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2013 Model Of The Year Winner!


exas Child Model Magazine is happy to announce the 2013 Model of the Year winner as CASEN BURGINS!

We had a few questions for this handsome 4 year old. Here are his answers. Q: What is your favorite food? A: Mexican Food

We received several submissions for our 2013 Model of the Year contest. Casen definitely had a look that Q: If you had $100 dollars, what stood out and he was a unanimous would you do with it? choice for our judges. A: Buy toys....Dinosaurs! We would like to thank and salute Q: Have you modeled before? If so, the hundreds of children that enwhere? tered this contest! Casen will remain A: Yes, I modeled in Tyler, Texas. our 2013 Model of the Year until next February 2014. 10

Q: Who is your Best-Friend? A: Vlad Q: Where did you meet? A: At school

Q: Do you like to model? A: Yes! Q: What is your favorite memory from your photo shoot? A. Taking the pictures

Q: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? A: Cancun Q: What do you want to be when you grow up? A: Ummm.... an animal vet

Q: Do you have a girlfriend? A: YES!

Q: What is your favorite color? A: Blue and Green Q: What do you like to do with your friends? A: Play tag

. 11



Model: Casen Burgins Photographer: Nicholas Cox


C A S E N 13











Does Your Child Have What It Takes To Be a Child Actor? I

would like to address the most commonly asked question that Parents of young Actors ask me; “Does my child have what it takes to make it as an Actor in Hollywood?” This is almost like me asking you, ‘Do you have what it takes to make it as a parent in the World?’ Not easy to answer is it? I would almost have to be a God to answer that question. If I were some sort of Deity, I might say something like this…

trained have parents that will ruin it for them. What does that mean you ask?

“He who surrounded us with his ever-evolving mystery of creation has also implanted in us the desire to question and understand. The Karmic Law requires that every human wish find ultimate fulfillment.”

This is key Parents – you need to be a thirsty, open and as receptive to gaining knowledge as your child. You need to come with an ‘Empty Ricebowl.’ If you come to this business as a ‘know it all’ or are unwilling to believe you have things to learn, you will fail. Surround yourselves with Coaches, Managers, and Agents who are there for you, and there to answer your questions. Make lists of things you need to learn and then REALLY LISTEN and USE the guidance being given.

“I am ever with those who practice complete devotion to his craft and consequently obtain pure knowledge of his art. I will guide you to your Cosmic Dream through your enlarging perceptions. Divine guidance and success are possible though self-effort and dependent on one’s belief in one’s self, not on the will of a Cosmic Dictator. The truth, those unforeseen truths – which you will discover – are even now all around us, staring us in the eyes. We need only open our eyes to see them.”

Try not to monopolize interviews with Agents, Managers, or Coaches or Casting Directors. These are the busiest Industry Pros whom you will work with and you need to remember that we all have busy schedules. You could hurt your child’s career by inserting too much of ‘you’ in their career. Never go through your ‘to do’ list when your Agent or Manager call. Your job is to support, guide, nurture, and find the best team you can to supply knowledge and opportunities for your kids.

Well, if you got that, you’ve got the answer to your question. Meaning, success is more a combination of: 1.The desire to become an Actor 2.The commitment to find professional training 3.The support system to get you there 4.The drive and talent to succeed 5.An understanding of your art and yourself – KNOWLEDGE 6.…And most of all – A LOT OF FAITH.

Young Actors – you need to practice, rehearse, and try out every single thing your coaches offer. You need to take risks with your work and get coaching for every audition – especially early in your career. Remember, never take an audition for granted. Always treat it like gold, because the kids coming in from out of town are your competition and those families have moved mountains to get their kids here for auditions.

In other words…you need to be more than cute and talented. You need to be ‘The Package’ and you need to be coach-able and so does your parent.

Some of the most talented and adorable kids and teens I’ve


I trust we have answered that elusive question. I hope you realize that everything comes from your commitment. Especially your kid’s success! - Diane Christiansen Master Talent Teacher




Model: Brailyn Hill Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Model Agency: TL Modeling Agency



Model: Brooklyn Mersiovsky Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Model Agency: TL Modeling Agency





Model: Alexis Neely Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Model Agency: TL Modeling Agency



Model: Jayla Beston Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Model Agency: TL Modeling Agency




Model: Mari Clark Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Model Agency: TL Modeling Agency



Model: Dylin Waldorf Photographer: L&L Photography by Lindsey Model Agency: TL Modeling Agency 30

