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Fish and Game GEAR Flambeau Turns Tail on Turkeys

trolled decoy movement. Here’s the perk: no electronics, no noise, and no batteries means all natural “tomfoolery.” Read and respond after a quick 30-second setup to the body language of an approaching longbeard cam-actuated body rotation and a full range of fantail positions. Pull the string from your position in cover and the fantail slowly rises as the body simultaneously rotates. Release

THE MAD ANSWER TO UPPING THE game against springtime toms. The simple, reliable pull-string operation of the new Spin-N-Strut allows you to now entice a gobbler to come pick a fight through conSpin-N-Strut’s tail raising action is manually (and silently) controlled.

the tension and the decoy resets. It’s one thing to grab the attention of a roaming gobbler with a hen call, but to seal the deal, the Spin-N-Strut motion ramps up the realism of the trap you’re trying to set to a whole different level. The call brings them in close, the Spin-N-Strut coaxes them in for a final bout. The only difference between the Spin-N-Strut and the bird now in your sights is a heartbeat. Includes high-definition synthetic fantail and the option to use your own real fantail. MSRP $169.99.

Fin-Wing is Reshaping the Spoon THERE’S SOMETHING TO BE SAID for reliability, especially when it comes to lure performance. For decades, the casting spoon has been one of the most trustworthy. The wobble and flash will always cause fish to believe they’re on the threshold of an easy baitfish meal. Knowing this, every inshore angler worth a salt carries at least a representative selection. One of the most proven and versatile saltwater casting spoons is the Fin-Wing from Keweenaw Tackle. Because of Fin-Wing’s inimitable scooped shape and wide profile, the patented spoon can fished in multiple ways. For one, the Fin-Wing can be retrieved slowly, imbuing hang-time, keeping the bait in the strike-zone longer, letting fish dial-it-up for a charge, not to mention summoning nearby fish that would have gone completely untapped by a fast moving – and sinking – conventional spoon. This hovering capability is especially in the shallows where a standard spoon of its size would be snared in the oysters in a second. Another Fin-Wing phenom-




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Texas Fish & Game March 2017  
Texas Fish & Game March 2017  

The Classic Comes to Conroe; Topwater Trout Temptations; Texas Gun Law; Jaws Breakers—Surf Sharks; Carpe Diem—Bowhunting Carp; Air Gun Hogs