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Editor's Note Texas Dog Magazine started printing its first full editions on March 1, 2017, and for that edition, I wrote my first editor ?s note celebrating Ruekah?s ?Gotcha? Day. One year later I would like to celebrate my staff ?s ?Gotcha? Day. For the past year, our incredible magazine has served as a place that dog lovers can get important info, explore other amazing Texas dogs and organizations and most importantly ? have fun with their own pups! However, none of this would be possible without the efforts of the entire Texas Dog Magazine staff.

t exasdogm agazin e.com PUBLISHER Bookshelf Builders Press

EDITOR Nealie Sanchez editor@texasdogmagazine.com


Texas Dog Magazine is an amazing collaborative product brought to you by some of the finest ? University of North Texas Alumni, Dog Lovers and even Cat Lovers:


Linda Kessler, our lead designer and editor, created a mock edition of Texas Dog Magazine in January of 2016 and from there joined the team and led the design on each of our quarterly editions.

Alana Holt alanaTXDM@gmail.com

Tiffany Ditto, our senior staff writer, has through her time on staff decided to pursue a career in animal care. Her creative pieces have peppered in the perfect amount of fun and education for dog owners across Texas.

Linda Kessler lindaTXDM@gmail.com

Alana Holt, our staff photographer and writer, has created stunning cover photos, photo stories and most recently jumped in as a writer to create powerful and impactful pieces for dog lovers. This past year I have expanded my family by four paws with a Border Collie/Labrador Retriever Mix named Traeger, by four editions of our pawsome magazine and by thousands of dog lovers across Texas. Now? let?s do it all again, but better in 2019!


Tiffany Ditto tiffanyTXDM@gmail.com

222 E. Ren f r o St ., St e. 108 Bu r leson , TX 76028 Š2018 All rights reserved. Volume 1, Issue 2 No Part of this publication may be reproduced without the express written consent of the publisher.

Barks, Nealie E. Sanchez

Founder & Editor


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Texas Dog Magazine | Spring 2019