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June 27, 28, & 29 | July 4, 5, & 6 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 1


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Dear Lifestyle Reader, Welcome to Comanche Trace! The issue you hold in your hand is a beautiful reflection of our community, and all that the Comanche Trace lifestyle offers. If you are joining us for the Tour of Homes, you will catch a glimpse of our community. To really experience the lifestyle, we invite you to Stay & Play for a few days. Our capable Sales Executives can set you up with golf and accommodations, at your convenience. The Tour of Homes runs June 27th through the 29th, and July 4th through the 6th. This issue previews all 8 homes, some for sale and some custom, showcasing the unique architectural styling and exceptional details you have come to expect from Comanche Trace. It’s not too late to book a trip to Kerrville to meet the builders, residents, and sales staff. Let us introduce you to a growing and active community with breathtaking beauty. We are often asked if Comanche Trace is a retirement community. While retirement is not a requirement, many of our residents do enjoy an active retirement lifestyle.


The average age of our residents is 54, and, besides golf, membership in the club provides a myriad of social activities for any age. Friendships and an active social lifestyle go hand-in-hand with membership, and if you make your home at Comanche Trace, you will find that opportunities abound. Keep up to date with us at or All the best,

Trevor L. Hyde President

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400 Sidney Sidney Baker 400 Baker SS Kerrville, TX 78028 Kerrville, 78028S 400 Sidney Baker 830-257-5553 830-257-5553 Kerrville, TX 78028 830-257-5553 400 Sidney Baker S Kerrville, TX 78028 830-257-5553

Complimentary 24/7 Roadside Assistance






WINERIES Following the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail




BENEFICIARY Texas Lions Camp




THEN & NOW The Story of Comanche Trace Ranch






AMENITIES Maintaining an Active Lifestyle with Ease


2113 TOSCANO WAY Arthur Schmidt Construction


CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF The Creeks, The Hills, & The Valley


3325 ARROWHEAD DRIVE Stavinoha Homes


MEMBERSHIP & EVENTS The Club & Lifestyle at Comanche Trace


3916 KITE DRIVE White Construction




3925 OAK PARK DRIVE Stavinoha Homes




SCHOOLS Kerrville Independent School District


1009 CLUB HOUSE ROAD Anderson Jenkins Homes


HIGHER LEARNING Schreiner University


4073 COMANCHE TRACE DRIVE Brad Moore Builders


FESTIVITIES The Fun Never Ends


3592 LA CUMBRE DRIVE Arthur Schmidt Construction


HEALTH CARE Quality Healthcare in the Hill Country


REAL ESTATE Welcome to the 2014 Tour of Homes



MUSEUMS & THEATERS Culture in the Hill Country




NATURE & RECREATION Hill Country Beauty



SUMMER CAMPS A Hill Country Tradition



In the last issue of LIFESTYLE we failed to recognize K2 Photography as the source for the excellent wedding photography used in the Comanche Trace Events ad. The ad can be seen on page 55 of this issue.

Gena Teer, Jack Pratt, Jamie Fails, Hill Country Memorial Hospital, Karla J. Dietz, Lane Tait, Peterson Regional Medical Center, Scott Parker, South Texas Veterans Health

Stavinoha Homes

w w w . s t a v i n o h a h o m e s . c o m

Stavinoha Homes 2 0 0 9 & 2 011 PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER

m ik e s tav inoh a


830. 370. 9481


is committed to crafting quality homes that compliment our clients’ lifestyles and provide a true value for their investment.

m ik e @ s tav inoh a ho m e s . c o m LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 7

Dear Tour of Homes patrons:

By Jack Pratt, Mayor

On behalf of the Citizens of Kerrville, Texas, we cordially welcome you to our City. Kerrville is situated in the heart of the Texas Hill Country with the flowing Guadalupe River. We are proud of our Kerrville heritage, its beauty, tranquility, business environment, quality of life, our three wonderful golf courses, our employees, our schools, and our university. Kerrville is known for its clean air, pristine water, warm, friendly southern hospitality, wine trails, wonderful medical facilities, diversity of entertainment, our river trail, and abundance of wildlife with wide open spaces. Kerrville is regarded not only as a best place to retire but also as a tremendous place to play, work and raise a family. Kerrville offers the peace and quiet of a rural setting with an easy commute to San Antonio, one of the largest cities in Texas. You will find shopping, quality education, arts and entertainment all within Kerrville. Kerrville/Kerr County provides easy fly-in for pilots, and FBO service is provided by Kerrville Aviation. We are glad to have you with us in Kerrville and I know that you will also find our community to be welcoming. We are humbled to host you and we invite you back soon. Sincerely,

Jack Pratt Mayor


See What’s

In-Store for you ...

at Moore’s

I-10 Exit 505 Harper Road at Junction Highway in Kerrville 830.895.5311 Mon. thru Fri. 9-6, Sat. 9-5, Sun. closed



Tour Schedule: • Friday, June 27th – 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. • Saturday, June 28th – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Sunday, June 29th – 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. • Friday, July 4th – 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. • Saturday, July 5th – 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. • Sunday, July 6th – 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Note: Ticket sales will end 1 hour prior to closing each day.

Thank You to Our Sponsors


Wealth ManageMent group, llC Making your wealth work for you

Bob Rothe,


Private investment management for those who would rather spend their time enjoying the hill country. Portfolios from $250,000 to over $10,000,000

YOU can enjoy

LIFE 222 Sidney Baker S, Suite 350-I

Kerrville, TX 78028


Fee based investment advice, portfolio management and financial planning offered through Wealth Management Group, LLC, a registered investment adviser. Securities representative of and securities offered through 2014 13 Silver Oak Securities, Inc., 3339 North Highland Avenue, Jackson TX 38305 (731) 668-3825. Member FINRA/SIPC. Wealth Management Group, LLC is not a subsidiary of nor LIFESTYLE controlled byJUNE/JULY Silver Oak Securities.


Written by Trish Wilson

Photos by Texas Lions Camp

William James said – “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” Children between the ages of 7 and 16 with qualifying physical disabilities, children between ages 8 and 15 with Type1 Diabetes, and children between the ages of 12 and 16 with Down syndrome are able to attend Texas Lions Camp located in Kerrville, Texas at no cost to them or their family, because people like you act on their behalf and pay the bill.

in the counselor’s hand: “No more walls. I have no more walls in my life. Thank you.”

How You Can Help

The Texas Lions Camp provides the programs and facilities that enable these children to ride horses even though they live their days in a wheelchair; to paint and do crafts though blind and unable to see their masterpiece; to shoot archery with their feet because they were born without hands; and so much more.

One Girl’s Story One young girl, born both blind and deaf, approached a climbing wall in the middle of the camp. The 30-foot vertical wall stood in front of a girl who was unable to see its ominous height and staggered footholds or to recognize the great task that she was about to undertake. The team leaders geared her in her harness and climbing ropes, then strapped a safety helmet to her head. Normally, they would give instruction from the ground to a camper as they climbed the wall, but this camper faced more obstacles than just the wall. How do you tell someone who cannot hear you where to place her foot? 14 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

One of the counselors climbed with this camper, moving from one side of the wall to the other, guiding her hand and foot on the left side to new holds, then switching to the right side. The beautiful ballet continued to the climax of reaching the top of the 30 foot obstacle. At the top, a lone cow bell waited to herald to all who could hear it, “Someone has climbed the Wall!”

The Lions of Texas and other generous donors have provided a place where young people who struggle in the world to be seen, heard and to contribute to those around them, can do what they’ve never done in order to become who they are meant to be. We invite you to be a part of that. If you know a child who can benefit from the Texas Lions Camp program, give his or her name to a Lion or visit our website: www.lionscamp. com. If you want to be a person who acts to make a difference, become a Lion in your town or where there is a club near you. For more information on how to personally get involved or to donate to the Texas Lions Camp, visit our website today!

Cheers and screams of excitement came from those watching below as this victorious camper and her climbing partner descended gracefully to the ground. At the bottom, the camper both deaf and blind reached out of her silent darkness to find her counselor and, after hugging her, signed

You can be a person of action, right here and right now. Commit that you no longer look just down or up, but straight ahead and into the eyes of someone who needs you to act. The choice is yours. No one can make it for you.




No matter your speed, there is something for everyone at Comanche Trace. (877) 467-6282 | 2801 COMANCHE TRACE DRIVE | KERRVILLE, TX 78028

| W W W. C O M A N C H E T R A C E . C O M

Experience the Lifestyle

Enjoy our hospitality! Play a round of golf. Dine in style at the Pinnacle Grill. Take in the historical attractions and local shopping. Explore the Texas Winery & Vineyard Trail. Relax on the banks of the Comanche Trace Riverpark. Get lost down a winding country road and enjoy the famous Texas Hill Country vistas.


830-­367-­5553 STORE HOURS

M-­F 9 A.M.-­5:30 P.M. SATURDAY 10 A.M.-­5 P.M.

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Soldiers at Bandera Pass 1926

Joshua Brown’s log cabin

The area around today’s Comanche Trace Ranch has long been used for ranching. Early settlers raised cattle here, and then diversified their herds to include sheep and goats. This diversification didn’t face fierce competition, as it did in other ranching areas: in the late 1880s, the great local banker Charles Schreiner required such diversification of those who requested loans from his bank. In years which proved difficult for cattle – from times of drought, or fluctuations in the cattle markets – those same years often proved profitable for those who raised sheep and goats. The old Rock Barn on the property has seen a variety of livestock: hogs, sheep, goats, and cattle.


Young Bobby Shelton on horseback

So the “Ranch” part of Comanche Trace Ranch harkens back to the time when this property was part of a working ranch. The “Trace” part of the name comes from still-visible evidence of a trail that lead through the property. Though the trail has been associated with the Comanche, it actually precedes the arrival of the Comanche in our area. People have moved along the same routes through the hill country for many thousands of years. Bandera Pass, to the south, was first mapped by Spanish explorers centuries ago, but even then, the path through the pass was already an ancient one. Joshua Brown 1873

The earliest settler in Kerrville, Joshua Brown, had trouble with Comanche when he first arrived; in fact, he and his band of shingle makers had to abandon their first camp. Their second camp was built on a high bluff, near what is today the 800 block of Water Street in downtown Kerrville. The advantage of this second location: it overlooked the trail used by the Comanche. It was probably these earliest settlers who named the trail the Comanche Trace.

Bandera Pass looking toward Camp Verde

Archeological sites, especially near the southern entrance to the Pass, indicate men have traveled through there for literally hundreds of generations. Oddly enough, the earliest European explorers followed the same trails; these trails were later used by American and European settlers to our area; and with the arrival of the automobile, many of those ancient trails were paved into roadways. When we travel from Bandera to Kerrville we are traveling very near the same trails used for millennia.

The ranch itself got the name from Robert Shelton, who used the Comanche Trace Ranch as the headuarters for his various ranches. He chose the name not only for the trail which crosses nearby, but also because of the amazing horsemanship of the Comanche people; the first purpose of Comanche Trace Ranch was to raise and train horses. That’s the story of the name – a colorful name for a historic place. Chief Quanah Parker of the Kwahadi Comanche

So that takes care of the “Trace” in Comanche Trace Ranch. Lastly, the Comanche. The Comanche were a very warlike people. Of course, we think of the struggles between the Comanche and the earliest settlers to our region, since many of those stories were recorded in books, but the facts say the Comanche fought with any other group – they’d been waging war against other Native American tribes long before the first settlers arrived here.

Bandera Pass LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 19


Maintaining an Active Lifestyle with Ease By Reggie Cox


he Comanche Trace lifestyle offers a myriad of activities and amenities. Here are just a few of the options for engaging in activities and meeting new friends.

