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How do you get your site to convert better? It's no secret that the key to making money online is traffic plus conversions. The more money you make per visitor, the more profitable you will be. So how do you become profitable? Here are four tips to boost your visitor value: #1) Content First of all, make sure the site content is instantly viewable. The visitor should not have to scroll down to see what's on the page. Some sites have large headers that force visitors to toggle down before they can view the page, which is not a good idea. Also, make sure your font size is large enough, and use a white background. Most visitors are used to a white background and black font. Many site owners try to be creative with the background and font colors, but this usually results in decreased sales. Even if you don't use a white background, make sure the content is readable. For instance, don't put dark-colored font against a dark background. People are not going to strain to see your content, and they will just click away. #2) Test your design Make sure your page shows up well in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Often times, it will appear different in one browser from another. Since these are the two most widely used browsers, be sure it shows up correctly in both. #3) Make your site mobile friendly More and more people are using mobile devices for web browsing. However, many traditional sites are too large to be easily viewable on those small screens. This just results in losing that visitor. What's the remedy? Fortunately, you don't have to create a separate site for mobile users. Instead, there is software that can read the dimensions of the screen your visitors are using. If it detects a mobile user, it will automatically change the site dimensions accordingly. #4) Navigation

You need a navigation bar for the search engines. If you don't have one, the spider will not be able to index all your pages. However, you might not want it to be easily viewable for humans. Often times having a readily clickable navigation bar hurts conversion rates. The fewer choices you give your visitors, the more sales you will make. So how do you cater to both the visitors and the spiders? You might want to put your navigation bar at the bottom of the page. This way, visitors have to view the entire page before getting to it. If you give them the option to click away, your sales will probably go down. The bottom line is, making your site as user friendly as possible is how to generate more sales. Implement these tips, and you will maximize your conversions.

Whether you are marketing a business, service, or yourself learning new marketing and communication strategies and implementing social media tools can help give you that 'edge' to succeed. Using new media marketing can help you stand out from your competition and exceed your goals. Want more marketing strategies that can help you maximize new media? Visit New Social for more new media marketing tips and and communication strategies today! You can also copy and paste into your web browser. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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