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Your Home. Your Lifestyle. is an award winning custom home design firm located in the Texas Hill Country. Our design team offers over 40 years of combined experience in both residential and commercial design, as well as construction. We have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients culminating with an extensive portfolio of more than 1200 plans. While most of our homes have been designed for sites within Texas, we have also designed homes in 8 other states, including a parade home outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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our clients realize their dream by molding a unique and exceptional home design, one that is artistic, functional, and on budget. Structural integrity is equally important and is an integral part of every design.

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Mickey Thompson is the owner and primary designer of As a designer with a never-ending creative flare, he believes that the best designs come from listening carefully to a client’s desires and ideas coupled with attention to the natural attributes and constraints of the site. There is an inherent joy in knowing that we have provided our clients with a home design that is aesthetically exciting, functionally efficient, and economically within budget. Mickey has designed a number of commercial projects including a prototype of the Chili’s Restaurant and various church facilities. In addition to design, he has an extensive background in construction and real estate finance, all of which have enabled more sophisticated home designs. Mickey has won design awards in Texas and Arkansas.

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Tammy, an accomplished AutoCAD operator in two-dimensional digital drafting, has served as Project Coordinator.

TAMMY WIDENER CAREY THOMPSON Carey, a retired music teacher, is coordinating Plan Sales, Marketing, LESLIE MAILLOUX

Website marketing and general office work.






computer drafting associates, is an architect who has been assisting us for several years. DEBRA WALSTON

Debra, serving as our Bookkeeper and assisting with our Website management for many years, keeps us financially current and in-line.


S I N G L E FA M I LY H O M E S T EX A S CO N T E M PO RY T EX A S CO U N T RY F R E N C H T EX A S FA R M T EX A S G E R M A N T EX A S M I SSI O N T EX A S R A N C H T EX A S T R A D ITI O NA L *Models are presented in order from largest to smallest living area within each section. The living area may be found at the lower left corner. Please keep in mind that we offer other Plan Albums that feature our Garden Homes, Casitas, Lodges, Cabins, and more.


he Texas Contemporary combines clean, flowing lines and massing, often with the appearance of a flat roof structure or slow pitched roofs. R e s i s t i n g s y m m e t r y , the contemporary style will incorporate


b a l a n c e . W e l i k e t o i n c o r p o r a t e r u s t ic elements with the uncluttered design for added w a r m t h . O ft e n t h i s s t y l e w i l l i n c l u d e s t e e l

w i n d o w w a l l s i n s e t i n st u c c o o r s t o n e m a s s i n g .

W e w i l l o f t e n i n c l u d e s t o n e a n d s t u c c o w it h h i n t s o f w oo d t o ac h i e v e a e s t h e t i c b a l a n c e .

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Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

Appearance of Flat Roofs or Slow Pitched Roofs Shear Walls Bold Glass (a lot of Fixed Glazing) Strong Vertical and/or Horizontal Lines Asymmetrical but Balanced Open Floor Plan Spaciousness

“We want to thank you for all your help in the design of our home. We are really looking forward to getting started. I hope you guys had fun with the design in doing something a little “Different.” I know we really like the end result.” A. Sell – TX


he Texas Country French home design emanates primarily from Country French or Chateau that is transposed by the use of rustic Texas elements. These elements might


include metal roofs, stone/stucco veneers, and wood or

stone columns. A Hip roof is used. It could have a few

accent gables, but when you look at the house, you pre-

dominantly see Hip. The roof pitch is usually a moderate 7/12 or 8/12. Saw cut stone or wood lintels often accent these homes. Broken arch windows and doors, as opposed to the (Spanish style) full arch are regularly featured. Broken arch shapes between porch columns and major accent openings are a smooth detail present in this style.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

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Broken arch openings Hip roof Shingle (shakes) for roof material or colored metal Stone columns or wood with curved corbels French style garage doors

“We finally moved into our new home in June and are delighted with it. Thanks to Mickey all our neighbors love the design.” M. Martin –TX “Thank you again for your fine work. You all certainly made this design experience very pleasurable.” J. Johnson – TX


he Texas Farm home designs encompass a number of styles or hints of styles. While some home designs in this gallery have a hint of Victorian appointments, others have a more simple and country look, even to the extent of the “dog run” layout. These home designs offer a variety of architectural features. Most of these designs are simple in appointments and usually incorporate a functional porch. Some have steep roofs to allow for a second floor. The German influence is evidenced in the designs that have walls that are more spacious and windows that are not prominently featured. The difference in the Texas Farm designs may appear subtle in comparison to the Texas German designs. Both are used extensively in the Texas Hill Country. The original Farm Homes were primarily designed with wood veneers, metal roofs with stone or brick chimneys, and raised with stone or brick aprons. They were usually enhanced by a sparse number of “Texas Farm” style windows, which are single or double hung with one vertical divider in each sash. Wood floors were customary in this style along with wood columns and handrails. Contemporary versions of this style employ many of these elements, though they may not be as predominate due to the larger size homes of today.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle.


