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One night as a friend and I were driving out, I saw something odd. He was on his phone, not even looking, and therefore denies my story, but as I was driving, this massive pig, probably the size of my boxer and akita combined, just ambles on out in front of my car like it was no big deal. I was like, “wtf, did you see that!?” It blew my mind, really. But what can we expect, when these suburbs encroach on the forests? Certainly, more encounters with these wild animals. I also had a bit of an experience with coyotes at this park. It was dusk and I was still on the trail when it was dark. Out of nowhere, I hear a wall of barking and howling. I thought to myself, “Wait, the dog park is in the opposite direction. The barking is coming from the river side.” Coyotes. It stopped as fast as it started and I got out of there as fast as I could. But, the only time I’ve seen a real live coyote was in Houston, of all places. Rode my bike to the bar, and there’s one single patch of trees left on West Houston center road. It was dark and lonely, but out of nowhere this coyote sprints across my path to the other side where the trees are. I heard its nails clack on the concrete. It stopped and looked at me. “What an odd dog. Wait, look at those colors, that long face. That’s a coyote, I tell ya what!” and he left.... I enjoy my experiences with nature, even though they can be scary or occur in odd places. And, I enjoy your articles!

been pulled hours earlier. In the dim light, I reached down to pet what I thought was the neighbor’s black cat. Only this cat, right at my feet, had a broad white stripe down its back. Kept my cool and avoided getting hosed down, but the encounter served as a reminder. Also rescued a few snakes from shovel-wielding neighbors, watched a coyote run down the street and had other sightings until all the lots were developed. Keep watching, especially at first and last

light. You’ll be amazed at what’s still roaming around our community. Doug Pike

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Cat G. Via Email Thanks for taking the time to write. I wish more readers would do the same. (And since you’re local, in Sugar Land, give a listen to my radio show on SportsTalk 790 Saturday and Sunday mornings.) I can guarantee you there are pigs around that park. A good friend who lives down there had one try to get through his back door one afternoon, but the family dog scared it (sort of) away. We can’t forget that building a house, or even hundreds of them, doesn’t immediately displace local wildlife. When I moved into my home in Sugar Land 18 years ago, we were among the first in what’s now a huge neighborhood. Before Lasik surgery, before I stopped smoking, I was on the front porch late one night having a smoke. Contacts had

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