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Protect your dog from Canine Influenza

December 2011

PAMpER YOUR pET How to be the best pet owner ever

HE DOESN’T LISTEN What words to teach your dog


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18 Trouble with Tucker: “Cold Play”



d gs cats Texas


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by Monica Schmidt – Houston Humane Society 6

now pamperyour is the time to



ecember doesn’t just mean Christmas presents, it also brings with it the promise of a new year. As 2012 approaches, we have the opportunity to start fresh with a clean slate. Whether you plan to quietly reflect this New Year, or start out with a bang, don’t forget to include your pet. It is the perfect time to resolve to be the best pet owner you can be, carve out more time for your furry pals, and create lasting, good habits to keep your pet healthy throughout the year. The most important resolution you can make and keep this year is to visit your veterinarian. For the health and safety of your pet, be sure they are up to date on all vaccinations, have had an annual general health exam, are current on heartworm preventative, and protected against fleas. If your dog is frequently around other animals it is also a good idea to inquire about

bordatella and the canine influenza vaccine. We all want our pets to live a long, fulfilling life, and proper veterinary care is an essential part. Now is the perfect time to check and update your owner information. Take a look at the tags on your dog or cat’s collar. Is the information still accurate? Is it still visible? Check with your microchip company to verify the infor-

mation in their database is still up-to-date. And if your pet doesn’t have a microchip, get one! The Houston Humane Society’s Animal Wellness Center is open 7 days a week and offers microchips for just $25. Get your pet in shape this year! The biggest resolution humans make each year is to get in shape, be healthier, lose weight, etc. Be sure to in-


d gs cats Texas


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poster for cat show

For the health and safety of your pet, be sure they are up to date on all vaccinations, have had an annual general health exam, are current on heartworm preventative, and protected against fleas.

clude your pet in your efforts this year. On average, 50% of domesticated dogs and cats are overweight. Both a poor diet and lack of exercise can contribute to obesity in pets. Just like their human counterparts, obese pets are at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, and more. Although it can be very hard to stay on track, work with your veterinarian to create realistic weight loss goals for your pet. Remember to start out slowly with any exercise program, and reward both you and your pet for a job well done. Spend more quality time with your pet this year. Get in the habit of playing an extra game of fetch with your 8

dog or whipping out a teaser toy to entertain your frisky feline. Don’t skimp on the extra brushings this year. Dogs and cats alike enjoy it, and getting out that loose hair and fur relieves unwanted itching. The added attention will definitely make their day, and might just make yours too! Adopt a friend for your pet. Animals can be very social; especially dogs (pack mentality). Consider adopting a furry friend for your four legged pet this year. Your dog or cat probably spends several hours a day alone while you are at work, and another pet in the household would be a welcome addition to their lonely days.

Give back! Okay, this one is for you not your pet, but think about giving back to other pets as part of your resolution this year. Many of us are unable to adopt another pet, but you could find time to volunteer to help homeless animals find their forever home! Houston Humane Society always needs dog and cat lovers alike to help exercise, socialize, train, and love the many pets up for adoption. Bonus: if your resolution this year is to exercise more, what better way to burn calories than by walking a shelter dog! You can find hundreds of pets up for adoption or more information about volunteering at www.houstonhumane. org. And remember, no matter what your resolution is this year; don’t forget to include your furry pals. They’ll thank you with plenty of hugs and kisses.


d gs cats Texas

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by Tricia Fagan


he doesn’t


hildren are such sponges. If you speak any language around a young child, the child will learn that language. In fact, children can learn multiple languages, if exposed while young. It is estimated that a person must know 3,000 to 5,000 words to speak a language fluently. That is a lot of words!



