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march 2012

Tides and Prime Times







First Quarter

New Moon



High Tide: 12:08 am Low Tide: 7:48 am High Tide: 3:23 pm Low Tide: 8:04 pm

1.03 ft. -0.25 ft. 1.06 ft. 0.76 ft.



3:00 — 5:00 AM

Full Moon

High Tide: 1:20 am Low Tide: 8:31 am High Tide: 3:40 pm Low Tide: 8:38 pm



Last Quarter Good Day

PRIME TIME 1.09 ft. -0.21 ft. 1.05 ft. 0.59 ft.

THURSDAY Low Tide: 4:19 am High Tide: 5:10 pm

-0.09 ft. 1.01 ft.


PRIME TIME 1.15 ft. -0.11 ft. 1.03 ft. 0.38 ft.

8:00 — 10:00 AM

Sunrise: 7:04a Set: 6:35p Moonrise: 5:03a Set: 4:03p AM Minor: 2:47a AM Major: 8:58a PM Minor: 3:10p PM Major: 9:21p Moon Overhead: 10:31a Moon Underfoot: 10:53p

best days

High Tide: 2:27 am Low Tide: 9:13 am High Tide: 3:59 pm Low Tide: 9:16 pm

4:00 — 6:00 AM


4:30 — 6:30 AM

8¡ High Tide: 3:32 am Low Tide: 9:56 am High Tide: 4:17 pm Low Tide: 9:59 pm

PRIME TIME 1.20 ft. 0.05 ft. 1.01 ft. 0.15 ft.

5:30 — 7:30 PM

Sunrise: 6:59a Set: 6:37p Moonrise: 7:06a Set: 7:38p AM Minor: 5:28a AM Major: 11:14a PM Minor: 5:49p PM Major: ----Moon Overhead: 1:18p Moon Underfoot: 12:58a

Sunrise: 6:58a Set: 6:38p Moonrise: 7:34a Set: 8:31p AM Minor: 6:11a AM Major: 12:01a PM Minor: 6:32p PM Major: 12:21p Moon Overhead: 1:59p Moon Underfoot: 1:39a

Sunrise: 6:57a Set: 6:39p Moonrise: 8:04a Set: 9:25p AM Minor: 6:56a AM Major: 12:46a PM Minor: 7:17p PM Major: 1:07p Moon Overhead: 2:41p Moon Underfoot: 2:20a

Sunrise: 6:56a Set: 6:40p Moonrise: 8:36a Set: 10:20p AM Minor: 7:44a AM Major: 1:33a PM Minor: 8:06p PM Major: 1:55p Moon Overhead: 3:25p Moon Underfoot: 3:03a




15 »


Low Tide: 1:30 am High Tide: 9:30 am Low Tide: 1:55 pm High Tide: 6:27 pm

-0.35 ft. 1.20 ft. 0.93 ft. 1.10 ft.

3:00 — 5:00 AM

Low Tide: 2:32 am High Tide: 11:08 am Low Tide: 2:54 pm High Tide: 6:32 pm

PRIME TIME -0.40 ft. 1.19 ft. 1.08 ft. 1.13 ft.

10:00P — 12:00A


Low Tide: 3:44 am -0.39 ft. High Tide: 12:54 pm 1.21 ft.

11:00P — 1:00A

Low Tide: 5:03 am High Tide: 2:16 pm

PRIME TIME -0.36 ft. 1.23 ft.

7:00 — 9:00 AM

Sunrise: 6:51a Set: 6:42p Moonrise: 11:27a Set: 1:07a AM Minor: 11:14a AM Major: 5:01a PM Minor: 11:41p PM Major: 5:28p Moon Overhead: 6:44p Moon Underfoot: 6:17a

Sunrise: 7:50a Set: 7:43p Moonrise: 1:25p Set: 3:01a AM Minor: 12:41a AM Major: 6:55a PM Minor: 1:09p PM Major: 7:22p Moon Overhead: 8:40p Moon Underfoot: 8:12a

Sunrise: 7:49a Set: 7:44p Moonrise: 2:27p Set: 3:52a AM Minor: 1:34a AM Major: 7:48a PM Minor: 2:02p PM Major: 8:16p Moon Overhead: 9:36p Moon Underfoot: 9:08a

Sunrise: 7:47a Set: 7:44p Moonrise: 3:33p Set: 4:39a AM Minor: 2:25a AM Major: 8:39a PM Minor: 2:53p PM Major: 9:07p Moon Overhead: 10:31p Moon Underfoot: 10:03a



21 «

22 l


High Tide: 2:09 am Low Tide: 9:23 am High Tide: 4:06 pm Low Tide: 9:40 pm

1.11 ft. -0.02 ft. 1.06 ft. 0.60 ft.

