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P u b l i s h e r s N o t e....

One of the many joys of publishing a p e t m a g a z i n e is getting to know an incredible ass o r t m e n t o f p e t businesses! To say we’ve put them all t o t h e t e s t l a s t month is putting it mildly! March broug h t w i t h i t a n e w joy for the Texas Dogs & Cats Family but a l s o s a d n e s s . W e were fortunate enough to welcome Kinky int o o u r f a m i l y , a wonderful Umbrella Cockatoo. Sadly Kinky l e a d a r a t h e r upsetting past life that will take some time to r e c o v e r from. She went from once loved pet to being thrown out to breed. Poor Kinx has very few feathers lef t on her body and flying is simply out the question anytime soon. I can’t thank ABC Animal & Bird Clinic enough for how wonderful they have treated Kinky! I really can’t stress enough how much our local rescue groups do to save dogs, cats and birds (and others!). I f you are considering adding a new ‘Fur-kid’ to your family, I do beg you to consider adopting a rescue! They really do seem to understand the second chance they’ve been given and appreciate it so much. I also can’t rave enough about the advertisers we have featured in Texas Dogs & Cats! I PERSONALLY know each and every business owner and recommend them highly! We pride ourselves on allowing only the very best in Texas Dogs & Cats. Each of the businesses in Texas Dogs & Cats is local to our community and each takes tremendous pride in what they do. Happy Easter! Shannan Lamb- Parker

S h a n nan Lamb-Parker resides in Katy, T x with Jeff, her husband and best f r i e n d of 15 years. Jeff and Shannan h a v e 2 children, Taylor who is 14 and Tr a c e who is 10. They all answer to t h e i r 2 English bulldogs, Maddox and Bentley, the real bosses.


T e x a s Cats & Dogs does no t knowingly accept false o r m i s l eading advertising or editorial, nor do the publ i s h e r s assume responsibility should such editorial or v e r t i sing appear. |a

Barkington Inn & Pet Resort

We provide high-quality pet care at a resonable price including boarding, grooming & training services.


with purchase of Bath or Groom. Coupon must be present at the time of check in.

12105 Highway 6S. Fresno, TX 77545 281-431-9663 203 Blossom Webster, TX 77598 281-338-7297

for more information visit A Va c a t ion Getaway In Your Own Backyard


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Chewy says… ’Let’s Dig In!!’ Curtiss Lanham, BS, CPDT-KA I am always amazed at how the dog problems we get calls on seem to come in bunches. This spring is no different…I think the long, cold winter has shaped our dog’s behavior into a blizzard of chewing and digging. Or, maybe it’s just the effects our wonderful spring weather…the pups are frisky and full of energy. They find all kinds of interesting things in the flower beds to dig for… and even more things around the house and in the yard to chew on…much to Mom’s chagrin. Why…WHY must they DO this???? The yard looks like the aftermath of an IED convention and there is not enough wood in the county to repair the chewing damage. What can we do!?!? ARRRGH!!!!!

Reflecting on this spring’s most talked about problems Dogs Will Be Dogs

What to do, what to do…

Dogs do dog stuff. The problem is we don’t always like the stuff they are programmed to do…like chewing and digging. So how do they learn to not chew our micro-fiber easy chair, our leather sofa or grandma’s antiques; or dig in our luxurious, expensive landscaping? We have to train them, and hopefully early in their lives, what are acceptable things to chew and acceptable places to dig.

Give your puppy or dog appropriate chew toys (toys that don’t look like your stuff, e.g. not socks, shoes, newspapers, etc) especially after interrupting inappropriate chewing

I Chew This…You Chew Me Out Puppies chew partly: a) because they are teething, b) to exercise and build their jaw muscles, c) to explore their environment and d) to relieve stress. Adult dogs chew to: a) exercise their jaws, b) out of habit, c) to play and d) to relieve stress. 6 |

Control the quantity of chew toys out at one time Control access to areas where he has shown a preference of chewing furniture and your objects Keep your stuff picked up (set the dog up for success!) Use positive reinforcement training: click/praise and treat him for looking at you and coming to you instead of putting his mouth on furniture will go a long way to continuing the shaping of proper chewing behavior If he continues his chewing propensity for particular

objects, then management of his access to those areas is the best approach for him and for you….he will not have the opportunity to ‘get in trouble’, you won’t be frustrated and spend tons of money on repairs. Additionally, understand that because chewing relieves stress, it is important to give him frozen stuffed Kongs and Sterilized Shank Bones when he is in his crate and you must be gone or asleep. This will give him the thing to chew to relieve stress and also continue to keep his crate a ‘happy place’. Dogs are social/pack animals by nature. They want to be with you. When you leave, they can become slightly stressed and will look for ways to relive that stress. Set him up for success in these situations…crate him with his chew toy stuffed with his favorite stuff…he’ll feel better and so will you. Can You Dig It Mom?…I Can…Watch! Dogs dig because…well…its fun for a dog! There are a gazillion smells and microbes and worms and bugs and nuts and stuff that live in the soil. A dog’s nose is at least 400 times more sensitive than ours. If you can sense that a soil is very rich in nutrients (take good snoot full of compost sometime!), then you can only imagine how powerful the sensory stimulation is to a dog. They dig in this case to get to more of the good smelly stuff…they are explorers. Dogs dig in warmer weather to get to cool dirt. Nothing is more refreshing to a dog on a warm, humid Gulf Coast day than placing her belly on some freshly turned garden soil…Hoo-wee!! THAT’S NICE!!!

