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Festivities Holy Week One of the most important religious festivities. It attracts believers, brotherhoods... During this festivity you can experience catholic religion through a large number of events with artistic and cultural value.

The Festivity of San Isidro

The participants wear traditional clothes in a very colorful day in which bands of musicians and dancers begin enjoying themselves in front of the image of their Patron Saint.

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The Day of the Holy Cross ( 3 May) Giving start to the numerous festivities in this month. The night sky of the third of May in Los Realejos turns into the most famous firework display on the island.

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Festivity of El Carmen The final of the extensive cultural and festive program lasting nearly a month in July, when the image of El Carmen is carried on the shoulders of the seamen of Puerto de la Cruz in the Octava Procession.

Viticulture Los Realejos is regarded as the cathedral of the white wine and largely recognized by the wine experts of the archipelago. Every

The Day of the Holy Cross ( 3 May)

September a Wine Festivity is celebrated.

Holy Week

Los Realejos is a small municipality in north-western Festivity of El Carmen

Tenerife. Its overall extension is 57.5 km. It offers a great compilation of contemporary buildings and pure nature. You can go on walks or shopping on the lovely small stream-

The Festivity of San Isidro

ing streets. If you are a fan of nature’s power you can visit The Dragon Tree, the beautiful viewpoints or just go to the beach. Over 50% of the territory of the land is protected by the environmental law. The outstanding beaches offer great opportunities of practicing extreme sports. The hanging mountain









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municipality is home to the first church built on the island – Iglesia de Santiago (1496). Great view and calm, Los Realejos is the best place for your holiday.

1. The church of Santiago Apóstol is the oldest and the most important church in Los Realejos.

1. Santiago Apostol Church

4. Mencey Bentor Sculpture

4. The sculpture is placed in the viewpoint of El Lance. This is the place where Mencey Bentor jumped off the cliff to avoid being prisoner of the Spanish at the end of the conquest of Tenerife.

2. An old hermitage dedicated to Our Lady, built in the XVI century, was the predecessor of the current church of the three naves.

2. The Church of La Concepcion

3. The church was planned in 1955. The lady of el Carmen is the Honorary and perpetual lady of Los Realejos and the Patron Saint of the Orotava Valley.

3. The Church of Carmen

6. The Dragon Tree

5. La Corona Viewpoint

6. The Dragon Tree of Los Realejos, Tenerife, is one of the many dracaena draco trees. This botanical wonder of perfect biology is one of the few living remnants of the Guanche past of the municipality.

5. It offers a great views of the Orotava Valley and the north-western side of the island. This is also the most famous spot for paragliding in northern Tenerife.

8. Beautiful black sand beach known for being Tenerife’s greatest surfing spot.

7. A small defensive construction, used for protection of the attacks of the corsairs and pirates.

9. Beautiful stretch of coast, protected by the environmental law, which is perfect for hiking.

9. Rambla de Castro

7. The Fortress of San Fernando 8. El Socorro Beach



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