Golf Course Our most spectacular amenity is our 27-hole championship golf course. Whether you are a scratch golfer or just beginning there is a group for you. The Club at Comanche Trace offers membership in our Men’s Golf Association, Ladies Golf Association, or Lady Niner’s Group. Our golf professionals offer lessons to address many levels of player abilities. Our 15-acre practice facility is available to Golf Members for tuning your short-game or long drives. Special golf events such as the monthly Nine and Dine and Kings and ueens Tournament for couples, or MGA events like The Futurity, The Big Cup and The Brute offer great fun and camaraderie throughout the year. Our LGA and Lady Niner’s host many great events throughout the year, as well. 20 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

Club House The spectacular 24,000 sq. ft. Club House features the beautiful Vista Room, Golf Pro shop, The Pinnacle Grill, Trophy Room, bag storage, men’s and ladies locker rooms and some of the most stunning views in the Texas Hill Country. Members enjoy no room rental fee for banquet service and events.

Fitness The fitness center overlooking the beautiful lake provides a variety of fitness equipment and free weights, along with men’s and ladies’ locker rooms with showers and steam rooms. Our Personal Trainers lead classes in Pilates, Zumba, body sculpting and yoga to assist you with your fitness goals.

Catch and Release Fishing Lake Lake Comanche is open for fishing to residents year round. It is stocked with bass, catfish and brim. Because it is a private lake, no fishing license is required. The 4-acres allows avid fishermen to roam around the shoreline to find that perfect catch.

Swimming Pool and Hot Tub The pool is open from May 1 until October 1 for members of any level. Events may also be booked to enjoy the outdoor setting. Sunsets are especially beautiful around the swimming pool.



River Park The 8-acre Guadalupe River Park is available to residents for picnics, walks along the river, great fossil hunting and gatherings of family and friends. The area may be booked as an event setting with reservations, or may be enjoyed at will to enhance your outdoor enjoyment. A small pavilion with fireplace, along with a firepit and stairs that lead to the river are available for all residents of Comanche Trace.

Walking and Biking Trails There are over 4 miles of crushed granite walking trails with various terrain and a 2 mile off road biking trail available to residents. The surrounding hill country is an excellent place for back-road biking and hiking.

Social Clubs Membership in The Club at Comanche Trace also offers a Book Club, Mah Jongg, and Bridge groups who meet regularly. There is even a convertible “Topless Club� for car owners who love to take driving trips through the hill country together. Monthly Member Happy Hour and holiday member events offer numerous opportunities to meet and make memories.


Community Garden Small, raised-bed plots with individual water spigots are available to residents who wish to grow vegetables or flowers with their neighbors. It is a very friendly place that grows new friendships along with plants. The garden is high-fenced to keep the deer out.

Kids’ Activities/Playground There are activities throughout the year for the children and grandkids, too. Kid Comanche Camp is held twice in the summer for children ages 6 to 13 where golf, tennis and swimming are emphasized. Furthermore, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, a Halloween party, Christmas activities, pool parties, and a playground near the pool are just some of the many activities for the younger set.

Tennis Courts The tennis courts are open year round for club members, and groups coordinate play or lessons amongst themselves As you can see, Comanche Trace offers an active lifestyle like no other in the hill country. Oftentimes, neighborhoods will host block parties so residents have no end to the opportunities to meet new friends and strengthen existing bonds. You can explore further at or contact one of our expert Sales Executives for more information. 830-895-8505



By Scott Parker, Course Superintendent


championship quality golf course starts with a qquality design that is enjoyable to play and challenging for the best golfers as well as the novice.


I have never heard anyone say that they did not want to play the course at Comanche Trace again, and to me that is the best compliment anyone could give. A well designed course is not enough. The construction process and drainage plan is what really seals the deal to ensure integrity of the course for future enjoyment. In 2000, the first year the course was open, we hosted a Ryder Cup format tournament of the best club professionals in the State of Texas, and they were astonished that the course was so mature.

I was fortunate to be involved with the construction and grow-in of the course from the beginning. I was able to relate concerns about future maintenance to the design team of Kite, Bechtol, Russell, and they made the necessary changes that would ensure proper course conditions for the long term.

I have often thought about where the best place would be to maintain a golf course as it relates to climate. There is nowhere on the planet that does not have its challenges at one time of the year or another. Comanche Trace is located in a very unique area of the state that has very favorable temperatures and humidity to grow bentgrass (most of the time). I have been the Superintendent for almost 15 years and we are experiencing our second drought. I would have to

I have been Course Superintendent at three qquality courses during my 30 plus years since graduating from Mississippi State University - six years as an assistant at Brookhaven and Dallas Country Club, both in Dallas, Texas. My first position as Superintendent was Southern Trace in Shreveport, Louisiana. I was there during the construction and after opening the course returned to Dallas Country Club for 10 years as their Superintendent.



say that has been our greatest challenge to date. The other challenge is keeping the bentgrass greens pure and free of the “weed�, Poa Annua. Comanche Trace has bentgrass greens that are a blend of two bentgrass varieties, Crenshaw and L-93, and it has performed very well over the years. The rest of the course, fairways, tees and roughs are Tifsport Bermuda grass. The golf course has two separate irrigation sources. The greens are irrigated by water from the Guadalupe River and the rest of the course is irrigated with treated effluent water obtained from the City of Kerrville. During the construction process two separate lines were installed to allow for the delivery of the two water sources.



1225 Bandera Hwy., Suite C | Kerrville | 78028

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2014 27



MR Home Automation is a lifestyle company inspired by ideas that promise more comfort, convenience and a greener way to live right at your fingertips. Mike Russ is bringing homes to life by changing the way people live in their homes. As an authorized Control4 dealer, MR Home Automation makes it possible for virtually any device or appliance in your home to communicate with each other, intelligently. Lights, thermostat, drapes, door locks, televisions, music, security and even outlets are all programmable and controllable from devices inside your home or even from thousands of miles away. Mike Russ, owner of MR Home Automation, partners with home owners, builders, architects and interior designers to create the perfect custom home automation system. 28 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

When it comes to the combination of Mike’s 16 years of professional expertise and the award winning solutions from Control4 systems, possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Mike Russ was born and raised right here in Kerrville, TX. Mike’s father, a retired Kerrville firefighter of 20 years and his mother, a registered nurse of 14 years, always knew that Mike would have a career installing audio systems. At the age of sixteen, they would watch him design and install car audio systems for his friends and family. Mike’s customer base quickly grew and so did his passion for audio. He wanted to broaden his knowledge and decided to expand into home audio systems.

He started installing home theaters and designing whole home audio and video systems. Shortly after opening up his own home audio and video business in 2002, Mike was introduced to a revolutionary home automation system called Control4. Mike immediately realized how awesome this system was and became a Control4 dealer in 2004. After ten years of partnership with Control4 and ten years of technological advancements, as Mike would like to say, he can “make your house sing.” With the Control4 home automation system your home comes to life with the touch of a button. MR Home Automation is able to integrate lighting,

Custom Made Stowaway A/V Rack

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MR Home Automation can install at any stage. The system can be installed in new construction, pre-existing, remodels, residential, ranch and farm, winery, commercial, office, boardroom, retail, and restaurants. MR Home Automation offers home automation in lighting control, climate control, security and surveillance, outdoor and poolside entertainment, home theater, music and movies, motorized window treatments and automated lifts with the ability to control it from anywhere.

Out of Site, Out of Mind

Mike Russ,along with his team at MR Home Automation, take pride their work, knowledge, skill, and customer satisfaction. Mike is excited about what home automation has grown to be and he loves to design systems to fit the customer’s needs and make their home life more enjoyable and stress free whether if they are home or away. Please come view our recently completed projects that will be on display during the Comanche Trace 2014 Tour of Homes, June 27th, 28th & 29th and July 4th, 5th, & 6th. Mike will be in attendance to demonstrate and discuss the endless possibilities with home automation.MR Home Automation’s office is located at 1225 Bandera Hwy., Suite C, Kerrville, TX 78028. To schedule a consultation call the office at (830) 315-2033. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am-5 pm.



By Gena Teer


embership at Comanche Trace offers an array of golf, social events, and fine and casual dining, designed to enhance our beautiful community’s casually elegant lifestyle. Our members are treated to a vast number of amenities and recreational opportunities throughout the development. Reflecting the history of Comanche Trace and the Texas Hill Country character, the 24,000 square foot Pinnacle Clubhouse provides members daily lunch and dinner specials, fine dining, spectacular panoramic views of the Hill Country while providing the perfect setting for intimate dinners or large events. The Pinnacle Clubhouse overlooks the centerpiece of Comanche Trace – our


award winning 27-hole golf course – 18 holes designed by Tom Kite/Bechtol/Russell and 9 holes designed by Jay & Carter Morrish. Throughout the year, our members participate in a multitude of enjoyable planned activities, special events and themed parties. Great effort goes into every detail of a Comanche Trace event, whether it’s a golf competition, Thanksgiving buffet or Member Mixer. Annual golf events are especially exciting, accompanied by fun-filled barbeues and cocktail receptions to celebrate each event.Choose your favorite pastime and you’ll find it at Comanche Trace.

Comanche Trace offers a selection of memberships that have been carefully designed to meet individual preferences and exceed all you might expect from a private club. With several membership options to choose from – social to full golf membership – we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for at Comanche Trace, and as a non-equity club, our members are guaranteed no assessments, nor food or beverage minimums or service charges. As you can see, The Club at Comanche Trace offers our members a Lifestyle that suits any age. For more information on everything your Comanche Trace Lifestyle can offer, contact: Gena Teer Membership Director (830) 895-8500, ext. 224

Membership at The Club at Comanche Trace Includes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Kerrville is a very pleasant area in the Texas Hill Country with a remarkable climate. It’s about six degrees dryer and cooler year ‘round. That’s great for golfers.” – Tom Kite

Championship 27-hole Golf Course Bent Grass Greens Tiffsport Bermuda Tee-Boxes and Fairways 15 Acre Practice and Teaching Facility with Chipping and Putting Areas 1,100 square foot Professional Golf Shop Locker Rooms and Bag Storage Swimming Pool and Tennis Courts Fitness Center with Weights and Cardio Machines Private River Park and Fishing Lake Annual MGA, LGA, and Lady 9er’s Events and Golf Tournaments Monthly “Member Happy Hour” Mah-Jongg Club Bridge Club Book Club Garden Club Kid Comanche Summer Camp Texas Hill Country Wine and Brew Festival Additional Fun-Filled Member and Family Events LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 31


Kids Summer Kick-Off Party

Sparkler Tournament Members Only

Members Only

When: July 4, 2014 Where: Valley/Hills Course Time: 12:00 p.m. Shotgun Price: $25 per person RSVP Deadline: July 2, 2014

When: June 4, 2014 Where: Comanche Trace Pool Time: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Price: Free RSVP Deadline: June 2, 2014

830-895-8500 ext. 248


Join us at the Comanche Trace pool to kick off your summer vacation with fun, food, and your Comanche Trace friends.

Price includes golf and admission into the 4th of July BBQ Shindig. Four person teams. All men & women will play from their designated tees from which their handicap is established.

4th of July BBQ Shindig Members & Guests Only

When: July 4, 2014 Where: Comanche Trace River Park Time: Gates Open at 4:00 p.m. Price: $20 Admission Fee RSVP Deadline: July 2, 2014


Admission fee includes BBQ buffet, live entertainment, and games for the kids! 32 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

Pasta Night Open to the Public

When: June 3 & 17 / July 1 & 15 Where: The Vista Room Time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Price: Adults - $16.95 / 4 to 12 years old - $8.50 / 3 years old & under – Complimentary

Reservations Recommended 830-895-8500 Enjoy assorted pastas prepared fresh and made to order! Gluten free and vegan selections are available.

