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24 Hours Rally Raid 2013 30 November -1 December

Entry Fees Moto-Quads 400€ Cars - Buggies Open 500€

Live the most exciting 24 Hours of your life!!!

Cars - Buggies Hobby 300€ Women fee 200€ Balkan Cup Overall Winners Free Entry Administrative Fee: 150€ Administrative fee is included in the entry fee amount, but it must be paid in order an entry to be considered as applied. Entry fees refundable until 1st of November 2013, administrative fee non refundable. Penalties Entries applied - administrative fee paid – after 31/5: 50 euros Entries applied after 31/8: 100 euros Entries applied after 31/10: 200 euros Για τους Έλληνες τα νούμερα στα δύο!!!

Entry Fees 24 Hours Rally Raid 2013