d gs cats Texas

While a human child will eventually learn the meaning of “come”, the four legged member of your family will only learn if you teach him. There is a Border Collie in Germany that knows about 250 words. Rico, the Border Collie, is world famous. Scientists study this dog for his amazing abilities with words. Two hundred and fifty words. Remember, people learn three to five thousand words to speak a language fluently. That is quite a big difference, and something we must keep in mind when training a dog. Dogs clearly don’t have the capacity for language that people do. While a human child will eventually learn the meaning of “come”, the four legged member of your family will only learn if you teach him. No matter how loudly or how often you say “come”, it does not help your dog understand. Most dogs learn few words. Not always the words we want them to learn. Treat is a popular word for dogs to know. Chanting a word to your dog does not help him understand. In fact. important words said repeatedly might interfere with the dog’s ability to learn the meaning of those words later. Choose the words you want your dog to know well – his name, come, sit down, stay, etc. Use these cues carefully. Give your dog a cue only when you feel certain he December 2011}

will understand and perform correctly. Reward him handsomely for a successful completion. Repeat this often. Over time, with many successes that have been rewarded, your dog will learn the meaning of the cue. If your dog does not perform a task he has been asked to do, instead of becoming angry, review your training process. Remember, you are smarter than the dog. The dog does not understand the rules for living peacefully with humans. You must teach him. Gently instruct your new family member on the correct behavior. If you have trouble, seek out a Certified Professional Dog Trainer to assist you. Tricia Fagan

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holiday specials • All boarding dogs will get a FREE “Simply Wish” grooming while boarding with us during holiday season. • Customers get a change to win daily prizes.

Tricia Fagan Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed DogS Gone Good (713) 557-1949 

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tag it A

lost pet can’t tell you where they live, what they eat, or even the most important, health issues. With the advancement in technology, now they can. Petprotek is a new ID tag developed specifically for the safety and assurance of your pet. This new tag is a USB storage device that is completely safe in all environments and is smaller than a rabies tag. Attach it to your computer and you can place all your pet’s detailed information, as well as, your personal information so that anyone with a computer can locate you and help your pet in the process.

From allergies to medications, or just a place to put recent vaccinations and personal contact information to locate you if lost, Petprotek has you covered. This is a prefect item if you travel a lot with or without your pets. Imagine all the posters and printouts you see everywhere when someone has lost their pet. With Petprotek, if found the person has a way to either reach 12

you or your vet in minutes. They can also know how to care for your pet if you are away and cannot get there quickly. Petprotek is inexpensive and is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who cherishes their pets’ safety and well-being. Available at all eight Natural Pawz locations


d gs cats Texas

{charityevents} by Jeff Parker

citizens for animalprotection W

ith the Holiday season now upon us, the time of giving is all around. Dr. Jeff Chalkley of Westbury Animal Hospital and Pet Lodge sets up donations every year for the local Houston area. This year he wanted to do something different. “Every year we had been receiving donations for the Toys for Tots charity. The last couple of years due to the economy it was not as good as a turnout. So we decided to set something up that would help a local pet organization.” Explains Dr. Chalkley. “ We decided on creating a drive that would benefit CAP by collecting items that could be sold in the CAP Thrift store. This way all the proceeds would directly help the CAP foundation with the money they need to continue to help animals in need throughout the Houston area.” 14


d gs cats Texas

“We decided on creating a drive that would benefit CAP by collecting items that could be sold in the CAP Thrift store. This way all the proceeds would directly help the CAP foundation with the money they need to continue to help animals in need throughout the Houston area.” Dr. Chalkley, along with the help of his staff, teamed up with Dr. Stephen Burda of the Jester Plaza Vet Clinic to collect items for the thrift store. Janna, who works at the Jester Plaza clinic, filled her entire car with items to be donated and Dr. Chalkley and his staff donated items from their previous location as well. The collections were a huge success for Janet Huey, a committed volunteer for CAP, as she spent her time collecting from each location and

December 2011}

returning the items back to the Thrift store. “All the items donated will directly benefit CAP. “ said Janet. It is a wonderful moment when people give their time and items for a good cause. The holiday season always seems to bring the best out of people. Texas Dogs & Cats would like to personally thank everyone involved from Jester Plaza Vet Clinic, Dr. Burda, Blake, Janna, Leslie, Dovie and Jennifer, as well as the

staff at Westbury Animal Clinic & Pet Lodge , Dr. Chalkley, Dr. Cooper, Andy, nancy, Erika, Christina and Andi. The New updated Lodge and clinic was amazing and is truly state of the art for pet health and relaxation. The largest thank you would have to go to Janet Huey, whose time and energy made all of this possible. Thank you very much for everything that you do to help CAP and the pets of Houston.



