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If you've ever done a search on the Internet and wondered why your competitors sites have managed to rank so highly in search engines search results such as Google while your website is buried deep in the search results that you can't find them. I'll let you in on a little SEO secret, it's because of the backlinks that the top sites have acquired. Not all backlinks are created equal though. Back in the the good old days it was easy to rank a website just by getting as many links as possible from any available website or by reciprocal linking with every website that would trade a link with you. These days search engines are a little more discerning with the types of backlinks that they give preference to. The value of reciprocal linking has been devalued by search engines these days as well as acquiring lots of backlinks from websites that have little or nothing to do with the topic of your website. These days it's not a matter of the amount of backlinks that you get have pointing to your website but the relevance of the backlinks that point to your site. This means that getting a oneway link from a website that has similar content to your website is looked upon much more favorably than acquiring a lot of links from websites that don't have very much in common with your websites content. So where does this leave a hardworking website owner such as yourself that's trying to acquire one-way relevant backlinks from on topic websites? Well this is where I impart to you the second part of the great SEO secret. SEO friendly directories are the secret to great rankings these days. If a directory is to be considered SEO friendly this means that it has an editing team that reviews each and every entry that it accepts into its directory listings so search engines value the services that these directories do as they also handily place each website into a relevant category so all the search engine has to do is come along and crawl these directories to find thousands of highly relevant links. Now acquiring these links from SEO friendly directories is another matter as submitting to these directories is quite a time consuming process but if you stick with it or higher a professional to do it for you then you are on your way to achieving success in the search engine optimization.

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Mobile Traffic Funnels: Linking Secrets of the Pros Revealed  
Mobile Traffic Funnels: Linking Secrets of the Pros Revealed  

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