If the dog digs a hole, place some of the dog’s poop in the hole and leave it uncovered. Be very consistent…do it every time. Soon the dog will perceive that he is only uncovering the restroom by digging and will likely stop. Build a ‘digging pit’. Simply, use some 1 x 6 treated lumber and build a rectangular frame big enough for the dog to get inside and dig around. Set the frame on the ground, cover the ground with weed cloth. Fill the frame with 4 to 6 inches of sandbox sand (NOT bank sand). Bury some food source toys (Kongs, Sterilized Shank Bones, etc.). Bury some deep, some shallow and some with parts exposed. When the dog begins to dig in the inappropriate place, take her over to the digging pit, show her the exposed toy(s); maybe show her how to dig and let her get to it! You will have to replenish the toys when they are dug up and the food licked out. The effort is worth saving your landscape… Play energy-expending games routinely with your dog outside. This will bond them to you more and run down their batteries. They will be less likely to ‘get into mischief’.

Dogs also dig and chew out of boredom. Left alone for many hours without proper stimulation and a dog will find her own fun…and it is most probably NOT the fun you would pick for her to have.

Take your dog on daily walks for extended periods.

Try This:

Dogs do dog stuff….this we know. With proper supervision, exercise, training and an understanding of why dogs do what they do, our lives together can be very rewarding and less stressful. Take some time this spring to move your relationship with your dog to the next level of understanding and cooperation.

Don’t leave the dog(s) outside for extended periods of time unsupervised. You don’t leave the toddlers outside unsupervised…don’t try it with the dogs!

Dogs Will Be Dogs…But Can Survive With Us… and Us With Them

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Havi n g t r o u b l e find i n g y o u r p e t s

m e d i c a tion ? If you are having troub l e f i n d i n g y o u r pets me dication, check w i t h Wa l g r e e n s , they may be able to c o m p o u n d t h e medication per your vet s p r e s c r i p t i o n . That’s because Walgre e n s s p e c i a l i z es in what’s known as c o m p o u n d i n g , making a prescription th a t i s n o t r e a d ily available from a man u f a c t u r e r, o r a prescription whose de s i r e d s t r e n g t h or ingredients need to b e t a i l o r e d t o meet size and or age re q u i r e m e n t s o f a patient – both pets a n d p e o p l e . I n fact, company officials s a y e v e r y Wa l greens phar macy in the U . S . c a n c o m pound as needed, thoug h a m a j o r i t y o f the compounding is don e a t m o r e t h a n 600 Walgreens compou n d i n g c e n t e r s nationw ide. Through compounding , Wa l g r e e n s phar macies may be ab l e t o c o m b i n e medications so that your d o g o r c a t c a n take a single dose. The y m a y a l s o b e able to adapt a medica t i o n t o a d o s age that’s easier for yo u r p e t t o t a ke . Chicken or beef flavoring c a n b e a d d e d to make the medication m o r e p a l a t a b l e and easier to get your p e t t o t a ke . Unless you’ve been to t h e d r i v e - t h r u window to pick up a p r e s c r i p t i o n a t your local Walgreens wi t h y o u r d o g i n the car lately, you may n o t k n o w t h a t many Walgreens phar ma c i e s h a v e b e e n offering dog biscuits t o c a n i n e c a r

companions for some time. Though you w o n ’ t s e e p e t s r o a m i n g t h e a i s l e s a t Wa lg r e e n s l i ke y o u d o a t b i g b o x p e t s h o p s . W h a t y o u c a n f i n d h o w e v e r, a r e s p e c i a li z e d m e d i c at i o n s t h a t t h e p h a r m a c i s t c a n work with your veterinarian to provide. This includes those that may be hard to c o m e b y e l se w h e r e . What that means for your pet, is the next t i m e y o u r c a t o r d o g n e e d s a p r e s c r i pt i o n f i l l e d f ro m y o u r v e t , Wa l g r e e n s m a y be able to provide it. Also, don’t forget if your pet is on “people” medication you may be able to save money through the Wa l g r e e n s P r e s c r i p t i o n S a v i n g s C l u b . Fe e l f r e e t o c h e ck w i t h y o u r p h a r m a c i s t t o s e e how much you can save. T h e Wa l g r e en s p h a r m a c y a t M a s o n Ro a d and Provincial Blvd. is open 24 hours a d a y, s e v e n d a y s a w e e k . I n m a n y c a s e s t h e y c a n c o m p o u n d y o u r p e t s p r e s c r i ption while you wait.

