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HUMBLED by your acceptance We are truly humbled by your acceptance of our cattle and we thank each of you that have made Davis Limousin your source for quality seedstock. Watch for upcoming sales that will feature our very best genetics.




75% daughter of MAGSWL Usual Suspect 538U sold to Barb Moyer, Telford, PA

50% Lim-Flex daughter of RLBH Air Force One sold to Jon Ivy, Midland, TX

69% Lim-Flex daughter of RLBH Air Force One sold to Legacy Livestock, Topeka, KS




43% Lim-Flex daughter of Coleman Charlo sold to Mark and Erin Blake, Gibbon, NE

68% Lim-Flex daughter of EF Xcessive Force sold to John Ivy, Midland, TX

43% Lim-Flex daughter of Coleman Charlo sold to Wilder Family Limousin, Snook, TX

DL HOSANNA 526H A purebred daughter of TASF Crown Royal sold to Kylee Gaston, Eastland,TX



A 65% Lim-Flex daughter of ELCX Kings Landing sold to Sarah Sullivan, Dunlap, IA

78% Limousin daughter of ELCX Kings Landing sold to Brinlie Williams, Waskom, TX


Randall O. Ratliff • 615.330.2735 Randy@RRMktg.com • www.RRMktg.com



Letter from the Editor The difference a year can make.

2020. What a year. We’ve all lived it and we’ve all heard the stories. The year started out like any other. The TLA hosted it’s Lone Star Shoot-Out Show in Ft. Worth, awarding over $10,000 to participating juniors. The San Antonio Livestock Show came with a highlight for the breed, as four TJLA members stood in the champion drive. Then, March began and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was officially canceled on March 11th. For me, the HLSR cancellation was the moment everything changed. I had already taken the rest of the week off of work, so I drove to Dayton and enjoyed some delicious crawfish with the Parkinson and Keeton families as they laid over for the night before making their way back to the panhandle. Little did I know, that would be the last meal I would eat at a restaurant for months. In the months to come, I started a new job while working from home, saw shortages of toilet paper, watched COVID cases rise and walked many miles in my dad’s hayfields. July hit and I was finally able to work from my new office and move back to College Station. July was also the first “normal” stock show for my family and many others in Louisiana at the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress where Texas swept the board winning the state sweepstakes contest. Months continued to pass with mask mandates, political advertisements and the world trying to navigate what our “new normal” would look like. September rolled around and I started my new role of Executive Secretary for the Texas Limousin Association while navigating shows being canceled and more. Through all of the challenges that we have faced this year, the one thing that I have seen to be a constant is the work ethic and determination of the dedicated people in the cattle industry. One of many examples of this is the TLA board coming together to reschedule the Lone Star Shoot-Out Show after the cancellation of Ft. Worth. While we may not know what the next year will hold, especially for our industry, we can be certain that the TLA is going to continue to move forward, grow and do everything we can to support Texas Limousin ranches and youth and their activities. As the new year turns, I pray for many blessings for your ranch and family. Happy 2021!



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Winter 2020

Limousin Association

Letter from the Editor Texas Juniors Win Big in West Monroe Letter from the President Q&A with Bruce Lawrence Junior Board Spotlight: Logan Chachere Fall 2020 Show Results Junior Board Spotlight: Cassidy Jones Feeding to Succeed The Breed That Feels Like Home Limi Street Tacos Junior Board Spotlight: Bryntlee Wilkerson Lone Star Shoot-Out Junior Board Spotlight: Nikki Keeton TLA & TJLA Board Members

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Texas Juniors Win Big Twenty-six Texas juniors participated in the 2020 National Limousin Show & Congress this summer in West Monroe, Louisiana. The show took place June 28 through July 3 and included heifer, steer and bull shows, showmanship, satellite contests and more. Texas swept the board in the show ring and in multiple contests, receiving first place in the State Sweepstakes contest and winning best state group in the show ring. Texas also had seven juniors place in the top ten overall sweepstakes.


1st - Colt Parkinson 2nd - Tucker Parkinson 3rd - Logan Chacere 4th - Kynlee Mae Thomas 6th - Cole Sullivan 7th - Beau London 10th - Emma Tittor

Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Female

Third overall: LFL Fool’s Gold 8115 F, 9/21/2018, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, double polled, sired by LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D ET, exhibited by Tucker Parkinson, Levelland, Texas.

Division Winners

Division III champion: LFL Fool’s Gold 8115 F, 9/21/2018, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, double polled, sired by LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D ET, exhibited by Tucker Parkinson, Levelland, Texas. Division III reserve: HOWE Miss B-Rat 319G, 3/23/2019, Lim-Flex, double black, double polled, sired by Alter Ego, exhibited by Barrett Howe, Lyons, Texas.

