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The US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla recently opened its first European showroom with London the venue for the next phase of the company's expansion programme. The company believes that the electric vehicle market is set to grow substantially in the months and years to come and London offers a very interesting entry point into the UK market and a potential route into the larger European market. What can we expect from Tesla? Over the last 12 months the electric vehicle market has been awash with rumour and counter rumour regarding the Tesla Roadster which has finally been released to the market. This is an electric powered vehicle which can cover 240 miles between charges, can accelerate from 0 to 60 in under four seconds and looks like a top of the range sports car. While Tesla was making a good name for itself before the introduction of the Tesla Roadster there is no doubt that this vehicle has opened more doors and increased the profile of the company substantially. The future of Tesla While the retail price for the Tesla Roadster is around £66,000, out of the range of many UK car owners, the company has promised to introduce the Tesla Model S electric car in the short to medium term which will retail for around £30,000. Not only do these vehicles save on fuel costs and reduce emissions into the atmosphere but because of the reduced number of moving parts there is significantly less wear and tear thereby reducing maintenance costs. Tesla is a company which is dragging the electric vehicle market kicking and screaming into the new century and looks set to create a name itself as the market continues to expand and interest continues to grow.

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