Sugar Land • Missouri City • Stafford

Pet Sitting • Dog Walking • Pet Taxi Locally Owned • Fully Insured Free Consultations

7 1 3 •3 2 0 •3 8 3 3 A w e s o m e P a w z . c o m •

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In-Home Training Pet Sitting Group Classes In-Kennel Training Dog Walking

713-289-9049 w w

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B ATTLE OF THE BU L G E by Dr. Susan Randlett (and Tucker of course!)

“Oh no, it’s springtime and just look at me! I’ve let myself go. As usual, I have over indulged and, once again, have to get into shape for summertime fun. Just look at me—my waistline has disappeared. I look like a sausage. I can’t feel my ribs under this layer of flab. I am disgusting. How am I going to have enough stamina to swim in the pond, retrieve sticks, hunt gophers and frolic with my friends this season? I’ll be exhausted after a few short minutes. Plus all this extra weight is putting added stress on my heart and joints. I even heard my mom say that I could even have set myself up for sugar diabetes (whatever that is?) I thought that I was just getting fuzzier and that my collar was shrinking. I have been in denial. The reality is I’m fat and unhealthy. I need to adopt some different eating habits and stick to them so I don’t have to repeat the weight loss program time after time. I want to be the buff, handsome boy my mom thinks that I am. I want to live a long, healthy life with her.” Tucker, do not despair. You are not alone on a journey to improve your health. There are only a couple of changes that you need to make to put you on the right path. One is to change your diet and the other is to start exercising. You may be wondering why it is so much easier to gain weight now than when you were a puppy. Your weight gain is due to an accumulation of body fat which is primarily a result of over eating and a lack of exercise. This occurs to all dogs and cats as they get older. However, there are some other contributing factors that you might not be aware of, such as Reduced activity naturally occurs with increased age, which necessitates a decrease in the daily energy requirements. Different breeds of cats, such as Persians, and dogs, such as Labrador retrievers and cocker spaniels, gain weight more easily. After a pet is spayed or neutered, like you, the metabolism slows down. Finally, some medical disorders cause weight gain requiring dietary changes. Tucker, there is a really good method to determine if you are slightly overweight or obese. A dog is

12 |

considered overweight if it is 5% to 19% above its ideal weight. When a dog is 20% or more over its ideal weight it’s in the obese category. Let’s look at an example, a dog that should weigh 40 pounds only needs to gain 8 pounds to be considered to be obese. To put this in perspective, this would be an extra 28 pounds on a person that should weight 140 pounds. A great tool to find out if your dog is overweight is the BARC quiz. You can find it online at: http://www.ismydogoverweight. com/en/survey. Regarding dietary changes there are a number of over the counter feeds that are calorie reduced to help maintain a dog’s or cat’s desired weight. However, for weight -reduction I recommend prescription diets that can be purchased only through the advice of a veterinarian. These diets have undergone rigorous testing to provide balanced nutrition, restricted calories and additional nutrients to support weight loss. Most dogs and cats find these prescription diets to be very palatable. Exercise to burn off those extra pounds is the second essential ingredient. Tucker, you just need to get moving. One of the best, simplest and most convenient ways to get moving is leash walking. It can be easily modified as the program progresses. Start slow and take breaks. It has great muscular and hearthealth benefits with minimal expense. In the cases where diet and exercise alone are not sufficient to get off those extra pounds, there is a safe and dependable option—Slentrol, the first FDA-approved weight-loss medication made for just for dogs. This oral medication acts in two different ways, one by reducing the appetite and the other by less fat absorption in the small intestine. Like some human diet pills, there aren’t stimulatory or undesirable side effects such as gas or oily discharge. An additional plus is that no dietary changes need to be made, any balanced diet will do while on Slentrol. This medication is for dogs ONLY. A veterinarian can help with the decision to add this to your program. There you have the skinny on a weight loss program. That’s easy enough don’t you think Tucker? “Ok, I’m ready to get started. I’m off to the gym to begin my fight with the buldge. “

KAty Vet

Annual Well Patient Care | Urgent Care Surgery | Emergencies | Grooming | Boarding (Left-Right) Dr. Mahoney, Dr. Dauchy, Dr. Barra, Dr. Smith, Dr. Cleavinger

27227 HIGHWAY BLVD KATY, TX 77494-1040 WWW.KATYVETCLINIC.COM | (281) 391-3169


Your one stop for pet photography by appoinment only • 832-245-9569

APRIL 2010 | 13

What chick wouldn’t dig these hot T shir ts? Av a i l a b l e a t T h e Pa w t y Pa l a c e i n Old Katy

They may not be dia m o n d s b u t n o g i r l should be without the s e b e a u t i f u l c o l l a r s available at Two Fo u r O r g a n i c s o n Westheimer! www.Two Fo u r O r g a n i c s . c o m

T h e O r b e e -Tu f f ® Re c y c l e BALL® is 3 toys in one and 1 0 0 % R E C YC L E D . W h o s a i d environmentally friendly c a n ’ t b e f u n ! Av a i l a b l e a t N a t u r a l Pa w z i n S u g a r l a n d !

