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D ear L i f estyle reader ,

In THIS issue golf update 6 In Full Bloom

FITNESS 10 Physical Conditioning & your swing

HiLL Country Secrets 12 share & share alike

calendar 16 Food & wine 18 The hill country enthusiast

feature story 22 The Lady 9’ers Membership & Events 28 Planning The dream 36 REal Estate 38 DayTRIPS 44 passion with purpose

What do you envision as the lifestyle of the Texas Hill Country? Do you long for a lazy day overlooking the Guadalupe or Frio rivers, wetting a hook and soaking in the sunshine? Perhaps a day of shopping is in your itinerary, seeking out a remote shop for the perfect pieces to round out your collection. I picture a stroll through a Texas vineyard and an interesting tour of our wineries, or an afternoon of golf on a cool, spring day. Don’t you think it would be great to have a resource for those hidden restaurants, locales and events that the locals know and love? Your answer is here, in Lifestyle of Comanche Trace and the Texas Hill Country. There is a mystique associated with our part of the world that appeals to so many, yet remains to be fully revealed. If LIFESTYLE has one mission, it is to reveal the beauty and joie de vivre of the Texas Hill Country landscape, compelling readers to come away with their own experience. Recently, Comanche Trace formed Lifestyle Productions, LLC to take complete ownership of LIFESTYLE magazine. This issue represents both the inaugural release under the new ownership, and a 2 year anniversary for the magazine. The vision for LIFESTYLE is to expand throughout the entire Hill Country region, offering you a guide to the best places the Texas Hill Country has to offer. As our market share increases, readership will grow as well, as we expand into local Visitors Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce, hotels, B&B’s, wineries, and the businesses who advertise with us. Though our hope is to draw visitors to our little piece of heaven, we know even the “old settlers” will enjoy seeing familiar faces and places. So many friends have contributed to the success of our magazine. I cannot close without acknowledging some of them. The members and residents of Comanche Trace are the best we could ever ask for, opening their lives to our readers. The staff of Comanche Trace has remained dedicated to our mission in promoting the best service in the Hill Country. To the Kerrville business community, I cannot thank you enough for supporting us over the years. Finally, I want to thank Ben and Morgan Schooley for their work and dedication to the first 2 years of success of LIFESTYLE. We wish them well. Drew Hand, former Creative Director, has provided a solid foundation and framework to work with. I look forward to hearing your feedback! As always, we endeavor to bring you a new and different treat with each new issue. I look forward to taking you on this journey with us. All the best,

pet profile 48 Map 50 4 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

Trevor L. Hyde PRESIDENT

lifestyle o f C O MAN C HE T RA C E AND

the Texas Hill Country

Lifestyle Productions, LLC 2801 Comanche Trace Drive Kerrville, Texas 78028 PUBLISHER Jarrick Cooper CREATIVE DIRECTOR Benjamin Weber ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Valerie Chambers

LIFESTYLE is published bi-monthly by Lifestyle Productions, LLC. No reproduction in any form is authorized without the consent of Lifestyle Production, LLC. 2801 Comanche Trace Dr., Kerrville TX 78028. Printed in the USA. All rights reserved 2012. No responsibility is assumed for unsolicited submissions. Manuscripts, photographs, and other submitted material can be acknowledged or returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The content contained does not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Lifestyle Productions, LLC, or Comanche Trace residents. Lifestyle Productions, LLC assumes no liability for misinformation, omissions, or errors.

Fredericksburg, Texas

Remarkable Health Care

What is it you miss most about having a good knee or hip? Rediscover your active, get-up-and-go, movin’ and shakin’ lifestyle at Restore— The Remarkable Joint Center.


Contact Hill Country Memorial’s Restore Director Marilyn Sweeten at (830) 990-5080 .

In Full Bloom Last year at this time there was not a bluebonnet to be found, but because of all the healthy rain during the winter, spring is in full bloom. In 2011 the average temperature for February was in the 40’s and so far in 2012 it has been in the 60’s. Once the ground temperature is 65-70 degrees Bermuda grass will begin to grow out of the dormant brown stage and turn the grass to its natural green color. Scott Parker and his


crew are already out early this year striping up the greens and fairways and making Comanche Trace conditions the best in the Hill Country. The first big tournament at Comanche Trace this year will be the PGA Valero Texas Open Qualifier on April 12th and 16th. The touring Professionals will be right here at


6 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

By Tony Johnson

Comanche Trace just as spring is hitting the hill country. With the excellent condition of

How to Score Low By Tony Johnson., PGA

the bentgrass greens and fairways the

against 5 teams within their flight. It is a

touring professionals will be excited to

great event to meet new members and

play such a caliber club. Last year we had

compete against players with your same

players like Bob Estes, Blaine McCallister,

handicap level. We also have a ladies

Steven Allen, and Rod Pampling playing

flight competing in the Brute as well.

here at Comanche Trace. Members will

Please sign up or call the golf shop for

be allowed to walk to follow any players

details about this event.

on Monday so please come out and watch some great golf. Back by popular demand in April and May is Twilight Couples Golf. Twilight Couples Golf is for couples to play golf and have dinner with other couples in a fun, social environment. It will be held on Friday evenings at 5 pm on April 20th, May 11th, and May 20th. Players of all handicaps are welcome to participate and I can’t wait to see everyone having fun and playing some great golf. We have some great Club events lined up in the next few months also. The Brute is a member-member event; two partners will play 5 nine hole matches

Tony Johnson, PGA Head Golf Professional Comanche Trace

Which aspects of your game matter most for achieving a low score? (And when I say low, I mean low… breaking par low). If you analyze the statistics of all the tournament winners for the year, in professional golf, the stats were amazingly consistent. Driving accuracy was, on average, only about 63%, which is basically 9 out of a possible 14 fairways. Driving distance was not 320 yards; it was on average about 280 yards. The stats become staggering when analyzing how many greens in regulation the players hit, how many putts per greens hit were averaged, how many putts per round were averaged, and how many times a player got up and down for par (Scrambling). Tour winners on average hit about 70% of their greens in regulation which is about 13 out of a possible 18 greens per round. They averaged under 1.7 putts per green hit, averaged 28 putts per round, and finally got up and down 70% of the time for par. Those stats tell us that these players averaged 4.5 birdies per round and 1 bogey per round, with an average score of about 68 each day of the tournament. Staggering! Hitting the ball a long distance is fun and quite sexy, but if you really want to score low you have to focus on hitting greens and making the putt when you have the opportunity. When you play, do whatever it takes to hit more greens in regulation. If you hit 14 or 15 greens in regulation, how bad could your score be? First and foremost you must work harder on learning how to read a putt. Most people’s putting stroke is good enough to putt well, but it is their initial read of the putt that can cause misses or even the dreaded three putt. Finally, learn how to chip it to within at least five feet or closer when trying to get up and down; a five foot putt is easier to make than you think, especially if you have been working hard on your green reading skills. The issue becomes being committed to those areas which can be tedious but very well worth the focus from a scoring perspective. Work hard on this in the off season and be ready for great scores in the spring and summer!!! Tony Johnson, PGA Head Golf Professional Comanche Trace