Height- 19 inches Weight- 40 lbs


Guilty PleasureLoves to swim! Texas


d gs cats

Christie meet


hristie is a beautiful and outgoing Boxer mix available for adoption through Buster’s Friends, Inc. She is currently being fostered and trained by Tricia Fagan’s Dogs Gone Good and is ready to find her forever home! She’s approximately 1 year old, spayed and up to date on all vaccines. Her ideal home would be an active family who would take her jogging, swimming and spend tons of time playing! You can meet Christie at Buster’s Friends new location in Uptown Park every weekend from 10-6 on Saturday and from 11-4 on Sunday or by visiting

December 2011}


{meetthevet} trouble with tucker:

By Susan Randlett, DVM and Amy Webb

“coldplay” 18

Mom: “Tucker, you look like you’re under the weather. What’s wrong? You were fine just a few hours ago. We need to get ready to go to obedience class. We can’t miss any sessions or we’ll get behind. Besides I’ve already paid for this one.” Tucker: “Oh, I’m really sick. I have a high fever, headache, runny nose and horrible cough. I think that I’m coming down with a cold or worse “Canine influenza.”

Mom: “Tucker, you have already been vaccinated and are protected. I think that you are faking. Are you are trying to get out of going to obedience class? I have a feeling that you just want to play. Take that ice pack off your head, get out of bed and let’s get going. Once you’re there you always enjoy visiting and playing your new friends.” Tucker: “Ok, you caught me. I’m glad that you love me so much that you protect me from that dreadful sickness. It sounds terrible.” A quiet threat has emerged in the canine population, a contagious respiratory disease, caused by the H3N8 influenza virus. With the holidays rapidly approaching, plans are being make to groom and board our four legged companions. Due to the contagious nature of the virus

and with so many dogs in close confinement, there is an opportunity for exposure. Therefore, now is a good time to get a Canine Flu Shot. Influenza virus not only infects people but also birds, cats, horses, and dogs. Viruses are generally host specific. However, the influenza A

virus easily mutates creating a number of viral subtypes. Each one has the unique quality of host specificity. The H3N8 subtype of canine influenza virus (CIV) is genetically similar to the equine influenza virus. It is believed that the equine virus transformed making it possible to


d gs cats Texas

infect dogs. The virus first appeared in Greyhounds at racetracks that were fed infected horsemeat. Canine influenza is easily spread and highly contagious. It has been documented in a variety of breeds throughout the United States. Outbreaks have been reported in dog-racing facilities, veterinary offices, pet stores, shelters, and kennels. A major concern is that virtually every exposed dog is susceptible because Canine Influenza is a new pathogen. Therefore, canines have no preexisting immunity. Dogs that have been vaccinated for other respiratory pathogens such as bordetella or parainfluenza are still susceptible to CIV. The virus is spread from dog to dog by several different ways. One is through infected nasal or salivary droplets expelled through coughs or sneezes. These droplets, once outside the dog, can remain infective for several days. The second route is through mechanical transfer of virus form one dog to the next by kennel staff or owners. Because pets frequently accompany their owners on trips, the disease is found throughout the country. This is a relatively new disease, so virtually all dogs are susceptible. Therefore, if an unvaccinated dog is exposed it’s likely to become infected. Eighty percent of these dogs will show clinical signs. The other 20% will remain asymptomatic but may shed virus thereby exposing other dogs. Fortunately, the majority of infected dogs will show mild symptoms and recover fully. However, 8 % of clinically ill dogs may die from complications. The best protection is through vaccination. Just like human flu shots, this vaccine may not completely prevent infection but it diminishes the chances. If a vaccinated dog does get the flu, the signs are likely to be very mild. It is recommended that the canine influenza vaccine be given at the same time as other canine vaccines that protect against similar respiratory diseases such as distemper, parainfluenza virus and kennel cough. Keeping up with the recommended schedDecember 2011}

