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February 2013 Lillian Martin

Karen Alejandro 2012 Texas Child Model Magazine

Model of theYear!


Would you like to be the 2013 Texas Child Model Magazine Child of the Year winner? We are currently looking for our next beautiful face for the year! Contest is open to ages 0-12 yrs old. To apply visit Top Five Finalist will be announced March 1st. Winner will be chosen out of the top five finalist on March 5th! 3



Cover Photo by Tate Designs Photography


Want to be featured in Texas Child Model Magazine? Visit and join our network of young models! We are currently looking for photographers and editors. Want to join? Email 4

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Pinky Winks Boutique


Misti Van Zandt


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Tate Design Cover Shoot 20

Valentine Faces


When to wear make-up

Double Trouble









Model: Courtney Barker Age: 9 Photographer: Marcus Campos Boutique: Boutique Envy For Kids




Model: Courtney Barker Age: 9 Photographer: Marcus Campos Boutique: Boutique Envy For Kids



SASSY Model: Kaitlyn Woodward Age: 12 Photographer: Marcus Campos Boutique: Boutique Envy For Kids



POSING Model: Sheryl Coleman Age: 11 Photographer: Marcus Campos Boutique: Boutique Envy For Kids


“I received my first camera when I was 10 years old and never stopped shooting.”

Questions and Answers with Dallas Photographer Misti Van Zandt Tell us a little bit about yourself.


y name is Misti Van Zandt and I have been married to my amazing husband Jay for 14 years and have 3 awesome children together, Austin - 12, Ethan10 and Brooklyn - 6.

and families. I also shoot for covers of magazines, editorial pieces and ads. I am the top Children’s photographer in the

Who or what inspires you in your personal life and work? My family inspires me in my personal life we are close and have a lot of fun together. High fashion magazines help to inspire my work, I love seeing what top photographers are shooting in the industry, sets, lights, fashion, hair, make-up all of it!

Where do you live? In the Dallas/Fort Worth Area How long have you been a photographer? I received my first camera when I was 10 years old and never stopped shooting. In May of 2008 I started receiving calls from people I didn’t know to take their pictures and I decided to go pro and make it my business. What photography are you best known for ? Fashion Photography, my style of photography looks like you could rip it out of a magazine. I work with models, actors, children, seniors 12

get so excited with each and every shoot I work on and each person brings something different. I love those real moments, when you catch the model between posing and laughing and you capture their true expressions.

North Texas area. Favorite two photos you have taken recently/ what they represent to you? Good question! It is hard for me to pick favorites, I

What’s the best part of being a photographer? Creating one of a kind art, bringing out the best in someone and letting them see the image that they helped create and seeing their reaction. The hardest part of your job? Balance, between knowing when to be a business owner and knowing when it’s time to

turn it off and be a Mom and wife. The easiest part of your job? The Photo Shoot.. Once we get a flow going then there is an excitement in the air knowing that the results are going to be amazing.

not shoot it all, but having the option there will help. Also let the professional’s do there job, many parents want to be right on top of their child the whole time and this helps no one. It is better to step back and peek around the corner if you have to watch.

What is the most challenging part of your job? Have you ever taken pictures of any celebriDeadlines! I could spend days working on ties and who? images, but clients want them back quick, the Yes I have shot - Usher, Mark Cuban, The excitement overtakes them. Situation, Dallas Cowboy Roger Staubach, Texas Ranger Nolan Ryan, Spike Lee, Mike Do you prefer studio or natural light photogDoocy, DJ Samantha Ronson, Jake the raphy? Bachelor, Mallory McCarter Miss ManI prefer natural light photography whenever sfield, Jessica Pilgram Miss Outstanding possible, however there are times when studio Teen, Tamera Hilliard Miss Texas, Rebecca lights and flashes are needed. When it gets Robinson Miss Texas, Texas Ranger Mark really cold outside I love playing in the studio McLemore and many professional actors and with new ideas. models from North Texas Agencies. If not a photographer you would have been? I think I was always meant to be a photographer and just didn’t know it until later. I know that I would be doing something creative for sure, that is what makes me happy. 3 things that best define your work? Fashion feel, high quality, colorful and bright. Ok that’s 4. Worst moment you ever experienced on a shoot. I had a model in a field of wildflowers and it ended up that she was allergic to that flower. She broke out in hives and was coughing like crazy, we had to run up to the closest store and buy allergy meds. Before shooting on grass or fields I always ask first if they have allergies. Best advice for parents when preparing their child for a professional shoot. Have a lot of options for clothing, you may

