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in the off-colored water by the sound and scent.” As clear as East Matagorda Bay has been throughout the winter, if you are going to use artificials, you better use colors as close to the real thing as possible. Paradoski likes Bass Assassins’ version of Opening Night, Chicken on a Chain and Space

it takes to winch a big black ugly to hand. As water warm from winter, fishing will improve dramatically. You never know what will show up in March. Patience is an angler’s best friend.

the bank bite Location: LCRA Park at the mouth of Colorado River

Wipping from every direction, March winds play havoc with flags and Matagorda fishing.

Guppy. When under cloudy skies, use Morning Glory, Plum and 10W-40. Lakes off the Intracoastal hold redfish as the tides grow higher. The mouths of these sloughs and channels are especially potent on falling tides that empty those lakes. Live shrimp is always a good barometer, but Gulps are normally just as compelling when you can’t find the real thing. Never discount public pier along the beachfront as warming tides awaken croakers, sand trout, black drum, redfish and flounder staging in the channels. March is the month oversized black drum roam the highways leading to the Gulf. Cracked blue crabs are the prized bait, with fresh table shrimp a close second. Remember, black drum over 30 inches are catch-and-release only, but that doesn’t discount the brawn

Species: Black drum, redfish, sand trout Baits: Blue crabs, shrimp Capt. Bink Grimes owns and operates Sunrise Lodge on Matagorda Bay ( Contact him at

March 2012  

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