Cow/Calf Pair

Reserve champion Cow/Calf: LFL Fabrina 8043F ET, 4/25/2018, Percentage, homozygous black, heterozygous polled, sired by MAGS Aviator, exhibited by Colton Barton, Jarrell, Texas.


in West Monroe Bred & Owned Limousin Female

Grand champion: LFL Fiesta 8126 F, 11/4/2018, Percentage, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D ET, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas.

Reserve champion: LLKT Genevieve 971G, 7/4/2019, Percentage, homozygous black, double polled, sired by RLBH Air Force One, exhibited by Nichole Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas.

Third overall: LLKT Miss Francesca 874F, 10/5/2018, Purebred, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C ET, exhibited by Nichole Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas.

Division Winners

Division I reserve: LFL Guapa 9128G, 9/15/2019, Percentage, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by LFL Dividend 6084D ET, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas Division II champion: LLKT Genevieve 971G, 7/4/2019, Percentage, homozygous black, double polled, sired by RLBH Air Force One, exhibited by Nicole Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas.

Division I champion: LLKT Giselle 965G, 10/23/2019, Percentage, double black, double polled, sired by RLBG Air Force One, exhibited by Cole Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas.

Division III champion: LFL Fiesta 8126 F, 11/4/2018, Percentage, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D ET, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas. Division III reserve: LLKT Miss Francesca 874F, 10/5/2018, Purebred, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C ET, exhibited by Nichole Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas.

Bred & Owned Lim-Flex Bull

Third overall: COBN Gun Shy 9019G, 9/3/2019, Lim-Flex, black, homozygous polled, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C ET, exhibited by Colton Barton, Jarrell, Texas.

Division Winners

Division I reserve: G Wagon, 12/1/2019, Lim-Flex, double black, polled, sired by COLE Cadillac 05C, exhibited by Bentley London, Collinsville, Texas. Division II champion: COBN Gun Shy 9019G, 9/3/2019, Lim-Flex, black, homozygous polled, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C ET, exhibited by Colton Barton, Jarrell, Texas. Division II champion: COBN Gun Shy 9019G, 9/3/2019, Lim-Flex, black, homozygous polled, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C ET, exhibited by Colton Barton, Jarrell, Texas. Division II reserve: LFL Grande 9103 G, 7/29/2019, Lim-Flex, homozygous black, double polled, sired by LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D ET, exhibited by Tucker Parkinson, Levelland, Texas. Division III reserve: RSTN King George 915G, 2/18/2019, Lim-Flex, double black, polled, sired by MAGS Coca Cola, exhibited by Raston Copeland, Shallowater, Texas.


Owned Limousin Females Division Winners

Division V reserve: BTWH Grace 101G, 2/12/2019, 81% Limousin, double black, double polled, sired by RLBH Air Force One, exhibited by Bradley White, Dayton, Texas. Division VI champion: LFL Fiesta 8126 F, 1/4/2018, 82% Limousin, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D ET, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas. Division VI reserve: LLKT Miss Francesca 874F, 10/5/2018, Purebred, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C ET, exhibited by Nichole Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas. Reserve champion Limousin female: LFL Fiesta 8126 F, 1/4/2018, 82% Limousin, homozygous black, homozygous polled, sired by LFL Deluxe Edition 6029D ET, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas. Division I reserve: TASF GCC Ginny 205G ET, 11/5/2019, 82% Limousin, homozygous black, double polled, sired by TASF Crown Royal 960C ET, exhibited by Colton Barton, Jarrell, Texas.

Owned Lim-Flex Female Division III reserve: RWR MS Xcessive Style, 7/11/2019, 50% Lim-Flex, double black, sired by EF Xcessive Force, exhibited by Wesley Wages, Center, Texas.

Prospect Steer

Grand champion Steer: KYNM Billy Wonka 959G, 9/4/2019, Percentage, red, double polled, sired by FL Red Rocky, exhibited by Kynlee Mae Thomas, Wolfforth, Texas

Class Winners

Class 2 champion: KYNM Billy Wonka 959G, 9/4/2019, sired by FL Red Rocky, exhibited by Kynlee Mae Thomas, Wolfforth, Texas. Class 2 reserve: DLCN 125G, 10/25/2019, sired by SSTO Eternity 7807E ET, exhibited by Caitlynn McKinzie Ayers, Gary, Texas. Class 3 reserve: PC Jimmy, 8/25/2019, sired by Fu Man Chu, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas.

Progress Steer

Grand champion progress steer: Frank the Tank, 9/12/2018, Percentage, black, horned, sired by BLAW 110F Fu Man Chu, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas.

Class Winners

Class 4 champion: Bug’s Big Bad Sully, 11/12/2019, sired by EF Main Stay 541M, exhibited by Laney Woodall, Pattonville, Texas. Class 7 champion: Frank the Tank, 9/12/2019, sired by Fu Man Chu, exhibited by Colt Parkinson, Levelland, Texas.