Member Happy Hour Members Only When: Second Wednesday of Every Month Where: The Vista Room Time: 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Enjoy assorted hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and mingle with fellow Comanche Trace members!

Elegant Events made Simple We can take care of everything for your next corporate luncheon, birthday party, wedding, or any other event! Contact our Event Coordinator, Joni Peterson, to inquire about event booking and availability. 830-895-8500, ext. 237


lendar of Events Calendar of Events Calendar of Events Calendar

Ca l e ndar



June 1

June 12

June 24

MGA Spring Partnership

LGA 9:00 a.m. Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m.

Bridge Club 2:00 p.m.

June 3 President’s Cup Matches Begin Bridge Club 2:00 p.m.

June 4 Kid’s Summer Kickoff Party

June 5 LGA 9:00 a.m. Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m.

June 6 Nine & Dine 5:00 p.m.

June 10 Bridge Club 2:00 p.m.

June 11 MGA 9:00 a.m. Mah-Jongg 1:00 p.m. Member Happy Hour 34 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

June 17 Bridge Club 1:30 p.m. Book Club 4:30 p.m. Kid Comanche

June 18 Kid Comanche

June 19 Kid Comanche

June 20 LGA 9:00 a.m. Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m. Kid Comanche

June 21

June 25 MGA 9:00 a.m. Mah-Jongg Practice 1:00 p.m.

June 26 Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m.

June 27 Ladies Club Championship Tour of Homes

June 28 Ladies Club Championship Tour of Homes

June 29 Tour of Homes

June 30

MGA 9:00 a.m.

Member Guest Day Club Open

June 23

July 2

Boys & Girls Club Charity Golf Classic

MGA 9:00 a.m.

July 3

July 11

July 22

LGA 9:00 a.m. Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m.

Men’s Club Championship 12:00 p.m.

Bridge Club 2:00 p.m.

July 4

July 12

July 23

Men’s Club Championship 8:00 a.m.

MGA 9:00 a.m. Mah-Jongg Practice 1:00 p.m.

July 15

July 24 Kings & Queens Couples Invitational

Tour of Homes

Bridge Club 1:30 p.m. Book Club 4:30 p.m. Kid Comanche

July 6

July 16

Kings & Queens Couples Invitational

Tour of Homes

Kid Comanche

July 26

July 17

Kings & Queens Couples Invitational

Sparkler Tournament BBQ Shindig Tour of Homes

July 5

July 8 Bridge Club 2:00 p.m.

July 9 MGA 9:00 a.m. Mah-Jongg 1:00 p.m. Member Happy Hour

July 10 LGA 9:00 a.m. Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m

LGA 9:00 a.m. Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m. Kid Comanche

July 18 Kid Comanche

July 19 MGA 9:00 a.m.

July 25

July 28 Club Closed for Aerification

July 29 Club Closed for Aerification

July 31 LGA 9:00 a.m. Lady 9’ers 9:00 a.m. LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 35

alendar of Events Calendar of Events Calendar of Events Calendar o

of Events


New appearance, same big Heart. Partner with The Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country. Visit with us today to find out about endowed funds that can help non-profit organizations reach their maximum potential in serving our Texas Hill Country.

(830) 896-8811

Achievement in Mathematics, and Top 25 Percent Student Progress. Additionally, the district scored higher than the state average in ALL subjects tested on state examinations at the performance levels of Satisfactory Level II and Advanced Level III during the first administration of the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) given in 2013. On the financial front, despite state cuts to the public education budget, KISD continues to provide the highest qquality of education without raising taxes. Earning a “Superior Achievement” rating on the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas for the 10th consecutive year, KISD remains financially stable even in unstable times.The Kerrville ISD total tax rate has remained constant at $1.18 for five years.

Kerrville Independent School District


errville Independent School District is an accredited 4A school district located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, just 45 minutes west of San Antonio. Kerrville ISD is home to seven traditional campuses, one early childhood center, and an academic alternative high school. KISD educates more than 5,000 students and employs 700 people from Kerrville and surrounding areas. In Kerrville ISD, students and high expectations come first. All campuses and the district earned the highest rating, Met Standard, in the 2013 State Accountability Ratings released by the Texas Education Agency. As a district, KISD earned twelve distinction designations and all campuses earned at least one. The distinction areas are Academic Achievement in Reading/ELA, Academic

Involved parents and a supportive business community are the hallmark of our district. From manning concession stands to attending a teacher conference, our parents are passionate about ensuring qquality education for all children in Kerrville. With the generous support of local businesses and the Kerrville Public School Foundation, our students are afforded top qquality instructional resources.

Dual credit is offered at Tivy High School through Alamo Colleges for core courses such as English IV and US Government. Co-enrollment is offered through Schreiner University for students wishing to take a freshman college class as a senior. Kerrville ISD knows that all students will grow up and become a part of the workforce, whether they go to college or not. Elective courses are aligned to the Achieve Texas career clusters. Courses include horticulture, graphic design, audio-video production, health sciences, auto technology, culinary arts, agriculture and welding. Regardless of the grade level or campus, Kerrville ISD’s Advanced Academic department goes above and beyond the basic curriculum to provide enrichment, new learning experiences, and qquality skills training for students of all ages. Kerrville ISD’s unique academic programs are a part of what makes Kerrville ISD one of the finest 4A districts in the state. We invite you to take a closer look at Kerrville ISD by visiting our website at, or follow us at District information fills our web pages and offers visitors a chance to consider becoming a part of our outstanding education family.

Each elementary school has a Challenge Lab available to all students who have achieved mastery in the regular classroom. Using creative games, puzzles, and books, students extend their learning with higher-level thinking activities. In grades 6-8, HORIZONS classes provide a more rigorous level of instruction for both gifted and high ability students that meet the placement criteria. The curriculum is differentiated to encourage higher-level thinking and problem solving. Advanced Placement classes are offered at Tivy High School. Courses are taught with textbooks and syllabi based on a four year college curriculum. Students take an exam at the end of the course to receive college credit. AP credit is accepted by most state universities.



One of the many perks of living close to Kerrville is that it’s a college town. Schreiner University, a growing Presbyterian-related liberal arts college with 1,136 students and more than 100 faculty, is known for excellent academic programs and for making a private-school education accessible to students of all income levels. Schreiner also offers a variety of learning opportunities for people who may not see themselves as students anymore. here is a growing cadre of Hill Country residents who have discovered that Schreiner welcomes the community to participate in a variety of educational and cultural programs, most of which are free. (Please see Schreiner’s web calendar for a complete listing of events: Here are just a few, starting with one that requires the most commitment, followed by many that require only your willingness to come to campus and open your mind.


Senior Auditors If you are 55 or older and would like to audit (no credit, no grade) a college-level class, you may do so for a nominal fee, providing the class you choose has space available after credit-seeking students have registered. Class sizes are restricted to preserve Schreiner’s 14/1 student-to-teacher ratio. There is a non-refundable application fee of $25 and courses are $50 per credit hour. Transcripts are not required but an application is. To apply to Schreiner as an auditor, go to the University website at admission/apply.aspxand click on Audit/Non-Degree Admission.


Texas Music Coffeehouse Artists you’ve heard of and some you haven’t (yet) perform monthly at these events that Schreiner and the Texas Heritage Music Foundation co-sponsor on campus. It’s developed a loyal following of musiclovers of all ages that enjoy the intimate, casual atmosphere. And there’s open mic, too!

Lecture Series & Book Clubs At the beginning of fall and spring semesters, the book titles and dates for the Monday Night Fiction series are announced. Schreiner faculty facilitate discussion for the evening and anyone who has read the book is welcome to participate. Schreiner’s lecture series include Chautauua, Harry Crate, Labatt, Patton, and Thomas and Margaret Syers, to which students and community members alike are welcome. Each one has its own focus. Hallman showcases Schreiner’s faculty and their research and scholarly learning. Crate lectures focus on scientific careers and research. Labatt brings motivational speakers to campus and serves to link the campus with its Hill Country community. Syers lectures highlight the value and beauty of literature.

Volunteer It is Schreiner University’s great good fortune to be surrounded by a community so rich in diverse expertise and experiences…and that so many people are willing to share them. If you would like to see some of the volunteer opportunities available at Schreiner, please visit aspx. If your expertise doesn’t match those areas, you can fill out an online volunteer application and Schreiner’s Director of Community Engagement, Mindy Wendele, will see where your talents and skills are needed. We hope to see you soon on campus! For more information about Schreiner University, visit our website at



Written by Karla J. Dietz

Photos by Aaron Yates

Kerrville’s year-round tourist-friendly weather makes it the perfect place to visit anytime, and enjoy the numerous events that make up our calendar.There is always something going on for visitors, and residents, alike.


ur spring season begins with events centering around Easter weekend, such as the Here’s to the Heroes Easter Fest & Cook-off, which features live music, good food, washer pitching and family fun throughout the day, as well as Easter Services at the Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. The Return to Kerrville Fly-In, held annually on Mother’s Day weekend, encourages visitors from around the United States to visit us and enjoy a weekend of fun, shopping and site-seeing. Kerrfest, also held in May, is a weekend celebration that includes a rodeo, chili cook-off, beer fest, dance, BB cook-off, jackpot team roping, a dance, kids’ activities and various other fun events. Our spring season concludes with a multitude of events on Memorial Day weekend: the Masters of Fine Art & Craft at the Inn of the Hills,


the Texas Masters of Fine Arts & Craft at the YO Ranch Hotel & Conference Center, Kerr Market Days on the courthouse lawn, the Kerrville Festival of the Arts held on the streets of downtown, the Gourd Art Show at the Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, the famous Kerrville Folk Festival, the Texas Hill Country Wine & Brew Festival and the Sentimental Journey concert at the Cailloux Theater. All connected with free transportation during the Memorial Day weekend. Summers in Kerrville are known as THE time to enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, floating the beautiful Guadalupe River, and hiking the many trails that our hills provide. Weekends are full of activities and events, and the highlight of the season that brings

travelers from far and wide is Kerrville’s 4th on the River Festival where they can enjoy a day of fun, live music and fireworks. The fall is also a wonderful time in the hill country, and Kerrville’s event calendar is full of events that will delight all who attend. The Symphony of the Hills performs several times during the season for the enjoyment of the patrons and always draws a magnificent crowd. The Kerr County Fair is also a favorite event during this time of year, and allows people the opportunity to gather together and enjoy wholesome, family-friendly activities that only a good, old-fashioned county fair can provide. Cold weather doesn’t stop the fun in Kerrville! January brings around the Hill Country District Jr. Livestock Show and all of the young exhibitors with their projects. The community truly enjoys supporting the youth and this show and sale has proven to be a huge success every year. Other community favorites include the annual Chocolate Fantasy in February and Mardis Gras on Main in March, which brings downtown alive for a night of fine food, music, and wine… Texas-style. These wonderful events are just a taste of what Kerrville has to offer. A more extensive and detailed calendar of events can be found by visiting our website,, on Facebook or by calling us at 830-792-3535.


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STAY FOR THE FOOD! Join us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.






! U N

Open - Tuesday thru Sunday PINNACLE CLUB DRIVE, KERRVILLE, TX 78028 | 830-895-8500 EXT. 249





Quality Health Care in the Hill Country By Peterson Regional Medical Center, South Texas Veterans Health Care System, and Hill Country Memorial Hospital Photos by Peterson Regional Medical Center and Hill Country Memorial Hospital

Peterson Regional Medical Center Peterson Regional Medical Center is committed to providing exceptional, compassionate, patient-centered care;which is exactly why we formed Peterson Medical Associates (PMA) and Peterson Women’s Associates (PWA). Together, our employed physician group offers the highest level of health care for the entire family throughout the Hill Country and beyond.

