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6 lamps and sterilisers Ultimate Tattoo Lamp

Magnifying Tattoo Lamp

BD-ZOOM £149


Hot Air Steriliser

BD-HTS1 £169 Compact dry heat steriliser ranging up to 200°C, can be used on metal and ceramic objects and can sterilise in just 10 minutes.

Size – 31 x 14 x 18cm

Glass Bead Steriliser

BD-S01 £69

The high-temperature bead steriliser has an immediate sterilisation function by heating a tank of quartz beads. It can reach a maximum temperature of 220°C. It is commonly used with hard instruments such as scissors & tweezers. This is a great unit for compact studio or mobile users.

The Ultimate Tattoo lamp uses LED bulbs that are dimmable and will offer over 10,000 hours of work. The lens has a 5 dioptre level of magnification which means it is great for up close work and sittings.

Pro Magnifying Tattoo Lamp with circle head design and a magnification dioptre of 3. Complete with lens dust cover and wheel base stand.

T: 01634 565 005

Tattoo Equipment Supplies 2017  
Tattoo Equipment Supplies 2017  

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