Showmanship Novice Division

In the novice division, ages five to nine, champion showman was Beau London, Collinsville, Texas. Included in the top twelve was Kynlee Mae Thomas, Wolfforth, Texas.

Junior Division

The junior division consists of members ages ten to 13. The top ten in no particular order included: Barrett Howe, Lyons, Texas; Hadley Howe, Lyons, Texas; Tucker Parkinson, Levelland, Texas.

Intermediate Division

The intermediate showman consists of members ages 14 to 16. Rounding out the top ten in no particular order included: Logan Chachere, Dayton, Texas; Nikki Keeton, Wolfforth, Texas.

Senior Division

In the senior division, members range in age from 17 to 21. Included in the top ten was Cassidy Jones, Beaumont, Texas.


SELLING 90 LIM-FLEX BULLS 75 FALL YEARLINGS • 15 SPRING YEARLINGS 89 Blacks • 1 Red • All Polled 85 HOMO Black • 81 HOMO Polled 85 for YW >100

All with GE-EPDs, Ultrasound Data, Frame Score, BSE, Trich-Neg, Virgin bulls

Saturday, March 13, 2021 • 1 pm at the Ranch - Chattanooga, OK CATALOG AVAILABLE ONLINE FEB. 20 Delivery to central points in the continental U.S. Not to exceed $350 with Lathrop Livestock. Randy Lathrop 847/910-4673

our herd averages AVG. BW: 72 AVG. YW: 1,251 AVG. EPDS CE 11.5

Sale Management by:

Bulls Developed & Performance-Tested at CHR • All All Genomically Enhanced EPDs • BW,with AVG. WW: 678 WW, YW, SC, Frame Score & Ultrasound • Carcass Info AVG. FRAME: 5.4 Available on All Bulls BW WW YW TM 1.0 80 128 60 • Semen-Tested and Trich-Tested Negative Virgin Bulls • 5% Volume Discount on Five or More Bulls Guest Consignors:

office: 580/597-3006 acs@americancattleservices.com LAWRENCE FAMILY LIMOUSIN • 806/790-2535 www.americancattleservices.com DIAMOND HILL CATTLE CO. • 405/520-5846 BARTON FAMILY • 254/527-4140

Sale Consultant: Mark Smith ~ 515/229-5227 CHURCHMAN LIMOUSIN • 580/467-6966 Auctioneers: Bruce Brooks ~ 580/695-2036 STOWERS LIMOUSIN • 817/994-5131 Ronn Cunningham ~ 918/629-9382

bid live:


JUST-A-MERE FARMS • 740/572-6983

Ken Holloway • 580/597-2419, night 580/581-7652, day • 580/597-3006, office Clendon Bailey, Cattle Manager • 580/704-6739 www.hallchr.com • email: chr@hallchr.com

Letter from the President 2020 is finally coming to an end. For months when watching the news you saw how the world shut down, but as cattlemen, our day to day lives really didn’t change much at all. Though, that did not come without its own challenges. We’ve all had to adapt to churches going virtual, grocery deliveries, lots of online meetings and alternative livestock shows across the state. Personally, my business stayed open as we were deemed essential but, over the past year, I’ve watched as urban development encroaches my backyard and a recordbreaking hurricane season entered the gulf. Every part of the state has seen its own challenges this year, though. Hurricanes may have hit the gulf coast, but wildfires and droughts are affecting other areas. Through it all, we’ve learned that the road to success is adapting to circumstances. Over the past several months, the TLA board has pulled together and met virtually more than ever to focus on the positive and make decisions to help our breed move forward. Part of that was relocating the TLA Lone Star Shoot-Out Show to the San Angelo Livestock Show on February 12. Even with the move, we’ve seen nothing but excitement and growth for the show this

year and hope we can continue to see more involvement in the coming years. With the cancellation of the Fort Worth Stock Show and activities (the sale and the annual member meeting), the association has a large obstacle to overcome. As an effort to move forward, the board is putting together our upcoming Texas Limousin Showcase Sale on April 24, 2021. The sale will be held at the Milam County Livestock Expo in Cameron, Texas, and we are excited about the participation from breeders across the state. If you’re interested in consigning animals, please contact us by March 1. Even with the challenges 2020 has brought, it’s exciting to see more folks stepping up and getting involved. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and renew your 2021 membership fees to stay up to date on all things TLA. Looking into the new year we have a lot to be excited about. I look forward to seeing you down the road, and pray that your family stays healthy and safe!


with Bruce Lawrence

Q &A

We really like to use Limousin genetics because of the efficiency they provide the commercial cattleman.

Bruce Lawrence Lawrence Family Limousin Anton, Tx One of the most recognizable names in the Limousin breed started over 30 years ago with a scramble heifer project. In 1988, Bruce and Paula Lawrence’s son, Paul, caught at the Fort Worth and Houston livestock shows. Today, Lawrence Family Limousin runs their 150-head registered Limousin cow herd in Anton, Texas where three generations work hard to keep the ranch running. Why did the Lawrence family choose to raise Limousin cattle?