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Cross Buck or “Z” style bracing for Barn Doors & Shutters Wood Veneers Windows are verticallyrectangular, either single or double hung; accent square windows are sometimes used Gable Roof Pent roof to protect window from sun Metal Roof Wood columns Truss Beams some times used as a Wood Feature

“The framing starts tomorrow! This is so exciting and thanks to you all, our dream is coming true!” J. Murdoch – TX “We think your website and house plans are first class, all the way!” B. Gonzales – TX


he Texas German design offers a charming blend of European peasant houses with hill country materials. This style is one in which balance and symmetry are not essen-


tial. Simplicity is important. Germans are a conservative

group and tend to use decorative features sparingly.

Interesting windows and doors that seem small for the

wall space they occupy are widely used in this style. In the

Texas German style, porches are used moderately. The German Sunday House provided access to a loft via outdoor stairs located in the gabled end. These stone structures were sometimes veneered with plaster when finances allowed. The contemporary version tries to authenticate a rustic appearance by exposing the stone wall in places by partially plastering the wall. The stone wall is developed with smear joint mortar as is typical for a stone wall ready for plastering. Metal roofs are frequently used in the Texas Hill Country due to its longevity. Rust is not a problem in the hill country.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

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Massing: “adding on” Gable roof- Metal material Wood columns Barn Door Feature, barn roof vents, or stable cupolas Wood Beams & Trusses Windows are often single hung, vertical, rectangular & small square windows



MODEL 1769


MODEL 1762


MODEL 1738

“We want to thank you for the work you did on our house plans in Comanche Trace. The finished product is exactly what we asked you to produce, a Texas Farmhouse. Even though we started with one of your standard plans, we incorporated certain ideas we had and you made them work in the plan without much added square footage.” L. Sudderth — TX


he Texas Mission style is a romantic blend of Texas Ranch, Mexican Hacienda, and Spanish Mission. This style is often a rambling plan with an enclosed courtyard


that features an attractive fountain. The walls of the court-

yard serve to protect a small area from the local wildlife

such as deer and armadillos.

The materials used in this style are usually a combination of stone and stucco (plaster) walls with shake roofing. Many of these designs have barrel tile roofs in earth tones other than the California reds or oranges. The roof pitch is generally at a slight 5/12 or 6/12 pitch, since the prospect of snow is not a problem. Wood or stone lintels enhance many of these designs. Casement windows are often used with or without dividers. Unique touches involve the use of architectural antiques such as oxcart wheel gates or chandeliers. Rustic finishes in both the interior and exterior are typical in this motif. Porches also play a vital role in the Texas Mission design as the hot, West Texas sun begs for shade.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

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Gable & Hip Roof Barrel tile roof material Full Arches used for openings Cantera or a combination of cantera and wood Roof Corbels Windows are often vertical- rectangular casements Exposed wood rafter rails Spanish Doors Tower Entries and/or Turret Rooms

"THANK YOU!!!! This is perfect. ...Please use us as a reference for anyone inquiring of your services we are beyond please. You guys are the best and I'm soooo excited to get this house done." S. Ringmacher - TX


ambling one-story floor plans with wide roof overhangs, to shield the living area from the hot Texas sun, best exemplify the style of the Texas Ranch designs fea-


tured in this gallery. Many of the appointments are of

Texas Ranch or Mexican origin. Porches are a significant

element of the plan design offering protection from the sun and enjoyment of the breeze. Since snow is not usu-

ally a problem, roofs are constructed with a slow slope.

They were typically made of wood shakes, however, metal roofs have become quite popular. Dimensional composition shingled roofs also characterize the Ranch appearance very nicely. The façade is usually of earthy materials such as stone and wood. The use of wood (often cedar) posts and columns is prevalent in many of these designs. Although casement style windows are preferred, single hung divided windows can be easily worked into the scheme. The Texas Ranch style designs differ from the Texas Mission style designs in that the Ranch style will not have barrel tile roofs nor utilize as much of the Spanish/Mexican accents such as the use of cantera.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

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Elongated Building Profile Gable Roof: Metal or Shingle material Exposed Rafter Tails Windows: Typically vertical-rectangular but shorter than Farm or German style Truss Beams Wood Columns, sometimes stone Stone plus Wood Materials throughout

“Thank you for the plans. They are great! We cannot wait to get started. We will definitely send some pictures.” K. Tipton – TX “You read my mind! You guys are great!” K. Knox – AL "The whole bunkhouse looks really cool, you did a great job!" B. Wills - TX

“The house is gorgeous! We love the way the porch additions were handled and absolutely adore the house overall. You guys did such a great job with this house and we really appreciate all of your hard work and are very thankful for Mickey and his artistic vision.” L. Nelson — TX


ur “Texas Traditional” section actually encompasses a wide variety of Texas styles such as Contemporary, Prairie, Craftsman, Tudor, Texas Fort simulation, and Alsace-


Lorraine that are not included in the foregoing sections.

Also found in this section are a few unique designs that

fall into a category all their own.

These plans are presented for your enjoyment and to emphasize that can, and, in fact, is delighted to develop other styles and combination of styles in accordance with our clients’ tastes and desires.

Your Home. Your Lifestyle.

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