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The Ultimate Dog Mom often makes it look easy, taking care of dogs, family, a household and a job. With a few minutes to spare before guests arrive, she frantically wipes up the last of the slobber that landed on the walls after her dog drank from the toilet, dribbled down the hall and shook his body from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. While everyone else sits, she frets; making sure the couches have been vacuumed, stepping over dogs to ensure the floors are swept, and the air fresheners changed. Often as she?s cleaning, she wonders if she?s really the Ultimate Dog Mom, or if she just has the Ultimate Dogs, you know, since they get to sit and watch her from the couch as she picks up after them. She shakes her head and sometimes even thoughts of, ?Oh, how easy my life would be without all these dogs to take care of!? sneaks into her mind like a pup sneaks into the trash. But, we all know it?s a lie. In the same breath, she?s talking about a dog she saw on Facebook that needs a home and how that home just might be hers. Frequently, it physically pains her to look at her dogs. The amount of love coursing through her veins when her eyes meet theirs, makes her feel, quite literally, like her heart could burst. She is open-minded and willing to listen to how others raise their dogs without fear that any way but her own is wrong. She?s capable of researching and finding out what works best for HER family and even when others put her down for doing just that, she goes on. She is a staunch protector of her dogs, her babies. She gives them a voice, and is not only an ambassador for her dog, but also for humankind. She makes the rules and doles out the discipline but never turns away a kiss. She might get frustrated with her pack, feelings of failure wash over her, but she doesn?t ever give up. All it takes is one look at her dog, staring soulfully and full of unconditional love, to get back up and be the woman her dog thinks she is. The Ultimate Dog Mom? We can all be her. It?s not a title that only one woman can achieve at a time like ?Best In Show? at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The Ultimate Dog Mom is a woman that strives for better. It?s not about how much money you spend, the designer collars they wear, the brand of food they eat, or even how many followers you have. Kind of like being that scent dog, you start out with an idea of where you want to go, but by the

end of it, you?ve made some sharp turns and loops, gone through brush and stepped over (or in) piles of poop. It may not be a straight line, or even the direction you thought you?d go, but no one will ever travel the same exact path again. It?s your journey; only you get to decide if you?re ready to be the Ultimate Dog Mom. So, I say all that to say this; being the Ultimate Dog Mom is my purpose in life. Since the beginning, my daily goal has been to make someone laugh, give someone hope and change someone?s mind about dogs. They are such emotionally intellectual beings and I feel they don?t get enough credit for just how in tune with humans they truly are. Jack, Sally, Kilo, Kain and Lotto are my heart. Some days, just knowing that they need me, that no one can take care of them better than I can, keeps me clean. I feel that it is my calling to give dogs and addicts alike, a voice. No pun intended, but I want to give a voice to the underdogs. If you want to experience more of the Ultimate Dog Mom Life, check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/dogsandotherunsolicited advice and see more about Long Bois and the House Hippos.

Katelyn Hoglund, The Ultimate Dog Mom


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Texas Dog Magazine | Spring 2019