Bruce Lawrence: After Paul

caught the scramble heifer, we were involved but had no intention of becoming breeders. After we got involved though, the people were one of the 12 | TLA NEWS WINTER 2020

main things that kept us there. As we continued to move forward in our junior projects, we started to realize what Limousin cattle brought to the industry. We really like to use Limousin genetics because of the efficiency they provide the commercial cattleman. How has your operation, and the breed, changed in the 30+ years you have been involved?

BL: Limousin has always been

considered the carcass breed and since we became involved, it’s always had a lot to offer the industry. But, as the market has moved towards Choice grade beef, there’s been a need for us to work on eliminating cattle that grade Standard. Last year, the difference between Choice and Select was about $17 per ctw. For our herd, we mainly started out trying to raise the kid’s show heifers. But, when we decided to become more involved and be Limousin breeders in the way we are now, I decided we needed to focus on raising bulls because that’s what would

ultimately sustain our operation well past when we’re gone. We really worked on getting all of our data turned in and focused not only on birth weight and growth but also our carcasses, by ultra-sounding them. As genomic testing has become available, we have embraced that and try to genomically enhance our EPDs as well as parent-verify all of our cattle through DNA testing. How has it felt to watch your grandchildren work hard in and out of the show ring?

BL: It’s a little different when

you’re sitting on the sidelines as a grandparent because you want them to do well but you want them to learn how to be successful too. It’s really been a lot of fun to watch Tucker and Colt mature and make friends just as Amber and Lee Roy did. I think the relationships those kids build with friends across the nation in this breed will be beneficial to them throughout their entire life. It’s just really fun to sit back and not have to concentrate on them having the best show heifers, let their mom

and dad think about that, but to think about trying to grow them and mature them and watch them as they have fun. How was 2020 different from years past for your operation?

BL: 2020 has brought a lot of

challenges. But, I think one thing that we’ve learned is that a lot of things that have really affected the general public have not affected the agriculture industry as much because we are used to trials and tribulations. We just have to roll with the punches and figure out how to make it work. Technology has afforded us a lot of things too. There have

been challenges serving on the NALF board and trying to figure out how to keep the members involved, having board meetings and all of the things like that. We need to be mindful of COVID but at the same time the world is still turning and we have to figure out ways to be innovative in order to produce the world’s food supply. I guess one of the biggest things that has affected us more so than COVID this year has been the drought. Looking forward to 2021, what can buyers expect from LFL and what do we have to look forward to?

BL: Well I hope that the buyers

can look forward to purchasing cattle that have increased performance in growth and also in carcass abilities. For our cattle, we hope to make them better and better each year. We also look forward to being able to see more people and participate in different consignment sales across the country. We’ll start off consigning at the national sale in Oklahoma City, then we’ll have bulls in the Cody Hills Ranch Bull Sale in both March and May, as well as the TLA Sale in April. We will also have two different Lawrence Family Limousin online sales, a steer and heifer sale, in April.

Texas Limousin

Showcase Milam County Livestock Auction April 24, 2021 | Cameron, TX Consignment Deadline, March 1

Sale Management Ken Holloway

Sale Manager 580.581.7652 American Cattle Services 580.597.3006

Leighton Chachere

Executive Secretary texaslimousin@gmail.com 806.500.8785

Bruce Lawrence Jay Wilder 806.790.2535


24018 STATE HWY. 5 CHATTANOOGA, OK 73528 (580) 597-3006 (office) KEN HOLLOWAY (580) 597-2419 (home) (580) 581-7652 (cell) acs@americancattleservices.com


Kiley McKinna

Consultant 402.350.3447 TLA NEWS WINTER 2020 | 13 mcmarketingsales@aol.com

Junior Board Spotlight Hey, my name is Logan Chachere and I am a junior at Dayton High School where I am involved in my FFA chapter and

4-H program. Currently, I hold the office of Sentinel, am on the Sr. Chapter

Conducting team, and am showing commercial heifers as well as my Limousin cattle. I am also the Secretary for the Ricebelt District. Although things are quite different due to COVID, I am glad I still get to be a part of all these things. As junior show entries are due, it makes me excited to see my friends from near and far. My favorite major is Houston because it is close to home and I can introduce my Limousin friends to my school friends that go to Houston. Some of my favorite memories include my first year showing with both of my sisters, going to my first Jr. Nationals in Amarillo, and winning Jr. Showmanship in Kentucky. But my fondest memory has to be the year I won San Antonio with CHAC Lucy 404C, a bred and owned heifer. My advice to someone just starting their show career is not to be afraid to interact with others. Showing is a great way to build a network of friends from not only across the state, but the country too.

