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King and Texas-based Stanley have modified them to an extent, spinner blades come in three basic styles. They are the willowleaf, Colorado and Indiana. Blade size is dictated by number -- the smaller the number, the smaller the blade. Tandem baits can come equipped with any combination of blades. The size of the blades usually coincide with the weight of the head.

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There are several factors to consider when choosing a blade style. As a rule, Colorado blades are the better choice in off color water because they displace more vibration or “thump.” Willowleaf blades, meanwhile,provide more “lift,” making it the best choice for shallow water applications. Like other bait styles, spinnerbaits come in an assortment of colors. In my book, it is always best to stick with the basics in this department. Choose a white skirt in clear water and chartreuse, chartreuse/white or black in off-color or muddy water. Copper blades tend to work best on overcast days, nickel in clear conditions.

Shallow Spinnerbait Bait Tactics

If you don’t put the bait where the fish are, you aren’t going to catch very many. During the spring spawning season, a

high percentage of the bass are going to be shallow or in the process of moving shallow by way of creeks and ditches. They will be relating heavily to cover and structure such as laydowns, stumps, brush and boat docks. If a spot looks fishy, be sure and work it out thoroughly before writing it off. When fishing a laydown, retrieve the bait parallel with both sides before moving on to another. When fishing a brush top or bush, don’t cast directly into it and don’t just work the edges. Cast several feet past the target and bring the lure right through the thickest part of the cover. This same holds true for stumps. Retrieve the bait right next to the stump and actually bump it if possible. Often times, coming in contact with the cover is all it takes to trigger a vicious strike.

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