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Letters to the Editor Long Range Shots With 55 years of shooting experience and thousands of hours spent reading hunting and fishing magazines and even more time in the field, I feel that the Steve LaMascus article on long range shooting [Texas Guns, February, 2012

issue] has hit the mark! This is probably the best article that I have read in any outdoor magazine. It is often easy to buy your way in but long range shooting isn’t one of those places... It takes practice, equipment, knowledge and lots of help from spotters and range finders to even get close at very long ranges. Thank you for publishing something

worthwhile and factual. Thanks for publishing a great article! Ron Edmundson Via Email

Pig Hunting I read your article “Pride in our Pigs” [Pike on the Edge, February, 2012 issue] with a touch of humor but also some serious info about their number increase. You suggested a way to maybe reduce their numbers that may have a beneficial (?) impact. However I have a suggestion that you did not note and that is: Open up the land to hunters like me that would hunt but can NOT pay the exorbitant fees that land owners want for me to hunt. As a retired senior citizen and others like me that cannot support that dollar amount. There is a restriction on public land too -- limited information of just where and when and how. I contacted TPWD and got some info but not too clear. I know that if you would contact those that have a pig problem and make arrangements for them to permit hunters like me to hunt their problem pigs they would not have as many. I have hunted all my life as a boy and now in old age and I remember that Dad let others hunt on our farm if they asked or let us know. Wild game does not belong to anyone -- they are God’s creatures. I am A WW-II vet, ex Deputy Sherriff, Galveston Co. and worked with Houston bomb squad research project. So Safety is most important to me. M. Fred Krch P.E. retired Via Email I just read your article in the February issue. It made me chuckle a little when I read about your friend from Sugar Land who encountered a pig. I’ve been hiking around Texas and other parts my entire life. I’ve heard them in the distance a few times, but I’ve never encountered one in the wild. However, there’s this park in Sugar Land, I think called sugar Land Memorial Park, off 59 and University.

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2/8/12 4:15 PM

March 2012  

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