On a personal note; What do you love to indulge in? Chocolate Ice Cream and Reality TV Your favorite film of all time? Titanic or Stand By Me Three words that describe you? Charming, Magnetic Personality, Driven A inspirational website and/or blog you visit often? Pinterest, Can’t get enough.. Come follow me Misti Van Zandt.. :) Where our readers can find out more about you - I post sneak peeks from all of my sessions, offer wardrobe wednesday tips and behind the scenes fun friday as well as casting calls on my business facebook page. Would love for you to come “like” it and show some love. Be sure and tell me that Texas Child Magazine sent you - vanzandtstudios 13


Karon Couture. Karon L. Washington Makeover Stylist @KaronCouture

Specializing in Kid Styles 15


Boutique of the Mont0h13 2 y r a bru


miss me blue snap front lace top Miss Me blue chambray denim snap front lace top. A little big of country and a little bit of rock and roll...either way you look at it this is a super cool top!

Price : $ 58.00


freckles & maya girls cupcake pillow

Small: 8” x 7” Medium: 11” x 8”

Washable and reversible, be careful, though, these well-built little packs dislike a hot dryer. Made in the USA.

Freckles & Maya girls cupcake pillow - available in two sizes. The color combinations vary from pillow to pillow. There is a zipper closure on the bottom so cleaning is a snap.

Price : $20.00

lima kids elephant personalized name plate Lima Bean Kids is making mealtime fun again! Indestructible, kid safe melamine dishes, all personalized for your little lima bean. Kiddos will love these dishes so much, they won’t even mind chowing down on a brussel sprout or two! Throw them in the basket for picnic time, or on the table for everyday use – either way, little ones everywhere are sure to love them!

Price : $ 24.00


ABOUT PRODUCT QUALITY All Lima Bean Kids plates are made from melamine; a non-toxic material. While all plates are safe for the dishwasher, they should not be used in the microwave. They are BPA free, virtually indestructible and safe for children of all ages. Please Note: As part of the production process, the print may have a few ‘cracks’ or feathers.

***All Prices are Subject to Change

appaman boys mist astro panda shirt Appaman boys mist long sleeve shirt combines the best of two worlds. There is a panda bear, AND he’s an astronaut!

Price : $ 17.00 Sale


kukunest carnival TODDLER bedding set

Toddler bedding: Toddler Comforter: 42 inches x 58 inches, poly fill (107cm x 147cm) Sham Case: 30 inches x 23 inches, back opening, no flange (76cm x 58cm)

Crib Fitted Sheet: 28 inches x 52 inches, 7-inch pocket depth (71cm x 132cm, 18cm pocket depth)

The joyous spirit of a carnival is captured in this adorable TODDLER bedding set. Unisex colors of orange and yellows and blues make this a fun bedroom theme perfect for both boys and girls rooms.

Price : $ 85.00


iscream dum dums duffel bag

Iscream Dum Dums duffel bag is the perfect bag for those trips to dance, soccer or sleepovers

Printed with Dum Dums logo. Made of 100% polyester canvas, size 20” x 12”.