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 7

Ann Robertson, President Clay Robertson, Vice-President 290 Thompson Drive Kerrville, TX 78028 830.896.5811

8 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

Innovation in

Our Texas Hill Country

Peterson’s daVinci Surgical System

Providing Our Patients With : - Less Invasive Surgery - Increased Precision - Quicker Recovery - Highest Level of Technology Anywhere

The Evolution Before the early ‘90’s, most golf instructors believed there were three components necessary to build the ultimate golfer: • Instruction • Clubs • Mental Coaching After Tiger’s dynamic play landed him a constant spot on the leader board in the mid ‘90’s, however, that philosophy became more detailed and comprehensive. In addition to the previous standards, 3 more components were added: • Shot Making Skills • Course Management • Physical Conditioning The instructor and the professional golfer began to realize that all those areas needed to be addressed in order to remain competitive. Maybe most apparent to TV viewers was the changing physique of many tour pros. Suddenly golfers began looking like athletes. Fitness trailers and trainers appeared at each tournament site, and even the more seasoned golfers began to realize the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy fitness level. Not only did it make walking 18 holes four or five times a week much easier, but a toned body made them better golfers.





physical condition is essential to the golf swing

By Jane Garbish

10 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

Golf Fitness Today Through much research involving golf, fitness, and medical professionals, the Titleist Performance Institute has become the go-to source for golf fitness. TPI leads the world in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics. Through their assessment tools, physical limitations are linked to golf swing biomechanics. A golfer’s effectiveness is intricately related to what their body will allow. TPI offers this philosophy of the swing: “We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing, and it is based on what they can physically do.” TPI also endorses the team approach when it comes to golf training. The best Golf Teaching Professionals are the ones that pay attention not only to their client’s golf swing, but also recognize their client’s physical limitations. If their client can’t physically do what they’re being taught, everyone’s time is wasted. The most effective Golf Pro is one who is cognizant of his client’s physical abilities and limitations. If the Golf Pro is working together with the Fitness Pro, they can coordinate their efforts with the client and focus on those areas that are causing problems in the golf swing, thereby improving the client’s golf game and their physical safety.

Swing Fault Examples When I asked the golf professionals at Comanche Trace what is the most common swing fault they see, Over-The-Top was their unanimous answer. To the amateur, that means that the downswing is being initiated by the upper body (arms) instead of the lower body (hip turn). The result is that the club is thrown outside of the intended swing plane. This creates a pull if the clubface is square or a slice if the clubface is open. From a physical standpoint, there are several reasons Over-The-Top may occur. The golfer may be unable to separate lower body movement from upper body. They may be lacking core stability that helps maintain posture. Or, their balance is poor, which is essential for proper weight shift. All of these issues can be addressed by the proper exercises, which can greatly reduce, or even eliminate, the swing fault. Another fault often seen by the pros is lack of hip turn, resulting in a sway (moving away from the target on the backswing) or a slide (moving towards the target on the downswing). The ability to shift their weight is reduced, thereby giving up power and speed in the swing. A physical issue causing the lack of hip turn can be limited internal hip rotation. The inability to separate lower from upper body plays a role, as does lack of strength in the glute (butt) muscles. Again, the proper exercises can improve these problems.

The Solution If golf is your passion, it can be very frustrating to sink dollar after dollar into lessons and equipment changes with little result. Why not try a different approach, and find out if it’s actually your body that’s the missing link? Get a combined evaluation with a golf professional and a TPI fitness professional, and begin the process that links your weaknesses on the golf course to your physical weaknesses. Your time on the range and your time in the fitness center will be focused specifically on your problems. The Result? A better golf game A stronger and more flexible body The ability to safely indulge your golf passion for many more years. More information on the PRO-FIT package can be found by calling the Comanche Trace Pro Shop (830) 895-8500 or TPI Fitness Instructor Jane Garbish (830) 370-9905.


LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 11



Free Masons, Illuminati, Opus Dei – unlike these, Kerrville’s 1st Friday WineShare is not a secret society. There are, however, elements of clandestine activity. About 1,200 folks around Kerrville receive an e-mail two weeks before the event. The e-mail contains information about the location of the event, which wine to bring and who the host will be this month. This information is also posted online at - further evidence that this is an open gathering! Kerrville’s 1st Friday WineShare is a group of people who gather at a different location the 1st Friday of each month with a different wine theme for that month. WineShare has three purposes. 1. Meet new wines 2. Meet new people 3. Meet new organizations in the area. 1st Friday WineShare is all about building a sense of community. MEET NEW WINES Of course no one wants to drink a new wine, most wines need to age. At 1st Friday WineShare, terms like autolysis, carbonic maceration and residual sugar will be heard in some conversations, but phrases like “hey, i like this wine, do you?” are much more common. One host is quoted as saying “we expected a bunch of snoots and had a bunch of hoots!” This event is not a “wine-tasting” it’s WineShare. Everyone brings a glass and each couple brings a bottle of the themed wine, opens it and puts it on the table for all to share. Those who come alone are encouraged to bring a bottle every other month (don’t want to have too much wine at these events). This is a fun way to taste wines you may not have been exposed to before. The wine theme can be anything from “romantic reds” to a very specific grape like chardonnay, but almost anything goes, which means the local beer distributor may bring a new beer brand to hand out for tasting, too. MEET NEW PEOPLE Kerrville’s 1st Friday WineShare includes the greatest demographic variety of people. Everyone from the 20-somethings to the 90-somethings show up to enjoy the new host, location and wine. 12 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

