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Things to Consider when Installing Wooden Countertop To achieve a naturally striking kitchen, the best material to use is wood. Wooden countertops are commonly installed in country-style homes. They give a warm and comfortable ambiance which the whole family can appreciate. In Houston kitchen remodeling, wooden countertops are installed for different purposes. Each remodel is carefully examined so that it meets the preferences of the family. Woods, as used as a primary material in the kitchen, have certain pros and cons. To know more, here are the things to consider in installing wooden countertops.

Types of Wood Used There are different types of wood, but only a few can be used for countertops. The most common types are the bamboo and the maple. These woods have a durable finish, so they can sustain the test of time. However, there are also hardwoods that are well-suited for this purpose. The black walnut and cherry woods also provide an excellent durability and classic finish. There are available FSC-certified types that meet the LEED guidelines in installing wooden countertops. The type of wood, to ensure that it will not require a huge investment, should be locally available. Talk to your interior design professional to know more about your options. Why Choose Wood? Wood is readily available and can be made into various shapes and sizes. It also is highly customizable so achieving a certain look is possible. As compared to other materials, wood gives off a quiet sound when chopping hard ingredients – it does not give off a loud bang when pans or glasses fall on it. Furthermore, there are woods that are heat resistant. This means that they will resist any kind of heavy cooking. When sealed regularly, wooden countertops can actually last for a lifetime.

Things to Consider Just like any other materials, wooden countertops have to be maintained well. The countertops should be sealed with oil for two to three times a year. They also have to be kept dry so that molds, mildews, and other unwanted organisms will not destroy the structure. Wooden kitchen countertops may be the best material for Houston kitchen remodeling. However, they have to be installed and maintained carefully. For more information, visit

Things to consider when installing wooden countertop