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Alfred Priess | Touché

Touché A beautiful gesture to nature

Designed and developed by architect MAA Bjarne Schläger.

Light up the world with a clear conscience

Touché Touché by Alfred Priess is indeed a beautiful gesture to nature. Made from 100% recyclable material and offering completely CO2 neutral operation, the sleek, architect designed column is as environmentally friendly as it is attractive to the eye. The solar cells discreetly cover the column from head to toe, ensuring that Touché works flawlessly even in countries where sunlight at times can be sparse. And because Touché requires no cabling, the unique solution is equally suitable for the city and the countryside. Touché is designed and developed by architect MAA Bjarne Schläger.

Touché benefits include: • Completely CO2 neutral • 18% solar cells covering the entire column • 100% recyclable materials • Impact-resistant • Modular solution • No cabling – plug and play • Integrated light control

About the architect Touché is designed by architect MAA Bjarne Schläger. Driven by a clear vision of creating the self-sustaining street lighting of tomorrow he set out to integrate solar cells aesthetically in a column. The result completely breaks with the traditional notion of environmentally friendly street lighting, offering a sleek column that will beautify urban and rural surroundings alike. Bjarne Schläger originally developed the stand-alone column in 2006 as an experiment for a new township in Roskilde, Denmark.

“Why should you have to choose between beauty and a clear conscience when it comes to street lighting?” Bjarne Schläger, architect MAA

Touché is compatible with all LED luminaires on the market, including the CitySwan LED luminaire developed by Philips A/S (picture).

Alfred Priess A/S is the leading supplier of lighting

Our extensive range of standard products is readily

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available.The major part of our dedicated production

and lattice-work antenna in Denmark. Since 1921, we

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individual requirements.

Priess A/S has 140 employees.

Alfred Priess A/S Sevelvej 51 DK-7830 Vinderup Tel.: +45 9744 1011 Fax: +45 9744 2868

About Alfred Priess

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A beautiful gesture to nature Alfred Priess | Touché designed and developed by architect MAA Bjarne schläger. Light up the world with a clea...

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