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Evia Rally 2012 DEFINITION th

ALAMM Motorsports Club, MarathonRally Team, Makan, after approval from EPA / OMAE, OME is organizing Evia Rally Raid 2012, from the 23-28 of April 2012, in the region of Evia Island and Voiotia Continental Greece. Contact Info:,,, 0030 The race will take place in accordance with: •

The Regulations of the OMAE 4x4 ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP

The General Rules of RALLY RAID on bikes & Quads for Balkan Rally Raid Cup

The general rules and their annexes will be available on the organizers official site: RACE ADMINISTRATION st


The Race administration will be available from the 1 of November 2011 in the offices of ALAMM and fro the 21 of April 2012 12:00 at the race bivouac. Place TBA Competitors must be in constant contact with the Race Administration to receive information releases. PRESS OFFICE – Official Information Information about the race will be available from the Race Administration and the websites,, facebook: evia rally raid,,, while during the race in the administration offices, or by phone in 00306936659909, 00306945436515, 00306972772226, or by mail in,,, SCHEDULE •

Registration opening: 1/11/2011

Closing date for registration with discount: 31/12/2011

Deadline for event registration: 30/3/2012

Administrative supervision and technical inspection 21-23/4/2012

Prologue 24/4/2012

1 Day 25/4/2012

2 Day 26/4/2012

3 Day 27/4/2012

4 Day 28/4/2012

Ceremony 28/4/2012

10:00 – 21:00


nd rd th

Distribution of the Road Book: One hour before each briefing

General Briefing for competitors : 23/4/2012 Bivouac or Race Headquarters

Crews admitted posted: OFFICIALS President if the Organization Committee: Stathakou Maria President of the Jury: Fitas Georgios Race Director: Meletis Stamatis Clerk of the Course: Marco Misson Safety and Recovery: Thomas Penka, Walter Vachkov Paddocks Marshal: Halidias Stamatis Chief Marshal: Sarlas Vasilis Timing: Vera Lagadova, Off Road Bulgaria, MarathonRally Team On line tracking: RedSpots Hellas Secretary of the Jury: Roula Kalapothaki Secretary of the Meeting: Persa Gravani Chief Technical Stewarts: Nikolas Karagiotas, Fokion Petritis, Stamatis Halidias Doctor of the Meeting: Intersalonica, General Hospital Ambulances: 5 + 1 4x4 4X4 Vehicles for Recovery and support: 10 People for Recovery and support: 20 Press Officer: Yiannis Athanasiou, Hansy Skechan RACE PLAN Total length of the race: 1300 km 1st Stage - Prologue, Closed track 4.5klm in 5 rounds 2nd Stage- 2 Special Stages, 350klm – LS 20klm – SS 120klm – LS&SP 45klm – SS120klm – LS 45klm 3rd Stage - 2 Special Stages, 350klm – LS 20klm – SS 120klm – LS&SP 45klm – SS120klm – LS 45klm 4th Stage - 2 Special Stages, 350klm – LS 20klm – SS 120klm – LS&SP 45klm – SS120klm – LS 45klm 5th Stage - 2 Special Stages, 210klm – LS 10klm – SS 80klm – LS&SP 10klm – SS100klm – LS 10klm Asphalt roads ~10%. The route is common for all Vehicles including forest roads, mountain roads, gravel roads, off road parts, beach sand riding. Special stages: 9

CATEGORIES Bikes 1. Motorcycles under 450 cc 2.Motorcycles from 451 to 625cc 3. Motorcycles from 625cc to 1200cc Classes • Women • Bicylinders • Rookies Quads 1.Quads 2.ATVs Buggies 1. Series Buggies 2. Modified Buggies 3. UTV - SSV Cars 1.T1 Modified Cross Country Cars 2.T2: Series Cross Country Cars 3.Z1: Hellenic Championship Modified Cars 4.Z2: Hellenic Championship Series Cars 5.Z3: Production Cars – Regularity Race for newcomers and hobby Trucks 1. T4 Cross Country Trucks (permitted only for trucks with maximum 4 wheels all driven) INSURANCE – Documents - Licenses The liability is held by the insurance company which has concluded a contract covering risks from these activities. Insurance coverage: As listed in OMAE/EPA, OME insurance. Each competitor with 4x4 should hold an official license from its federation or an international license. In case of a National License the add on cost for race insurance is 40€ for 4x4 and 60€ for trucks. Each competitor with bike – quad - buggy holder of a FMNR license can issue a one event license under the cost of 50€ in the administration of the race. Riders without any type of license, can issue a one event license under the cost of 50€ in the administration of the race under the condition of providing a medical certificate of competence. RACE RACE START Motocycles will be the first to start the race. After a period of 10 minutes Quads will start, while the first buggy – car - truck will follow in time to be decided st