Some real friendships have started at these Friday events and there have even been other social groups started, inspired by 1st Friday WineShare. MEET NEW ORGANIZATIONS If you can call the 100 year old Garrett Insurance Agency new, then all of the locations are new! Guadalupe National Bank is a more recently established financial institution and it was exciting to see them host a WineShare as one of their first public events. At 1st Friday WineShare, charitable organizations, places of faith, nonprofits and the arts all are at the front of the line for hosting. There are only twelve 1st Fridays in each year (even leap-year!) And they fill up quickly! To host one of these gatherings, you need a location where a few hundred of your neighbors can stand and talk. Kerrville’s 1st Friday WineShare is all about building a better community. The Chambers of Commerce concentrate on the business community, houses of faith concentrate on the spiritually minded and art galleries provide the aesthetics. 1st Friday WineShare tries to combine all those aspects of the community and bring them together in one monthly event. This is definitely a group of folks you will not meet in any other one location or event. Each month the regulars show up, along with a whole new group of people. The motto for this group is “if you have something more important (or fun) go do it – there’s another WineShare next month and no one’s taking attendance.“ No rsvp, no pressure - just a fun event for people who want to see a great location, meet up with old and new friends and taste new wines. How did it start in Kerrville? Peggy and Gary Stork “stole” the idea from the Edmond, OK, 1st Friday WineShare group, who “stole” it from somewhere on the east coast, who “stole” it from who knows where! The Storks started the Kerrville chapter about seven years ago, with eight people at the Caldwell real estate office. This little gang has really grown! If you’d like to receive monthly emails about 1st Friday WineShare, go to and enter your e-mail address on the home page. You can also find the schedule on this web site. Hope to see you at the next WineShare! LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 13

Wealth ManageMent group, llC Making your wealth work for you

Bob Rothe,


Private investment management for those who would rather spend their time enjoying the hill country. Portfolios from $250,000 to over $10,000,000

YOU can enjoy

LIFE 222 Sidney Baker S, Suite 350-I

Kerrville, TX 78028


Fee based investment advice, portfolio management and financial planning offered through Wealth Management Group, LLC, a registered investment adviser. Securities representative of and securities offered through Silver Oak Securities, Inc., 3339 North Highland Avenue, Jackson TX 38305 (731) 668-3825. Member FINRA/SIPC. Wealth Management Group, LLC is not a subsidiary of nor controlled by Silver Oak Securities.

14 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

Your Life. Your Style. Lifestyle.


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Life Fairway

















lifest yle O f

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a n d

t h e

LIFESTYLE august/september 2011 1

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H i l l

C o u n t r y

ADVERTISE with us today! Call Jarrick Cooper for more information:

830-895-8505 ext.233

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LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 15

April 1 Skins Game


April 12

Lady 9er’s

PGA Valero TX Pre-Qualifier

9:00 am

April 14 MGA Event

April 20

9:30 am

Couples Twilight Golf

Lady 9er’s 9:00 am

3:00 pm

April 7

5:00 pm TGA Medalist 12:00 pm

Bridge Club

April 3

The Big Cup Member/

April 15

Bridge Club


TGA Medalist

2:00 pm


8:00 am

April 4

Breakfast with the Easter

MGA 9:00 am

April 5 LGA 9:00 am


April 8 Easter Buffet 11:00 am-3:00 pm Easter Egg Hunt 3:00 pm

April 10 Bridge Club 2:00 pm

April 11 Mahjongg 1:00 pm

2:00 pm

April 25 Mahjongg Practice

April 16

10:00 am

Club Closed PGA Valero TX Open Qualifier

April 26

April 17

9:00 am

LGA Bridge Club 2:00 pm

Lady 9er’s 9:00 am

Book Club 4:30 pm

April 28 The Brute Member/Member

April 18 MGA

April 29

9:00 am

The Brute Member/Member

April 19 LGA 9:00 am

16 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

April 24


Lady 9er’s

May 23

Pool Opens

9:00 am


Bridge Club 1:30 pm

May 2

10:00 am

May 11 Couples Twilight Golf

May 24

5:00 pm


MGA 9:00 am

9:00 am

May 12th Wounded Warrior Alliance

Lady 9er’s

May 3

Charity Golf Classic

9:00 am

LGA Member/Guest

1:00 pm

May 4

May 13

Couples Twilight Golf

LGA Member/ Guest

Mother’s Day Brunch

5:00 pm

May 6

May 15

May 20

Texas State Amateur

Bridge Club

MGA Spring Partnership

May 28


1:30 pm

Bow Wow Bash

Club Open

12:30 pm

Memorial Day

May 8

Book Club

Bridge Club

4:30 pm

May 22

May 29

Bridge Club

Club Closed

May 25

1:30 pm

May 17

1:30 pm

May 9


May 30


10:00 am

Mahjongg Practice

9:00 am Lady 9er’s Mahjongg

10:00 am

1:00 pm

May 19 May 10

MGA Spring Partnership


Annual Rotary Casino Night

9:00 am



10:00 am

food & Wine

T he

hill C Ountry FOOD & WINE


I was asked to write this column on the

tour the cheese makers, artisan bakers, our

great gourmet finds in the Texas Hill Country.

abundant wineries, butcher shops, specialty

Believing and being told by others that the

markets, delis, farmer’s markets and cooking

very best food in the hill country is prepared

schools scattered about the hills and maybe a

and served from my own kitchen, I don’t eat

few more of my favorites across the USA. And,

out very often. I plan to write about the hard

we will visit a few interesting restaurants that

to find hill country places for food and drink

offer something worth the drive to eat there. So who am I? I am a native Texan who

