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Advertising on Facebook is Imperative!! Forget asking the question” why advertise on Facebook.” This is the one social media campaign you must conduct. This is a fact. Accept it. The only question is how much free advertising can you get before your competition gets it? It isn’t necessary to be a clone of everyone else out there; In Facebook campaigns, you can stand out from the rest while you grow your business by building a huge list of customers and clients. You’ll be utilizing a ready-made platform with a door to giant opportunity. Please review the following reasons why “Advertising on Facebook is Imperative!” Facebook currently has more than 800 million active users; over half of them log on to their

Facebook accounts every day; each user has at least 130 friends. They are there checking on their friends; looking at pictures; updating their daily activities for others to catch-up on. They chat with family and friends; watch and post videos; follow links from numerous websites; play games and click on advertisements. The demographics are without limits. The number of users who sign into their accounts daily is stratospheric. When you consider their friends in the mix, the possibilities for contact with individuals is beyond real comprehension. Imagine how many folks could see your brand/identity in a single day; a single hour; or minute . . . or second, for that matter! The average user’s age is between 26 and 34 years old! Facebook is worth your attention, efforts and time simply because you can have instant, direct connection with your present customer base, and broaden this base with potential new customers. Once a user clicks “like” on your site, you can communicate directly with them with a post, a comment or instant messaging. This is not possible via conventional advertising media. What more cost effective form of advertising is available to you? It cost nothing to join the Facebook community, with a ‘fan page’ or a ‘business page.’ And given the broad market coverage, the actual dollar cost of ad placement on Facebook is nominal. Additionally, the choices of ad types and preferred placements are huge. Most likely, there is no reasonable case for not finding a choice that will fit your advertising budget, and deliver the results you expect. Through Facebook, you can target your audience directly with ads aimed at any specific geographic area where your largest potential product or service sales are located. The chance that you’ll reach those you know will be interested in your offering, is greatly enhanced. Once you’ve reached your target audience, and they click ‘like’ on your fan page or business page, their friends and their friend’s, friends will see your ads too. For this powerful event alone, you must advertise on Facebook. You can’t beat Facebook’s versatility. You’re not just limited to a free ‘fan page,’ and extremely cost effective advertising via a multitude of formats, presentations and price points. There may be no better media to offer free products and services to attract new customer contact and more sales; or invite

users to online or live events. You can hold contests; deliver audio and video presentations in a large variety of formats. The possibilities are endless, cost effective and very timely. I’ve presented just a few suggestions through which you can utilize Facebook to grow your business. There are many, many more ways not mentioned here, and reasons why “Advertising on Facebook is Imperative!” The sooner you get to it, the sooner you’ll make more money. Don’t wait another moment. Get started now!

Article by: Elaar Maarten

Advertising on Facebook is Imperative!!  

Why you must advertise your business on facebook.

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