ule provides the best protection. A veterinarian should be consulted about which vaccines are best for each dog. When boarding or grooming at a kennel or daycare facility, use a reputable business with good references. Make sure that the facility is well-managed and clean, requires current vaccinations on all animals and has a plan for isolating sick dogs. Inquire about the protocol implemented to minimize the risk of CIV infection. When a dog has been sick, it’s advisable to keep him/her at home or isolated for 2 weeks. This gives the patient time to recover and minimize the risk of viral spreading. After contact with sick dogs, clothing, equipment, surfaces, and hands need to be cleaned and disinfected. Routine cleaning of food and water bowls and toys with soap and water helps eliminate the virus. When a dog shows signs of respiratory problems, it’s important to seek medical advice. It’s never a good idea to give human medication to a pet unless directed by a veterinarian. Human drugs are not labeled for dogs

and may cause more problems or even death. A veterinarian can diagnose and prescribe safe medications. Unfortunately, there aren’t any drugs that kill CIV. So once infected there is no antidote for the disease. The illness must simply run its course. Treatment options are focused on supportive care to keep that the dog as comfortable as possible, hydrated, and eating well. This helps boost the dog’s immune system. Dogs with nasal discharge or pneumonia are usually given an antibiotic to treat secondary bacterial infections. Hospitalization may be necessary for dogs with serious complications. In all cases a veterinarian should be consulted. Mom: “Tucker, you are correct about the terrible symptoms associated with Canine Influenza. They can mimic signs associated with a little cold to pneumonia. Fortunately, there’s an inexpensive and effective way to protect all dogs. I know that you were playing as if you had a terrible cold but the jigs up and we need to get to class.”


{pawz-itivelynatural} By Nadine Joli-Coeur


treat nottreat or


e look into those large puppy dog eyes or hear the soft hum of a purring cat, and we just can’t resist giving them a treat. Have you ever wondered how many treats you actually give your pet a day? Do you give too many or not enough? How many should you give? What type of treat should they have? All of these are very good questions.

Why we give Treats? Most of us equate treats as a necessary tool to achieve a certain behavior (sit, stay, be quiet). Most trainers agree treats are great as a tool, but are often overused. They can contribute to obesity, and may have unwanted side effects such as constant begging. There are many other reasons for giving your fur baby a treat. We have busy lives, and many of us are gone most of the day. When we are home there is always a long list of things to do: kids, 20


laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. I am sure most of us can agree an active pet with nothing to do will find something to do. My lab, Callie, is an excellent example of the old adage, “idle minds are the devil’s playground”. When I adopted Callie from the Houston SPCA, she was 1 ½ and full of energy. I couldn’t leave anything in her kennel I didn’t want destroyed. If I didn’t pay attention to her when she wasn’t in the kennel I would see shoes with love

marks (a chunk missing) and carpets with holes on the edges. I realized I needed to keep her occupied with a chew, or I would see chew marks elsewhere. We love our pets, and it is an important bond to nurture. Bonding with your pet is one of the primary reasons to treat. I set aside time each evening to give my pets attention. It may be rubbing their belly or heads while I am watching TV or simply watching our cocker


d gs cats Texas

spaniel referee a wrestling match between our labs in the living room. Other treats can encourage good health, a good digestive tract or help strengthen joints. How much and what you give as a treat is important. Over treating can contribute to obesity, make organs work overtime to process them and contribute to future issues such as joint pain and diabetes. Health issues impact quality of life and often quantity of it (life span). It is important to include the number of calories in treats you give as part of the daily calories.