items to enhance your meals at home. We will

18 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

moved from Houston to Kerrville a couple of years ago with my wife, Donna to build the house of our dreams. It’s called Monte San Quirico. It is a very rustic yet with modern features, Tuscan Villa on a hilltop with a full Viking restaurant kitchen and a 1600 bottle wine room. We sold our industrial equipment company and I have agreed to work for the new owners as a peddler for a few more years. We also owned a similar company in northern California in the 1990’s and I spent more time than I should have exploring the wine valleys discovering food and wine. My interest in cooking began when I was a teenager when my mother went to work. Not liking meals frozen in aluminum foil, I took a real interest in cooking. I was tutored by my German aunt and grandmother since there was no Cooking Channel back then. Since my wife and I married in 1969, I have been the only cook in our kitchen. She cleans up after me very well. As a bit of a joke, for Christmas one year, our insurance agent gave me an eight week evening cooking school taught by famous restaurateur, Tony Vallone. Food and drink would never be the same for me again. Tony taught me of the simple ways to make gourmet food and gave me a newfound appreciation of wine. I have also participated in cooking classes by teaching chef Mary Nell Reck and other Houston chefs and food educators. I have taken hands-on Food Enthusiast courses at the Culinary Institute of America (the original CIA) in the Napa Valley and most recently at their new location in San Antonio. I am also working towards my certification as a CIA Certified Wine Professional. I was also a partner in an in ill-fated restaurant in Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja Peninsula for a couple of years. But that story would take an entire column or two. Enough about me, let’s go exploring on our first Enthusiast visit. It was strange visiting Bending Branch Winery for the first time, since my wife and I almost bought the property for our residence before deciding on building in Kerrville. Bending Branch Winery is a few

miles southwest of Comfort Texas at 142 Lindner Branch Trail. Most GPS’s actually can find them. Bending Branch is owned and operated by Dr. Bob Young, a retired MD and now a University of California Davis educated, certified winemaker and his wife Brenda. Bob and Brenda are teamed with their daughter, Alison and her husband, John Rivenburgh who is the Director of Wine and Vineyard Operations. Bob and John’s wines are made from grapes not commonly known to most Texas drinkers. The tasty reds include the delicious Tannat, inky Petite Sirah, and a Portuguese variety called Souzao. They also make some very interesting whites of zesty Picpoul Blanc, crisp Vermentino and a very Chardonnaylike, Roussane. Roussanne was said to be Thomas Jefferson’s favorite wine. All of the wines are great for quaffing by themselves or pairing with food. Bending Branch wines are a pleasure to serve with meals at my house. The wines are very limited in production. So the best and maybe only way to have some is to join one of their wine clubs to insure you will get at least a few bottles of each vintage. Members also get a winery tour and maybe an interesting barrel sample or two. Bending Branch has some fourteen interesting varietals of grapes in the vineyards between the tasting room and the winery. They are also sourcing grapes from California and from Brownfield and Plains, Texas west of Lubbock. Bending Branch offers one of the most enjoyable tastings in the hill country. They have a comfortable air-conditioned tasting room with knowledgeable smiling servers and a large outside tasting patio and picnic area.

Don Grogg Food & Wine Editor LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 19 toll free 866.636.1235

“EXCEEDING OUR EXPECTATIONS WAS ONLY THE THE REAL DEAL.” “EXCEEDING OURBEGINNING—THEY’RE EXPECTATIONS WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING—THEY’RE THE REAL DEAL.” is what transforms “EXCEEDINGA detail OUR EXPECTATIONS WASgood into outstanding A detail is what transforms into outstanding and a good job into an experience. tony roberts has ONLY THE BEGINNING—THEY’RE THE REAL DEAL.” and a job into an experience. tony roberts has made a name in the Hill Country for delivering such


made a name in the Hill Country for delivering such experiences. we believe that an enjoyable and experiences. we believe that an enjoyable and personable building personable experience is not only possible building experience is not only possible A detail is what transforms good into outstanding but expected. Custom solutions for your custom and a solutions job into an experience. tony roberts has but expected. Custom for your custom home start with client care. the tony roberts’ made a name in the Hill Country for delivering such homethe start with care. the tony roberts’ experiences. we believe that an enjoyable and difference comes through details like client close personable building experience is not only possible personal attention, difference a guided construction comes through the details like close but expected. Custom solutions for your custom process and quality delivered by an exclusive home with client care. the tony roberts’ personal attention, a start guided construction team of sub-contractors. difference comes through the details like close

stom homes T Oc uN Y RO B E R T S

custom homes

delivered by an construction exclusive personal attention, a guided T O N Y process R O B E Rand T S quality

process and quality delivered by an exclusive cteam ustom omes ofh sub-contractors. team of sub-contractors.

20 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012


Enterprises Fine Homes

Stavinoha Enterprises is committed to crafting quality homes that compliment our clients’ lifestyles and provide a true value for their investment.

2009 & 2011

People’s Choice Award Winner

Mike Stavinoha | 830 370 9481 | 3509 Trailhead, Kerrville, Texas 78028 |






One cannot describe the undeniable beauty of Comanche Trace without mentioning the splendor of its golf course! It’s hard to beat laughing with friends on a sunny day in the Hill Country while playing a relaxing game of golf. And the Comanche Trace Lady 9’ers take full advantage. 22 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

Founded only a few years ago, the Lady 9’ers organization is open to

members proudly boast of getting the elusive “hole-in-one” and another

beginning as well as experienced golfers who choose to play nine holes,

hit an “eagle”… in a tree, that is!

instead of 18. While the primary goal is to improve their golf game, the

Continually striving to improve their game, help is sought from

group is so much more! They meet officially on Thursday mornings to

spouses (one a former PGA pro) and also the Comanche Trace (CT) Golf

play nine holes, occasionally enjoying a scramble or a shamble, just for

Pros who offer boot camps, clinics, and lessons in which the Lady 9’ers

fun. Tuesday morning is practice

eagerly participate.

day. After golf, it’s not unusual

Creativity, enthusiasm, camaraderie,

to find many of the Lady 9’ers

and joie de vivre are most evident in

having lunch in the Pinnacle Grill,

the many different types of golfing

discussing scores, empathizing

events enjoyed throughout the

about common frustrations, and

year. Past events include a Spring

celebrating successes of the round.

Easter Egg Scramble complete with

In fact, the Lady 9’ers have their

colored eggs hidden on the fairways,

very own lunch menu.

decorated carts, members wearing

Current membership includes 39

bunny ears and Easter bonnets. All of

women who have played golf for as

this followed by a potluck brunch. The

little as a year or as long as 43 years

Valentine scramble and dinner kept

and everything in between. Being

everyone guessing, trying to identify

the proud owners of over 150 pairs

wedding photos of members (in their

of golf shoes, 750 golf clubs, and

younger years) and then playing the

2000 golf balls of assorted brands

“Not So Newly Wed Game.” The

and colors, it is not surprising that the Lady 9’ers help support the golfing

two-day Sadie Hawkins golf event brought much laughter as Sadie had

industry. Lady 9’ers have left their “mark” on the fairways and greens of

to catch her man (after a blind draw) for the nine-hole tournament the

such illustrious golf courses around the world as St. Andrew’s in Scotland,

next day. The Senoritas Fiesta, complete with strolling mariachis and a

Ballybunion in Ireland, Pebble Beach, Wailea Gold, Hilton Head, La Quinta,

carnival of golfing games such as Frijole-in-One and Handicap Hombre,

Jackson Hole, and Pinehurst. Two members have had the pleasure of

tested golfing techniques on a beautiful spring evening in the Hill

shaking Arnold Palmer’s hand and another to be told by a caddy at St.

