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Texas Alpha Epsilon Pi Alumni Newsletter - Gamma Dude

Greetings! Hello Alumni,

Gamma Deuteron Remembers Bernard Rapoport On April 5th, 2012, Alpha Epsilon Pi lost one of its most influential members in Bernard Rapoport. Brother Rapoport was the first master of Texas Gamma Deuteron as he laid down the foundations of this great chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi. He will always be remembered for profound sense of virtue and his selflessness for his continuous efforts to give back to his cherished Texas community. Brother Rapoport graduated from the University of Texas in 1939 with a degree in economics and would ultimately serve on the University of Texas Board of Regents later in life. In his addition to his work and contributions to the University of Texas and Alpha Epsilon Pi, Brother Rapoport served as member of the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations under President Bill Clinton. We, at Texas Alpha Epsilon Pi, have truly fond memories of our first master. In 2010, we all had the tremendous privilege of meeting Brother Rapoport as he partook in the ribbon-cutting of our new fraternity house. We have been tremendously lucky to have called such a heroic individual our brother and our leader. He will be truly missed and we send our condolences to the Rapoport family and brothers of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity everywhere.

The brothers at Texas AEPi Gamma Deuteron have had a fantastic summer and are excited to be back at school. We thought we’d take this opportunity to fill you all in what we have planned for the upcoming semester. We’ve had a very promising summer rush and we look forward to inducting several new members into the Gamma Deuteron family. Rush chair Will Hall (2014) provides you with all the must-know details of how summer rush went and his plans for spring. Speaking about our brotherhood, we have several events planned throughout the semester. Our Brother at Large, Kevin Eisenbaum (2013) gives you the low-down on all that we have in store for the upcoming fall semester. As for our social calendar, Social Chairs Josh Sandler (2013) and Ben Goldberg (2015) share the exciting plans for the fall including our return to Dallas for Texas-OU weekend and a San Antonio date event to come in late October. In addition, Alumni Chair Jason Tennenbaum (2014) and Master Lipsky will impart to you their plans for the upcoming semester.


FALL 2012

Summer Rush How the summer of 2012 will pave the way for a bright future in Texas AEPi

Since taking over as Rush Chairmen I have really seen rush and the overall culture behind it in our fraternity grow. I have completely changed rush and made it a year long process, because as it has been said before, rush is the lifeblood of a fraternity. This past summer we had the biggest and most eventful summer rush we have ever had. The typical rush orientation week involved a party, a late night or viewing party for an NBA Finals game, and a few dinners and meals. Additionally our rush list was larger than it had ever been before and we really felt like we knew almost all of the Jewish young men entering the University of Texas. After summer rush we immediately began to prepare for rush week.

Rush week was an outstanding success where attendance was very high in all facets, from brothers, rushees, and especially girls. When I started off as rush chairmen my goal was to have a sufficient amount of quality and quantity. Through both summer rush and rush week we have been able to put together what may be one of the strongest pledge classes we have ever had, and quality is not an issue. Our initial goal was a pledge class of 30, but because of financial constraints for certain people and many rushees wanting to pledge during the spring our numbers are not as high as was hoped originally. However, being slightly below 20 has happened before and with as much quality as was brought in, we are sure that the chapter will end up safe. We have already begun planning and starting rush for not only the Spring but for next Fall’s pledge class as well and will continue to update you on it. In addition to current rush we are making an initiative to start planning further out in the future. If you as an alumni have children, regardless of their age, please let me know their names and information ( so we can have them for future use. Also if you have any ideas or suggestions about anything I would love to hear them so please don’t hesitate to email me or call me at and (713) 501-7153. Thank you for your time, Will Hall Rush Chairmen



FALL 2012

The Brotherhood of Gamma Deuteron to the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. I along with my fellow executive board members are continuously trying to find creative ways to maintain the strong bonds of the brothers in Gamma Deuteron while continuing to progress what we believe is one of the stronger chapters in the nation.

Hello Fellow Brothers, My name is Kevin Eisenbaum and I am serving as Brother at Large for the 2012-2013 school year. I am so excited to finally get a chance to give back to the brotherhood that has given me so much over the last two years and follow in my brother’s footsteps (Jeff Eisenbaum) as an Alpha Epsilon Pi executive board member. We had an awesome brotherhood calendar in the fall semester and as always, Alumni new, old and in between are always welcome!

This semester, we had several brotherhood events. Perhaps the most prominent of these events was our traditional brotherhood tailgate taking place before each and every Texas Football game. I encourage all Alumni to join us in the future for our basketball tailgates and next fall as we celebrate our second religion, Texas football I look forward to seeing all of you this semester as Texas embarks on its annual quest for a basketball national championship!!!

The brotherhood of Gamma Deuteron I feel is as strong as ever. I can honestly say that the 64 men that are currently active in Alpha Epsilon Pi are true Jewish gentleman who each have something to offer

What’s it like to live in the house?


