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2 tattoo couches - best sellers Tattoo Studio Couch


1 Motor Couch

BD-RISE £499

The tattoo studio couch is our original fully positional hydraulic height adjustable artist couch. The couch has adjustable arm rests, the new designed independently movable legs (that do not use unreliable gas ram pistons) and feet extensions. The head cushion is removable allowing a breathing space for when you are doing back work, also the ability for your client to straddle the chair will allow the tattoo artist greater positioning for their work. The couch has wheels at one end and will spin and rotate along with being able to move from a chair to flat position. Black finish with extra padding.

The two section tattoo couch allows you to adjust the height electrically. The couch has wheels that can be locked at each end. The back rest can be adjusted using a gas lift system which is lockable into any position. The couch also comes with a removable cushion covering a breather hole. Available in all black or all white finish.

Size - L 170cm x W (max) 70cm x H 54 to 70cm

Size - L 184 cm x W 72 cm x Height 64 cm to 78 cm

T: 01634 565 005

TATTOO COUCHES - eco range 3 Hydraulic Tattoo Couch

BD-ELLS £349

Portable Tattoo Couch


3 Section hydraulic tattoo couch with adjustable back and foot sections which allows a seated, reclined or flat position. This multi functional chair is like no other cheaper copy models, it has the very best hydraulic shock and with the lock and spin mechanism too. The head rest pad can also be removed. At a glance features: Foot rest, Chrome finish hydraulic base, Adjustable back rest, Stylish design. Removable headrest pillow, Wipe clean PVC vinyl. This couch is available in black or white finish.

A heavy duty three-section tattoo couch which boasts an adjustable headrest with face cushion, adjustable height and comfortable padded, breathable vinyl upholstery. The backrest adjusts just shy of 90º and securely locks into position. The couch is very strong with extra supporting cables whilst still remaining light to carry at 17kg. This portable tattoo couch also has a face hole complete with plug, and comes in a carry case with side pocket. Available in black, pink, white or cream.

Size - L 186cm x W 62-72cm x H 60-80cm

Size - L 183cm x W 68cm x H 57-84cm

T: 01634 565 005

4 Tattoo artist seats Ultimate Circle

BD-1025B £109

Ultimate Saddle

BD-1025A £109

Ultimate tattoo circle seat with ergonomically designed back rest support, this backrest can have incline and height adjustment. The actual seat can tilt and lock too. Complete with gas lift variable height, all the features are operated by one of the three easy to use levers.

Ultimate tattoo Saddle seat with ergonomically designed back rest support, which has incline and height gas life movements. Complete with adjustable height, all operated by one of the three easy use gas shock levers - Black or White colour options.

Size – L 38 cm x W 36 cm x H 54-72 cm

Size - L 38cm x W 36cm x H 54-72cm

Circle Stool


The Curve


This tattoo stool is available in black, green or white. It has a strong chrome base on wheels with height adjustable gas shock.

This tattoo stool is available in charcoal grey, green or white. The curve has a black base & curved back rest giving you all round support. The seat rotates 360º allowing the artist to be able to rest on the back support if required or even use the chair for a client to straddle for back work.

Size - L 38cm x W 33cm x H 54-72cm

Size - L 38cm x W 36cm x H 44-55cm

T: 01634 565 005

Tattoo trolleys 5 Glass Tattoo Trolley

BD-6037 £95

Studio Safe Trolley

BD-6037D £115

This tattoo trolley comes in black with 3 roomy glass shelves for easy cleaning and good hygiene. The shelves are made from toughened glass to support any aspect of tattoo equipment and it is also on wheels for ease of movement around the tattoo station.

A locking wooden drawer tattoo trolley with three black glass shelves. The frame is finished in black metal and the wood drawer is a black easy clean laminated wood finish. This trolley provides a large area to place machines or any other supplies on the toughened glass shelves, as well as a magnifying light lamp holder built in.

Size – H 81cm x D 43cm x W 59cm

Size – H 81cm x D 43cm x W 59cm

Studio Trolley

BD-6038 £95

Studio Trolley


Tattoo Studio trolley in black with 3 toughened black glass shelves for simple and hygienic cleaning. It is also on wheels for ease of movement around the tattoo studio and tattoo couch and has a magnifying lamp holder built in.

The tattoo studio trolley is available in black or white. It is also available with an accessories top or with a flat top as shown in image.

Size - L 38cm x W 33cm x H 54-72cm

Size: H 89cm x D 39cm x W 33cm

T: 01634 565 005

6 lamps and sterilisers Ultimate Tattoo Lamp

Magnifying Tattoo Lamp

BD-ZOOM £149


Hot Air Steriliser

BD-HTS1 £169 Compact dry heat steriliser ranging up to 200°C, can be used on metal and ceramic objects and can sterilise in just 10 minutes.

Size – 31 x 14 x 18cm

Glass Bead Steriliser

BD-S01 £69

The high-temperature bead steriliser has an immediate sterilisation function by heating a tank of quartz beads. It can reach a maximum temperature of 220°C. It is commonly used with hard instruments such as scissors & tweezers. This is a great unit for compact studio or mobile users.

The Ultimate Tattoo lamp uses LED bulbs that are dimmable and will offer over 10,000 hours of work. The lens has a 5 dioptre level of magnification which means it is great for up close work and sittings.

Pro Magnifying Tattoo Lamp with circle head design and a magnification dioptre of 3. Complete with lens dust cover and wheel base stand.

T: 01634 565 005

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