Kid Fitness: When Your Child Won’t Excercise 12 Tips to Get Your Couch Potato Moving


ome children just aren’t into sports, but that shouldn’t mean they have to be glued to the tube. Creative kid fitness, experts tell WebMD, may be as simple as a walk in the park. Help your sedentary son or daughter discover the benefits and joys of physical activity with these 12 tips. Kid Fitness Tip #1: Think outside the playing field. Not everyone is drawn to organized sports such as soccer or baseball. Look for other activities your child will enjoy -- like dancing, rock climbing, swimming, or martial arts. And have patience -- it may take some trial and error before your kid finds the right fit. “It’s probably time to explore another option when your child is no longer having fun,” says Eric Small, MD, a specialist in pediatric/adolescent sports medicine and author of Kids & Sports. “Keep trying different ideas until something clicks. It’s important to get non-athletic

kids motivated and moving so they can enjoy a lifelong habit of physical activity.” Kid Fitness Tip #2: Join in the game. Kids love it when their parents play with them. So encourage children’s fitness by taking a family hike. Have a game of catch. Walk or bike to school together. Play hopscotch. “You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or special classes to encourage your child to exercise,” says Patricia Nixon, PhD, president-elect of the North American Society of Pediatric Exercise Medicine. Kid Fitness Tip #3: Limit screen time. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids get no more than one to two hours of screen time a day, whether that’s watching TV, surfing the Internet, or playing video games. But many children spend four or more hours

each day in front of a screen. Encourage active alternatives to these passive pastimes, such as shooting hoops at the local playground, walking the dog, or a game of tag. To help keep temptation at bay, remove TVs from bedrooms and put the computer in a shared space where you can supervise. If you have teens, set guidelines about other sedentary pursuits like chatting on the phone or text messaging. Kid Fitness Tip #4: Lead by example. If you vegetate in front of the TV every night, the remote control in one hand and a bag of chips in the other, you’re not practicing what you preach. And your kids aren’t likely to respect restrictions you set on their screen time either. So check your own viewing behavior and serve as a role model by incorporating physical activity into your everyday life. When you can, walk instead of driving. Climb the stairs


rather than wait for the elevator. Regularly participate in active pursuits that you enjoy and let your kids see -- and hear about -- how much you enjoy them. Kid Fitness Tip #5: Offer positive feedback. Praise a child for perfecting that handstand or figuring out how to pump those legs to swing high in the sky. Out-of-shape or uncoordinated children need to hear encouragement for reaching even small goals, such as walking or biking further than last time. Remember, acknowledge the effort -- choosing to be active or trying to improve a skill -- rather than the outcome to help build your child’s confidence, says Small. Children who aren’t naturally athletic may be self-conscious about their physical skills (or lack of them). They may also fear public failure, embarrassment, or teasing. A child may just be physically cautious. These kids need all the support and cheerleading you can offer. Nagging or negative comments don’t work and will only serve to make your child feel bad, adds Nixon, who conducts research on physical activity and children at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Kid Fitness Tip #6: Bring a friend along. Kids love to hang out with their peers, so invite a buddy along for a bike ride, offer to bring a friend ice-skating, or head to the pool with a companion. Young children enjoy going to the playground with


friends to chase, climb, swing, slide, and run. If your child is more likely to check out a team sport with a friend in tow, then go ahead and sign her up. Just make sure the focus is on making fitness fun and learning new skills -- not competition and winning -- as this can dampen your child’s enthusiasm for the game.

Make sure that children’s fitness is plugged into the family schedule in the same way that school, work, shopping, chores, family gatherings, birthday parties, and playdates find their way onto the calendar. You and your child are more likely to stick to an exercise plan if you incorporate it into your life on a routine basis. And your child will begin to expect (and accept) that Saturday morning usually means a bike ride, and a couple of nights a week after dinner the family takes a brisk walk through the neighborhood. Kid Fitness Tip #9: Take a non-negotiable position.

Kid Fitness Tip #7: Use exercise as a reward. Forcing a child to go outside and play may backfire and increase resentment and resistance. “Exercise should never be punitive,” says Small. “Don’t make your child run laps or do push-ups as punishment.” Instead, try using physical activity as a reward. Your child might be happy to play kickball for 20 minutes if it’s a chance to take a break from homework. Kid Fitness Tip #8: Establish a regular routine.