B OWHAUS Designe r D o g C r a t e w i t h Pad- posh pad for y o u r p o s h p o o c h ! 14 |

St y l i s h l y c o n t r o l t h a t “ o u t - o fcontrol” fluff with a Char ming Pe t f l u f f h o l d e r. Av a i l a b l e a t Tw o Fo u r O r g a n i c s o n We s t h e i m e r !

Fill your Snuggle Bunny ’s ver y own b a s ke t w i t h t h i s cuddly bunny for snuggling! Av a i l a b l e a t N a t u r a l Pa w z , S u g a r l a n d !

Pamper your pet even m o r e w i t h t h i s incredible Cain & A b l e l i n e ! Available a t Two Four Organics o n We s t h e i m e r

F i n a l l y, n u t r i t i o u s g o o d i e s y o u c a n m a ke a t h o m e f o r your beloved pooch- just tr y not to eat them all y o u r s e l f ! Av a i l a b l e a t N a t u r a l Pa w z i n S u g a r l a n d !

Doggles- Su n s a f e t y i n s t y l e ! C h e c k o u t www.two f o u r o r g a n i c s . c o m f o r t h e s e snazzy Snoopy Doggles!

APRIL 2010 | 15

Getting to KNOW... Last month we were graced with a new addition to

the Dogs & Cats family, Kinx, an umbrella cockatoo. Finding a vet to examine her would have been very difficult if we had not known about Dr. Fronefield. He has been a vet for 24 years, and specializes with exotics and avian healthcare. During the examination it was obvious that he is very knowledgeable and proficient in avian medicine. It was then that we realized that not many handlers of exotics and birds know where to take their pets for their check-ups and health concerns. So we sat down with Dr. Fronefield and asked him a few questions about the ABC Animal & Bird Clinic, and of course, a little information about the doctor himself. Texas Dogs & Cats has been working hard to help our readers get to know a little more about the people who care for our little, and big, extensions to our families, and after all, it is just as important to understand our pet’s doctors as it is our own. Dr. Fronefield is the Medical Director at ABC Animal & Bird Clinic, and specializes in exotics and avian care. And yes, the good doctor does have a better half like most of us that he has been married to for 14 years. He has two children ages 11 and 10, which he spends most of his free time with at baseball games, swim team and scouting. So we asked him what brought him to become a vet. Dr. Fronefield replied, “When I was a child, my family spent a lot of time doing outdoor activities including camping and hiking. Most of my pets as a child I found in the mountains of north Alabama, although I spent 6 years in El Paso and 18 months in Australia as a boy, where I also temporarily housed some captured critters. My family visited zoos, nature parks, museums and exhibits nearly everywhere we went. In ninth grade I purchased a dog. She was the only domestic animal to grace our home since a brief boxer experience when I was a toddler. It was at this time that I read James Herriot’s book All Creatures Great and Small. It was this book that made me decide I was going to be a veterinarian.” He went on to study at Auburn University; it was here that he got involved with the Southeast Regional Raptor Rehabilitation Center. The past experiences with wild animals and the center brought him to his interest in exotic animal medicine and surgery. As we have been distributing the Magazine we have found that businesses which sell exotic or avian birds or products all know his clinic and recommend his services highly to everyone that comes in the door. After seeing him with our new feathered kid, I was truly 16 |

by Jeff Parker impressed with the care and knowledge that he had with Kinx. Kinx was once a family pet that was thrown out to a coop to breed, she started self mutilating and was turned into rescue. When we picked her up she was in pretty bad shape. Dr. Fronefield was excellent in handling her and even helped her with her broken feathers. Dr. Fronefield purchased ABC when it was a small satellite clinic in a strip center and after 5 years he designed the new location and moved the practices there. The new location has given ABC the tools to improve their practices and services. As the Doc put it, “Our new digital x-ray system and color Doppler ultrasound machine have significantly enhanced our imaging capabilities and subsequently enhanced our ability to diagnose conditions and diseases.” With the newer clinic and the upgrades on treatment we asked him what lies in the future for ABC, “The challenges of veterinary medicine include keeping current on the latest medical advances in our field and keeping an eye on human medical advances as they might benefit our animal patients. We will continue to employ advanced medical equipment to provide optimal care for our special family members. As the community and practice continue to grow we have the ability to expand our facilities to provide additional boarding space, hospitalization enclosures, and surgical and special procedures rooms.” ABC Animal & Bird Clinic is not just about exotics and avian care, so what other animals does

