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This article is about secret money for mobiles. Pay attention to new trends in advertising to growth your business. Why be left behind? Adam Horwitz's latest creation, Mobile Monopoly, is a marketing program that teaches marketers how to make money advertising products and services via cell phones. This money for mobile strategy is a new untapped marketing method! This is a good time to get into mobile advertising because it is at its infancy stage. This marketing method is not widely used yet. You can reach an estimated 5 billion people worldwide who have cell phones and 51 million currently of them have smart phones. These users are on their phones conducting ecommerce daily. That's a no brainer for marketers that want more traffic! "The money is in the traffic!" How many of you have heard this? The e-course comes with video modules where Adam gives easy step-by-step instructions on how to get started in mobile marketing. There are also walkthrough demonstrations. You watch campaigns done first-hand from a guy that's successful at this method of promoting. You get to learn how to make money for mobiles. Many products out there give you manuals to read but leave you clueless as to how to actually get started and apply what you just bought. Some give you videos but they don't really connect the dots. Mobile Monopoly comes with 10 easy to follow modules. This product comes with many extras. Adam even provides the software that he uses for his mobile squeeze pages (BeastMobi) and seven case study campaigns. Now if Bing and Apple are making changes to take advantage of this untapped method, we can be sure it must be massive. You can be one of the early mobile marketers by jumping in early on this new strategy. Stop everything and learn about it! This program will teach you how to tap into this huge market. It is estimated that 5 billion people around the world own a cell. It was the desktop, then the laptop but now the trend is moving to smart phones - cell phones. Can you see the potential reach?

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