Country. Members won’t soon forget the elegant evenings of dancing

Andrew’s that “there was a golfer just struggling to get out.” Also, three

and enchantment at the annual signature event. Last year’s theme,

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 23

which include Leap to 150, created especially for leap year; a St.

Three members proudly boast of

Patrick’s Day game, Luck of the Irish; Bunny Brunch and Flower Power Golf (an event with spouses). A short-game clinic with CT Pros has also been scheduled. Throughout the year, birdies, chipins, eagles, holes-in-one, and scores under 50 are tracked. These individual accomplishments are recognized with awards presented at the annual year-end luncheon.

getting the elusive

To date, the most important and meaningful golfing event the

“hole-in-one” and

Cure. Collaborating with both the LGA (Ladies’ Golf Association)

another hit an

“eagle”… in a tree, that is!

Lady 9’ers have undertaken was the 2011 inaugural Rally for the and the MGA (Men’s Golf Association), over $10,000 was raised for breast cancer research. This important fundraiser (held at the Clubhouse) included a golf tournament, lunch, and a silent auction. Because of its overwhelming success, Rally for the Cure is now on the annual Comanche Trace calendar of events! Lady 9’ers have competed in various CT golf events such as Couples Twilight Golf, the Big Cup Member/Member tournament, the Sparkler Golf tournament and the Kings and Queens Couples Member/Guest event. Though fair weather is always preferred, 100-degree heat or a day with near-freezing wind chill does not deter the more hearty members from playing.

“Springtime in Paris,” transformed the Vista Room at Comanche

Comanche Trace Lady 9’ers hail from across the United States

Trace into a romantic Parisian street café. Lady 9’er artists and

– as close as Texas and as far as Idaho, Florida, the Northeast,

decorators created a charming ambiance complete with its own

and Iowa. Proud grandparents of over 100 potential golfing

Montmartre walk and French champagne.

grandchildren, some of whom participate in Kid Comanche, not

The kickoff for 2012 was a potluck luncheon and white elephant

only love their grandchildren, but also their pets and grandpets.

gift exchange at the home of a member. So far this year, the Games

The Westminster Best In Show is not too far a cry for a ribbon-

Committee has planned special golf games for the first six months

winning puppy who is being shown by a Lady 9’er member. In the

broader community, individually Lady 9’ers are involved in the

even Preikestolen in Norway. Whether dancing with Patrick Swayze,

Canine Literacy program, Bark for Life (one member is the CT Team

shaking hands with Arnold Palmer, being photographed with Troy

Leader), pet therapy, and the Freeman Fritz animal shelter. The first

Aikman, or appearing on the front page of the Kerrville Daily

Comanche Trace Bow Wow Bash is currently being planned by two

Times, several Lady 9’ers have had their moments with the stars. In

of their very own.

addition, members participate in many CT activities such as Topless

This diversified group of executives, professionals, mothers, and

Convertible car outings, Bridge Club, Garden Club, Road Rallies,

grandmothers possesses a multitude of talents. They are musicians,

Mahjongg, Book Club, and neighborhood bible study groups.

singers, quilters, ice skaters, painters, photographers, gardeners,

Volunteerism and community involvement extends to people

hikers, cross-stitchers, chefs, snow skiers, dancers, birders, Master

and the environment outside the Comanche Trace community.

Naturalists, and rock collectors. They have competed in (and

Many local organizations receive countless hours of dedication

completed!) a triathlon and hiked through many national parks –

from members on an individual basis. Some Lady 9’ers chair or are

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 25

on the boards of local groups such as KPAS, Arcadia, Kerrville First United Methodist Church, Kerrville Presbyterian Church, Community Foundation, Riverside Nature Center, Hill Country Chorale, KACC, Hill Country Cares, and the Symphony of the Hills. Habitat for Humanity, the VA Hospital, the Salvation Army Kroc Center, Raphael Community Clinic, UGRA River Clean Up, Cailloux Foundation, Schreiner University, the Red Cross, Christian Women’s Job Corps, NODA, Meals On Wheels, Hospice, AARP Tax Preparation, and Tivy PTO are only some of the organizations to which members have made deep commitments and contributions. They are also mentors and tutors in the local schools. Extremely active within the CT community as well, Lady 9’ers help organize many CT activities including the Christmas Cart Parade and the Annual HOA Residents Party. When help is needed, the Lady 9’ers overwhelmingly step up to the task. Recently, a call to action was put out to the Lady 9’ers for

assistance with the MGA’s Wounded Warrior event. In the blink of

Since its official inception in the fall of 2009, the Lady 9’ers

an eye, two sub-committees of Lady 9’ers were formed and the

have enjoyed a rapid growth in membership. Providing a warm

jobs were enthusiastically undertaken. Along with the LGA and

and inviting milieu, the Lady 9’ers offer an entrée into the golfing

the MGA, the Lady 9’ers are represented on the Comanche Trace

community at Comanche Trace for newcomers and beginning

Board of Governors.

golfers. Golf, fellowship, and camaraderie have brought these

In times of need or celebration, the Lady 9’ers take care of their own

women together creating a sisterhood that many members say is

members. Always demonstrating a strong sense of fellowship through

unparalleled to anything they’ve ever experienced.

its unique Caring Committee, members reach out to other members who may be experiencing a joyous event, a sorrow, or an illness.


