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The MS-AV700 has the same specs as its close cousin but adds the ability to play DVDs, and with the Aux-out line, you can even connect the unit to a TV or Multifunction display—while the stereo system continues providing an awesome audio experience. Menu functions for both of these units are designed to work like iPods, and I had no problem figuring out the controls in a matter of moments without once consulting the owner’s manual. The biggest surprise feature from both of these units, however, is just how reasonably they’re priced. The MS-IP700 lists for about $450, while the AV unit ups the ante by about $150 more. For more information, look to —LR

Aqua Design A couple of years ago I came across a product that truly made me go “Hmmm.” Aqua Design clothes designed to break up the human pattern by mimicking the sky filtered through water. Fly fisherman in the Florida Keys and other areas has used fish camouflage for some time. Fish in clear water are super spooky and savvy anglers know anything that can help break up their profile might give them a stealthy advantage. My initial test of this product involved me going underwater in a clear water private lake I have access to and photographing my father, Chester Moore, Sr. dressed head to toe in this clothing. I shot from a depth about three feet under the water up a bank looking at Dad and while he was still very visible, his pattern was not quite as defined as you would normally see. At other times I have worn the clothes and had success catching bass in the same super clear ponds. This is one of those things that is hard to attribute to fishing success directly but if you look at anecdotal evidence you can see they can be an advantage in fishing under clear conditions. Last year Bassmaster Elite Series angler Alton Jones spoke about taking off his red cap when he was targeting bedding fish because it would spook them. Any advantage an angler can get in the pursuit of fish, particularly wary, trophy-sized specimens is advantageous. I have worn my shirt in hot weather and T F & G

found the microfiber technology involved made it very breathable plus it has a 50 UPF rating for sun protection. There are four color variations. Aqua Sky works for sunny to partly sunny skies. Green Bayou blends with trees and vegetation along shorelines. Misty Sky incompatible colors for an overcast sky and Pacific Sand offers concealment and sandy and rocky areas. I have the Adventure and Voyager shirts but there are also the same patterns available in their Fish Hunter These clothes look great and are my go to dress shirts for Texas Fish & Game fishing seminars so you will not only be effective on the water but also look cool wherever you go. To learn more go to www.aquadesign. com —Chester Moore

Stedi-Stock I am a photographer and a hunter. That means I use cameras and scoped rifles to pursue my quarry and I am just as serious about getting a killer image as a killer rack. The rack might hang on my wall and the meat fill my freezer but the photos earn me a paycheck. That is why I was excited to check out the Stedi-Stock. It is a stabilization system that works great for cameras, video


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cameras, spotting scopes and other viewing devices. For example, I could imagine it working wonderfully for some of the handheld thermal imaging units on the market. The Stedi-Stock is ultra lightweight weighing in at only six ounces and is constructed of durable nylon so its tough enough to deal with the situations we find ourselves in the wild of Texas and beyond. The unit comes with a handy shoulder strap so it is easy to carry into the field. We often think our super light modern video and digital still cameras are faulty because of the poor images we get when using them in the deer blind. However, much of that has to do with stabilization. The Stedi-Stock greatly increases stability and can be a real difference maker in capturing the images you are seeking. I have one and plan on using it as my go to instrument for spotting scopes and video cameras in the deer blind. In addition besides the Stedi-Stock itself there are a variety of add-on packages available including one with a monopod which is perfect for photographers. For more information go to —CM

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March 2012  

THE Authority on Texas Fishing & Hunting Texas Fish & Game is the largest, oldest, and best outdoors resource of its kind in the nation. No...

March 2012  

THE Authority on Texas Fishing & Hunting Texas Fish & Game is the largest, oldest, and best outdoors resource of its kind in the nation. No...