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GOLF & life Fitness

By Jane Garbish

Although we’re lucky in the Hill Country that outdoor activities, including golf, can be done nearly year around, and April just personifies perfect golf weather. Temperatures are warm (but not hot), grass is green, flowers and shrubs are in bloom – and the golf course is calling! We can finally put away the cart covers and warm-up jackets and really enjoy pleasant days on the course. Whereas winter golf can be sporadic because of the weather, limiting your weekly rounds, Spring allows for much more consistent play.

Are you ready?

Or should I ask – is your body ready? WHAT DOES GOLF DO TO YOUR BODY? Even though golf may seem like a rather tame sport – after all, it’s not a contact sport like football – it doesn’t have the jarring impact of tennis, and certainly lacks the danger factors of snow skiing. It’s just a walk in the park – with a set of clubs – right? Well, not exactly. The golf swing is actually a complex and rather unnatural series of movements that work the entire body. From the feet all the way up to the shoulders, every joint in between must be either mobile or stable in order to execute the swing properly and to avoid injury. Every major muscle group is also involved, holding those joints in place or allowing freedom of movement. There really is more to the game than just getting the proper set of clubs and shoes, learning the rules, and then setting out on the course. Even going to the expense of lessons from a golf professional and hours of practice will not guarantee a satisfactory experience. A golf pro will instruct you on proper set up and swing techniques, but success will be limited by what your body allows you to do. Most golf pros will have to adjust your swing to compensate for bodily limitations, but that just reinforces poor movement patterns and further increases the risk of injury.


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