What is the best treat for my pet?

There is no one size fits all for all pets. However, certain types of treats are better depending on what you are trying to achieve. My first rule of thumb is the less processed the better because pets do not need sugar. Over processed diets contribute to human obesity and thus, it is not surprising it is the same for our pets. Training Treats – If you are trying to train your pet to sit, stay or give paw you should look for a high value, small treat. High value means it is something that smells really good to them, like our organic liver treats or tiny buddy biscuits. You want it to be small so they won’t lose focus on what they are doing when they eat the treat.

December 2011}

Chewing or “baby sitter” Treats - In addition to daily physical activity, your pet needs something to focus on or challenge them. Not only does it reduce boredom, but it will also curb destructive behavior. We do not recommend raw hide because many pets have food sensitivities plus it will swell when it comes in contact with moisture (saliva, gastric liquid in their stomach). This can cause blockages which, if severe enough, may require surgery. We suggest raw meaty bones, natural chews like bully sticks, chicken chews, sweet potato chews and antlerz (cut up pieces of naturally shed deer antlers). A dog’s digestion is different from ours. What they eat will digest primarily in their stomach and not in their intestinal tract like humans. This is why they can eat raw meat or bones and not get sick. It is important to note any pet supplier of raw bones or diets must meet a zero tolerance for bacteria. The tolerance for protein purchased at a grocery store is much higher since the expectation is it will be cooked prior to being eaten.

Treats for your HEALTH

If you like to give your pet treats, why not offer them baby carrots or broccoli. Only a handful of fruits and vegetables are not good for your pet (avoid onions or anything with a pit). Many treats are helpful to joints, full of added vitamins or good for urinary support.

Rules when selecting your pet’s treats 1) Read the ingredient panel. My favorites are those with a single or just a few ingredients. If there are more than 10 ingredients, it is most likely too processed. Also look for whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables. Typically there are less food sensitivities and allergies with more natural treats. 2) Reputable manufacturer. Bones bought from a large pet store can be dangerous because they may be overcooked which can lead to splintering. Did you know there is a growing number of treats originating from China, India and other countries? In addition, avoid treats with sugar and preservatives such as bha or bht that have a possible link to cancer. 3) If your pet has food allergies be very careful with treats. Often pet owners search for a particular food due to allergies but then negate any benefits by giving treats containing ingredients such as corn, soy or wheat which are top allergens for many pets. Everyone and pets enjoy a treat from time to time. Just make sure to use in moderation and pay attention to what you give them.


{tuggtales} By Blake Ovard

tugg’shouse the night at


was the night before Christmas, and over at Tugg’s place, The time machine was a whirring, and spinning in space. There were flashes of light and whistles galore, With no room for more gadgets, well, maybe one more.