R O C K B OX ! ! M E M BER S



Where can you go in the Texas Hill Country to see a New York/Chicago/Vegas type show? Sixty five lucky Comanche Trace members discovered the answer to this question, when they attended a fantastic musical medley show at Rockbox in Fredericksburg on Friday, February 24th. The talent level of the eight performers may be the best kept secret in the Hill Country. Transported in luxurious comfort by travel coach while sipping Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay wines, veteran and new members renewed old friendships and made new ones. Music from the 40s to the 80s rocked the auditorium and had members clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and reminiscing about yesteryear. Not only was


the music and singing of big time production quality, but several performers amazed the audience with their imitations of stars like Bette Midler, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and John Denver to name a few. What is even more phenomenal is that this group puts on a different show every weekend for 50 weeks of the year. Many members who attended are all ready season ticket holders to Rockbox. After this evening, several more were joining them and everyone agreed they would be back again. To say that you should not miss another opportunity to attend this member event would be an understatement.

• Wowed At Rock Box • Sweathearts Enjoy Valentines Day • Comanche Trace Cup Runneth Over Again! • Member Mixer

Sherri Jones Comanche Trace Membership Director and Event Coordinator



Almost 100 area sweethearts gathered at Comanche Trace on Valentine’s Day to celebrate their lives together. Love and friendship filled the air as all enjoyed a sumptuous dinner followed by dancing to DJ Jake St. Pierre. This year’s group doubled last year’s attendance, and it looks like Valentine’s Day is fast becoming the most popular date night of the year at Comanche Trace. Just check out these great photos

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 29

C o m anche trace

Cup runNeth ov e r a g a i n ! W H E N YOU F I R S T S U C C EED , DO I T AGA I N The wine flowed and conversation was stimulating as hundreds of Comanche Trace members and Kerrville residents made new friends under a beautiful Hill Country Tuscan sky. Due to the incredible success of last year’s event, the March 1st Friday Wine Share was once again hosted by Comanche Trace. The setting easily could have been in Italy or France, but was actually along side the shimmering waters of the Comanche Trace lake. Comanche Trace members and residents enjoyed the opportunity to share their unique lifestyle and setting with fellow Kerrville residents. Several members took the opportunity to commute to and from the Wine Share in their golf carts, thus emphasizing just one of the features of life at Comanche Trace.

30 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

After an hour of renewing old friendships and making new ones, almost 175 chose to continue the evening at the 1st Friday Wine Share After Party. An Italian themed dinner was highlighted by several Chef Pasta Stations and additional Italian wines. DJ-Jake St. Pierre provided dinner background music and then got many dancing to his wide variety of musical fare. Thank you to Gary & Peggy Stork for bringing the 1st Friday Wine Share to Comanche Trace once again. We are proud to have hosted this event, and anticipate that it will become an annual event. With such a great turnout and positive reactions from those attending, our cup truly runneth over!



Harkening back to the flamboyant and wild lifestyle


gangsters and their molls to take their place. All “pieces�

of the roaring 20s, Comanche Trace members donned their flapper dresses and gangster pin-stripped suits and fedoras to celebrate the Comanche Trace Spring Member Mixer. Although Al Capone and Bugs Moran were not in attendance, there were plenty of Comanche Trace had to be checked at the door. Adversaries maintained their decorum, and a fun night was had by one and all.

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 31

The Club


at C o m a n c h e T r a c e

omanche Trace offers more than 10 locations throughout the club and property to host your special event. From intimate luncheons to banquets of up to 200, we’ll provide a custom menu and superior service to make your occasion the best.

Events at Comanche Trace Our dedicated staff looks forward to hosting your upcoming event and exceeding your expectations. With our breathtaking Hill Country views and our commitment to excellence, you are sure to find Comanche Trace the perfect venue for your special event. We look forward to making this a stress-free and exciting experience for you and your guests.

-Sherri Jones

“Let me help customize your next event.”

“Let The Club at Comanche Trace exceed your expectations”


Event Menus Include: •

Breakfast Buffets, Stations, and Entrées

Brunch Buffets, Stations, and Entrées

Lunch Buffets, Stations, and Entrées

Dinner Buffets, Stations, and Entrées

Full selection of Hot and Chilled Hors d’oeuvres

We Also Offer: •

Equipment Rental

Planning Suggestions

Floor Plans

James Avery Craftsman, inc. “Thanks again for a wonderful evening – by the way, everyone loved the 5 oz. filets which were cooked perfectly, and of course the Bananas Foster Cheesecake was the favorite dessert of all! The service and wait staff were also top notch! Everything was wonderful, we had such a great evening there – our meeting survey comments from our managers are rating this event as one of the best Awards Night Dinners we’ve ever had!”

- Marilyn Price, VP of Sales, James Avery

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 33

34 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

When the Details Matter

Exquisitely crafted and tailored to the specifications of each of our customers, for over a decade White Construction Company has created and delivered dream homes, incorporating premier features while capturing each homeowner’s spirit. Each home is as individual and distinct as each customer. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures a superior-built home with enduring value.

Fine Custom Homes

Glinn & Kelley White, Owners (830)257-7477 2700 Memorial Blvd., Kerrville, TX 78028

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 35


DREAM B y R eggie c o x

Comanche Trace is happy to announce that we are in the planning stage of an Italian Hillside Village neighborhood in our growing community. Because the Texas limestone hills and landscape are a lot like the Tuscany region of Italy, the plan is to incorporate some of the “Dream Life” elements of that lifestyle. The name we have chosen for this neighborhood is Sogni della Vita which means “Dream Life” in Italian. It is our plan to bring this dream to life. Picture hills, trees, dramatic views – sitting by the pool enjoying a glass of wine that was bottled only a short distance away. Did you know the Texas Hill Country is one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country and Comanche Trace is in the very heart of the Hill Country? We have engaged architect Garrett Harmon to design both the site and the house plans. You can even have Garrett bring your own Tuscan dream to life if you wish to have a unique plan within the Italian Hillside Village. Garrett has designed many of the custom homes scattered throughout our estate neighborhoods. The conceptual rendering for Sogni della Vita was provided by Garrett whose firm is Harmon Taylor Architects.

36 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

We are planning homes in the 2800-3200 sq. ft. range and pricing for the villas will start in the $600’s including the lot. The neighborhood will have its own exclusive pool and cabana. The goal is a truly unique and quality neighborhood with that Italian Hillside flair. The vistas from these lots will be some of the best in Comanche Trace. The location above our beautiful Championship Golf Course will only enhance the hill country views. The Clubhouse view is pretty special from this spot too. This gated enclave will have only 21 lots. The lots will be reserved on a “first come, first served” basis. To reserve a lot will require that you fill out a reservation form and a deposit of $10,000. Deposits are fully refundable until such time as the final plat is recorded. Our sales staff will be happy to tell you more about Sogni della Vita. Contact Stacy Stavinoha or Stephanie Clifton at Comanche Trace (830) 895-8505.