Price : $ 45.00


Rockin’ Robin turquoise and purple toiletry bag

11” x 4” x 9”

Rockin’ Robin turquoise and purple toiletry bag

Snap flap closure Three compartments inside, one that is zipper close

Price : $ 24.00

jellycat farm tails book

Jellycat farm tail book takes your child on a trip to the country.

Price : $ 15.00

ABOUT PRODUCT QUALITY Jellycat has the world’s most sophisticated luxury soft toys for little ones. Established in London in 1999, Jellycat’s are the most adorable and utterly fun soft toys you will find.

The always original plush animals, the activity books and toys will become a very important part of your little one’s life.



zzy and Ash is named after our two children, Isabela and Ashton who are the main inspiration for our store. They have returned a sense of wonder and magic to our lives. We find, as you may have too, that a twirling dress or that one outfit with funky pants can completely captivate us. We are stopped in our tracks, and just have to smile. Our vision is twofold: To offer infant and children’s clothing that inspires everyone to honor the free spirits of children and to remember that playful abandon of childhood, but just as importantly to provide children’s fashions of outstanding quality and style. We offer the latest trends in designer infant and children’s clothing from both European and US manufacturers. Izzy And Ash complements its unique inventory by offering a hassle-free, secure, and dependable shopping experience. Whether you are looking for chic clothing, gifts, or accessories for that special child in your world, you’re guaranteed to find something you like. So there you have it!!! Please take a moment to join the Izzy And Ash mailing list to receive notification of sales and special previews.



Model: Lillian Martin Photographer: Kristin Tate

To see more of Kristin’s work visit 20

Get to know cover-shoot photographer Kristin Tate of Tate Designs Photography


y name is Kristin Tate, owner of Tate Designs Photography. I specialize in on-location and studio photography in Houston, Texas and its surrounding areas. You choose the type of photography you want; whether it’s in your home, a park, the beach or a more formal setting in my Studio and together we will make memories that last forever! Tate Designs Photography offers customized photography for maternity, newborn, children, teens, seniors, portraits/headshots, families, sporting events, engagement, bridal and weddings.

tecture. After the birth of my daughter in December 2009 I realized that I wanted to take my creativity to another level.........making memories for not only my family, but for families everywhere. I need to thank my husband Billy for all the love, trust and support he gives me. Without you, none of this would have been possible. You have always been behind me urging me to take that next frightful step to make my visions a reality. I LOVE YOU!

A little bit about me: I graduated from the University of Houston in 2004 with a Bachelor in Archi-


Model: Hunter Laskoskie Photographer: Kristin Tate


February is the month of kisses!

“KISS ME, Please”

Model: Bryce Vogel Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Bryce Lewis Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Calleigh Krause Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Taylor Tate Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Jensen Keller Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Kaden Kainer Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Baily Cowart Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Dimitri Tatavak Photographer: Kristin Tate


Model: Ryan Witt Photographer: Kristin Tate


r u o Y t e L u o Y d l u o h S When ? p u e k a M r a e W r e t h g Dau


or many parents, deciding whether or not to let their daughter wear makeup is fraught with concern and even panic. A daughter who begins to wear makeup may raise concerns about growing up too fast, dating, being approached by older men, and a host of other issues. If your daughter has asked you if she can wear cosmetics, here’s how to decide if she’s old enough. Body Image Issues Makeup is not going to radically alter your daughter’s personality and is unlikely to cause her to do anything she’s not already doing. A daughter’s desire to wear makeup does signal one thing, however: a growing mindfulness of her own appearance. Thus the real concern with your daughter wearing make up isn’t really a question of whether or not she’s old enough. Instead you should be concerned about whether the desire to wear makeup is a symptom of a body image issue. Conversely, wearing makeup can sometimes create body image issues in preteens. Girls begin to think they’re ugly without makeup and become increasingly dependent on it. If your daughter has asked you if she can wear makeup, your primary concern should be the effect this has on her self image. How Young is Too Young? The vast majority of high school aged girls wear make-up at least some of the time, and most girls start wearing makeup periodically in their preteens- somewhere between eleven and thirteen. If your daughter has asked to wear makeup at this age, you can rest assured that she’s developmentally normal and in most cases should permit it unless her school forbids makeup or there is some other compelling reason to prevent her from wearing makeup. If, however, your seven or eight year old wants to wear makeup for more than just dress-up, this may signal a problem. Children this young should not be very concerned about their appearance, but peer pressure and media can both lower the self esteem of girls and create a desire to wear