Need A Primary Care Physician? Peterson Medical Associates consists of five (5) physicians and one (1) nurse practitioner.

Proudly Peterson, we offer the following: • Same day appointments for sick visits, in most cases; • Accepting most insurance plans, including Medicare; • quality care for patients of any age, from children to seniors; • Wellness exams, annual or sports physicals.

Need an Obstetrician, Midwife, or Gynecologist? Peterson Women’s Associates proudly and professionally supports the healthcare needs of women of all ages. We pride ourselves on many unique services that you won’t find anywhere else in the hill country. Ask us about Family Centered C-sections, Hydrotherapy, and our da Vinci® Surgical System, a technologically advanced alternative to traditional open or laparoscopic surgeries. For more than two years, this state44 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

Peterson Regional Medical Center

of-the-art technology has shown to be less invasive than VA Hospital traditional or laparoscopic surgeries, and has proven to help women recover faster and with stronger outcomes.The da The South Texas Veterans Health Care System Vinci® Robotic System has revolutionized recovery for a is honored to serve you. The Kerrville Campus is number of female-related procedures. Patients have a choice located 65 miles Northwest of San Antonio and began from some of the most highly certified and experienced operations in 1947. surgeons. At the Kerrville VA Hospital, physicians and nurse When it comes to caring for you or your family, you have a practitioners work closely with a team of other clinic choice. Choose the best! Peterson Medical Associates and staff to insure you receive the best care available. Peterson Women’s Associates offer the closest continuum of Specialists are available by referral. shared care. We are located in the new, beautifully constructed, threestory, 3,500 square foot building conveniently located on the Peterson Campus, right in between the main hospital and the Ambulatory Care Center at 575 Hill Country Drive. (830) 896-4200 551 Hill Country Drive Kerrville, TX 78028

Additional Services • Nutrition Counseling • Pharmacy Services • Gender Specific Health Services • Social Work Services • Patient Education Programs • Mental Health Outpatient Services • Laboratory • Imaging • Dental • Audiology

and home and hospice care. Additionally, HCM provides more than 30 specialties from allergy care to wound healing. In 2014, HCM was named one of the nation’s top 100 hospitals by Truven Health Analytics for the third consecutive year, putting it in the company of the top 1 percent of hospitals nationally. This designation was based on the hospital’s performance in key areas of patient care, including quality, patient safety and customer experience.

VA Hospital

• Optometry • Podiatry • Gastroenterology/Hepatology • Neurology • Dermatology • Pulmonary Function Testing • CPAP/BPAP Clinic • Sleep Ambulatory Monitors • Holter and Event Monitors • Cardiac Event Monitors • EKGs • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation • Your primary care provider, nurse, or the health benefits advisor can answer any questions about these programs.

larger institutions can be found right in the heart of the Hill Country.

Serving Evolving Needs From customer experience tools to innovative surgical procedures, HCM has evolved to meet the community’s health care needs.

Of more than 2,800 hospitals surveyed, HCM was one of 20 small community hospitals nationwide and one of 11 Texas hospitals that made the list.

Hill Country Memorial was the first hospital in the U.S. to integrate a five-star “ratings and reviews” system into its website. With this tool patients and family members can provide real-time feedback that HCM then uses to make continuous improvements across every department throughout the organization. As a result, HCM is consistently recognized for its patient experience.

The Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals study recognizes hospitals’ performance across measures of patient satisfaction, average length of stay, patient safety, operating margin, readmission rates and other areas. The study has been conducted annually since 1993, and 2014 marked the fourth time HCM has been named to the 100 Top Hospitals list.

The hospital has also instituted an innovative joint replacement program called Restore that incorporates a preparatory pre-operative class and robust post-operative group rehabilitation. Restore emphasizes techniues to reduce pain, and its group-based physical therapy program encourages patients to resume activities quickly and comfortably.

For potential patients, this recognition signifies that the same level of exceptional quality care found at (830) 997-4353 1020 S. State Highway 16 Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Hill Country Memorial Hospital

830-896-2020 3600 Memorial Blvd. Kerrville, TX 78028

Hill Country Memorial Hospital As consumers consider an increasing number of health care choices and options, Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Fredericksburg provides an exceptional level of care coupled with medical excellence for Hill Country residents. Hill Country Memorial services address the health needs of every generation from prevention, wellness and a dedicated Women’s Pavilion to general and orthopedic surgery, acute care LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 45



ou may be surprised to find that Kerrville and the Texas Hill Country are full of destinations exhibiting high culture and fine arts. The locations described below are just a few of the ones you should make a point to visit.

Museum of Western Art Just a short five minute drive from Comanche Trace will take you to the last public project of the famed Southwestern architect, O’Neil Ford; the Museum of Western Art. There you will find life-sized bronze sculptures on the grounds around the building. The inside of the building is a work of art itself with a boveda ceiling and mesquite wood floors. The museum displays approximately 150 sculptures, 250 paintings, and several artifacts, all intent on bringing the West to life.

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center The Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, located on the corner of Main Street (Hwy 27) and Earl Garrett in Kerrville, promotes the local artistic community through exhibits, education, and programs. Their exhibits change once a month and admission is always free! Some of their more notable, recurring exhibits are The Texas Furniture Makers Show, Southwest Gourd Fine Arts Show, and American Plains Arts.


Cailloux Theater The beautifully restored building known as the Cailloux Theater, with its limestone and marble edifice, soaring ceilings, central staircase, and towering interior pillars creates an ambiance that is perfect for the live theater and music being performed there. The theater regularly houses performances by the Symphony of the Hills, the Hill Country Youth Orchestra, and the Kerrville Dance Company, as well as performances by Kerrville’s Community Theater, Playhouse 2000. The Cailloux provides highquality performing arts without having to make the drive to San Antonio or Austin. Visit their website to see the variety of shows offered.

Hill Country Arts Foundation As you take the scenic drive west on Highway 39 past Ingram, you will come to a surprisingly realistic replica of Stonehenge in Salisbury, England, known as Stonehenge II. When you see Stonehenge II, you have arrived at the Point Theater, home of the Hill Country Arts Foundation. The Point Theater is a 730seat outdoor amphitheater offering high-quality theatrical productions for the whole family. Also onsite are the Duncan-McAshan Visual Arts Center, the Elizabeth Huth Coates Black Box Theater, and Stonehenge II. The DuncanMcAshan Visual Arts Center hosts classes and exhibitions year round and houses four art studios, a ceramic studio, an art library, and 1700 square feet of gallery space. The Elizabeth Huth Coates Black Box Theater serves as an indoor theater during the cooler months and a rehearsal space during the summer. The newest facility, Stonehenge II, acts as a unique venue for select plays from time to time.

National Museum of the Pacific War Undoubtedly one of the great treasures of the Texas Hill Country; the National Museum of the Pacific War is the only museum in the nation dedicated entirely to the story of WWII in the Pacific, making it a world-class destination for any history buff. The Museum has more than 45,000 square feet of indoor exhibit space with over 900 artifacts, and 15 macro–artifacts on exhibit including a Japanese Midget Sub (the only one of its kind in the U.S.), a B–25 Bomber, FM-2 Wildcat Fighter, Japanese Kawanishi N1K “Rex” Float Plane (also the only one of its kind in the U.S.), Admiral’s Barge, and a PT boat (the only wooden PT boat in the U.S.). The interactive tour incorporating audio, video, imagery, commentary from actual veterans, computer interfaces, and sound effects of creaking ships and planes overhead really allows your imagination to visualize what it may have been like during the Pacific War. The museum sits on 6 acres composed of the George H.W. Bush Gallery, Admiral Nimitz Museum, Pacific Combat Zone, Memorial Courtyard, Japanese Garden of Peace, and the Plaza of the Presidents. The Pacific Combat Zone lets you step onto a Japanese island beachhead complete with tall bamboo and palm trees and equipped with Japanese weaponry and entrenchments, as well as U.S. and Japanese vehicles used in the Asiatic–Pacific Campaign. On certain weekends throughout the year the Combat Zone is home to the museum’s living history program where there is a pyrotechnics display of gun fighting, tank fire, explosions, as well as a flame thrower. There is so much more to see than what is written here. Go to their website to learn more and get directions for your next outing.

Rockbox Theater The Rockbox Theater, located on Hwy 16 just off of the historic main road in Fredericksburg, is a highly regarded venue to enjoy nostalgic live music and hilarious skits. They specialize in shows that celebrate 50’s and 60’s rock, musical theater, and tribute artists. Go online to check out their calendar. Outstanding entertainment at a very reasonable price, Rockbox Theater is a must for your itinerary! Now that you know what the Hill Country has to offer in terms of art and culture, take some time to experience it for yourself! LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 47

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By Stephen Williams

Experiencing Hill Country Nature We who live in the Texas Hill Country are blessed to be surrounded by all kinds of natural beauty. Clear springfed rivers, tree covered hills, parks, lakes, deer, birds, plus wonderful weather makes our area a perfect place for exploration. Living in Kerrville gives us the additional advantage of being in the middle of it all. Travel sixty miles in any direction and along the way you will find interesting attractions with that “wow” factor. For example, if you are planning to drive your RV to commune with nature, but in a way that does not compromise your comfort, you have many options.

RV Resorts Perhaps you want something close, but with a resort feel. Try the Buckhorn Lake Resort, it has many upscale amenities such as “customizable” pull-through RV sites for class-A motorcoaches, multiple pools and spas, a well stocked country store, a fitness center, limestone club houses, and other features. All of this in a setting with flowing clear streams, a small lake, trees and great views of the hills. “Our goal is to provide a quality Hill Country sanctuary for you and your motor home,” says the management. It is located just north of Kerrville off Interstate 10, exit 501.


Another picturesque place to take the RV near Kerrville is the family friendly Guadalupe River RV Resort. It is located just west of Kerrville toward Ingram at 2605 Junction Highway 27. As the name implies, its pull-through RV sites and guest cabins are located on the banks of the river. “Our sites feature full hookups… and lots of elbow room.” They also have an exercise room, pool, clubhouse and many other amenities. Some folks want to get a little further out of town. Drive South on Highway 16 for about 15 miles and you’ll find the Medina Highpoint Resort (formally Koyote Ranch Resort) located in a pristine valley on Robertson Creek. But, be advised traveling this section of Highway 16 involves steep grades and tight curves, some reuiring speeds no faster than 10 MPH. It is a beautiful drive, but if you are in a large RV you might want to take an alternate route. The Medina Highpoint Resort is remote; there are no towns for several miles. They have a small store, clubhouse, bunk houses, cabins, pull-through RV sites

and many other facilities that you would hope to find at a well-run resort. There is always a hazard in mentioning these kinds of resorts because there are so many good quality commercial guest facilities tucked away in the hills of the area. Don’t just take my word for it, I challenge you to explore the possibilities with a map or online.

State Parks & Natural Areas Suppose you want a wilderness experience that is more about exploration than accommodation. State

Stephen Williams

parks and wilderness areas fit the bill, and there are some great ones within a sixty mile radius.

Kevin Stillman/TxDOT

Kevin Stillman/TxDOT

If you don’t feel like driving very far, the Kerrville-Schreiner Park located just to the west of

Michael Amador/TxDOT

J. Griffis Smith/TxDOT

Stephen Williams

Comanche Trace boasts 517 acres for hiking and wildlife observation. They also have an extensive river access area. Facilities include some full RV hookups, cabins, a group hall, play grounds, swimming (no life guard) and canoe rentals. Drive a bit further and you’ll find more adventure.