Dr. Fronefield care for? “Dog still constitute the majority of the patients seen at the clinic and are about 50% of the pets we take care of.” He says, “Cats make up about 20 percent of our cases and exotic animals fill out the remaining 30%. Under the exotic category birds are the predominant species seen. Rabbits, ferrets and rodents are the next most common, with reptiles, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and other non-domestic animals (including wildlife) seen in lesser numbers.” Can you just imagine the amount of experience and knowledge it must take to care and understand so many different types of pets? Not to mention how crazy it must get in the office at times. ABC does however have an excellent staff that is very knowledgeable as well, and work extremely well with the clients and their owners. So it left us wondering, with all of the different species that Dr. Fronefield examines daily, what types of pets get to wonder around at the Fronefield house? Dr. Fronefield replied, “I have two miniature poodles that were abandoned on the clinic porch 2 years ago. They had mange and a bacterial dermatitis. They are cute as can be now and are constant sources of entertainment. I have one bird, His name is Buckley, and he is a Kakariki, which is a New Zealand grass parakeet. He is about 17 years old. Lastly I have two tropical fish tanks. One is a 45-gallon tank containing a community of fish and the other a 90-gallon tank containing cichlids.” Adding, “We also have a couple of dogs and cats that have taken up permanent residence at the clinic.”

As busy as he is, Dr. Fronefield still likes to try and spend some time playing racquetball, bike riding, camping and motorcycle riding. He is the coach for little league baseball and an assistant scoutmaster in Boy Scouts. If you are considering a doctor to care for your furry or feathered pets in Sugarland, we would highly recommend ABC Animal & Bird Clinic. The staff is phenomenal, and the clinic is clean and easily accessible on Hwy 6. Stop by anytime and you will truly be impressed, just as we were.

“One of my favorite cases (or stories) is about an African Grey that came in for a cough. The owner reported that the bird had a terrible cough that had started out softly but that had gotten so bad that she rushed him in for an evaluation. As I was getting additional history from the owner the bird started making his coughing sounds. It sounded exactly like a person with a smoker’s cough or emphysema. I asked the owner if the bird had been around anyone with a cough. She reported that her husband had a chronic cough. It turns out that this bird had learned to do an amazing imitation of that cough, otherwise the bird was perfectly normal. The owner and I were both amused and happy that the issue was a non-issue.” - Dr. Fronefield

APRIL 2010 | 17


18 |

T he r e a r e ma ny s pe c i al nee d s do gs f o r a d op t io n, d on’ t l et t hei r d i sa bi l i t y h ind er y ou f r om a d op ti ng o ne, th ey n eed lo ve a nd a t t en ti on too. Wh e n y o u a d op t a sp ec i al n eed s d og th ey l ov e y o u ev en mo r e.

Pen ny ha s a ll t he t oys in th e w or l d ; h er f a v o r it e is t he d u st pa n go figu r e . S he is yo u ty pi c a l t e e t hi n g p u pp y she i s i nt o eve r yt hi ng . S he l ove s to p l ay f e t ch wit h a b a ll sh e w i ll ev en br i ng i t b a c k t o yo u ( no t a t yp i c a l bu l l d og g a me ; )

Pen ny is a sp ec i a l n e e d s En gl i sh bu l ld o g wit h Sp ina B if i d a. Sh e wa s s urr e nde r ed b y he r ow n er t o Th e E ngl is h B u lld og Res c ue N et wor k w h en she was 9 we eks o ld . T her e is no c ur e bu t w it h p r op er c a r e and re gul ar m e di c al t r ea tm ent , Penn y c a n l e ad a r e l at i vel y n or m a l l if e. As Penn y gr o ws ol de r sh e w ill b e a b le t o w ea r a di ap e r t o h el p w it h he r f ec a l a nd ur i n ar y i n c on tin enc e , r ig h t n ow sh e i s a typ i c al 4 m on th ol d p up py and t ak e s gr e at jo y f r o m s hr ed di ng h er d i ap e r s w it hi n s ec o nds !

To f in d o ut mo r e a b o ut t he En gl i sh B u lld og Res c ue N et wor k o r i n qu i r e a bo ut a d o pt ing or fo ster i ng a n E ngl i sh B u lld og , pl ea s e v is it b ul ld ogr e sc u ene two r k te xa s .b lo gsp ot. c om

APRIL 2010 | 19

Pho tography by Pettograph y


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ROPIN’ the WIND.... by Jeff Parker Photos by Pettography

The Texas Sheep Dog Association recently held their annual Sheep Dog Trials at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Miguel with Pettography was on hand to capture these truly amazing Collies that competed in the event, and the stands were packed! The trials attempt to emulate the use of a man and dog team in the completion of everyday chores. A course was set up in the Arena at the Reliant Center to challenge the team. Points are awarded by livestock herded at the completion of the course in the shortest amount of time. I was amazed that most of the collies were able to complete the course in less than 3 minutes. That is faster than my children do anything! We were able to meet a few of the contestants and their handlers before the competition including a mother and son team of Joy Hall and Evan Sebastian of Hempstead. Joy actually had one of the fastest times with her collie Crush, and Evan was having an excellent run with his partner, Sneak, until a rebellious sheep stepped out of the gate after being in 75% of the way. Either way the ability of these pets was astounding, as they reacted immediately to a whistle or single verbal command. Congratulations to all of the contestants and their pets, as well as, the Texas Sheep Dog Association for hosting a great event. 20 |