makeup. A very young girl who wants to wear makeup likely wants to “fix” herself. Talk to your pediatrician if a very young daughter is asking to wear makeup and try to get to the bottom of the issue. Make Makeup Fun Makeup doesn’t have to be something your daughter does every day and, in fact, if your daughter feels like she has to wear makeup every day, this can signal a body image problem. Instead, makeup should be fun. Encourage her to experiment with different colors, and model a health body image and healthy approach to makeup for her. When makeup is a fun opportunity to experiment rather than a mandatory tool to fix perceived flaws, your daughter is much more likely to have a healthy approach to the use of cosmetics. Beware of Media Impact Our culture is increasingly pressuring girls at younger and younger ages to be concerned about their appearances. Girls as young as five are dieting, and cosmetic commercials often provoke anxieties about appearance, even in very young children. Be aware of the media your daughter is consuming and how it might affect her body image. Perhaps most importantly, talk to her about body image and the media’s role in it. If your daughter understands that commercials are designed to make her feel insecure in order to get her to buy something, she’ll be much less susceptible to their influence. Practical Concerns If you’ve made the decision to allow your daughter to wear makeup, there are some practical concerns to be mindful of. You’ll need to teach your daughter how to remove her makeup and make sure that she understands she needs to wash her face daily. You should also help your daughter choose makeup that is hypoallergenic and oil free, or makeup can contribute to teenage acne flare-ups. You should also

make sure she understands that makeup expires so she doesn’t end up with a rash or other reaction. Encourage her to limit makeup to light makeup like mascara, lip gloss, and fun-colored eyeshadow. There’s really no reason a young teen or preteen needs to be wearing a full face of makeup. You should also check with your daughter’s school to see what the dress code policy is about makeup. Some schools will not allow girls to wear makeup at all, or prohibit it until a particular grade. Your daughter’s desire to wear makeup is a sign that she’s growing up, and can be a fun way to experiment with new things together. If you’re aware of potential body image issues, however, the transition to wearing makeup doesn’t have to be a negative one. And finally, remember that forbidding her from wearing makeup may backfire. Forbidding children from doing things often only makes them want to do it more, particularly among preteens and teenagers. Instead, engage in a discussion about makeup with her. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn from one another and become closer in the process. by Cristine Travis


History and Mission SmartKids launched its initial phase of youth

development in 2004. Its parent company Glamour Productions introduced social etiquette and communication development through pageant training. The program resulted in training more than 500 students. The students attained an appreciation for building lifelong relationships and learned the importance of becoming productive adults.

Join us now for Specific, Meaningful, Attainable, and Realistic Training. Enrollment is for ages 12-17.

CALL US TODAY (832) 886-6900

SmartKids invites students from preteen to young adults to take part in becoming more globally refined. Combining the skills of its parent company with the needs of today, SmartKids expands its program to include a co-ed environment. Planning for success begins with S.M.A.R.T. Goals.



3 OP 1









Model: Courtland Reagan Age: 10 Beaumont, TX



Courtney is signed with Texas Child Model Magazine. Visit

to see all of her pictures and/or book her for print work.

Model: Courtney Richardson Age: 6 Dallas, TX




Model: Michelle Stevenson Age: 12 Austin, TX


Model: Nancy McGrady Age: 5 Laredo, TX


5 Model: Jennifer Brownsville Age: 8 Houston, TX


Rylan is signed with Texas Child Model Magazine. Visit

to see all of his pictures and/or book him for print work.



