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To kick off the partnership with Chevy, Moore teamed with TF&G blogger and Top Shot Season 3 Champion Dustin Ellermann for a teal hunt with guide Roger Bacon. They took a quick limit on Toledo Bend reservoir.

Whether trekking across the Pineywoods of East Texas or along the coastal prairie the Silverado 1500 delivered the goods.

Moore and his father Chester, Sr. (left) took the Cast & Blast to South Texas to hunt on their friend Robert Scherer’s (center) ranch. Moore took a 20-inch wide sixpointer while his father killed a monster buck with three main beams.

Things are falling in place for the species and Flounder Revolution is excited to be at the forefront. While the flounder run puts an exclamation point on the fall fishing season in grand fashion, we are in the midst of hunting season. I hunt whitetails but waterfowl and hogs have always been my favorite quarry. A few years ago we released by book Texas Waterfowl that has enjoyed tremendous feedback from the waterfowl hunting community in the Lone Star State. The approach I took with it was to integrate deep knowledge of the birds themselves, their biology and habitat with hunting techniques and tactics. It has always been my contention that we in the outdoors communication business too often overlook the actual creatures we T e x a S

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are pursuing and opt for tech-only oriented pieces on many occasions. I always enjoyed reading the writers who could tie in the scientific, the technical and the excitement in one package. We are about to do just that with my latest book, Hog Wild. Hog hunting is an incredibly important part of the Texas outdoors culture and is one that is as multifaceted as deer hunting. Conducting research for the book saw me learning some unique things about hogs including many things that answered questions about strange situations encountered in the field. As far as I know there has never been a book on hogs that traces the origins of the animals we hunt as much as this one and also one that covers as much ground on tactics for scoring on these animals. It is exciting to be part of TF&G and have creative license to go into these projects with not only the goal of doing good business but creating something that excites me and hopefully all of you.

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March 2012  

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