by the Race Director, but no less than thirty (30) minutes after the last Quad has left the start line. In case of trucks, the 1 truck will start 30 minutes after the last car T1 – T2 – Z1 and before Z2 – Z3 cars. The first Stage start order (prologue) will be based on Balkan Rally Raid Cup 2011 Classification. After each Day, the start order will be set by the classification of the previous Day, in the order of: •

Bikes & Quads




START AREA Competitors must be presented at the start area, one hour before the designated Start time. PENALTIES (CP) Check Points Penalties The penalty for missing a check point (CP) is set at 10 minutes for each violation. CP are divided to VCP controlled by OnLine Tracking and CP by marshalls PENALTIES (TC) Time Check Penalties The penalty for missing a Time Check (TC) is set at 1 hour for each violation. Special Stage penalties The penalty for a missing special stage will be the designated time for completion of SS. PENALTIES (Speed Limit Zone) For exceeding the speed limit in areas of control and speed limit set by the Road Book: For excess of 1 to 10 km / h: 1 minute penalty for each kilometer exceeding the speed limit, for each speed limit given in the Road Book, taking into account the higher speed point. For excess of 11 to 20 km / h: 2 minutes penalty for each kilometer exceeding the speed limit, for each speed limit given in the Road Book, taking into account the higher speed point. For excess from 21 to 40 km / h: 5 minutes penalty for each kilometer exceeding the speed limit, for each speed limit given in the Road Book, taking into account the higher speed point. For excess over 40 km / h: Exclusion from the race If the speed limits are exceed repeatedly: The competitor or crew will be exclusion from the race, even if the excess speed is less than 40km/h


If a competitor uses On line tracking for help via mobile phone for direction assistance, the penalty is 15 minutes.

Pre Arrival in TC is penalized as minute per minute deviation to time of arrival

Late arrival in TC is penalized as minute per minute deviation to time of arrival

• SPONSORSHIP Organizer keeps the right to put stickers on patricipants’ vehicles. In case a competitor is If the competitor does not want it, must pays double entry fee. EQUIPMENT BIKES The motorbikes must have: Light, brake light, horn, rear fender with mudguard, copy of number plate. Street legal tyres are not obligatory. QUAD - ATV The Quads must have: Light, brake light, horn, nerf bars, kill switch. RIDERS Riders must wear: Full Face Helmet, Chest protector, knee protectors, gloves, Jacket, Boots, gogles. 4X4 (T1 – T2 – Z1) Cars Roll cage, race belt, bucket seats, double 2kg fire extinguishers or equal automatic system, ECE helmets, 2 belt for the vehicle, first aid kit, mudguards, kill switch, lights, brake lights, Horn, Stop signal. Carrying of any type of fuel tanks on the vehicles is forbidden. Extra Tanks can only be part of the vehicle frame or sub frames and installed as an Penalties and Time Limits The delay limits and penalties for Liaisons and Special stages will be as follows: Abandonment of a Stage Each rider / Each crew has the right to not finish a liaison or special stage as many times as he wants, but on the condition that he starts the race day! DNS Failure to start a day of competition, a penalty of 2h00' above all TC & CP penalties will be added to competitor’s time. Navigation through entire stage will be made ONLY with the Road Book. No GPS or maps are in use for navigation. The GPS tracking and logging. One device will be given to the competitors by the organisation. This system will be used for tracking competitors' position and taken for tracking speed competitors in any speed limit zones. The Route will remain secret, until the RoadBook is distributed to the crews on 20:00 of the day before the stage. Road Book is in colour and in standard A5 format for Cars, and in 145 mm wide in roll for Bikes and Quads. Official Road Book is in English. For at least five participants from a nation, Minimum unit distance, is 10 meters and participants must to calibrate their computer the day before the stage in a defined distance given by the organizers. It is absolutely forbidden to go in the opposite direction of the route and it is not allowed to go off the track. This incurs a penalty. The route is divided in connection section “liaison” and timed section “special”. In the liaison section competitors must follow the route in an exact target time. The special section is to be covered in the fastest time possible and the sum of all special sections of all stages will define the winner. Any penalties will be added to this time. The Organization will do the best on preventing accidents or reduce the severity of them by: - Advising low speeds on difficult tracks. - Advising invisible danger points. - Providing accurate Road Book instructions where the dangerous sections will be clearly highlighted. But this will work only if every competitor helps himself, first; and the whole organization, second: - Don't drive faster than your personal "comfort zone" - If you drive faster than this, the risk of an accident increases dramatically. - Remember that you are in remote area of an remote Balkan country. - Study carefully your Road Book, the dangerous sections and considerate the nature of danger. - Don’t follow other drivers without properly navigating.