Model: Rylan Reynolds Age: 3 San Marcos, TX

7 Model: Jessica Crosby Age: 9 San Antonio, TX


8 Model: Johnathon Barnes Age: 11 Frisco, TX


9 Model: Mikeala Black Age: 10 Corpus Christi, TX


10 Model: Rian Rutherford Age: 8 Wichita Falls, TX

12 Model: Brandon Kirby Age: 6 Months Houston, TX


11 Model: Marcus Jones-Nash Age: 11 Galveston, TX


Model: Sammie Austin Age: 12 Round Rock, TX 45



Boutique: Pinky Winks Boutique Model: Ava Whittenburg Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Gutierrez



Happy Valentine’s Day!

n i ev

K e vo



Boutique: Sew In Fashion LLC Model: Kevin Huerta Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Gutierrez Agency: Pastorini and Bosby Talent Agency


IN THE BIZ - by Misti Van Zandt owner and agency approved photographer with VanZandt Studios Model Search Going on Now!!! Casting Call!!! Models Needed!! Be the next Big Star!! Model Contest!! Yes, we have heard it all and for a split second our heart stopped with the excitement of our Child being the center of the attention posing in the flashing lights and on the cover of magazines. If you have thought about what it would be like to have a child model then I am sure you have asked yourself this question... “What are agents and casting directors really looking for?” I am a Mom of 3 professional actors and models and also a professional photographer in the industry. I have worked with agents, agencies, casting, producers, actors and models and have learned a lot about the industry. I am excited to share my experience, tips and tricks of the trade and hopefully help you get pointed in the right direction. A bit about Agencies... Some agencies are more popular and and harder to get signed with. Models must live near the agency’s headquarters, which is likely to be in larger cities. If you don’t live in a major metropolitan area, modeling opportunities are limited to smaller jobs. There are many local modeling agencies, and every state will have a huge number of successful agencies. Every day an agency has a stack of letters and pictures piled on their desk and will pick maybe two that day to meet with. With that said I am sure your next question is “How do I get my


child noticed out of the stack of letters and pictures?” Mail two or three color snapshots of your child, including head and sholders and full-body photos. Key word here “snapshots,” yes it is ok to send in pictures you have taken yourself however keep in mind out of hundreds of pictures a day only two or three will be picked. They don’t have to be professional but if they look better than the others they will stand out. A few tips for stand out photos... Always send bright color in focus photos, no black and white or crazy edits. Commercial modeling agencies want children to look younger than they are so no makeup or crazy glitzy clothing.. keep it simple. Solid colors with no logos on the clothing will keep the focus on the child’s face and features. Keep the image in a portrait size no landscape sizing. Clear skin, bright eyes, great clean natural hair pinned away from the face with no bows or hats and an easy smile. Do not include props or busy backgrounds keep the picture filled with your child. Many parents take their children to a photography studio and spend a lot of money having photographs taken without finding out what an agency needs from a session. Most would-be models send bad pictures, agencies say, “Don’t spend money on getting photos taken; a snapshot is fine.” When they talk about sending in a simple snapshot they do want a good snapshot to look at.

Agencies need parents to be completely committed and relaxed, don’t try and make your child talk. Parents let the kids answer for themselves (a big pet peeve in the industry). I got signed, now what??? The fun of auditions, go see’s, casting calls, cattle calls, fittings, call backs meeting with casting directors and so on begin. Start with professional photos from a photographer who works in the industry and with agencies, make sure you have the best of the best stand out photos, have your marketing materials printed and ready to submit. Walk in like you are interviewing with your agent for the first time, look your best and turn that spark on. Don’t be late, smile, have fun and enjoy every minute of it. The modeling industry is a lot of hard work and determination to break into, but keep in mind it is not impossible. Keep working and stick with it, your day will come! Be sure to check me out on facebook and “Like” my page.