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 37

comanche trace realty Whether you are looking for a new home in our community, a

Comanche Trace Offers Homes and Homesites

new homesite, or deciding to

• Lot Sizes: .25 to +1 acres

sell, we are the realty company

• Home sites from $59,000 to $300,000

that works hard for you!

38 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

• Homes from $260,000 to over $1 million

Homes Offered:

Why Comanche Trace Realty? • We are a full service agency • We are vested in the success of the community • We market extensively both locally and worldwide • Our website alone generates 36,000 visits annually • 90% of the property at Comanche Trace is sold by our agents • We are open 7 days a week • Our focus is on Comanche Trace and You!

Courtyard Homes approx. 1500-2000 square feet, from $260’s Garden Homes approx. 1800-2500 square feet, from the $300’s Architecturally Planned Neighborhood approx. 2300-2700 square feet from the $400’s Single Family Homes approx. 2500+ square feet from the $400’s Estate Homes starting at 3500+ square feet from the $700’s

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 39


2955 DRY HOLLOW 3 bedrooms plus office nook, 2 1/2 baths, 2 car garage plus cart garage. Approx. 2765 square feet Price: $479,000 Located on a quiet cul de sac, this spacious home overlooks beautiful views of the golf course and the surrounding hill country. Tile and beautiful wood floors throughout along with high ceilings and a stone fireplace gives this home true elegance. A spectacular master suite with separate sink areas and two closets adds to the great floorplan and function this home provides. The guest bedrooms are large and could be put to use as a nice craft room or additional office space. Enjoy relaxing on the back patio of this quiet and elegant home.

3157 DOUBLE EAGLE 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage plus cart garage. Approx. 2690 square feet Price: $539,000 This classic Hill Country home was built for the 2009 Tour of Homes and then used as a model home for 18 months - It is brand new! Located on the golf course with fabulous views. Wonderful stone fireplace in the great room. Beautiful kitchen with natural alder cabinets, organic granite countertops, large island and eat-at counter. Lovely master suite with a jetted tub and granite countertops. The upstairs guest suite has a spacious bedroom with walk-in closet and bath. The views from the upstairs veranda are spectacular!

40 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

3121 MULLIGAN WAY 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, 2 Car Garage, plus Golf Cart Garage. Approx. 2418 square feet Price: $429,000 This home features an open kitchen, breakfast room, and large stone woodburning fireplace. Covered porch and patio may be accessed from great room or master bedroom. Master suite has large tub, separate shower, and closets. Floors are tile throughout, except for bedrooms which are carpeted. Kitchen has granite counter tops and knotty alder cabinet. Ceiling fans in great room, master bedroom, and on patio. The views of the golf course are spectacular!

3801 CLUB HOUSE ROAD, VILLA NO. 4 3 Bedrooms, 2 1/2 Baths, 1 Car Garage, plus Golf Cart storage Approx. 2000 square feet Price: $325,000 Light and airy villa located in gaited neighborhood of 18 villas. Beautiful Tuscan style, tile roof, fireplace in great room, and large dining room for gatherings of family and friends. Master suite is large, jacuzzi tub and large shower in master bath. Lots of architectural detail, including hand troweled wall finish, and double crown moulding.

2820 ROCK BARN 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage Approx. 1660 square feet Price: $275,000

This classic hill country home features a standing seam metal roof with a wonderful front courtyard, back porch and patio for entertaining your friends and enjoying the beautiful views. Large master suite with two closets, two sinks and counters and deep soaking tub. Large kitchen with granite countertops and plenty of ash cabinets. Gracious living room with stone fireplace and high beamed ceilings. Dining room is ready for your family dinners. Hand-troweled finishes throughout the home.

Charming 2 bedroom plus study with closet and built-in bookcases, 2 baths, 2 car garage. Lovely wood floors in all rooms except bedrooms and baths. Built-in granite bar with sink and wine rack in great room. Beautiful stone wood-burning fireplace, skylight in spacious kitchen, nice sized dining room, roomy back porch with stone wall.

2857 ROCK BARN 2 Bedrooms plus Study, 2.5 Baths and 3 Car Garage Approx. 2453 square feet Price: $412,500

2793 Indian Wells 2 bedrooms plus study 2 baths, 2 car garage Approx. 1914 square feet Price: $269,000

Elegantly rustic garden home with great views of golf course and historic Rock Barn. Spacious kitchen and great room with corner stone fireplace, wood floors, tall ceilings and lots of windows. Master suite features sitting area in bedroom, huge walk-in closet, garden tub, double sink vanity and large shower. Beautiful dining room and cozy breakfast nook. This floor plan offers many options.

This home features a lovely backyard. The kitchen offers a nice eat-at bar, and granite counter tops. The master suite has a separate tub and shower. Featuring beautiful stone floors, arches, and cantera fireplace.


2912 DRY HOLLOW 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 car garage plus cart garage. Approx. 2737 square feet Price:$524,900


2061 Toscano Way 3 bedrooms, 3 baths 2 car garage Approx. 2518 square feet Price: $599,000

PHASE 9 LOT 50 Price: $65,000 Beautiful lot in Phase 9 almost half an acre with a good building site, nice views of the surrounding hill country and backs up to dedicated green space.

Exquisite Tuscan home with a welcoming courtyard featuring a fireplace and grill. The beautiful front door will lead you into a gracious home with handtrowel finished walls, knotty alder 8 ft. doors and cabinetry throughout. The large master suite has a walk in shower and jetted tub. The third bedroom is currently being used as an office and has a Murphy bed and built-in desk. The large back porch has spectacular views of the golf course and surrounding hill country. The great room has lots of built-in storage and an inviting fireplace. The kitchen has a gas cook top, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops including a nice breakfast bar. The back yard is fenced and this home must be seen for you to appreciate all it has to offer.

PHASE 8 LOT 59 Price $99,500 Build your dream home in Tuscan Village! The DaVinci Plan is ready to begin. An architectural planned neighborhood featuring approximately 2300-2700 square-foot primarily single story plans with spectacular views of the surrounding hill country. Enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of Comanche Trace - all within your own community. Surrounded by the #2 and #7 fairways and greens, each homesite offers a spectacular view of its own. Exquisite Tuscan-style architecture and first class amenities and this lot is on-golf. Just look at the views!