-Logan Chachere


Gladiator 917G

84% • Homo PLD • 1/31/2019 Dam: DEBV COPPER PENNY Alter Ego x WLR Prada


Semen now available from Grassroots Genetics $40/unit. Take a look at Gladiator’s pedigree and see all the great genetics stacked in there. If you are looking for a high percentage bull with performance and style, it’s time to jump on board with Gladiator! EPD Rank

EPD Rank


10(65) 1.4(60)

Doc CW

16(15) 35(20)


128(5) 19(70) 1.5(4)

YG -.31(65) MB .11(40) $MTI 61.39(25)

14 |WW TLA82(5) NEWS WINTER 2020 REA 1.11(30)

Call us for all your genetic needs. Deb & George Miller II 31112 Hwy 6 Treynor, IA 51575 402.515.7714 deb@cattleplanet.com

Roger & Ann Vorthmann 402.981.1621 ann-roger@cattleplanet.com

Show Results l l a F

Though the fall show season looked a little different this year, our TJLA members still took advantage of the opportunities they were given to get out in the show ring. Congratulations to all who participated in fall shows across the state!

West Texas State Fair Grand Champion - Tucker Parkinson, LFL Goldilocks Reserve Champion - Tucker Parkinson, LFL Glitter Bomb 9095G State Fair of Texas at Heart Of Texas Grand Champion - Barrett Howe, HOWE MISS B-RAT319G Reserve Champion - Brandon Fraser, SSTO GLAMOUR 9802G Heart Of Texas Grand Champion - Brandon Fraser, SSTO GLAMOUR 9802G Reserve Champion - Barrett Howe, HOWE MISS B-RAT319G




For more information, call:

936.346.3264 | 936.258.2670 TLA NEWS WINTER 2020 | 15

Feeding to Succeed

By: Leighton Chachere

Creating the right feeding program for your animal is key to making sure she performs well both in, and out, of the show ring. The first step is to study your heifer’s characteristics - breed, body composition and pedigree - to help you determine her strengths and weaknesses so you know exactly what she needs in her feed pan.

Dave Allen. “Unless you have a young, skinny heifer, then you don’t need as high of fiber content.” Feeding heifers can be challenging, and monitoring their feed intake and what they look like is a priority to keep them at their best. The biggest mistake made when feeding a heifer is getting them too fat which becomes a huge problem, especially down the road in terms of reproduction. “Young females that are greener will have to be pushed a little bit harder,” said Allen. “But, I think the biggest mistake I see is once the heifer starts to look good, not recognizing the day to slow down or cut out the feed to almost nothing, so that those heifers stay fresh in their condition.”

You’ve spent months flipping through sale catalogs, watching videos and researching EPDs to find the perfect show heifer for the 2021 season. Now that she’s standing in your barn though, how do you make sure she’s at her best before you hit the road?

One of the most important things is to be consistent the amount that you feed and the time that you feed.

If you’re used to feeding market animals, then feeding breeding heifers is quite different - it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a longterm goal. You want longevity in your heifers and for them to make great breeding females for your herd long after they leave the show ring. Compared to market animals, you typically want to give your heifers feed with more fiber and less fat.

“On a feed tag, most of your grower feed for heifers is going to be 11-13% protein and probably 2.5-3.5% fat. But, you also want one that’s 18-25% on fiber, with higher being better,” said Purina Honor® Show Chow® Ambassador,


Keeping your heifer fresh and not too fat is critical when it’s time to breed. When heifers are over-conditioned, they have too much fat around their ovaries and it becomes very hard for them to reproduce. When your heifer is getting too fat, the first place you can tell is her brisket. “The easiest place to read when they’re getting too fat is on their chest and their pin bone. If their brisket starts getting wider when you look at them from the front, then it’s time to be careful

and slow down,” said Allen. “In cattle, they get fat from the front, back and to the top, down.” Once you’re happy with how your heifer looks and is performing, it’s important to maintain the consistency you’ve been giving her. “If you’re taking feed out, replacing feed with straight cotton seed hulls is a good way to keep them full and keep them fresh,” said Allen. “But, you probably need to add some protein to the diet like some Champion Drive.”