I know that most people have problems with lighting and posing models for their best look. Look for photographer’s in your area that offer sessions for actors or models , or call the agency and ask who they refer. Great photos are door openers - so be sure to get solid advice from someone that really knows what they are doing in the industry before paying for pictures. You landed an interview what’s next?... Landing an interview with an agent is big news.. it is very difficult. Most agents already like you if they are calling you in for an interview and mainly just want to see that you look like your pictures. A shy child is an instant no the first thing they will look for is the child to be enthusiastic, and make plenty of eye contact and take direction well.


Valentine Faces of February

Justin San Antonio 54

f o s r e n n i w e h d t i e K r s a e e n r i t n He e l a V e t u C ! t our s e t n o C e r u Pict


Valerie Cedar Hill


Ashlin Dallas


Richie Rockwall


Cynthia El Paso

Julia Texas City


Cheng Austin 60

Rachel DeSoto 61

Kari Houston

Sarah El Paso 62

Pamela Houston

Robert Deer Park

Rochelle Dallas

Ryan Dallas 63

Roy Beaumont 64

Want to see your child featured in Texas Child Model Magazine?

Bao La Porte

Email their photo to 65


Matthew & Marcus Script Dallas, Texas These precious twins love taking pictures. They have been featured in Wal*Mart and Khols commercials already!


We’ve all heard of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen but did you know that Texas has many working TWINS. Production companies love to hire twins, especially babies. If one is tired, cranky or unwilling, the other is on-hand and ready to fill in. Here are some working TWINS from the state of Texas.......


Scott and Johnson Swaiter - Twins El Paso, Texas Attended the L.A. Acting, Modeling, and Talent Convention/Competition in June, and received 6 call backs. The twins have alot of energy, are well behaved and have a good memory. Seeking Motion Picture Opportunities

Ryan and Reece Fauble - Twins El Paso, Texas Outgoing twins, love dinosaurs, print modeling credits.


Sherry & Silvia Cooper - Twins Austin, Texas The twins credits include: Pretty Little Princess Pageant 9-2010, Runway, Photo, fashion modeling. Glamour Pageants. Talents: Modeling, Cheerleading, Dance (Ballet-Tap-Jazz), Gymnastics, Roller skating and soccer

Jaime & Rebekah Moore - Twins Richardson, Texas Rebekah and Jaime are identical twins with opposite personalities. Rebekah is “perky” and Jaime is laid back and not as much of a talker. They love to make people laugh. They enjoy performing. Singing, posing, and acting their favorite. The twins draw, paint, run track, and dance.

Mark and Adi Smith - Twins Houston, Texas Extra credit on Disney Channels “Crash Crush”. Have won 2-3 talent search type competitions.

Rikki & Ryan Brown - Twins Houston, Texas These twins have played softball for 3yrs. Is part of the Gate program for gifted students. Rikki and Ryan were both chosen to be student ambassadors to represent the state of Texas.

Adelyn & Rebecca Garcia Del Rio, Texas These little darling twins love dancing, driving little jeeps, kicking a ball, singing in their own little words on the mike, dressing up and posing for pictures!

Karen and Karson Brown- Twins San Juan, Texas We are actors, singers (soprano/alto), and developing dancers. We’ve done many theatre productions and have ventured out into the world of film with staring in a couple Independent Films

Mary & Ruth Gruss - Twins Huntsville, Texas FIlm and television credits. Talents include Choir, Gymnastics, Ballet, Jazz, Ice Skating and Martial Arts. The twins are also Honor Roll Students They are playing the lead Posey twins - Independent Feature film. Nickelodeon Naked Brothers Band Tattoo Commercial, the Lassie DVD commercial and the Val Emmich music video. They have also been busy with other short films, industrial films & stock footage films as well.


See You In March

February2013 70

Texas Child Model Magazine February Edition  

Texas Child Model Magazine

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