Is going to school, brushing teeth, or wearing a seat belt a subject of debate in your home? No, because these are all activities that promote the health, safety, and well-being of your child. Well, the same approach should apply to children’s fitness, says Nixon. It’s a no-brainer: Getting regular exercise is good for your mental and physical health. Stand firm from the getgo and don’t let your child argue the merits of playing computer games versus playing ball games. Kid Fitness Tip #10: Instill the idea that exercise is in. Some kids really respond to the concept of doing something that’s cool. Maybe your child wants to grind on a skateboard like Tony Hawke, deliver a karate kick a la Bruce Lee, learn the latest hip hop routine, or master the moves of capoeira. Older children, in particular, may have strong opinions about what’s hip and what isn’t. If it’s safe

and active and encourages your child to get in shape, then allow your kid to pick an activity that appeals to his sense of style. Kid Fitness Tip #11: Put your child in charge. Let each kid take a turn choosing an active weekend pursuit or after school activity. The nature lover may vote for a hike, the adventurer may opt for a trip to the nearest jungle gym or climbing wall. More sedentary souls may select an activity -- like walking, biking, or

scootering -- with a destination in mind, such as a visit to the local library. Whether you wind up at a batting cage, bowling alley, or belly dancing class, they all count as children’s fitness activities and your child can feel a sense of control over the situation. For younger kids, however, you may want to limit how many options they have to choose from.

roo. And they’ll have a blast doing it. And don’t forget, grade schoolers still enjoy the opportunity for free play -- inside or out -- after a day spent at the desk. Stuck inside with tweens or teens on a rainy day? Then break out an action-oriented dance video game, to get your youngsters expending some energy. Younger children may enjoy just putting on some music to dance up a storm together. Whatever the activity, you want to keep the fun in kid fitness.

By: Sarah Henry

Kid Fitness Tip #12: Make it fun. Little children don’t need much encouragement to stretch like a cat, run like a tiger, or jump like a kanga-




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Dimitri Tatavak

Ella Walker

Evelyn Lamphier

Dominic Luis


Georgia Tinney

n e l a J d n a a Tian s n e k c i M Hunter Laskoskie 41

e t a T r o l ay

T 42


Boutique: Evolution Kids Emporium Model: Lindsey Puente Photographer: Isabel Flores Agency: TL Modeling Agency



About Isabel Flores Photography Isabel Flores has been married to her wonderful husband, Andrew, for 15 years. They have an awesome daughter named, Keeley, 4 years old. Isabel shared a few facts about herself: Where I Live...... I live in Fort Bend County in the town of Needville, just south of Sugar Land and Houston. How I started my photography.... I have been capturing memories for family and friends for over 20 years. In 2010, I was approached by a professional videographer to work alongside him taking pictures for weddings, quinceaneras and family functions. Since combining efforts I have been approached by many to capture family photo memories for all occasions including: newborn, children photography, senior portraits, headshots, along with weddings and quinceaneras. What inspires me in personal life and work? My inspiration comes from family, friends and God. What’s the best part of being a photographer? The new adventure of every client. Every client has their own personality and ideas. The hardest part of my job..... Having time to do it all; family, work and photography. The easiest part of my job.... Turning on the camera...LOL! Photography is not just point and click, it’s building a composition and creating art. It’s a learning experience each and every day.


Do I prefer studio or natural light photography? I prefer the endless possibilities of natural lighting 3 Things that best define my work..... 1. Candid images of clients 2. Capturing landscape artistic photos 3. Wedding and Quinceaneras Worst moment I ever experienced on a shoot.... When I lost a SD card to a photo shoot. I did find it the next day but the anguish was pure torture. Best advice for parents preparing their children for a professional shoot.... If bringing in a toddler, let your child nap first! Don’t force it, it will come natural. Parents ideas are welcomed but keep in mind that the photographers ideas and style are professional. On a personal favorite pastime is? Spending the day with my daughter and family. I also enjoy scouting new photography areas. Where our readers can find more about you? Facebook at


evolution kids EMPORIUM


volution Kids Emporium parents were in a predicament is a family owned and similar to his own. operated children’s hese thoughts flourished clothing boutique in Sugar Land, over time, culminating into TX. the establishment of a one-of-akind store which offers only the he business was born out finest, eye-catching children’s of a father’s desire for fashions money can buy. unique, stylish, high-quality clothes for his infant son. Tired ur tireless purchasing of the same old department department travels to trade store merchandise, this diligent shows all over the country, dad scoured boutiques all over evaluating designs from the the country to piece together world over, and carefully selects an enviable wardrobe for his styles that are sure to make your child. Endlessly bombarded child the talk of the town! with questions about where he found this or that item for his he personalized customer son, he realized that many other service provided by EKE discerning, fashion conscious is second to none, whether





shopping in store or on-line. Customers rave about the knowledgeable staff, as well as the superb presentation of shipped items.


he store is now receiving national attention, being cited as the #17 item in the 2012 top 100 holiday gift list in In Style magazine. Visit us in-store or on-line and be a part of a new chapter in children’s fashion! Evolution Kids Emporium is a fashion forward children’s clothing boutique: where you go to find “what’s next” in kids’ fashions!