Consistency is key While creating the perfect feeding program is a key component to making sure your heifer is at peak performance, there are many other important factors. One of those is making sure cattle have access to clean, fresh water consistently because water drives feed intake. “It’s important to have a good, quality feed but things that get overlooked are plenty of fresh, clean water and quality grass hay that is available at free choice, or at least available all night,” said Allen. Cattle also crave consistency. It’s important to not only feed consistently, but to keep track of what your cattle are eating so you can clean out old feed each day. “One of the most important things is to be consistent - the amount that you feed and the time that you feed,” said Allen. Consistency is key to really help you monitor your heifer’s progress. If you’re not, it can be hard to know exactly what changes need to be made. Allen also strongly recommends that cattle be fed separately, in separate pans and pens to help you monitor how much they eat. “It’s important because every animal is different

in two ways,” said Allen. “One, how aggressive they are eating; some are more aggressive and eat faster. Two, some of them convert easier than others; they get fatter on less feed or grow faster on less feed.” It’s also important to pay attention to their overall appearance and hair coat. A good practice is to take video or pictures of your heifer regularly. As a caretaker, it’s harder to notice differences when you see your heifer on a daily basis. Be patient with your heifers when changing up their feeding programs. It can take time to see the changes you’re wanting. Filler products may only take a week or two to see results, but others can take 30 to 90 days. “I think a minimum of 30 days and if you have a skinny one and you’re feeding them really hard, you really won’t see results until about 90 days,” said Allen. “It’s because they have to get some internal fat before they get external fat. People get in too much of a hurry. They think if they have a skinny one they can change it in 30 days but you can’t.” Other factors come into play when making sure your animal is gaining and looking her best. Make sure she is up to date on all shots and consult with your local vet to make sure your animal stays healthy. It’s also critical to feed a probiotic during a heavy travel season to make sure feed intake stays consistent and your heifer stays healthy. Ultimately, make sure you’re feeding a quality feed, providing plenty of good water and grass hay and be consistent to make sure your heifer is ready to step in the ring this spring.


More Muscle = More Money Fullbloods since 1995 Beef comes from muscle and nothing transmits more muscle than imported fullblood Limousin. Our bull customers rave about the added thickness and growth of their calves and their added carcass value is unparalleled.


This outcross fullblood bull is being used heavily in our program. He has some of the highest growth rate figures in the United Kingdom. His first progeny look incredible.

90-day-old son of Foxhill Farm Jasper. This polled herd sire prospect has tremendous length and muscle shape. He represents the kind of Jasper progeny we have available.


Leading import, outcross sire carrying two copies of the F94L profit gene. He is one of our cornerstone AI sires and we have several of his sons and daughters for sale. This 2-yr-old polled son of Wilodge Cerberus illustrates the kind of light birth weight, heavy muscled, high performance, gentle fullblood bulls we have available.

Check out our revised and detailed website

www.GOSSLIMOUSIN.com Bulls • Females • Semen • For Sale At All Times

QUALITY OUTCROSS FULLBLOOD FEMALES FOR SALE Do to limited pasture we have made the tough decision to sell some of our best replacement heifers. These registered daughters of Wilodge Cerberus show the kind of quality represented in this 2020 group. 18 | TLA NEWS WINTER




Junior Board Spotlight Howdy,

my name is Cassidy Jones. I am 19 years old and have been a member of the TJLA for ten years

now! My favorite major livestock show, other than state and nationals, would definitely be the Fort Worth Livestock Show & Rodeo. There is just something about the cold weather and walking through the tunnel and into that huge arena that gets me every time! There are so many memories that will always hold a place in my heart, however walking into the arena at Fort Worth for the last time with my dad by my side — just like the first time I had ever held a halter — will always be my favorite memory of my show career. If I could give a young member any advice it would definitely be to cherish the small things. It is not always about winning, but about the bonds you build and the memories made along the way. And always remember to give your parents and supporters a big thank you!

Thank s and Gig’em! - Cassidy Jones

Trophy Gallery SIGNS, GRAPHICS, TROPHIES & AWARDS FOR ALL EVENTS Contact us today for your next show or event!

580.372.1563 centralcedar.com

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The Breed that Feels likeHome By: Leighton Chachere


Raised in a barn is how the saying goes, but Colton Barton was raised in the cattle industry. Barton’s first memory of showing cattle was at a show in Floresville, Texas, with a mini-Hereford steer on the halter and an assistant helping him walk through the show ring. Barton’s grandfather raised commercial Limousin cattle and his mom grew up showing Angus heifers. With two older siblings already showing cattle, Barton had little choice as to where his path would take him. But, he wouldn’t change it for the world. Today, Barton serves on the 2020 - 2021 North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) Board as a director and runs Barton Cattle Company with his brother Chris in Jarrell, Texas. Feels like home Over the years, Barton has shown many breeds, but said there was just something special about the Limousin breed when growing up and that’s why he’s continued to be so involved. “I’ve always loved the limi breed,” Barton said. “The fact that the Limousin breed has always felt like home, I’ve always felt like I’ve had friends there.” “You kind of establish this family,” Barton said. “It doesn’t matter where you go, when you’re stalled with the limi folks, everyone just gets along so well. I guess I haven’t really seen that in any other breed I’ve been involved in.” In January of 2019, Colt Schrader, a past NALJA board member, approached Barton at the Denver Livestock Show about running for the board. Schrader thought Barton would make a great leader, especially in a time where the board was looking for a fresh perspective. After being persuaded by several mentors in the breed, he ultimately wanted to give back to the breed that has had the most impact on him. “When you go to these junior nationals everyone is so welcoming,” said Barton. “I wanted to continue that for kids that come after me - where they’re excited to go to Limousin shows, see their friends and expand their knowledge through the breed.” According to the North American Limousin Foundation (NALF), the main purpose of the NALJA board is to plan national programs and activities for members. “It’s a lot of teamwork,” said Barton. “Two board members go to each major show and we assist in fundraising as well as plan next year’s junior national show together.” The board’s primary responsibility is to organize, plan and run the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress each summer as well as represent the breed at state and regional field days. Juniors can sit on the NALJA board for up to four years or until they age out at 22. TLA NEWS WINTER 2020 | 21