APRIL 2010 | 21

Where Pets are Braggin and Tails are Waggin!

ad this ooms r tion Men $4 off g ioning e dit iv n e o c ay c e to r FREE ursd a u Th and day thr Mon

Family owned and operated since 1992, the team at Connie’s has been helping the Katy community with all of their grooming and boarding needs for the past 15 years. Let us pamper your pet with a day of affordable grooming and bathing services or simply be their home away from home while you are away.

22204 Highland Knolls, Katy, Texas 77450 • Mon-Fri 7-6 Sat 8-5 281.392.7373 •


*Just donate 2 cans of food to the local food bank for the holidays. Give food to our technician at time of service to receive discount. Offer expires 12/31/09 (Coupon cannot be combined with any other offers.)

Don’t Lose Your Cool! Call Sam Today!


Licensed since 1983 TACLB590C 22 |

collie Sheepdog trials had their beginnings much like America’s sport of Rodeo, as a result of friendly banter about whose dog could perform certain feats better than anyone else’s. Bala, Wales holds the distinction of having had the first Sheep trial more than 100 years ago. From a need to a sport, the Border Collie remains the uncomplaining, underpaid companion of the livestock farmer and rancher. Sheep farming in the United Kingdom is a most important agricultural industry. This industry exists in unbelievably rugged terrain inaccessible to vehicles, horses and other means. Border Collies excel in their herding abilities. They are intelligent, loyal, speedy, and obedient as they respond to the direction of the shepherd. Both voice and whistle commands are understood and obeyed by the collie. The Border Collie was brought to the United States by immigrants, perhaps only as a companion; but were to find a need existed for its abilities in handling livestock. The Border Collie continues to grow in popularity.


APRIL 2010 | 23

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calendar of events HAPI Block Pawty Blue Line Bike Lab 3302 White Oak Drive April 3rd, 2010, Noon-4pm


Found. Foster. Forever. Upper Kirby Building 3015 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77098 Join Houston dog trainer and behavior specialist, Michael Baugh for a fun and lively evening of learning! Registration required for this FREE event at

3 9

APRIL Yappy Hour The Pawty Palace, 1402 East Avenue, Katy 77493 Food, fun and friends!!

April 9, 2010, 5pm-10pm

April 8th, 6:30pm-8:30pm


HAPI Family Pet Festival St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church 1656 Blalock Road April 17th, 2010, 11am-4pm

Special Pals West”MUTT”ster Dog Walk LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch Heritage Square Gather the family, call the neighbors and round up your four-legged friends - it’s time for the 5th annual West”MUTT”ster Dog Walk! Enjoy games for kids and pets, a colorful costume contest and a stroll around LaCenterra to benefit Special Pals. April 17th, 2010, 10am-1pm

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Yappy Hour The Pawty Palace, 1402 East Avenue, Katy 77493 Food, fun and friends!!

April 23, 2010 5pm-10pm

Save Our Strays 1st Annual Casino Night Saturday, 24 April 2010 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm


Vanguard Academy Hall 6925 Turtlewood Dr., Houston, TX 77072 Come join Save Our Strays for a fun filled Texas Hold’em Tournament! Tickets are Tickets: $25.00, Includes hors d’oeurves, $5.00 in gaming chips, And one door prize ticket – you do not have to be present to win –$ 100.00 Restaurant Gift Cards & basket. Please contact 832-875-7769 for tickets!!

Are YOU a



you take the same care when shopping for your pets? Texas Dogs & Cats has always prided ourselves to promote healthy living to our extended family members, and Two Four Organics takes healthy living to a whole new level. In January 2005, Sam Jarrett had an idea and he purchased his first location in Victoria Texas. Now, five years later, he reflects, “We now have 3 locations – Brenham, Houston and Victoria.” These locations offer a healthy solution for not only our pets, but for us as well. So what was the inspiration behind this idea? He answers, “During the past few years we have noticed a significant change in the mindset of our customers. Having busy lifestyles and dealing with challenging economic times, it has made management of these areas a priority. However, our customers still want high quality and high valued products available to them. Recognizing this, we changed our store dynamics to focus on wellness solutions for both people and pets.” Sam and his experienced staff also incorporate veterinary care professionals, nutritionalist and personal trainers to help ensure better health and lifestyles for all of their customers.