Stan A. Williams/TxDOT

Kevin Stillman/TxDOT

Equestrians, hikers and mountain bikers are especially drawn to the Hill Country State Natural Area at the end of FM 1077 near Bandera. It is an undeveloped and secluded retreat with approximately 40 miles of multiuse trails through grassy valleys, crossing spring-fed streams and climbing steep limestone hills.

Stephen Williams

Formerly the Bar-O Ranch, this 5400-acre park provides a back-country setting with few rivals. It is an undeveloped area and has only primitive camp sites, but if you want an old west style equestrian adventure this is the place. No worries if you don’t have a horse you can rent a steed at one of the “Dude Ranches” in the area. For example the Rancho Cortez borders the natural area and offers a “Day at the Ranch” package that includes meals, guided horseback riding, storytelling and a hay ride.

Fredericksburg on Ranch Road 965, about forty miles from Kerrville. It is more than a rock it is a massive pink granite dome rising 425 feet above the base elevation of the park. Its high point is 1,825 feet above sea level, and the entire dome covers 640 acres. Climbing the Rock is like climbing the stairs of a 30 or 40-story building. It is a workout but the view from the top is priceless. A few more parks I must mention are: Lost Maples State Natural Area, 37221 F.M.187 Vanderpool, TX; Lyndon B. Johnson State Park, 2 miles east of Stonewall on Ranch Road 1; South Llano River State Park, 1927 Park Road 73, Junction; and Old Tunnel State Park, 10619 Old San Antonio Rd. Fredericksburg. There are so many good ways to experience the natural beauty within a sixty mile radius, I’m not sure I have done it justice here. However, I hope I have made my point that Kerrville is the perfect place to start exploring the vast natural wonders of the Texas Hill Country. If you enjoy spring fed streams, scenic vistas and boundless wildlife this is the spot for you. Plus, there are some mighty friendly folks here.

Hikers and rock climbers will especially enjoy the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area 18 miles north of Stephen Williams



By Joe Herring Jr.


f I were to wager, I’d bet one industry brings more residents than any other to Kerrville and Kerr County: summer camps. Over and again a new resident will tell me they first heard of our area when they were a child and attended summer camp here. “I fell in love with the place then,” they’ll often say. “And I knew one day I had to live here.” When the first camps in Kerr County opened in the 1920s, there were no interstate highways and air travel was extremely rare. Most campers came from Texas’ largest cities – but especially from Dallas and Houston – and they arrived by train. Leaving the cities in the heat of summer, traveling half a day on the train and then arriving here, where it is cooler because of the elevation, would have been a welcome trip. Then campers were taken by automobile (or occasionally wagon) from the train depot to camp, traveling unpaved roads which dipped into the river, because there were few bridges. Higher and higher the campers would travel, winding their way deeper into the green hills, following the ribbon of river. When they finally arrived at their camp and settled into their cabins, they found an enterprise hard at work, dedicated to their fun. The clear river beckoned. Horseback riding was available. Campers were taught to shoot guns and arrows, they were instructed in athletics, and they learned to paddle a canoe.


More than one camper wrote home to tell how good the food was at camp, how it was piled high on the tables, and how, after a day busy with camp activities, the food tasted so delicious. Why wouldn’t campers, even later in life, think of Kerr County as paradise? Though Native American tribes were the first to “camp” along the rivers, summer camping, as we know it today, began in 1921 when Herbert Crate opened Camp Rio Vista between Ingram and Hunt. My long-time friend Philip Stacy, whose family had an ownership interest in Rio Vista when he was a child, remembers one of his favorite camp counselors from when he was a young camper: a young football star named Roger Staubach, who later gained fame with the Dallas Cowboys.

Edward J. “Doc” Stewart, the head football and basketball coach at the University of Texas at Austin in the early 1920s, is responsible for the beginning days of three well-known Kerr County camps: Camp Stewart for Boys, Heart o’ The Hills Camp for Girls, and Camp Mystic. Given Stewart’s career, it is easy to guess the focus of his camp: athletics. He brought UT coaches with him and even the director of the University Interscholastic League. Football, basketball, track, tennis, and volleyball were planned on the fairground’s dusty old horse track, with water sports planned for the river. Not surprisingly, the camp’s colors were orange and white. For three summers, Stewart operated his camp in Kerrville, offering two 30-day sessions. In 1927, the camp moved to its present location, 16 miles west of Kerrville, above Hunt on the north fork of the Guadalupe River.” No swearing, no tobacco, no gambling, no hazing” were among the first rules

here, then grandchildren of those first campers. Today many camps can boast of multi-generational campers from the same family. I’ll admit there are many days when I’m at my office and problems at work are causing me stress, I wish I was once again a camper. I attended Camp Stewart as a boy. My memories of that place are very warm and happy and if I had the chance, I’d be there again.

of the camp. “The boys arose at 6:30a.m. for ‘setting up exercises or a plunge’, breakfast, inspection, and a morning of academic work for high school credits. Athletics, swimming, horseback riding, riflery, and Boy Scouting were conducted in the afternoon.” I imagine the boys went to bed tired. “Doc” Stewart started another camp in 1926, Camp Stewart for Girls, on the south fork of the Guadalupe; a year later it became Camp Mystic for Girls. In those early days, Camp Mystic had 1400 acres and the girls were housed in 18 log cabins constructed from cypress logs cut on the camp. Travel to the camps was not easy. Most campers arrived by train (only 12 hours from Dallas or Houston) and headed up the Guadalupe valley on unpaved roads, which crossed the river numerable times in the river bed. Sensing an opportunity, Stewart also built “Heart O’ the Hills Inn” as a place for parents to stay after they’d dropped their children off at camp. This inn later became Heart O’ the Hills Camp for Girls under the leadership of Kenneth and Velma Jones.

Summer camps in Kerr County are paradise, a paradise for children and young people, a paradise with a long and good history. They provide jobs, help the local economy, and, in many cases, they bring Kerrville and Kerr County new residents. Sometimes, during the interval between camp and finally moving here, decades pass, hair turns white, and strides shorten. But the memory -- of golden days on the Guadalupe, in a cabin with other youngsters -- never grows old. And a lucky few make it back.

Another pioneer in Kerr County camping was Miss Ora Johnson, who founded Camp Waldemar in 1926. Miss Johnson was the principal of Brackenridge High School in San Antonio and many of her early campers were from that city. In 1926, she had 56 campers, who attended a six-week session. In 1928, Miss Johnson brought in from Mexico a “Russian-born German rock mason, Ferdinand Rehbeger.” It was Rehbeger, working with the Johnson family, who constructed many of the stone and cedar buildings that give Waldemar its distinct beauty. Waldemar was noted for its horseback program and for a time, was known as “the Texas Horseback Camp for Girls.” Connie Reeves, a noted instructor and rider, was hired in 1937 and continued with the camp for many decades. Its beautiful waterfront has inspired many photographs as has the beauty of its architecture. Other notable camps begun during this time include Camp La Junta, Camp Arrowhead and Kickapoo Kamp. Later additions include the much-needed Texas Lions Camp, Camp Loma Linda on the grounds of Mo-Ranch and Echo Hill Camp in Medina. Soon children of former campers started attending camps LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 53


By Robin English-Bircher

Fine Wines & Hospitality along the Way


his year, Wine Spectator and other publications endorsed the wineries of the Texas Hill Country, declaring the area one of the top ten wine destinations in the world. Wine tourists are already flocking to visit the 50+ wineries: the Hill Country ranks as the number two most popular American wine destination, and this area continues to grow. As of 2014, the area is now home to between 500-550 acres of vines (up from 350). There is good reason for all this growth and attention; the Texas Hill Country brings together great events, Texas hospitality, and fine wine.

As of 2013, Texas is nearing 300 registered wineries, and some of the most popular are collected in the Hill Country. Spread out between Mason and San Marcos and from San Saba to Comfort and New Braunfels, the Texas Hill Country comprises a large expanse of beautiful country and terrific wineries. This region is home to some of the most prominent names in Texas wine but is also populated more by small, boutique wineries and award winning tasting rooms from top-tier Texas wineries.


For the casual visitor, this large area and vast array of options may be overwhelming; however, the various wine trails makes visiting much easier. The largest trail – the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail – boasts 42 wineries that cater to a variety of tastes. Smaller trails -- like the popular 290 Wine Trail, the Way Out Wineries, and the Dripping Wine Trail – overlap this large group as well as host other additional area wineries. And for those looking for something more unique, a number of small, independent wineries also operate throughout the region.

Navigating the Texas Hill Country can be breathtaking to say the least, with hills and dales round every curve. It is these trails that make finding the right winery, and even the right event, part of the fun. The Texas Hill Country Wine Trail dominates the scene. Four times a year, the trail hosts special events: Wine Lovers in February, Wine and Wildflowers in April, and the Holiday Wine Trail encompass two full weeks, while the Texas Wine Month Trail in October is a full 31 days. Ticket

Flat Creek Estates

holders get complimentary tastings (one to three) at the wineries and discounts on wine purchases. In addition, the trail also has special kick-off parties that bring wine fans into an intimate setting with winery owners and winemakers. To fill in the gap, the small trails offer some unique events, often including food. The popular Fredericksburg Wine Road 290 has themed trail events where visitors sample food paired with a wine (some of the wineries offer this tasting for free). Upcoming events include Vino al Pastor on June 21 and Chili and Chillin’ on July 19. Once embarking on these trails, every taste can find their place. Visiting these wineries is part of the fun. Most enjoy self-guided tours; these days, there are many apps that help with discovering the wineries, like #TXWinePass (sponsored by the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association) and Texas Wine from Texas Wine and Trail Magazine. But for those desiring a more catered experience, many area companies

Fall Creek Vineyards

provide guided tours. The Texas Hill Country Wineries website - - has one of the most extensive wine tour lists. At the wineries, visitors can, of course, enjoy generous tastings, not to mention other amenities. One of the premiere options is the Saturday Library Tasting at Becker Vineyards (advance registration at their site is required). There are also the free luxuries. Many of the wineries provide scenic backdrops for enjoying a glass of wine or even pairing wine with a picnic. One great location is Pedernales Cellars in Stonewall. Recently, National Geographic named them a top vineyard to visit. And on weekends, a number of wineries provide additional entertainment like live music and visiting area food trucks. Texas prides itself on delivering great hospitality, and the wineries live up to that. Each winery’s tasting room staff is ready to make every visit a memorable one. They are knowledgeable and enthusiastic, quick to share winery and wine info, local recommendations,

Bending Branch Winery


Bending Branch Winery

Becker Vineyards

Singing Water Vineyards

and plenty of good conversation. In addition, many wineries have wine experts and sommeliers on staff to provide even more info on the wines. Best of all, many of the winemakers and owners can be found greeting and socializing with visitors. The winery families have one goal in mind: to make sure everyone feels welcome and has a great time. Visitors come to the Texas Hill Country for the wine, and this area boasts many internationally recognized wines. Recently, a group of four international award winning wineries – Bending Branch Winery, Brennan Vineyards, Pedernales, and Duchman Family Winery– have joined together to form Texas Fine Wine. This marketing initiative works to spread the word about Texas wine, hoping to make quality Texas wine 58 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

available to wine lovers everywhere. They hope to make great Texas wines in Texas restaurants and wine retailers throughout the country. There is plenty to boast about. Bending Branch earned a Double Gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition for their Cabernet Sauvignon (sourced from Newsom Vineyards in the High Plains). For two years running, Texas wineries placed at the renowned Concours International du Vin de Lyon (a competition known for setting international wine trends). In 2013, Texas Hill Country wineries won awards for their Viognier (a grape popular in the Lyon region). Pedernales won a Grand Gold, Becker earned a Silver, and Flat Creek Estate took home Bronze. This year, local favorite William Chris Wines won three awards – two Silvers for their

blend Enchante and the single varietal Mourvedre, as well as one bronze for the Blanc du Bois based Mary Ruth. Add to that Texas’ continued success at many major US wine competitions, like Finger Lakes and TEXSOM – a major competition in Dallas – and some of the larger Texas rodeos. The Hill Country awaits. Fun places, welcoming people, relaxing locales, and award winning wine for every taste populate this magnificent destination. Visit or www.texaswineandtrail. com/wineries-by-region/ for wineries and locations.