4:00 — 6:00 AM

High Tide: 3:14 am Low Tide: 10:06 am High Tide: 4:22 pm Low Tide: 10:04 pm

PRIME TIME 1.16 ft. 0.14 ft. 1.02 ft. 0.45 ft.


High Tide: 4:11 am Low Tide: 10:44 am High Tide: 4:38 pm Low Tide: 10:31 pm

5:00 — 7:00 AM

1.20 ft. 0.30 ft. 1.01 ft. 0.31 ft.

5:30 — 7:30 AM

High Tide: 5:05 am Low Tide: 11:17 am High Tide: 4:53 pm Low Tide: 10:59 pm

PRIME TIME 1.23 ft. 0.47 ft. 1.01 ft. 0.21 ft.

6:30 — 8:30 PM

Sunrise: 7:42a Set: 7:47p Moonrise: 8:08p Set: 7:18a AM Minor: 5:42a AM Major: 11:55a PM Minor: 6:09p PM Major: ----Moon Overhead: 1:12a Moon Underfoot: 1:39p

Sunrise: 7:41a Set: 7:47p Moonrise: 9:19p Set: 7:57a AM Minor: 6:36a AM Major: 12:22a PM Minor: 7:04p PM Major: 12:50p Moon Overhead: 2:06a Moon Underfoot: 2:33p

Sunrise: 7:40a Set: 7:48p Moonrise: 10:29p Set: 8:38a AM Minor: 7:35a AM Major: 1:21a PM Minor: 8:04p PM Major: 1:50p Moon Overhead: 3:01a Moon Underfoot: 3:30p

Sunrise: 7:39a Set: 7:49p Moonrise: 11:39p Set: 9:23a AM Minor: 8:38a AM Major: 2:24a PM Minor: 9:08p PM Major: 2:53p Moon Overhead: 3:59a Moon Underfoot: 4:28p






Low Tide: 12:40 am High Tide: 8:40 am Low Tide: 12:59 pm High Tide: 5:24 pm

0.07 ft. 1.20 ft. 0.99 ft. 1.10 ft.

9:00 — 11:00 PM

Sunrise: 7:34a Set: 7:51p Moonrise: 2:38a Set: 1:02p AM Minor: 12:22a AM Major: 6:32a PM Minor: 12:46p PM Major: 6:59p Moon Overhead: 7:49a Moon Underfoot: 8:15p

106 |


2 0 1 2

Low Tide: 1:22 am High Tide: 9:50 am Low Tide: 1:20 pm High Tide: 5:03 pm

PRIME TIME 0.08 ft. 1.18 ft. 1.08 ft. 1.15 ft.

10:00P — 12:00A

Sunrise: 7:32a Set: 7:52p Moonrise: 3:24a Set: 2:01p AM Minor: 1:11a AM Major: 7:24a PM Minor: 1:36p PM Major: 7:49p Moon Overhead: 8:41a Moon Underfoot: 9:05p

T e x a S

F i s h



Low Tide: 2:09 am High Tide: 11:14 am Low Tide: 1:43 pm High Tide: 4:53 pm

0.11 ft. 1.18 ft. 1.15 ft. 1.19 ft.

11:00P — 1:00A

Sunrise: 7:31a Set: 7:53p Moonrise: 4:04a Set: 2:58p AM Minor: 1:58a AM Major: 8:10a PM Minor: 2:21p PM Major: 8:33p Moon Overhead: 9:29a Moon Underfoot: 9:52p

G a m e ®

T F & G

Low Tide: 3:04 am High Tide: 12:48 pm Low Tide: 2:21 pm High Tide: 4:55 pm

PRIME TIME 0.14 ft. 1.21 ft. 1.20 ft. 1.22 ft.

7:00 — 9:00 AM

Sunrise: 7:30a Set: 7:53p Moonrise: 4:39a Set: 3:54p AM Minor: 2:40a AM Major: 8:51a PM Minor: 3:02p PM Major: 9:13p Moon Overhead: 10:14a Moon Underfoot: 10:36p


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March 2012  

THE Authority on Texas Fishing & Hunting Texas Fish & Game is the largest, oldest, and best outdoors resource of its kind in the nation. No...