business, but as Sam puts it, “To clearly differentiate our company and invigorate business. Our rebranding is a signal of change to our markets and our customers that more accurately reflects the new core values and attributes our company now believes in.” And the commitment to excellence is visible everywhere. It takes a lot to be sold on one of Sam’s shelves, “We select only high quality products that have good manufacturing practices and strict quality assurance controls. All items are date coded to ensure freshness, and we constantly evaluate the ingredients, safety, taste and nutritive value of all the products we carry.” Two Four Organics is a local health store for people and pets. As Sam says, “ Most importantly Two Four Organics exists to educate, equip and support the humanimal lifestyle and to provide a means by which consumers and their pets can live a healthy lifestyle.” So make sure to stop by and say hello to the wonderful staff at Two Four Organics, where you are sure to find some wonderful healthy products and accessories for your pets and yourself too!! Two Four Organics Houston store is located at 10944 Westheimer, Houston, Tx 77042 (between Westheimer & Wilcrest next to Office Depot). You can also shop online at

And it does not stop there. Sam adds, “We will continue to expand our wellness solutions for people and pets in all of our locations to include cellular cleansing sauna therapies, nutritional analysis, food toxicity testing and more. Our vision is to take the guess work out of nutritional supplementation so that the consumer is not wasting their money on products that do n o t provide necessary efficacy and better health outcomes.” Recently, the business has gone through a rebranding to connect better to the consumer. As Sam states, “We began to plan a strategy last spring. With 3 stores and 3 different names i t b e c a m e c o n f u s i n g to our customers and suppliers just who we were.” This is not only to modernize the APRIL 2010 | 27


Healing Relationship I remember the final months before my dog, Juno, passed away. She slept over around the corner of my desk while I wrote. Sometimes I’d stop typing and watch her, chest rising and falling with easy sleep, her paw twitching in a dream, white-muzzled and wise in her uncomplicated way. Every once in a while she’d open one eye and look up at me. She seemed to know when I was staring at her. One morning I said aloud to her “I’ve known you for 11 years and you’ve never spoken a word to me.” She got up and came to my side, sat and sighed. She still didn’t say a word. You know the kind of dog I’m talking about. They come into our lives, often at moments of change or turmoil, often uninvited or even unwanted. They come and they change everything. These are the dogs we tell the stories about, the ones

28 |

by Michael Baugh we write about. They touch our hearts, lift our spirits and walk the path with us. They heal us. It’s about the relationship. Psychologists have known this for years. Dr. Carl Rogers built his whole career on it. If the relationship was right (in his case the therapeutic relationship) then healing would occur. Nothing else needed to happen. His contributions to psychology are still widely evident today. Others have gone on to suggest that healthy relationships are what keep us sane. It makes sense. We’re social creatures. So are dogs. Juno walked the path with me. We moved three times over the course of her 11 years. We started two training companies. She saw me fat and skinny and never cared. She left me alone when I was silly and drunk. She let me rest my aching head on her when I was hung over. When my mother died she sat with me while I cried. She tried agility and fly ball because I wanted to. She never complained – never a word. You know the kind of dog I’m talking about. There’s another theory of psychology that suggests human

anxiety is rooted in our use of language. Words relate one to the other and we attach meaning to them. Our minds get going and we feel bad. Why did he say that? What did she mean when she said …? How do you expect me to take it? Our dogs watch and listen. They take it in and seemingly let it go. We prattle on with our words and our hurt feelings and they wait. They wait for us to come around and brood, maybe cry. That’s when they do their healing – silently. Nothing gets in the way. I first wrote about the healing power of dogs when Juno was just 5 months old. She’d failed puppy class miserably and I was upset – okay, devastated. Juno taught me a sweet gentle lesson that day, the first of many. Juno jumped up on the couch and cuddled up next to me with a big heavy sigh. It was one motion. Her breathing fell in with mine and soon puppy class faded away for both of us. There were no hand signals, just my arm around her chest. There were no commands, just comfort. No tests, just this. And true there were no gold medal stickers [on her

Candy Ice Cream Gourmet Coffee Lattes Cappuccino Coffee Frappa Old Fashion Malts Shakes & Floats Fruit Smoothies

diploma], just a golden puppy kind enough to share a nap and claim me as her own. Over the years Juno healed me in ways I still have yet to fully understand. Patiently, silently, she walked the path with me and led me safely into my middle years. She proved what Carl Rogers only guessed was true. It’s about the relationship, gentle, quiet, full of love and care for one another, empty of judgment and resentment, no words to cloud meaning or intent. A few months after Juno died my cousin summed up the magic of dogs in one sentence. They make us better people. Juno would have been 12 this April 6th. She came into my life unexpectedly, touched my heart, made me better and changed everything. You know the kind of dog I’m talking about. Join Houston dog trainer Michael Baugh on April 8th, as he hosts Found.Foster.Forever., a training seminar for people who rescue and foster dogs. Register for free on

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8503 FM 359 Rd S., Fulshear, TX 77441

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Joining Together To Make A Difference. . . For You And Your Cherished Pet