Ann Robertson, President Clay Robertson, Vice-President 290 Thompson Drive Kerrville, TX 78028 830.896.5811



Hill Country

June 6-21 (Fridays & Saturdays) Broadway’s Best Rockbox Theater, Fredericksburg

June 7

10th Annual Masonic Open Car Show

June/July 2014 June 1 – 8

Kerrville Folk Festival Quiet Valley Ranch, Kerrville

June 1 – 22

Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show Kerrville

June 5

Fredericksburg Summer Farmers Market Fredericksburg

June 6

First Friday Art Walk Fredericksburg

June 6 & 7

First Weekend Flea Market Kerrville

June 6 – 21

Anne of Green Gables Point Theater, Ingram


Marketplatz, Fredericksburg

June 7

LBJ Fishing Day Stonewall

June 13 & 14

Hill Country Antiue Tractor & Engine Club Show Fredericksburg

June 13 – 15

Boerne Berges Fest Downtown, Boerne

June 20 & 21 Peach Jamboree Stonewall

June 27 – 29

Tour of Homes Comanche Trace, Kerrville

June 27 & 28

BB Cookoff Bandera Garth & Friends Tribute Rockbox Theater, Fredericksburg

June 28

Bandera Riverfest Bandera

July 4 & 5

July 18 – 20

Pari-Mutuel Horse Races Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg Trade Days Fredericksburg

July 4 – 6

July 18 & 19

Tour of Homes Comanche Trace, Kerrville

July 4 – 19

Young Frankenstein The Point Theater, Ingram

July 5

July Jubilee Arts & Crafts Show Leakey

July 5 - 6

BB Cookoff Fredericksburg

July 19

Texas Street Customs Car Show Bandera

July 26

National Day of the American Cowboy Celebration & Rodeo Bandera

Pacific Combat Living History Re-Enactments

Pacific War Museum, Fredericksburg

July 12

Founder’s Day Celebration Marble Falls

July 18 – August 2

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Cailloux Theater, Kerrville

July 3 & 4

Celebrate America Rockbox Theater

July 18 – 20

North American Wholesale Jewelry & Gift Show New Braunfels



Turf & Environmental Management Center Phase 6 Les Chateaux





Welcome Tent Purchase Tickets Will Call



Shuttles will stop in order of route shown (1 through 8). Please utilize the shuttles and do not try to walk the tour. Portable restrooms will be available at the Tour of Homes entrance, as well as at all of the home stops. 62 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

*This event is not handicap accessible.


Future Developement



Phase 14 The Vistas


8 Future Development



ABOUT THE BUILDER BMC Homes takes the utmost pride in building the highest quality home for our customers. By handpicking our partners, keeping strict guidelines, constantly monitoring the quality, and maintaining a hands-on approach, BMC Homes is able to ensure quality construction from the ground up. BMC Homes is the exclusive builder in The German Cottage neighborhood. With their experience and dedication to quality, 64 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

Comanche Trace is happy to have them onboard to finish out this popular neighborhood. The German Cottage neighborhood is perfect for Hill Country aficionados who want to spend their time simply enjoying all that Comanche Trace and the Hill Country have to offer. The yards are maintained, the interiors are easy living, and the location perfect for quick trips to the clubhouse or into town.


FOR SALE 3 Bedrooms

PROPERTY DETAILS With 2050 sq. ft. of living area and 3104 sq. ft. of under roof coverage, this home has 3 Bedrooms (Office/Study Option), 3 Baths, Utility Room, covered front and rear porch, 2 Car Garage with separate golf cart garage, and overlooks the Golf Course! Included in this home are stone, stucco, and cement siding on the exterior, as well as an outdoor fireplace facing the golf course. Inside you will find hand textured walls, custom knotty alder cabinets in the kitchen and all bathrooms.

Vaulted ceilings with exposed cedar beams, granite countertops throughout, and stone accent walls are just a few of the luxuries within this home. Stainless steel appliances, vinyl windows, under-mount sinks, tiled baths, high density ceramic flooring throughout, and a beautiful view from the kitchen makes this home a must see.

3 Bathrooms 2.5 Car Garage 2,050 approx sq.ft. $384,900


Make your skin act younger and healthier at O YOUNG MD with our Sciton Laser! Laser

O Dr. Odemeris Santiago-Young

ur vision is to incorporate the scientific achievement of laser and cosmetic medicine into a comprehensive treatment strategy to enhance our clients natural beauty. We work to ensure that our clients always receive compassionate care, personal attention and excellence in professional judgment.

218 Sidney Baker North  Kerville, TX 78028 830.315.5005 

To schedule an appointment or arrange your complimentary consultation, Call our office today at 830-315-5005


Private ease of access through the parking garage across from City Hall in historic downtown Kerrville.






ABOUT THE BUILDER The custom home division of Arthur Schmidt Construction is actively building in Comanche Trace. Arthur Schmidt, President, is a life-long resident of Kerr County. Arthur is involved in every aspect of the construction process with careful attention to quality, value and service. From casitas to estate homes, Arthur Schmidt Construction represents true custom homebuilding by assembling a team of professionals to compliment and complete the entire building 68 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

process. Drew Imel, Job Superintendent, brings the customer service aspect of building to Arthur Schmidt Construction. Clients appreciate his attention to their needs. Together, the team represents the finest of Kerrville’s custom homebuilders and we look forward to the opportunity to bring your dream home to reality.


FOR SALE PROPERTY DETAILS The name of this floorplan is the Vita Felice and it says it all – “Beautiful Life”. The welcoming courtyard brings you to the front door. The spacious kitchen is appointed with granite countertops, custom alder cabinetry and room for your family and friends to gather around. The soaring ceilings in the great room are complimented by a stone fireplace. Plentiful windows and two pairs of French doors lead onto the back porch. The master suite is bright and light with clerestory windows providing natural light and privacy. The master bath has a spacious walk-in shower, tub, two sinks, pretty granite

countertops and a big closet. Both the great room and master suite have fantastic views of the green on Hole 7 of The Valley course and surrounding hill country. Both guest bedrooms have private baths. The spacious covered back porch has plenty of room for entertaining and a desirable southerly exposure. The mornings are so pleasant and the afternoons are shaded and comfortable for spending time just enjoying life. Like its namesake, The Tuscan Village lifestyle is casually elegant and invites you to move in and enjoy life.

3 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms 2 Car Garage 2,417 approx sq.ft. $495,000

SUBCONTRACTORS AND VENDORS Milford Graham Concrete Favila Framing Foxworth-Galbraith Fry Roofing Bosworth Plumbing Jay Dees Electric Hardin Heating and Cooling Comfort Seal Insulation X-Press Drywall and Paint Blackburn Plastering Felix Mejia Masonry MR Home Automation

Ferguson Enterprises Hill Country Lighting Creative Cabinets Michael Likin Custom Carpentry Puertas! Inc. Shilling Overhead Door Love That Door Co. SG Home




ABOUT THE BUILDER Stavinoha Homes is owned by Mike Stavinoha. Our goal is to build unique custom homes that add value for not only our clients but for our community, as well. To do this we spend a tremendous amount of time designing homes that “fit� the site, taking full advantage of the views and topography and bringing the outdoors in.


We use materials and construction techniues that are not only durable but timeless, bringing a sense of old world style and craftsmanship to our homes both inside and out.


3325 ARROWHEAD DRIVE STAVINOHA HOMES PROPERTY DETAILS This contemporary Hill Country home sits high on a beautiful estate lot taking advantage of the views from every room. Walls of wood windows fill the great room framing the golf course and vista views. The open concept of this home is perfect for entertaining family and friends. The large kitchen is a cook’s dream featuring an oversized island prep area, Thermador professional appliances and beautiful grain matched rifted white oak cabinetry. Step on to the lovely covered back patio and enjoy the stone fireplace, cypress flooring and private garden area. This Stavinoha home has a large master suite with his and her closets, spacious master bath

with travertine floors and exercise room. The laundry room is conveniently located just off the master. As you enter the study, you will be drawn again to the stunning golf course and Hill Country views. A small den adjoins the two guest suites offering another sitting area. Each of the guest rooms has its own spa-like bath. Light maple wood floors run throughout the home. You’ll also find beautiful alder 4 panel interior doors, two stone fireplaces, stone entry wall, granite and stone counter tops, and slate stone sidewalk and front porch. All of the materials for this home were carefully selected to reflect the beauty of the Hill Country.

3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2.5 Car Garage 3,697 approx. sq. ft.

SUBCONTRACTORS AND VENDORS Clarlyle Flooring Center Factory Builder Stores Hill Country Lighting Archetype Designs MR Home Automation Centex Sash & Door Alltex Landscaping






ABOUT THE BUILDER Exquisitely crafted and tailored to the specifications of each customer, for almost twenty years White Construction Company has created and delivered dream homes incorporating premier features while capturing the home owner’s spirit. Each of our homes is as individual and distinct as each home owner. White Construction Company is owned by Glinn and Kelley White of Kerrville and our team boasts over 50 years construction and real estate experience. We believe that building a new home should be an enjoyable experience. Achievement 74 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

of this comes from our ability to listen to our customer’s needs and wants while coordinating subcontractors, keeping the jobs running smoothly and paying close attention to every detail. Our superior team of subcontractors and suppliers are loyal to us and share in our pride of craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality ensures a superior built home with enduring value. At White Construction Company, we believe that the most important thing we have built is our reputation and a life-long relationship with our customers.



WHITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY PROPERTY DETAILS Every detail was considered when White Construction Company built this beautiful Mediterranean style custom home, in Comanche Trace. The home was designed by renowned architect Gustavo Arredondo of San Antonio.

The gourmet kitchen is a chef’s dream. It features custom Alder cabinets, Thermador appliances, granite countertops and a spectacular suspended barrel ceiling.

At almost 4,000 square feet, this home boasts three bedrooms, three full baths, a powder room, gourmet kitchen, two studies, and a great room perfect for entertaining.

The interior of the home is marked by beautiful wood floors, Anderson wood windows and doors, custom made Alder trim and cabinets, granite countertops, custom made fireplace surrounds and top of the line plumbing and lighting fixtures.

The master suite is the home owner’s retreat highlighted by a generously appointed bedroom and a luxurious bathroom. Spacious guest rooms make visitors feel welcome and comfortable.

The exterior of the home allows the owners to take full advantage of the amazing Hill Country climate. The inviting outdoor living space features a built-in grill, fireplace, television and swimming pool.

3 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms 3 Car Garage 4,000 approx. sq. ft.