If an accident happens, fast action also depends on you. - Press the SOS button on your tracker Use your mobile phone (more than 90% of the tracks have good coverage) to call us. - The emergency numbers can be found on the back of your Time Card. - Give us a description for the type and severity of the accident, also the nearest RoadBook point. - If there is no coverage, drive in the direction of the next checkpoint until you have good coverage or until you reach the checkpoint. In order to have the best chances of rescue and assistance for yourself and others, it is important that your security equipment be always complete and your mobile phone be switched on during driving. To be able to provide a fast and high level of medical assistance, we have: - Two well equipped off road ambulances. - Doctors at every Special Section start and finish. - 1 doctor in Moto on the track. - Road Ambulances at the nearest point of asphalt. In the case of a serious accident, our team will try to get you in hospital by air. Remember that we are NOT in desert and the typology of Greek terrain makes in difficulty landing of the helicopter everywhere. Ultimately, the prevention of accidents is in your hands. - Always drive carefully and at a safe speed that is suitable for your skill level. - Don't forget these safety points: - Expect the unexpected at all times on the track; traffic, animals, people, woodcuters, other participants,etc. - Make sure you can always stop in time in case of the unexpected. - You must obey the local traffic regulations and local traffic psychology.... - You must slow down for people and animals. GPS Trophy Special classification for Motos, Quads & Buggies Navigation will be held with GPS track. Route will be differentiated from the one with RoadBook. Special tests will be included in the route for GPS Class Evia Trail Cup 2012 A shorter version of the race including the 2 last days of race will be available for competitors with lower entry fee. Entry Fees Administrative Fee: 100€, included in the overall fee, deposited by registration, non refundable 1.




Moto a.

Moto 300€


Quad 300€

Buggies a.

Buggies 300€


UTV 300€


Z1 – T1 – T2 400€


Z2 200€


Trucks a.

Trucks 1000€


GPS Class 300€


Trail Cup a.

Motos 100€


Quads 100€


Cars 200€

Special Discounts 1.

Overall Winners for Evia Rally Raid 2011 100%


Participants for the last 3 years 30%


Teams with more than 5 participants 30%


Women class (only administrative fee) th

Entry fees are refundable till 10 April 2012. Administrative Fee is not refundable THE FEE INCLUDES: - administrative fee - all papers, permissions and race numbers - road book - assistance road book and GPS assistance track - sporting charges - accommodation on bivouac with facilities - bivouac team space - damaged vehicle recovery (to the nearest bivouac) - on track and bivouac medical assistance - civil liability motor insurance valid for race days - tracking system THE FEE DOES NOT INCLUDES: - Fuel - travels to go and leave the rally - individual life insurance - food (except the two official caterings) - visas and border fees - accommodation

Evia Rally Raid Regulations  
Evia Rally Raid Regulations  

Evia Rally Raid Regulations