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Welcome to the MD-2 magazine informing you of what's happening in the MD-2 of Texas

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To submit your stories please submit by the 20th of the month for the following months edition. Submit your story formatted in Microsoft word. And attach original photos so that they maintain quality in reproduction. Your story will be put into the newsletter as you write it The editorial staff will do minimum editing and only to fit for space etc. We recommend you appoint someone in your club to write and submit your story to the State Newsletter Chairman Lion Tracy A. Hanes at

MD-2 Newsletter Chairman Lion Tracy A. Hanes 281-910-8728

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Lions of Texas MD-2 NEWS SEPT 2013 Volume 3, Issue 14 Lions of Texas MD-2 News is published by the Public Relations Committee of Multiple District 2 International Association of Lions Clubs. Editor Lion Tracy A. Hanes, MD-2 Newsletter Chairman. Sandy Merritt State Office Administrator Lions Clubs International MD-2 (Texas) P.O. Box 294509 Kerrville, Texas 78029 Office - 830-257-6557 Fax - 830-896-5755

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Lions of Texas MD-2 NEWS SEPT 2013

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Lions Environmental Photo Contest

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Lions Environmental Photo Contest

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Space City Cruisers Fall Car Show

By Plane, Train, Bus or Automobile all roads lead to Toronto 2014!! As state transportation chairman for the Butler Campaign, I am working on a comprehensive plan for travel from all major points in Texas to Toronto, Canada. I hope to have this detailed information out to the Districts within the next 7 - 10 days. It will cover all modes of transport (except auto) to include bus, train and plane. In the meantime, I found this one option that is very low in price and because of this, I wanted to notify everyone immediately. Attached, please find the flight information for United Airlines out of Austin to Toronto, Canada. It is by far the least expensive option at present. Thanks for all of your help in distributing this information. If anyone has immediate questions, please have them contact me at 1-210-436-7787 or by email at

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Lion Mike Butler Toronto 2014

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Fare Details For Toronto

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Flight Information for Toronto

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Kingsland 20th Annual Golf Tournament

Kemah Lions Club Gets Schooled on Bullying September 4th at the Kemah Holiday Inn. Mr. Bud Collier of in Houston gave us a presentation on Bullying. Bud created the program because he tragically lost a daughter to bullying. He is on a mission to do what he can to eliminate the problem. A retired Air Force vet partners with Schools, Universities and others world wide to bring awareness and a solution to this often tragic issue. If you know of anyone who is being bullied and are not sure on how to get help you can call Bud and his staff will assist anytime. They have created Bully Bears that go out into the community to help ease the pain and educate people on the problem. They have received support from Pro Athlete's and celebrity’s from around the country and world. Check out their website at for info and how you can help. Or call Bud Collier at 713-478-3049.



Kerrville Sunrise Lions Club YARD SIGNS IN STOCK Contact Sheryl Butler.

Signs are $10.00 each

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Kemah Lions Gets Schooled on Bullying

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A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

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A Picture Worth A Thousand Words

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MD-2 State Convention 2014

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MD-2 State Convention 2014

Message From State Newsletter Chairman

Don’t let a month go by without asking someone to join your Lions Club

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Thank you very much for allowing me To be your Newsletter Chairman. Special Thanks to Governor Ron Martin and Governor Vick Morgan.

Download and print applications to keep in your pocket. Just click here. Pg. 16

Message From State Newsletter Chairman

Lions of Southeast Texas are hosting the Second Annual Strides Walk event at Lamar University’s Ty Terrell Track on Saturday, November 9, 2013. This is a District program. Last year we had nineteen clubs involved and raised ten thousand dollars for Texas Lions Camp. Imagine what we can do this year. This year’s walk will be a 5K with a 1K for the kids and all Clubs in the District are asked to be involved. We need sponsors and participants. Adults will be charged $20 and children under 15 will be charged $10. Sponsorships are available at various amounts to clubs, companies, and individuals. Please see the enclosed form. All proceeds will go to the Texas Lions Camp. Information and forms are also available on our website,the District website, and on our facebook page, or email us if you have questions. Diabetes affects many people in our area and is of great concern in our local communities. Many in our communities have learned to live with this disease and manage it. Many still need our help in becoming aware of the symptoms and treatments available. We ask that each club help with this Strides Walk. Booth space is available to Lions Clubs for $10.00. We will provide you a space, you are responsible for the setup. Sincerely, Southeast Texas Strides Committee

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Second Annual Strides Walk event

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15th Annual Sports Extravaganza

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2 Day White Tail Deer Hunt

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF ONE MEMBER? Ten Lions members standing in line One disliked the President, and then there were nine. Nine ambitious members offered to work late. One forgot her promise, and then there were eight. Eight creative members had ideas good as heaven One lost enthusiasm, and then there were seven. They quarreled over programs, and then there were six. Six members remained with spirit and drive One moved away, and then there were five. Five steadfast members, wished there were more One became indifferent, and then there were four. Four cheerful members who never disagree ‘Til one complained of meetings, then there were three. Three eager members! What do they do? One got discouraged, and then there were two. Two lovely members; our rhyme is nearly done One joined a golf club, and then there was one. One faithful member was feeling rather blue Met with a neighbor, then there were two. Two earnest members each enrolled one more Doubling their number, and then there were four. Four determine members just couldn’t wait ‘Til each won another, then there were eight, Eight excited members signed up sixteen more In another six verses, there’ll be a thousand-twenty-four

Yours In Lionism

R. Vic Morgan, Vice Chair MD-2 Council of Governors Pg. 20

Poem by Vice Chair MD-2 Council of Governors

MD-2 Texas Leo Council

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MD-2 Texas Leo Council

MD-2 Texas Leo Council

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MD-2 Texas Leo Council

MD-2 Texas Leo Council

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MD-2 Texas Leo Council

MD-2 Texas Leo Council

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MD-2 Texas Leo Council

TEXAS LIONS VISIT WORLD SERVICES FOR THE BLIND On Aug 24th the 1st Vice District Governors visited the World Services for the Blind campus in Little Rock Arkansas. 22 Lions and guests from Texas had breakfast with the staff and heard from the CEO and listened to Board Member Lee Giurlanda who is also a former client. We then were bused to the campus where we toured the facility. We saw the training areas and heard from the trainees who were going through their programs. At lunch we listened to another former client and heard his story about how he came to WSB and his account of his success in the business world. After another round of tours we returned to the auditorium to hear from the CFO and the new undertaking they are starting to refurbish all of the dorms and living spaces. These facilities haven’t been updated since the 1980’s. The plan calls for “selling” the rooms to groups and/or individuals. The Lions of Texas were challenged to raise funds to refurbish the 2 2 bedroom apartments and “Name” them “TEXAS” and “LONE STAR” apartments. The cost will be a very modest $1 per Texas Lion. The 1st VDG’s accepted the challenge and will be approaching all Texas Lions to help.

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Canyon Lake Noon Lions District Governor Kinald, presented his "Rising to the Challenge� campaign, DG Kinald challenged the CLNL to bring in new members and emphasized recruiting women into the Club. His goal is a 5% increase in each Club’s membership by June, 2014.

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Canyon Lake Noon Lions

New Lions Club International President Join International President Barry Palmer and Lions everywhere in fulfilling the dream of stronger clubs, stronger communities and stronger Lions.

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Lions Club International President Message

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