Nicolas is registered with Texas Child Model Magazine!

Boutique: Evolution Kids Emporium Model: Nicolas Shook Photographer: Pallone Portraits Texas Child Model Magazine Model!


Boutique: Evolution Kids Emporium Model: Nicolas Shook Photographer: Pallone Portraits Texas Child Model Magazine Model! 50



Boutique: Evolution Kids Emporium Model: Dakota Somervill Photographer: Kathy Wittaker Photography Texas Child Model Magazine Model!





Dakota is a registered model with Texas Child Model Magazine! Want to join our online database? Get booked for print jobs? Visit and become our next registered model.



Of The Month

Sweet Giggles Petal Skirt and Top

Perfect for parties and special events. Unique New design Fabric of soft shimmer petals, such beauty, Taffeta Satin Petal fabric also lined inside with two layers of chiffon fabric and silk lining, with top quality feathers and matching soft chiffon sash, on a elastic waistband, With a shabby chic Floral chiffon flower detacable. Price : $ 159.00


Boys Personalized Birthday Number Sports Shirt - Navy Green is perfect for your little boys sports theme birthday party. Shirt is beautifully embroidered and personalized with child’s name and birthday number. Select birthday number 1-6. Different color shirts are available, please email custom service for available colors.


ABOUT PRODUCT QUALITY Matching Top soft stretch fabric , has matching satin straps, and ruffled chiffon at the top. Matching hair piece sold separately. Sizes 1 - 8 years This item is custom made especially for you upon order and cannot be returned. Usually ships in about 2 to 4 weeks.

Personalized Birthday Shirt

Boys Personalized Birthday Number Sports Shirt - Navy Green

Price : $32.95

Toddler Necklace

Colorful Fun Western Star Chunky Baby Toddler Necklace

Price :$29.00


3 1 0 2 l Apri

ABOUT PRODUCT QUALITY Necklace is custom designed and handcrafted with nickel-free metal beads and attachments. Materials may include acrylic, rhinestones and resin beads. Comes with a 2 inch extension. Fits babies, toddlers and young children.

***All Prices are Subject to Change


Flower Girl Tutu This amazing super full and super fluffy wedding tutu will feature layers and layers of the softest tulle to make sure your flower girl loves her dress and so will the entire wedding. This white wedding tutu will feature a long accent 2.5” wide ribbon that will match your wedding colors with matching color removable flower on clip to be worn in the front or back.

LENGTH: **Available in knee length, tea length or floor length at no additional cost.** COLOR: Select solid or multiple colors from color chart. Please also list Ribbon and Flower color preferences.

Price : $79.00

Blue Rosebud Baby Lovely Blanket

ABOUT PRODUCT QUALITY Heavenly soft baby Lovey Blankets are the perfect shower gift and nursery staple. Minky dot and swirly chenille Loveys from Lauren Faye are perfect for stocking new baby’s nursery.

Your baby will love the super soft feel of swirly chenille and you will too! Blanket is approx. 14” x 14”. Blanket is blue on both sides, tied with ribbon.

Price : $ 28.00

Wall Letters


Airplane - Up In the Clouds Painted Wall Letters

These beautiful free hand painted Wall Letters will transform your baby or child’s room with a touch of whimsy. Perfect for Jack & Jill bathrooms, playrooms, etc. Make great shower and baby gifts too!

Price : $18.00

Boys Onesie Elegant Grey Boys Onesie & Leg Warmer Set

Price : $ 38.00

Pink Cheetah Minnie Silhouette Pink Cheetah Minnie Silhouette Shirt with Sugar and Spice Tutu

Price : $49.00

Cute adorable couture clothing for your wee ones. Elegant Grey boys onesie and leg warmer set is perfect easy and elegant for no fuss dressing baby. Set includes onesie and pair of matching grey leg warmers. Machine wash cold gentle cycle. This item is custom made and ships in about 2 weeks.

ABOUT PRODUCT QUALITY Purchase adorable extra bows to be sewn onto each shoulder of your birthday shirt for a really sweet look. Bows added to shirt may not be an exact color match due to different ribbon dye lots but will always be cute! Also solid color bows may be substitued if polka dot bows are not available but it will alway look cute!


