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was more than I could afford. When the oncologist explained to me that if I only did the first step of the treatment I could hope for 4-5 months with my best friend, I knew I had to find a way to give him the full treatment option, so we could spend his last few years together in good health and happiness. I started searching for an alternative. I knew that no matter what, giving up on my Desmond wasn?t an option because, as we all know, dogs never give up on us. I heard about dogslife through one of the veterinarians at my local animal clinic, Katy Trail Animal Hospital, and decided that this could be my one shot to help save my best friend. I scheduled a consult at Animal Diagnostic Center to get a treatment plan together and a comprehensive quote, then filled out the application with dogslife. Within a day, I had heard back from the organization. I cannot really put into words what the phone call meant to me when I was told that dogslife was providing a grant to help pay for all the overages for Desmond?s treatment that I simply could not afford. There really are angels that walk among us and this organization has some of the best! Desmond had his amputation surgery and is doing amazing. We had a few complications with the surgery, including an infection at the surgical site, but dogslife was there every step of the way; Desmond got the treatment he needed. Soon after the infection was under control and Desmond had his sutures removed, he was running up and down the stairs like he had been before his initial diagnosis and we knew he was ready to start chemo. Desmond is about to undergo his third round of chemo and has three more ahead of him. Dr. Roof at Animal Diagnostic Clinic has been an angel for Desmond and me and has guided him through chemo with grace and ease. He absolutely loves going to see them and his energy levels are skyrocketing! Throughout all of the complications and the ups and downs, dogslife has kept in touch with me and offered words of encouragement and support. They were even so kind as to put together a care package of Desmond?s favorite things to help him through his battle. I can?t begin to thank dogslife and their generous supporters enough and I will do my very best to spread the same love and support I?ve received to others. This is an organization worth your time and donations! Thank you, dogslife.?

As a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) charity, dogslife is supported by donations. Your generous support and contribution will go directly to providing grants for the treatment of these cherished pups and will enable their families to have the opportunity to enjoy a dog?s unconditional love for years to come. To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit the donate page on our website at dogslife.org/donate. Saying goodbye to a dog is an incredibly painful experience and leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. Nothing can replace the amazing moments we had with these loving beings, however by giving an "in-memory" donation to dogslife, you are creating a tribute to your loyal companion as well as well as returning the unconditional love that dogs have shown each of us. We will include your dog?s name and picture, as well as a tribute statement to them on our memorial wall on our website.


To learn more about dogslife and canine cancer in general, or to sign-up for our newsletter, see what fundraising events we have coming up,or read updates on dogs we?ve helped, please visit dogslife.org or email us at contactus@dogslife.org. You can also find dogslife online at;

HOW YOU CAN HELP Six million dogs will be diagnosed with cancer in 2019 alone and treatment for canine cancer typically ranges from $4,000 to $8,000. To many, a dog is not simply a pet, it is part of the family. Unfortunately, many families must forego life-saving cancer treatment for their best friends due solely to the cost associated with treatment. dogslife gives families burdened by this reality somewhere to turn.

? Website: dogslife.org ? Email: contactus@dogslife.org ? Instagram: @saveadogslife ? Facebook: @dogslife.org

HELPING AND HEALING by Sandy Scoggins I lost my sweet Patch on May 30, 2018. He was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma in 2017, and after 448 days of putting up a great fight I had to say, ?I will see you later.? For me, it?s never goodbye. The human-animal bond I had with Patch was extraordinary. I was most fortunate to provide him with the best veterinary care, and that was invaluable to me as TEXAS DOG MAGAZINE | 17

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Texas Dog Magazine | Spring 2019