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GROOM IN G Groom ing a Blue Lacy is relatively sim ple m aintenance. According to Vet Street, it is best to brush or com b the coat weekly to rem ove dead hair and distribute skin oils, and bathe as needed. Additionally, like m ost breeds the Blue Lacy require basic nail trim s every three to four weeks and standard toothbrushing for oral health. TEXAS TREASURE Texas? ranching roots, cowboy culture and true southern spirit are all reasons the Blue Lacy cam e to exist and continues to be. Whether you call them a Blue Lacy, Lacy Dog, Lacy Gam e Dog, Texas Blue Lacy or a Lacy Hog Dog ? they?ll com e when you call. There are several organizations dedicated to the preservation and rescue of Blue Lacys. Texas Dog M agazine encourages readers to contact official organizations about the adoption of Blue Lacys to ensure that their fam ily and hom e are an appropriate fit for this working breed.

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