Sweet Giggles Sweet Giggles Boutique is a baby and girl’s couture boutique that specializes in tutus, flower girl dresses, birthday outfits and decor for children. Formally Ruffles & Cream Children’s Boutique we wanted a rebranding of our existing website and a much more unique design in a soft color palette to represent our custom couture items and so Sweet Giggles Boutique was born. We are based out of the Dallas Texas metro area and our goal is to create a welcoming as well as delghtful online shopping boutique. Within our pages you will find unique custom baby and girls clothing from baby birthday tutu 58


outfits to the loveliest flower girl dresses and everything in between. Our unique lines of custom kids clothing is sure warm your heart and delight even the pickiest princesses. Thank you from L. Sweet and the gang at Sweet Giggles Boutique

Ruffles & Cream Children’s Boutique / Sweet Giggles Boutique Established 2009





Boutique for Girls 60

“I love meeting new people from all over the world, and creating moments that will last forever on the walls of their home.”

Getting to Know Houston Based Photographer, Brooke Allison Samuelian

Tell us a little bit about yourself: My name is Brooke Allison Samuelian. I grew up in Orlando, Florida, and now reside in Houston, Texas with my husband of 10 years and our four young children. My children keep me on my toes, especially our 2-year-old twins!

What is the best part of being a photographer? I love meeting new people from all over the world, and creating moments

What photography are you best known for?

I shoot natural-light photography, both studio and outdoors. I prefer a clean, crisp image with a natural finish to my photos. For me, it’s about capturing the intricate details of a tender moment that is bright and full of color.

I am an avid runner, and recently completed my first half-marathon and am in the process of training for my first-ever full marathon! I also enjoy boating, skiing, and spending time outdoors with my husband and children. Where our readers can find out more about you -

I specialize in newborn, child, and family photography. I also enjoy model shoots and senior pictures. I love capturing families and children interacting together, and freezing those special moments that will be remembered for years to come. What is your photography style?

What are your hobbies outside of photography?

that will last forever on the walls of their home. What is the hardest part of your job?

To see my most recent work, you can check out my facebook page ( brookeallisonphotography). I would love for you to come “like” my page and find updates about my ongoing photo shoots. You can also find more information at my regular website: www.brookeallisonphotography. com.

The most difficult part of my job is maintaining a healthy balance between my business and raising my four children, who deserve and demand lots of attention.



Model: Riley Scott Photographer: Brooke Allison Photography Agency: TL Modeling Agency


Spring Into

STYLE Model: Megan Gibbons Photographer: Brooke Allison Photography Agency: TL Modeling Agency


Model: Mia Struggs Photographer: Brooke Allison Photography Agency: TL Modeling Agency


How to Sell Your Handmade items to Childrens Boutique


f you’re a skilled craftsman who creates beautiful clothing, handmade toys or other items for children, consider selling your work through a children’s boutique. Most children’s boutiques welcome new high quality merchandise. A boutique with a dedicated clientele may be able to move far higher volumes of your products than you can do alone. You can reap the benefits of selling your handmade items through a retail environment without the cost and risk of opening your own store. Instructions 1. Research the local and national market for your specific items. Understand the trends, and consider selling your items to stores in a more active market area. Know your product inside and out, and be sure it’s quality is as high as possible. 2. Undergo any required CPSIA testing on your products, and attach the appropriate labels. The Consumer Product Safety Act was passed in 2008. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, many of the items created for use by children must undergoing testing for unsafe chemicals and components such as lead. 3. Check national and local parenting periodicals for boutiques that may be interested in your products. Call


the boutique or send a professional email inquiring if they’re currently looking for merchandise. Avoid dropping in to local boutiques unannounced with a bag full of samples. 4. Set up appointments with interested boutiques owners, or send product photos and samples. Dress professionally and bring at least one sample of each type of item you have to offer. Package any samples being sent across the country securely. 5. Consider the differences between wholesale and consignment stores. A wholesale boutique purchases a set amount of items at one time, paying a certain percentage of each item’s retail worth. Consignment shops first sell the item, then pay you, keeping a smaller percentage for themselves. Wholesale stores often require more merchandise at once, but being paid upfront is often preferred. 6. Keep clear records of all items in consignment boutiques. Use a consignment record keeping book. Write in each item, which store currently has it, and the date it was placed on sale.

7. Remove any unsold items from consignment shops after a set amount of time. You should set a time limit, such as 6 months, for items in consignment shops. Any items not sold by your time limit should be removed and sold in a different store. 8. Examine and understand any fees you will be charged and all contracts you sign with a boutique. Some stores charge extra fees on top of consignment percentages, while others will only display your items for a set amount of time.


Pinky Winky’s

Boutique: Pinky Winky’s Model: Hilary Dillard Photographer: David Wilson Photography Agency: Green Agency 68

Boutique: Pinky Winky’s Model: Lauren Walters Photographer: David Wilson Photography Agency: Green Agency

Pinky Winky’s


Flying Solo Until Next Month!

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