Memories that last a lifetime Barton has attended many junior national shows, but his favorite one to date was in 2018 when the show was hosted in Denver, Colorado. With a little influence from the weather, his entire family attended the show that year which made it memorable. Barton also said just the aspect of being in Denver, his favorite major show, felt special.

When looking back on his favorite show memories, Barton remembers his cow Daisy with the most fondness. After taking a break from showing Limousin cattle, his family came back to the breed through purchasing the heifer in 2016 from Lawrence Family Limousin. Since then, Barton and his brother have fit heifers and helped work for Bruce at Fort Worth and Denver stock shows each year.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

“That heifer had a show ring but also the Lawrence family and established a great relationship,” Barton said.

lot of success in the brought us close to

Barton says his prized highlight in the show ring is when Daisy won Reserve Champion of her division in Denver, won Reserve Champion at the Fort Worth Junior Heifer Show, and Grand Champion Fort Worth Open Show heifer all in a three week span. Dream big As a young showman, Barton always wondered how far he could go in this industry and how big he could make his own operation a success. A mentor of Barton’s once told him his favorite quote to live by, and what he tells juniors when they ask for advice. “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” “It was always something I kept at the top of my mind,” said Barton. “If you live with that mindset you’ll never be afraid to take on a challenge.” Now, Barton and his brother Chris run Barton Cattle Company, raising and selling several breeds including Limousin. With his operation, Barton has big dreams to help juniors and their families just as mentors have for him.


“My dream is that it gets bigger and starts helping more families, and helps families meet their goals,” said Barton. Barton is excited to serve as a junior board director and is looking forward to the 2021 stock show season. He can’t wait for Junior Nationals in Grand Island, Nebraska to see his limi family and all the juniors who are, too, being raised in the cattle industry.


1105 HWY 146 DAYTON TX

936-258-5591 www.WCTRACTOR.com TLA NEWS WINTER 2020 | 23

Limi Street Tacos Each year at the National Junior Limousin Show & Congress, Texas participates in the Limi Boosters Beef Cook-Off contest. States cook a dish using Limousin beef and juniors perform a skit in front of a panel of judges while explaining their dish and the benefits of Limousin beef. In West Monroe, Texas took it to the next level with delicious Limi Street Tacos!

Tacos Oil Large onion

2 1

tbsp diced

Garlic cloves Limousin chuck roast

2 3

minced lbs

Tomato sauce



Ground cumin



Chili powder






4 oz can green chilis






Freshly squeezed lime juice



Ground cumin



Chili powder






Salt & pepper to taste



Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. Trim the roast and add salt & pepper. In a pan, heat oil and saute the onions until soft. Add garlic and cook for one more minute. Put the roast in a pan, add onions and garlic. Mix the rest of the ingredients together and add to the roast. Cover and cook 2 1/2 to 3 hours until meat is tender and cooked through. Serve with sauce drizzled over the meat. OR.. Dump it all in the crockpot for 6-8 hours. 24 | TLA NEWS WINTER 2020

Recipe submitted by Hayley Begert.

Junior Board Spotlight


my name is Bryntlee Wilkerson and I have been a TJLA Member for 4 years now. My favorite stock show is either Denver or Fort Worth. I love the cold weather and being there with my friends for a long period of time! My fondest memory from my whole show career was receiving Champion limousin female of 2019 with one of my all-time favorite heifers. Something I would love to teach the youth and other juniors is whether you come out of the ring with a blue ribbon, new buckle, or a participation ribbon, always keep your head up and take something home to work towards and better you as a showman. Being in the ring and getting to help everyone around me is a feeling I will take with me forever!

- Bryntlee Wilkerson

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Texas Limousin Association's Lone Star Shoot-Out The Texas Limousin Association’s Lone Star Shoot-Out show is exclusively made for Limousin breeders and exhibitors. Each year, TLA breeders will nominate either their whole herd or select heifers to be eligible to show in the Lone Star Shoot-Out. The purse collected is distributed amongst participating exhibitors.

