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All photos courtesy of the French & I.

working with other sm all businesses and forging relationships with our vendors. We are investing in our infrastructure to keep up with our vision to m ake m y son Zeus?icon a recognizable brand. We are a sm all com pany but we?re based out of the heart of Texas, and in Texas, everything is bigger, including our passion and will to be the best.


We love participating in events and m eeting folks who love their pets as m uch as we love ours. Zeus saved m e when I needed a hero the m ost. It is because of the purpose he gave m e that I have been able to m eet such wonderful sm all business owners who have welcom ed us with open arm s. In seeing how they operate, their feedback it has allowed us to im prove and see things from a different perspective. I rem em ber Courtney Em ken from Dog Boy?s Dog Ranch in Pflugerville suggested we go away from iron-on labels. Nate & Blake from Rogue Pet Science suggested different venues and groups for us to be vendors at other events. Jillian Dretzka from Work & Woof is always opening her doors for us and m aking room for us at her events. Leah Thom as from Pawsom e Dog Delivery treats m aking tim e to accom m odate our last m inute orders for us to pass out her am azing treats to our furry friends. Kathy from kathyphantastic is always supportive and helps with shoutouts on social m edia. Chris from Legacy Lazer has been instrum ental at figuring stuff out from our bandana tem plates to our custom sign at ?The Shop? to our retail hooks. Beba Rossi from Luna y Sol Co. is am azingly talented and created our custom ?Icon? Pinata, takes am azing pics of our pups and pupsits for us at her chihuahua ranch. You see, to m e Zeus and Athena are m ore than just dogs. They are m y children, m y inspiration, m y

heroes. They have been better than any pill m y doctors could have prescribed to m e. When we m ake som ething that we sew our label on, it isn?t just another SKU ? it is a product that we are proud of. Our hands physically took fabric, webbing, thread, etc. and created som ething out of love. To see one of our products on a sm iling furbaby is why we do what we do.

DEEP I N OUR ROOTS, WE ARE 'THE FRENCH AND I ' We?ve com e a long way from our first Brother sewing m achine, but our goal has always been the sam e. We want to m ake quality products utilizing the best m aterials we can find, down to the thread. Every product has to be som ething that we would wear so the patterns and colors are all carefully chosen. We know we don?t want to be like everyone else, after all, it ?s m y son Zeus that inspired our brand. Today, Athena is the face of our brand at m ost of the events we vend at, Zeus prefers to be at hom e chewing on his leather toys or hanging out at the Chihuahua ranch with Beba?s two beautiful daughters. He m akes appearances at events that are shorter in length and closer to hom e. His trainers tell us he is in his teenage years, which of course m akes us laugh. So if you ever see us, stop by and say hello give us a chance we prom ise you?ll love the quality of our products. We stand behind our products; we want to play a part in showing everyone that a quality product m ade out of U.S com ponents can be m ade in the U.S. at an affordable price. The French & I was inspired by a French Bulldog named Zeus, made for all dogs to enjoy by a U.S Veteran

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