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ur pets are our best friends and faithful partners. Gone are the days of laundry room and backyard ornaments. They now occupy our bed and are the first to get to open their present on Christmas. Quite simply, they are our family. Their passing deserves the tribute and respect befitting a family member. After the loss of my last special baby, Miss Ellie Mae, I knew without a doubt that we could do better. It was in this spirit that I founded and opened Paws Memorial Service, just on the outskirts of Sugar Land. Specializing in compassionate private pet cremation and family support, my mission is one committed to providing excellence and to improving, educating and upholding the highest ethical standards for the industry. So, just where does one person start when they are on a mission to improve and educate in the pet aftercare industry -- an industry COMPLETELY devoid of standards or any governmental regulations? You guessed it . . . joining forces! As a founding member of the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA), I am so proud to report on its First Annual Conference held in San Antonio, Texas, March 10-13, 2010. Hundreds gathered from around the country to learn, share information and to join together with one purpose in mind: To raise the level of aftercare for our pets and support for our pet families. Words cannot express how wonderful it felt to be in a room full of people with the same passion and mission at heart as I hold. Together with help from veterinarians, the members of the PLPA will be laying the groundwork for a viable set of self-impossed standards to meet the needs of our pets and pet families. One that ensures that “private” pet cremations are indeed one at a time; that grieving families are supported and never have to worry about where their pet went or who took care of it. I will be working on several committees to assist in this regard. But, we’ll need your help too. You must demand standards, seek them out and give us your feedback. Together, we can make a difference that matters for all of us that hold pets so dear to our hearts.

“I am so looking forward to working with Catherine through the PLPA in establishing industry standards in pet loss care in North America.” Coleen Ellis, PLPA Chair Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, President


Catherine Dalrymple, Founder Paws Memorial Service, LLC Contact Us At 281.342.PAWS (7297)

Division of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association

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’s R Nutritional Opinion Corner el ach

Just like humans, animals suffer from an array of the same health problems. Starting with allergies, to being bloated and ending up with getting indigestion because a new food transition didn’t agree with them. Then there’s everything else in between; the health hazards of modern living such as poor nutrition, pollution, and go figure the most common,... stress.

sense? That’d be like a human taking Tylenol or ibuprofen continuously for a month. It’s just not healthy, any doctor would tell you that. With that being said you find properties in foods fortified with natural anti-oxidants to help counter act the oxidative stress that the medicine has suppressed the body with, and even help detoxify the bad stuff the medicine’s residuals that were left behind.

“Our task must be to free ourselves— by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”—Albert Einstein

Natural homeopathic medicine can compliment conventional medicine very well. Nutrition is a huge role player in a healthy lifestyle for any species including humans. Fortunately it is a choice to make, an option to educate, advice to take or leave, or an idea to go off of,... li Long story short, I do believe if nutritional requirements are not being met whatever the case maybe, go back to nature to find the solution. Animals need natural products to compensate for the stress’s of modern day living just like us. The deficiencies we create in our pets can be made right by truly exploring how dogs and cats bodies break down nourishment. Once we understand that by going back in time and looking closely at the evolution of the dog how are we to fix it. Battle your pet’s problems with the assistance of a pill? Add more fruits and vegetables to their diet? Form a different choice of lifestyle/routine, or all of the above?

In the wild, animals naturally have the instinct to do what’s good for them if they have something ailing them. Have you ever noticed your dog or cat eating grass? It’s natural. The Greek God of medicine, Asclepius, respected dogs very highly for their ability to seek out and eat medicinal herbs in the wild; He noted cats doing it as well. The main attribute of Asclepius was a physician’s staff with an Asclepian snake wrapped around it; this is how he was distinguished in the art of healing, and his attribute still survives to this day as the symbol of the modern medical profession. Enough of the history lesson for the day,... This is proof that natural medicine started way back in 300B.C. and before that!! There are natural remedies of every age that are still put to use today. Humans have created more and more pills to correct just about every thing to simplify life. When you simplify life too much though and mess with mother nature our bodies and our pet’s health pay the consequences. Whether it be that pain killer they take every day, the kidneys and liver will lose some of it’s filtration power because the un natural compound of the medicine wears and tears on the internal organs. Make

Seek out multiple vet’s, ask questions, talk to people on the internet on pet health food forums to see what’s going on. The right answers will come along in one form or another. Whether you’re dealing with surgery or an allergy, there’s an answer. In the next edition of Texas Cats & Dogs, I will get you up to speed on my move over to the Sugar Land location of Natural Pawz; An incredible pet health food store with an impressive display of natural foods and products for all of our animal’s needs. Till next time,... Rachel :)

“Our task must be to free ourselves— by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”—Albert Einstein

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Veterinarians: Richard Croft Susan Randlett Toby Shows Adela Rico Jennifer Smoot Molly Obergfell

Dogs, Cats, Birds & Exotics Wellness Care Immunizations Dentistry Bathing Boarding Surgery Laser Surgery Digital Radiology Ultrasound

20701 Kingsland Blvd., Suite 105 (across from Taylor High School)


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Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine- April 2010  
Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine- April 2010  

Texas Dogs & Cats Magazine- April 2010