Hello! My name is Randy Olmsted, and I’m a Plan II sophomore (yes, it’s a “real” major) with hopes of going to medical school in the future. I’m currently living in the AEPi house, and my year at 2807 Rio Grande is shaping up to be the best yet. Out of all the reasons I love living in the house, the top is definitely the sense of community and closeness felt here – although the gourmet chef isn’t half bad, either. Living with twenty-two of my best friends and pledge brothers (omicron class pride!) has truly brought all of us closer together. Come to the house any night of the week, and you’ll recognize this sense of community. Of course, academics are a priority, and the study is often filled with brothers finishing homework or studying for exams. Walk upstairs, and you’ll be welcomed by open doors, lively conversation, and intense games of FIFA soccer. The balcony is a perfect place to relax on crisp autumn nights, and brothers enjoy catching the game on the plasma TV in our brotherhood room. Overall, the delicious food, top facilities, and vivacious atmosphere make the Pi house a great place to live. If you’re ever in Austin or on campus, I invite you to stop by the AEPi house – especially if you haven’t seen our new location yet. The door to room eight is always open, so feel free to come say hello!



FALL 2012

The Social Calendar for Fall 2012 Texas/OU Weekend This year we returned to Dallas for Texas-OU weekend!! Over fifty percent of the brotherhood journeyed down to the Red River Rivalry as we filled two buses full of brothers and their dates. This is one of the most prized traditions of the Gamma Deuteron chapter. We always love cheering on our beloved Longhorns after attending the always incredible Dallas fair. Despite the blowout loss, we had an awesome time!

Fraternity/ Sorority Mixers We had an astounding 6 mixers this semester with Texas sororities including Alpha Epsilon Phi and Sigma Delta Tau. Since our refounding 2003, we have steadily strengthened our relationships with fellow Greek life on campus and we look to continue to do so in this upcoming semester. More brothers than ever before are taking sorority girls to date events as Texas AEPi looks to continue our proud tradition of leading Greek life at the University of Texas at Austin.

Social Parties for the Fall Semester In addition to our larger fraternity functions, we had four parties this semester with one bar tab. The annual Hollywood party was a blast! Brothers and friends gathered under the bright lights of Alpha Epsilon Pi with perhaps the longest standing tradition of Gamma Deuteron. On behalf of the Social committee, we look forward to seeing you throughout the coming semester. Sincerely, Josh Sandler and Ben Goldberg



FALL 2012

A Word From Master Eli Lipsky When I ran for master in the spring of 2012 I wanted to seize an opportunity to make this chapter awesome. I’ve had an amazing time here in college and I wanted to push Gamma Deuteron to new heights. After my election I recruited an executive board to help me and upon our collective installment in May we set out to pursue my vision. I also sought to inspire brothers to help and they have. So as a preface to the discussion of what has happened since May and what will happen, I’d like to thank all the brothers of Gamma Deuteron, both current students and alumni, who have aided me in my pursuit.

The brothers were excited to return to Dallas for OU weekend. Last year the Red River Rivalry game was on Yom Kippur so we were unable to make the trip as a fraternity. We had a great group of seniors going to the weekend who were excited to show the freshmen and sophomores how OU weekend is done properly. Dani Kachel is planning our Round-Up weekend for this upcoming March. It will be the biggest one in memory. We plan to have a live concert at the house to highlight a day party and a name DJ at the night party. We are currently in the process of talking to performers and fundraising from potential sponsors to supplement our budget for the events. Overall, the chapter is having a fun year so far and we are aiming high. As I conclude this update feel free to reach out to me at for any questions or comments.

Rush is important. This is always the case for a fraternity, and for our growing chapter it is always right in the front of our minds. We didn’t have a perfect rush this year, but it was the best one I’ve seen from Gamma Deuteron since I’ve been around. The other leaders of this chapter and I are disappointed with the size of this fall pledge class. We wanted a bigger class so that we could continue to grow the chapter. But our disappointment does not detract from the quality of the pledge class. I am proud of the group that we selected. We took no one that we did not like and the pledges are excited to be here. They are directed in their pledge program by Matt Harris, who can answer any questions about the details of the pledge program. He is instilling in the pledges the values of Alpha Epsilon Pi and he is improving their lives as individuals. We are working towards a large spring pledge class (we already have several commitments) as well as next year’s fall class.

Hook ‘em!



FALL 2012

Gamma Deuteron Alumni My name is Jason Tennenbaum and I am your Alumni Chair for the 2012 school year. I am thrilled to be in charge of contacting Alumni and staying up to date with my fellow brothers of Texas AEPi. We always welcome Alumni to join us for all social and brotherhood gatherings. Please feel free to contact me for all your Alumni questions and requests. Thank you so much for your contributions to our chapter! Your endless devotion to Alpha Epsilon Pi and the Gamma Deuteron chapter continue to influence us to strive for even greater goals. Thanks, Jason Tennenbaum –

Be sure to check us out online: Updated website! Like us on Facebook at

Follow us on Twitter at @TexasGammaD

Check-in on Foursquare at

To support the chapter: There are multiple ways to support the chapter. Please reach out to Jason Tennenbaum ( if there are any questions  Please visit us at and click on ‘Alumni Community’ under the ‘Alumni’ tab. 

Visit and click on ‘Donate’. You can donate by Credit Card, Check or Money Order In ‘Donor Comments’ please include “Earmarked to the Gamma Deuteron Chapter – University of Texas at Austin. CC: Jason Tennenbaum – Alumni Chair” If you choose to make a donation on the National AEPi website, please email Jason Tennenbaum immediately so we can assure Gamma Deuteron receives your generous gift.

Mail directly to: Jason Tennenbaum – Alumni Chair 2807 Rio Grande Street BOX 1 Austin, TX 78705

Gamma Dude - Texas AEPi Alumni Newsletter Fall 2012  

The Fall 2012 Version of the Texas AEPi Alumni Newsletter

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