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This time that we are in is known as the information age. Everything that you could possible need to know in life can be found on the internet. When people are unable to surf on the net they are doing it on the mobile cell phone. People are not only surfing but talking & text messaging as well. Everyone likes to stay in the loop & the mobile cell phone seems to be the best way. Crime rates have been up in the last decade & practically everyone carries a cell phone on them. Many parents are also equipping their children for school with mobile phones just to keep peace of mind knowing that they can always reach them to & from school. There is absolutely no doubt that the mobile cell phone is a booming billion dollar industry. Here are 5 Tips on Starting a Mobile Cell Phone Business: 1. Sales Experience. 2. Technical Experience. 3. Start Up Capital. 4. Location. 5. Plan. Sales Experience: Any sales experience would be an asset. If you are good with communicating with people then you will do just fine. If you don't have any sales experience then do your self a favour & get a temporary job preferably in the mobile phone industry. Customers will always remember businesses that give good service & most likely be a return customer. People like to be treated with respect especially when they are shelling out money. Technical Experience: You should be experienced with all of the latest mobile cell phones & accessories. I will repeat my self again by saying that experience in the mobile phone industry would definitely be an asset. It will even give you a taste of what it would be like owning your own business in this industry. Maybe you may not like it but would it be better to find that out before you invest thousands of dollars? Find a part time job as soon as you can & get a taste of this industry if you are serious.

Start Up Capital: You should be prepared to have at least $100,000 if you are starting your own business. If you are looking into a franchise then the cost may be up to $500,000. Yes it is going to cost you to make money & if you are entrepreneurial then you will understand that. If you don't already have the funds then you will have to find them. If the thought of losing money makes you queasy then you should maybe re-think your position. True Entrepreneurs understand that there is risk involved in any business venture but tend to focus on making money instead of losing money. Location: This is where it will be costly. In order to find a location that is busy enough to make you substantial profits, it will cost you more. On the other hand if you are in a low traffic area then the rent maybe cheap enough to turn over a profit but the advertising will still be costly. Remember that in order to prosper; your business will have to be known to people. Do not keep a secret business or else you will be bankrupt in a hurry. Plan: In order to become successful with any venture you must have a plan. If you don't already have one then seek out a professional in this industry to draw you up one. The main reasons that franchises do well is because they have a good plan or system.

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Unlimited Mobile Traffic: Secrets of the Pros Revealed  
Unlimited Mobile Traffic: Secrets of the Pros Revealed  

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