Every exhibitor walks away with a check. Lone Star Shoot-Out San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo February 12, 2021 In 2020, over $10,000 was awarded. For more information, contact

Leighton Chachere at: texaslimousin@gmail.com 806.500.8785 P.O. Box 9621 • College Station, Tx 77842


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Junior Board Spotlight HowdY, my name is Nikki Keeton and I’m currently serving as

your TJLA vice president. I am a senior at Frenship High

School, where I serve as my FFA chapter’s treasurer and compete on the public relations, quiz, and livestock judging teams. Additionally, I show steers and Limousin heifers as well as judge livestock through the Lubbock County 4-H. Going through my last year of high school during a global pandemic has been challenging, but being able to show and compete in FFA contests brings a sense of normalcy to the situation. It’s hard for me to pick just one, but some of my favorite memories have been made with my fellow Limousin showmen at Junior Nationals. Some of my favorite friendships have resulted from being involved in the TJLA. My fondest show ring memory is definitely winning Supreme Champion Heifer at San Antonio in 2015. This is a moment that my family and I hold very dear to our hearts and we are extremely blessed to have experienced such a success. My biggest piece of advice to any new member would be to become as involved as possible. Dive headfirst into every opportunity that comes your way. As someone who used to hide behind their dad at every stock show, trust me when I tell you to not make the mistake of letting fear of failure or judgement cause you to miss out on a potential friendship or experience. The best friends and most important life lessons can be found in the show barn.

- Nikki Keeton

Keeton Limousin congratulates our two seniors on their successful years of showing and we are looking forward to their final junior show season.

Betty, Leonard, Lyle, Shana, Jacob, Nikki, & Cole Keeton keetonshowsteers.com 28 | TLA NEWS WINTER 2020 806.866.9440 10510 CR 1100 | Wolfforth, Tx

TLA Board Limousin Association

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The Texas Limousin Association was founded in 1971 as a non-profit organization operated by its members, for the members. Today, the association ranks as one of the largest state beef cattle breed organizations in the nation. The primary purpose of the TLA is to promote, improve and market Limousin cattle through improvement activities, shows and sales. The TLA is also the parent organization for the Texas Junior Limousin Association. There are many opportunities for TJLA members, including the Field Day show, Lone Star ShootOut show and scholarships.

Jason Gaston Secretary

Jay Wilder Treasurer

Glenn Schur Ex-Officio

Hannah Henderson Director

Brett Begert Director

Bruce Lawrence Director

Texas Junior Limousin Association Board of Directors Logan Chachere …President Nikki Keeton …Vice President Emily Fraser …Secretary/Treasurer Bryntlee Wilkerson …Public Relations Brandon Fraser …Ex-Officio Emma Tittor …Director Cassidy Jones …Director

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$100 annual • Please complete the form and return with your TLA membership dues today! I hearby submit this application for membership to the Texas Limousin Association. Upon becoming a member, I agree to be abide by the constitution and by-laws of the association. Return form(s) to: Texas Limousin Association • P.O. Box 9621 • College Station, TX 77842 Phone: 806.500.8785 • www.texaslimousin.com • email: texaslimousin@gmail.com ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ranch Name

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Merry Christmas from the Wilders

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7084E ET


Gucci Girl 9060G ET

LFL ESQUIRE 7084E ET 9/14/17 • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 57% Lim-Flex • MAGS Cable x AUTO Bliss 265Y CED: 12 BW: 1.7 WW: 75 YW: 125 MK: 19 SC: 1.1 DOC: 16 REA: 0.87 MB: 0.47 $MTI: 71 Selling Limited Semen Packages in the National Limousin Sale, Sunday, January 3 in conjunction with the Cattlemen’s Congress in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His first calves have the look, style and performance we had hoped for. Given his royal pedigree and balanced set of trait leading EPDs, he has the credentials to be a leading AI sire for the breed.

Look for our Pen bulls as well as our Open Show String at the Cattlemen’s Congress.

LFL GUCCI GIRL 9060G ET 4/28/19 • Homo Polled • Homo Black • 50% Lim-Flex • COLE Deputy 37D x MAGS Double D CED: 15 BW: 1.6 WW: 81 YW: 129 MK: 23 SC: 0.70 DOC: 13 REA: 0.71 MB: 0.54 $MTI: 74 Adj WW: 843; Adj. YW: 982; Adj. UREA: 12.25; Adj. UIMF: 6.7 Selling Full Possession and Half Interest in the National Limousin Sale, Sunday, January 3. Her tremendous actual performance data matches up with her trait leading EPDs for CE, WW, YW, MK, MB and $MTI. A donor in the making.


Bruce, Paula & Lee Roy Lawrence Jonny, Amber, Tucker & Colt Parkinson P.O. Box 299 • Anton, TX 79313 806/997-5381 • 806/790-2535 (Bruce, m) Amber: 806/773-6043 • Lee Roy: 806/778-0548 email: bll1@speednet.com www.lawrencefamilylimousin.com