d gs cats Texas

The pups were snuggled in, fast asleep in the beds, While dreams of cookies and bones danced in their heads. Tugg tinkered with this and adjust the that, And hoped before morning he would get a small nap. When up in his workshop there arose such a clatter We and all the animals bound up the stairs with our teeth all a chatter. One step, two steps then three and then four, When we reached the top, we flung open the door. Ajaxx sat in the corner with a box on his head, And Tugg fasted the nut on the last screw thread. The light flickering from the control panel board Bathed the room in a light none could ignore. Tugg had packed his bags and suitcases with all of his stuff, Just in case the journey through time might turn rough. A trip through the cosmos was high on Tugg’s list, To help steer the contraption, he needed an assist. Ajaxx jumped from the corner and hucklebutted around the room, While Bizzy and Ditto cheered on with shouts of, “vroom, vroom!” Tugg fitted his cape, a super hero was he, Ajaxx adjusted his hat and his goggles, his eyes wide open with glee. With a crack, and whiz and a boom and a pop, The time machine disappeared, and was no where in the shop. A few moments later in the corner we saw, Another dog who looked like Tugg, but he was too small. He was dressed in red and pink from his head to his paw, And on his shoulder sat a tiny, miniature, rainbow colored macaw. His eyes, how the twinkled, his smile how merry! His cheeks were like roses, his nose a heart-shaped cherry! From another dimension the small dog said he came, A rip in the fabric of time had caused the crossing of plains. While he was small his name was Tugg too, And in his world he led the Christmas band, a band of kazoos. Suddenly in a flash our Tugg and Ajaxx appeared, Each dressed in strange clothes and sporting new beards. “We have presents for all,” Tugg exclaimed, Then saw the new guest, the guest yet unnamed. He said, “I’m Tugg from a small alternate plane, To fix my own time machine a small wire I need to obtain.” Scoop went the the pile of left over and spare parts, And brought over a thing with wires and tarts. The thing with wires fit in a place that started small Tugg’s machine, And small Tugg jumped in like a small jumping bean. “Before I go, there’s something you must know, I thank you, I thank you, but I left you something quid pro quo.” “Under the tree in the living room below, You’ll each find your name on a package with a bow.” And with that, his craft lifted from it’s small hiding place, And started to whir and spin into space. But we heard him exclaim as he flashed from sight, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Tugg night!” December 2011}



Dougie Deogi

Rescue Reporter


ello, yes it’s your favorite rescue reporter, Dougie Deogi, coming to you LIVE from Houston, TX. Today’s show is all about buying puppies for gifts! Ha. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? I was just “in a mood.” But seriously folks, it’s that time of year and everyone is out looking to buy cool gifts for their loved ones. Some of you are probably considering buying a cute little purebred puppy, right? Your daughter has been begging for months for a little pocket dog, right? Your daughter has been begging for months for a little pocket dog, right? Well, let’s just talk a little bit about where you are going to get that puppy. First, there are petstores – not the cool ones that have adoption groups, but those


that buy puppies from some breeder to resell. Now, these petstores always tell people “The puppies come from the sweet little old lady that lives in Huntsville (or some other cute small town) and she only sells to us,” or some other unbelievable story.

Folks, think about it, ok? These puppies likely come from large-scale breeding operations where there are hundreds of dogs stuck in wire-bottom cages 24x7 breeding until the life is bred out of them. And the reason all my rescue buddies and I


d gs cats Texas

Dougie Deogi is the official spokes-dog for Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue ( headquartered in Houston. He has his own facebook page,, where you can follow his many adventures with his crazy lady owner.

don’t like these breeders is because THEY DON’T TAKE CARE OF THEIR DOGS!! Look at the pictures I’ve put in my article. These are pictures my crazy lady owner took right after a breeder surrendered 199 shih tzu and lhasa apsos to a shelter. Do they look cared for? Do they look like they’ve ever been hugged or petted or gone for a nice walk? Do you see how dirty and dingy their coats look? That’s from living in poop and pee. Do you see how they are huddles {December 2011}

back in the corner of the cage or run? That is because they are terrified of people! They don’t know that people are supposed to be nice and give them hugs. Do they look like they’ve been treated like your beloved pet? I hope if you buy a puppy, you remember what their momma and daddy looked like – actually I hope these pictures haunt you. Now, have a great holiday. From your favorite rescue ELF, Dougie!! Dougie Deogi, rescue reporter, over and out.

Doggie Daycare, Boarding, Grooming and Obedience Training 6434 Washington Avenue Houston, TX 77007 713-868-7555


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d gs cats Texas


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December {December2011} 2011}


{spotted by the pupperazzi} 28


urr-tastic or flea infested! The Pupperazzi is on the scene and has your tail covered!

chilly’s petpals


d gs cats Texas

turkey forrover

{December 2011}


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Texas Dogs & Cats Houston- Dec 11  

Texas Dogs & Cats Houston- Dec 11

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