would help to viewed at any time and is always open In its first year, the project was admitpreserve the legacy of the Texas Longto students, staff, faculty, alumni, and tedly off to a slow start. After making horn, breed exposure for artists whose the general public. contact with over 250 different artists work featured the storied creature, and In 1996, the Division of Housing and and galleries, Dr. Hoelting hosted the foster an even deeper sense of pride in Food Service’s new executive director, only 8 respondents in a campus resithe University’s heritage. Dr. Floyd Hoelting, began hearing that dence hall, to explain the project. AlDr. Hoelting and the students found residence hall students didn’t feel conthough Dr. Hoelting wasn’t sure what plenty of Longhorn portraits, but saw nected to the historic lore of their school’s mascot. The Longhorns were -- continued on pg. 57 chosen to embody UT in 1916, being recognized for their long and challenging journey from Andalusia Spain, across the Atlantic to the Greater Antilles, to Mexico, and finally up into The easy way to work Longhorn cattle! Texas after proliferating through all • Can be shipped by common carrier anywhere in the U.S. types of climates and unforgiving ter• Galvanized pipe and steel sheeting rain in the 17th, 18th and 19th cen• Grease inserts for easy maintenance & operation turies. University officials saw this • Vaccinate or deworm cattle perseverance and couldn’t think of a • Palpation gates W e’ve got w!hat better representative for the strength • Measure horns you need and tenacity of the state’s most presti• A.I. cows gious university. But the students already knew they were united by the The Official Chute of the line video of the TLBAA Horn Showcase Check out our onon simple image of the Longhorn, and our website! chute in action they wanted to know more. What stories did the Longhorns bring to Texas? What makes them so important to our Mike or Debbie Bowman • P.O. Box 40 • Benton, KS 67017 • Home (316) 778-1717 • Work (316) 838-6194 state’s history? And what do they mean Check out our website - • • for us now and in the future?

Life-size Longhorn Murals Roam the Halls of Texas



March 2014


March 2014 Texas Longhorn Trails Magazine  
March 2014 Texas Longhorn Trails Magazine  

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