SUBCONTRACTORS AND VENDORS Advanced Wood Floors Alltex Landscaping AMCO Artesian Pools Builders Discount Appliance Clarlyle Flooring Center Clay Experts Roofing NT Design Center Dean Melton Delta Granite Dumpster Dumpers DuRard Woodworks Earthcore Earthworks

Ferguson Supply Foxworth Galbraith Fuentes Construction Garrett Insurance Goss Pest Control IPB Hager Plumbing Hill Country Lighting Hill Country Septic Hill Country Structural Hill Country Telecommunications Innovative Drywall Jacob’s Masonry Janos Bordan

Locke Painting Mirror Gallery- Anderson Windows and Doors MR Home Automation Paragon Environmental Services Priour Electric ProSource Security State Bank State Aire Thomas Alt Up and Down Garage Doors Valerie Leverton Texas Finial Chaparral Propane LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014 75



ABOUT THE BUILDER Stavinoha Homes is owned by Mike Stavinoha. Our goal is to build unique custom homes that add value for not only our clients but for our community, as well. To do this we spend a tremendous amount of time designing homes that “fit� the site, taking full advantage of the views and topography and bringing the outdoors in.


We use materials and construction techniues that are not only durable but timeless, bringing a sense of old world style and craftsmanship to our homes both inside and out.


3925 OAK PARK DRIVE STAVINOHA HOMES PROPERTY DETAILS Stavinoha Homes is proud to present this elegant home overlooking the golf course, ponds and surrounding Hill Country. The architect, builder and homeowner worked together to create a warm and inviting home that takes advantage of the wonderful views from every room. The exterior of the home was beautifully crafted with Sisterdale stone and a magnificent clay tile roof. As you walk through the lovely front courtyard and enter the home, you will notice the mahogany front doors, stone interior walls, wood ceilings, exposed cedar beams, large stone fireplace, wood windows, stone window ledges, wood floors and much more. You will be drawn to the oversized back patio with another

fireplace, spectacular wood ceiling and beautiful stone columns framing the views in every direction. Spend a little time on the back patio and you are sure to enjoy the breathtaking views and the abundance of wildlife. As you head back into the kitchen, you will appreciate the attention to detail in this home. This home is built for entertaining both inside and out. The lovely master suite is just off the kitchen with a large closet and gorgeous bathroom. There are two guest suites each with private baths, an oversized study that could be a fourth bedroom with full bath and an office nook with built-in desk. Quality and craftsmanship are evident throughout this stunning Hill Country home.

4 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3 Car Garage

SUBCONTRACTORS AND VENDORS Mark Eubank Architect Clarlyle Flooring Center Centex Sash & Door Factory Builder Stores


Hill Country Lighting Center 1800 Broadway Kerrville, Texas 78028 Phone 830-257-2425 Visit us at our website:


CAN WE BUILD ONE FOR YOU? Visit our new model home now open at Comanche Trace.

We are an experienced custom design builder offering in-house floor plan design. Customer service is our focus, which is why our clients deal directly with us, the owners, throughout the entire process. Also, because we are a member of the Texas Custom Builders Guild, we can offer our clients the same wholesale pricing as other large corporate builders. We have small business values with big business benefits.

Contact Comanche Trace Realty to schedule a showing at 830-895-8505 Model Address 1009 Club House Rd. Kerrville, TX


Visit our website to view our model homes




ABOUT THE BUILDER We are an experienced custom design builder offering in-house floor plan design. Customer service is our focus, which is why our clients deal directly with us, the owners, throughout the entire process. Also, because we are a member of the Texas Custom Builders Guild, we can offer our clients the same wholesale pricing as other large corporate builders. We have small business values with big business benefits. Our top management team has more than 70 years combined experience in the homebuilding industry. Our team includes a 80 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

floor plan designer, and an interior designer who will be pleased to help you design the home of your dreams while keeping you in touch with your budget. We want your new residence to be your own Signature Home. Jeff Jenkins who handles the sales side and Shayne Anderson who handles the building side have formed a great team and want to utilize their diverse backgrounds to guide you through a process that will make building your home a partnership that works.



ANDERSON JENKINS SIGNATURE HOMES PROPERTY DETAILS This beautiful Hill Country style home is about enjoying your home and spectacular views. The minute you walk in the front door you will be captivated by the large butted glass window that looks out onto a beautiful golf green complete with lake and a waterfall. The open floor plan, sweeping curved granite countertop separating the kitchen from the great room, bright and light kitchen all lend themselves to entertaining yourself and friends. There are two fireplaces, one in the great room and one to be enjoyed on the spacious covered back porch and deck. To enhance the outdoor space, there is a meal preparation area including built-in grill, granite countertop and sink.

The kitchen features custom cabinets, an island, Bosch appliances including a gas cook top, and style. The master suite boasts a study, bedroom with a decorative stone wall and special ceiling treatments along with that spectacular view to the golf green. The en suite bath has a jetted tub, large walk in shower, two vanities, plentiful storage, a television on the wall, and a custom closet. The utility room is located in the master suite for convenience. The guest wing includes two bedrooms, a jack and jill bath, a second full bath and a media room. In addition to all of this, there is a large pantry, a mud room and a command center. This house has it all tied up in a light and bright package.

3 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms 3 Car Garage 3,468 approx. sq. ft.

SUBCONTRACTORS AND VENDORS Airtron Heating & AC Austex Painting Company, LLC Benedettini Cabinetry Biofoam Insulation BMC Building Materials Builders First Source Central Electric CL Stucco Distinctive Decor Dumpster Dumpers Factory Builders Stores, Ltd Front Door Company Green Plumbing, LLC Jason Roewe

Jesse’s Custom Woodworks Kerrville Landscaping Morrison Supply Company R. Hernandez Drywall, Inc. Rainwater Solutions ReyWest Concrete and Construction Ricks Furniture Company SDC Products Taylor Designer Floors Thad Ziegler Glass, Ltd Tin Star Contractors, LLC True-Blue Contracting Turney Lighting & Electric




ABOUT THE BUILDER Brad Moore Builders, LLC is the only option in the Hill Country for value and design for over 15 years. We have compiled a team of craftsmen to partner with us in constructing the highest quality homes specializing in reclaimed materials. Our goal is to build your home your way. At Brad Moore Builders, LLC we strive to make the building process more enjoyable for our Home Owners. We have created a system that continually adapts to meet the needs of each individual family to make it a fun journey. 82 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

Brad Moore is a man of integrity and high value. Also a graduate of Texas A&M University with a construction science degree. He is very particular about the construction of his homes. Brad Moore Builders has been a preferred builder in Comanche Trace since 2006. We are here today and will be here tomorrow to provide beautiful homes in the Texas Hill country.


4073 COMANCHE TRACE DRIVE BRAD MOORE BUILDERS PROPERTY DETAILS This Hill Country classic home with white stone and a metal roof is so welcoming as you step onto the front porch. Our goal was to design a relaxing home with a spacious interior that is friendly and welcoming to all. With the help of Texas Home Plans and Nancy Watts Interiors, we created a Hill Country meets contemporary home. The sleek finishes and clean lines provide an elegant feel. The floor plan boasts high ceilings in every room with beams and timbers for accents. The wooded land gives you a sense of seclusion and majesty. The patio overlooks the park, which is always inviting the owner’s to come out and enjoy

the outdoors. In the great room, you are greeted by tall ceilings with natural wood beams and a stone fireplace that reaches to the ceiling. The kitchen overlooks the great room and enjoys the same views as the dining room. The great room opens up to a back porch highlighted with cedar tongueand-groove ceiling that is roomy enough for entertaining and opens onto a pretty fenced back yard with a fire pit. The master suite has a private entry to the back porch and lots of natural light. Texas Hill Country living at its best!

3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2.5 Car Garage 2,752 approx. sq. ft.

SUBCONTRACTORS AND VENDORS Texas Home Plans Nancy Watts Interiors Rustic Elegance Home Furnishings Centennial Bank Alexis Roofing AV Solutions, Ltd. Bosworth Plumbing Bullet Flooring CD Flooring Century Painting, Inc. Daltile Dean’s Construction Services

Evanista Custom Cabinets Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Grogan Surveying Haag Engineering Hill Country Lighting HPS Concrete, Inc. Infinity Drywall & Painting Installed Building Products John Townsley Masonry Kelco Landscaping Kelly Stucco Keystone Granite

Likin Electric MG Building Supplies Probuild Robert Tamez Trim Carpentry State Aire Texas Trash Up & Down Garage Doors


Hill Country's Premier Custom Landscape Company


We are the exclusive builder for the Tuscan Village neighborhood at Comanche Trace! View our work at the Comanche Trace 2014 Tour of Homes details at






ABOUT THE BUILDER The custom home division of Arthur Schmidt Construction is actively building in Comanche Trace. Arthur Schmidt, President, is a life long resident of Kerr County. Arthur is involved in every aspect of the construction process with careful attention to quality, value and service. From casitas to estate homes, Arthur Schmidt Construction represents true custom homebuilding by assembling a team of professionals to compliment and complete the entire building 86 LIFESTYLE JUNE/JULY 2014

process. Drew Imel, Job Superintendent, brings the customer service aspect of building to Arthur Schmidt Construction. Clients appreciate his attention to their needs. Together, the team represents the finest of Kerrville’s custom homebuilders and we look forward to the opportunity to bring your dream home to reality.



ARTHUR SCHMIDT CONSTRUCTION PROPERTY DETAILS From the champagne colored standing seam metal roof and white stone faรงade this home says Texas Hill Country. As you walk up to the home take a minute to note the stone lintels on the windows. As you enter the home you will see warm colors that are perfect for a home that is filled with natural light. The kitchen has a bar with sink, an island, custom cabinets and granite counter tops and back splash. The kitchen overlooks the great room that is accented by a fireplace and 16 ft. doors that open out to a wonderful back porch that is just made for entertaining friends. The stone columns and arches that create the back wall of the porch are works of art. Notice the bench that is built into the wall. The views from the

back porch, great room and master bedroom are quite spectacular. There are peeks of the golf course and the beautiful Hill Country. The southern orientation of the porch makes it a wonderful spot for afternoons spent with friends and a bottle of wine. The elegant master suite features a large bedroom, an en suite bath with a snail shower and an air bubble tub. The bath also includes two vanities and sinks and linen cabinets. The large master closet and utility room make up the rest of the master suite. The remainder of the home includes a study with wood floor, a guest suite that includes another snail shower, and a second guest bedroom and bath. The home features a tankless water heater and a golf cart garage.

3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2.5 Car Garage 2,751 approx. sq. ft.

SUBCONTRACTORS AND VENDORDS Milford Graham Concrete Favila Framing Foxworth-Galbraith Fry Roofing Bosworth Plumbing JayDees Electric Hardin Heating and Cooling Comfort Seal Insulation X-Press Drywall and Paint Blackburn Plastering

Felix Mejia Masonry MR Home Automation Ferguson Enterprises Hill Country Lighting Creative Cabinets Michael Likin Custom Carpentry Puertas! Inc. Shilling Overhead Door Love That Door Co. SG Home



By Reggie Cox


o much has happened in Comanche Trace since our last Tour of Homes in 2011. We continue to flourish and welcome new residents who have come to enjoy the lifestyle that the Texas Hill Country and Comanche Trace offers. While you are touring this year’s homes, take some time for a good look at Comanche Trace. You will see lots of construction activity and new neighborhoods coming into being. You may even see the perfect home for you.