42 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

K E Y C O N TA C T S COMANCHE TRACE WELCOME AND SALES CENTER 830-895-8505 or 877-467-6282 THE CLUB AT COMANCHE TRACE 830-895-8500 THE GOLF SHOP AT COMANCHE TRACE 830-895-8500 ext. 1 THE PINNACLE GRILL 830-895-8500 ext. 2 TREVOR HYDE, COMANCHE TRACE PRESIDENT 830-895-8505 ext.228 • REGGIE COX, COMANCHE TRACE BROKER 830-895-8505 ext. 232 • stephanie clifton, COMANCHE TRACE SALES EXECUTIVE 830-895-8505 ext. 229 • STACY STAVINOHA, COMANCHE TRACE SALES EXECUTIVE 830-895-8505 ext. 224 • SHERRI JONES, MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR AND EVENTS COORDINATOR 830-895-8500 ext. 224 • TONY JOHNSON, HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL 830-895-8500 ext. 238 • SCOTT PARKER, GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT 830-257-3745 • MICHAEL PARKER, CONTROLLER 830-895-8500 ext. 227 • ashley vasquez, ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 830-895-8500 ext. 226 • DENNIS GLENEWINKEL, HOA MANAGER 830-257-5330 • DONNA BOWYER, PERSONAL TRAINER 830-739-0888 • JANE GARBISH, PERSONAL TRAINER 830-370-9905 • LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 43


P assi o n with


~ W ith J ane & G ary G arbish ~

44 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

For a couple committed to long distance running, getting on a bike was like a vacation! While running is a constant state of high intensity, biking only becomes intense when hills are involved. When we initially started biking, it was in the Arlington-Fort Worth area on hybrid bikes – relatively flat terrain on very easy to ride bicycles. It was a great way to explore the area. When Gary and I moved to Kerrville, though, we discovered that the nicely paved off-road trails we were accustomed to riding weren’t here. If we wanted our new hobby to flourish in the Hill Country, we would be forced to ride on the roads. While Gary was used to that, it took me a little time to warm to the idea. But I wanted to keep riding, so we changed our comfy hybrids to road bikes, got just the right clothes, and off we went! And we’re so glad we did! I can’t think of a better way to see this beautiful part of the country than on a bike. The vistas are breathtaking at times and things that pass so quickly in an automobile are seen and appreciated on a bike. Is it a good workout? Absolutely! They don’t call it the Hill Country for nothing! Successfully climbing the hills takes patience and practice, but it does become easier with training. I always tell myself that the downhill is just ahead! One of our favorite rides is from Comanche Trace to Comfort. There are various routes to take, some along Highway 27 for a 40 mile ride, or we can take the less traveled, but much more scenic (and hilly) routes which stretch it to 50 miles. The highlight of the day, though, is a midride stop at High’s Café and Store for a little rest, a bite of lunch and a great cup of coffee. The owners and staff know us as the “biking couple” and we always feel welcomed and refreshed after a little sit on their inviting patio. The passion we feel for riding has led us to continue to pursue new goals. For two years we’ve raised money for and participated in the MS Ride to the Alamo, a two day ride from San Antonio to New Braunfels and back. Completing the 160 miles (including a 100 mile century ride on day one!) was a huge accomplishment, but not as fulfilling as raising over $4,200 for Multiple Sclerosis research and patient care. Seeing riders along the way who have MS put our momentary discomfort in a much different perspective. We’re riding as much as we can – because we can. It’s put us out of our comfort zone at times, but we so appreciate the opportunity to continually experience the breeze in our face and explore the new vistas. See you on the road! LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 45

Pinnacle Grill



Enjoy amazing vista views of the Texas Hill Country while you dine on signature dishes prepared by our talented culinary team. Our casual and ďŹ ne dining restaurants offers an experience like no other in Kerrville. (Open to the public).

The Pinnacle Grill - Casual Dining Enjoy traditional favorites along with southwest specialties. Offering burgers, signature soups and salads, pasta dishes, steaks and more in a golf club casual atmosphere. Check out the NEW Lunch and Dinner menus! The Trophy Room - Fine Dining To elevate your dining experience, we offer "After Five" dining in the Trophy Room. Choose from a variety of upscale dishes in a casual but reďŹ ned setting with hill country views at every angle. Dress for The Club: Golf Club Casual

Hours of Operation (Fall/Winter): Tuesday-Thursday-8:00am-8:00pm (last reservation/table seating) Friday & Saturday: 8:00am-8:30pm (last reservation/table seating) Reservations: Pinnacle Grill - Please reserve tables for groups over 10. Trophy Room- Reservations are required. (830) 895-8500 Ext. 249

Brad Moore Builders 830-438-3240

Residential Planning & Construction | Design/Architect & Custom Homes | Professional Attention to Detail

Let Our Team Help Build Your Dream LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 47

molly Owners: Mike, Stacy & Sam Stavinoha

Hi, my name is Molly and I’m a Labradoodle, part

Lab & part Poodle. That’s kind of hard to say but not as hard as my last name, Stavinoha. My favorite thing to do is go for a walk every morning with my dad. Of course I love my mom too because she talks to me all the time and she throws the ball for me every night. Then there’s my sister, Sam. I can’t wait for her to go off to college so I can be the only child around here. Sam says I have to wear a pink collar because everybody thinks I’m a boy. I say I’m just a girl with a beard.

48 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012



1075 Junction Highway | Kerrville, TX 78028

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 49

For the first time, LIFESTYLE will include your map to the Hill Country; featuring the best of the best restaurants, wineries, retail and service establishments, state and private parks, as well as other hidden treasures. Whether you are a first time visitor or a life-long resident, you are sure to learn something new about the Texas Hill Country.

50 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

LIFESTYLE april/may 2012 51

LIFESTYLE Magazine 2801 Comanche Trace Dr. Kerrville, TX 78028

Evans & Associates Real Estate Over 30 years specializing in Farm & Ranch properties throughout Texas.

(830) 895-0777 (877) 346-0106

1209 Junction Highway Kerrville TX 78028 52 LIFESTYLE april/may 2012

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Lifestyle April/May 2012  

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