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Forever Bread Machine By Omar Miranda Joshua and his mother were getting ready to bake bread for their church’s homeless ministry, and as they were pulling out all the ingredients and setting them up on their counter, there was a knock on the front door. Josh shouted loudly, “YES! They’re here!” He excitedly swung open the door so hard that it slammed into the coats hanging on the coat rack behind the door, knocking them to the ground. “Hey buddy, is your mom home?” Mr. Jeff politely asked Joshua. “Sure! She’s in the kitchen. I’ll get her,” Joshua breathlessly responded. “MOOOOMMM!” Jeff shouted in the general direction of the kitchen.” Mom hurriedly came around the corner and responded, “Good morning Mr. Jeff.” “Good morning to you, Ms. Baker. I see that you and your helper are excited about helping the homeless in our town.” “We sure are!” Joshua quickly responded. Mr. Jeff, not missing a beat, shot back, “If that’s the case, you’re going to need what I’ve got in the back of my truck. Will you please give me a hand?” As Mr. Jeff pulled the blue tarp off of his truck’s treasure, Joshua exclaimed, “Whoa! I’ve never seen so many machines in my life. What are they?!” As Mr. Jeff grabbed two machines and loaded Joshua with a couple, he responded, “Well, they’re something called a bread machine.” Both Joshua and Mr. Jeff worked for fifteen minutes bringing in all the machines. As Joshua looked around his living room and kitchen, he counted out twenty machines in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Mr. Jeff gave Joshua and mom some last minute instructions and told them that if they had any problems to give him a call. After he and mom waved goodbye to Mr. Jeff’s truck, she and Joshua got to work. They poured all the ingredients and programmed each of the machines, turned them on, then sat down and let out a big sigh of relief. They would have to do this two other times today. They were making a total of sixty loaves of

bread all for tomorrow. Joshua went upstairs to do some homework, but it wasn’t long before the smell of fresh-baked bread captured his attention. He ran down the stairs, missing the last three altogether and landing on all fours. His mother, from the living room, called, “Joshua! Don’t touch anything. The bread’s not done yet.” “But mom!” Joshua whined, throwing up his hands in frustration, “I just want to taste the bread to make sure that it’s okay to give to other people.” “Don’t you ‘but mom’ me, mister! I know exactly what you’re up to.” A few moments later, she turned to Joshua and said, “How would you like to hear a true story?” His mom told him the story of Jesus found in John 6:22-59. As she read about Jesus telling His followers who He really was, Joshua was spellbound. Mom began reading Jesus’s response to His followers asking Him for bread: “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again.” Joshua, acting like someone pinched him, sat upright! “Hey!” he shouted, “that’s just like Jesus telling them that He’s a ‘Forever Bread Machine’ so they’ll never be hungry again!” His mother put her Bible down on her lap and, letting out a giggle, responded, “I guess you’re right! Jesus was telling them that He was their ‘Forever Bread Machine.’ And He can be yours too!” With that realization, they both wearily, but happily, got up from the couch to start another round of bread for their neighbors, who would soon be able to learn all about Jesus, their very own Forever Bread Machine.



FLAME | Spring 2018