On behalf of our entire Real Estate staff, welcome to the 2014 Tour of Homes. We hope you enjoy your visit to the best master-planned community in the Texas Hill Country. We are proud of all that has been accomplished here and look forward to the continuing development of Comanche Trace. Sales activity has been brisk in 2014. Sales of both lots and homes are up over what was a good year in 2013. Construction of new homes and neighborhoods will be apparent as you tour. Custom homes and homes for sale are underway in many neighborhoods. Comanche Trace offers homes from the $300’s and up. There are usually around 20 homes under construction with another 25 or so waiting to start within the next 12 months. You may see the perfect home for you today or find ideas to start planning the right home for you. Our Preferred Builders will be in the homes to discuss your ideas

with you. They can build your dream home and will be happy to visit with you. One of the best things about living in a community that is established, but still growing, is the number of new residents that come to be a part of it. The opportunity for meeting new friends from all over Texas and the rest of the country is vast. Many of the people you will see in the homes are volunteers who live here and just want to welcome you to Comanche Trace. Ask them about their lifestyle here and all there is to do. Comanche Trace is not only beautiful, it is a very active social community. Take time to read through this Tour Book to find out about our amenities and what goes on in the area. Kerrville is an ideal small city with outstanding resources for education, arts, medical facilities, worship and enjoying life among friendly people. Our sales staff is a great resource for you to utilize when you are ready to find the perfect lot or home for you here in Comanche Trace. The staff has many years of experience here. We know the history of Comanche Trace from the beginning in 1999. We know about the history before that when Comanche Trace was owned and operated as a cutting horse ranch by Bobby Shelton, who came here from the King Ranch. We know all about the property and the individual characteristics of each lot and home that is available. Give us a call when you have questions or want to take a look at all that Comanche Trace has to offer. Keep checking our website for updates and photographs as the homes are built and the community grows. Thank you for coming to the Tour and remember to vote for your favorite home. The builders appreciate your interest and always love winning the “People’s Choice” award.


COMANCHE TRACE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.

Championship Golf (see page 24) 15 Acre Practice Facility Jogging, Walking, & Hiking Trails (see page 22) Fitness Center (see page 21) Catch & Release Fishing Lake Private River Park Social Clubs (see page 22) Affordable Membership (see page 30) Established Community New Homes and Neighborhoods 24,000 Square Foot Clubhouse Pinnacle Grill Restaurant Golf Pro Shop Financially Strong HOA 50 Best Master-Planned Communities in the USA – Where to Retire Magazine Best Courses in State – Golf Digest Magazine America’s 100 Premiere Properties – Links Magazine America’s Best Residential Courses – Golfweek Magazine Top 25 Private Golf Courses in the State – Dallas Morning News Major Cities Nearby (see page 97) Swimming Pool (see page 21) Community Garden (see page 23) Homes Designed for Entertaining Majority of Residents are Retired Average Resident Age is 54


KERRVILLE & SURROUNDING HILL COUNTRY 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

Mild Climate No State Income Tax Adult Education Opportunities (see page 38) Quality Medical Facilities (see page 44) Galleries, Museums, & Theaters (see page 46) Wineries & Vineyards (see page 56) Excellent Restaurants Private Airport 200 to 300 Sunny Days Annually Variety of Churches Small Town Atmosphere Low Crime Rate Low Cost of Living State Budget Under Control Scenic Beauty Moderate Rainfall Zero Average Snow Days Lone Star Hospitality Volunteer Opportunities RV and Camping (see page 50) Ideal Skies for Star Gazing Continuing Care Communities in the Area Historic Sites Nearby Numerous State Parks and Day Trip Destination Ten-Theater Movie House



2100 Toscano Way 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, 2 Car Garage Courtyard, Cart Storage, Gas Cooktop, Fireplace Approx. 2417 square feet Price: $489,000


Beautiful Tuscan style home overlooks two fairways with water and Hill Country views. Spacious open floor plan is light and bright. Kitchen has extended countertop bar for guests, granite countertops, gas cooktop, and custom alder cabinets. Great room is huge with stone fireplace and expansive views. Spacious master suite with large walk in shower in bathroom, soaking tub, two sinks and a big closet. Two guest bedrooms each have their own bath. Fenced back yard with porch that has plenty of room for a couple of tables and chairs.

3504 LA CUMBRE DRIVE 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3 Car Garage, Media Room, Exercise Room and Study Approx. 3670 square feet Price: $879,000 Elegant Tuscan style home beautifully situated on the green of #4 of the Hills course has it all - tiled roof, archways and lush landscaping. Large chef’s kitchen with all the extras including granite countertops, wine fridge, large bar and 35 ft. turret that floods kitchen with natural light. The home is impeccably finished throughout with hand trowled plaster, beautiful wood custom cabinets and shelving. Master suite is designed for privacy and luxury. The garage simply must be seen to enjoy the level of detail including crown molding. The 720 sq. ft. tiled veranda offers the space for entertaining friends and family as you enjoy the the spectacular views of the golf course and surrounding Hill Country.


3801 CLUBHOUSE ROAD - VILLA #18 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 Car Garage Approx. 1563 square feet Price: $299,000 Pretty Tuscan Villa located in gated enclave of 18 units. Split bedroom plan with lovely master suite with tub and large separate shower. Large walk in closet. Kitchen has custom knotty alder cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops. Great room has large stone fireplace. Covered back porch has a fireplace and is located on No. 1 green of The Hills course. Views of both golf and surrounding Hill Country are fabulous. Furnishings available for $7,500.

1009 PINNACLE VIEW DRIVE 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 3 Car Garage, Study, Media Room Approx. 3095 square feet Price: $649,900

As you enter this home you are welcomed by a beautiful ceiling in the foyer. There is a large master bedroom suite. A spacious back porch with wonderful golf course views accompanies this home. The stone patio and built in fire pit in the backyard are fabulous additions to this home. The front yard is nicely xeriscaped for water conservation. The large kitchen has granite countertops and custom knotty alder cabinets. And in the great room there is a beautiful stone fireplace.


Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation in Attic Roof Lines, Envirosmart Stabilized Cellulose Insulation in all Exterior Walls, Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Granite Countertops in kitchen and baths, Fireplace in Great Room, Insulated, Double Pane, Low-E Energy Efficient Windows, Kohler Elongated Commodes in all baths, Custom Built Hardwood Cabinets, Bosch or equivalent appliances, Garage – Sheetrocked, Textured, Painted and Trimmed, RG-6 for TV and CAT 5 for Phone Lines.


3121 MULLIGAN WAY 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Car Garage + Golf Cart Garage Approx. 2418 square feet Price: $399,999


2092 TOSCANO WAY 3 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 2 Car Garage, Large Bonus Room Upstairs w/ Full Bath & Closet, Casita Approx. 2674 square feet Price: $469,000 Beautiful Tuscan home with tile roof, entry courtyard, and a casita. Large great room with stone fireplace and great views. Kitchen has custom alder cabinets, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Master suite is elegant with two sinks, a large tub, spacious shower and walk in closet. 8 ft. alder doors throughout. Views from back porch, master suite and great room are of golf course and surrounding Hill Country. Large Covered back porch great spot for morning coffee or evening bottle of wine with friends.

3144 DOUBLE EAGLE CIRCLE 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bath, 2 Car Garage Approx. 2387 square feet Price: $386,500 Texas Hill Country style home on cul de sac. Lovely entry leads into great room with stone fireplace. Brazilian Cherry wood floors in dining room and study. Custom alder wood cabinets throughout, granite countertops and butler’s pantry. Master suite with Jacuzzi tub and large walk-in closet. Beautiful walled courtyard for privacy.



2133 Toscano Way 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths, 2 Car Garage Stone Fireplace, Golf Cart Garage, Courtyards, Loggia, Covered Patio, Premier View Lot Approx. 3603 square feet Price: $839,000








Stunning Tuscan golf dream home designed by architect, Garrett Harmon to maximize the exceptional golf views on three sides of home. Two master suites, huge great room with fireplace, french doors, and space to entertain. Kitchen has gas cooktop, premier granite and custom cabinets. Outdoor living spaces are casually elegant with arbors and trees galore. Quality and attention to detail are evident throughout this home. Located on double lot and cul de sac for privacy.


3120 MULLIGAN WAY 4 Bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 Car Garage Approx. 2630 square feet Hill Country style home with beautiful travertine floors in entry and dining room, pretty oak floors in great room and master bedroom. Large master suite with en-suite bath featuring jetted tub and large shower, two sinks and granite counters. All bedrooms have walk in closets, back porch and yard are spacious and perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Large outdoor fireplace on covered patio. Views of golf course and surrounding Hill Country.

3541 LA CUMBRE DRIVE 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Study, 2 Car Garage plus Golf Cart Garage Approx. 2957 square feet Price: $469,000 Great home for a family. Texas Hill Country style with beautifully landscaped yard. Large kitchen with granite countertops, double ovens, and island. Master suite has large shower and tub. Entertainment area in back yard with pergola and hill country views. Large great room with stone fireplace. Spacious dining room.

2052 TOSCANO WAY 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms, 2 Car Garage Courtyard with Fireplace, Golf Cart Storage Approx. 2722 squarefeet Price: $469,000 Tuscan style home with tile roof, stone and stucco construction - ready for hill country living. Casita with full bath and closet, nice master suite with tub, separate shower, and two sinks in granite countertop. Great room has fireplace and space for entertaining. Breakfast area could be used for office. Convenient floor plan, pretty kitchen with custom knotty alder cabinets, granite countertops and bar. Old world finishes provide charm and warm cozy atmosphere. Large courtyard has a fireplace and fantastic views of the hill country.

3412 TRACE CIRCLE 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths, Study, 2 Car+Golf Cart Garage Approx. 3244 square feet Price: $569,000 Custom estate home features interior stone walls, stone fireplace, travertine floors throughout with decorative inlaid tile in beautiful foyer. Large great room, octagonal breakfast room, bar, kitchen has knotty alder cabinets, granite counter tops. Large master suite with his and her baths and closets. Covered back porch – lots of room in back yard for adding a pool.

LOT 60, PHASE 11 0.83 Acres Price: $99,000 Beautiful lot with trees Fabulous Hill Country views.

LOT 18, PHASE 10 0.625 Acres Price: $199,000 ON GOLF - Perfect orientation for Hill Country breezes.





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Get close to your money.

So Many Hard Water Problems

So Many Reasons for Culligan Scratchy laundry. Rough Skin. Endless Cleaning. Hard water is hard for your home, your family and your budget. Let Culligan® bring 60 years of water expertise & service into your home to defeat the damage hard water does. Just say “Hey Culligan Man.”

Hardly anybody’s more than ten minutes away from Bank of the Hills—full service, drive-in or ATM. No doubt about it. Bank of the Hills is close. Almost no matter where you live in these hills, you’re close to your money with Bank of the Hills. In addition to the main bank in Kerrville and locations in Kerrville-South and Downtown, Comfort, Hunt and Ingram, you can also find banking like it used to be at our ATM/Night Depository in Center Point and our ATM in the Peterson Regional Medical Center.

With eight Hill Country

locations, just about everyone who wants good, old-fashioned friendly service has easy access to their money.

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Downtown Austin, TX 105 mi. on Hwy 290E


San Antonio Intl. Airport 64 mi. on I-10E

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AT&T Center 70 mi. on I-10E


La Cantera Shopping Center 53 mi. on I-10E

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The Alamo 67 mi. on I-10E

Pacific War Museum

The Rim Shopping Center 51 mi. on I-10E

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River Walk 66 mi. on I-10E


Hill Country Memorial Hospital

Fredericksburg Wine Trail 38 mi. on Hwy 16N

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Downtown San Antonio, TX 66 mi. on I-10E

Fredericksburg Winery

Fredericksburg, TX 29 mi. on Hwy 16N



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June / July 2014  

LIFESTYLE - THE MAGAZINE OF THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY is the Texas Hill Country’s premier luxury and lifestyle magazine. Residents in the Hill...

June / July 2014  

LIFESTYLE - THE MAGAZINE OF THE TEXAS HILL COUNTRY is the Texas Hill Country’s premier luxury and lifestyle magazine. Residents in the Hill...