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Many investors who are interested in equity trading fail to spend the necessary time researching individual stocks prior to transacting. This fact is no more evident than transactions within the micro cap market. These stock traders believe that since the price of a stock is low, it will have very little room to fall. Unfortunately, the percentage loss on a low price stock will be very large with a small price move, which makes micro cap stock research extremely important. There are numerous tools available to investors which will allow them to research micro cap stocks. Some of these tools are subscription based, and some of them are free of charge. Bloomberg is a financial information provider that provides up to the minute news and filings on public companies along with business news and analytical articles on companies and events. Due to its high cost, Bloomberg, the professional version, limits access to professionals who are willing to pay $2,000 per month. Reuters is also a product that is geared to the institutional or professional trader. is a free web site dedicated to providing comprehensive financial news, as well as filings from public companies. Yahoo Finance is free of charge, but some of the specific company research by analysts is subscription based. There are also free and subscription sites that have message boards and forums, such as Value Investor Club, a site dedicated to finding specific "value stocks". Another great tool that is available is a stock screener. Investors can obtain a list of stocks with a market cap of under $10,000,000, or request a list of stocks with growing earnings. You can combine various criteria to produce a narrow list of companies meeting your investment criteria. Google Finance offers an excellent screener that will allow an investor to target companies that meet multiple financial strategies, including market cap and trading price. The NASDAQ provides information on short positions, upcoming IPOs, and technical analysis. Short positions are listed as "short interest" on the NASDAQ web site. is the official site for the OTC Bulletin Board. Here investors will find a host of resources about trading, along with fundamental information on the securities traded. offers Market Statistics and Trading Activity Reports, which give you a general overview of the market. Total share and dollar volume for the market are important gauges of the liquidity of the market. The OTCBB provides contact information for all reporting issues that trade on its market exchange along with contact information for the Market Makers, who buy and sell the theses securities. General news is provided in conjunction with information on stocks that have been halted. Investors who are trying to find undervalued stocks within the penny stock market quickly realize

the value of having a relationship with a reputable professional research and email stock alert firm. The amount of time and effort involved in finding a stock that is undervalued and at a low buying point is substantial. Buying a broken stock is a lot smarter than buying a broken company. Not only do strong research firms find prime investment opportunities, they steer investors away from stocks that have large bid/offer spreads. The best research firms will also protect their subscribers by providing them with risk management tools. These tools consist of daily stop loss levels, take profit levels, and trailing stock loss levels. These types of email newsletters combined with instant SMS text messaging alerts, most especially in the penny stock arena, will allow investors to maximize gains as well as save lots of time. Investing in the micro cap equity markets can be extremely lucrative. Penny stocks have the ability to double or even triple over a very short period of time, oftentimes within the same day. With these out-sized returns comes that risk that the stocks will fall, and therefore, it is imperative that an investor or day trader performs the appropriate research prior to trading.

About this Author About The Company: is a nationally recognized early provider of penny stock alerts and newsletters. The company's main focus is to deliver real-time reports that give its subscribers the necessary tools and information to better time their entries into emerging growth stocks. We devote many hours to comprehensive research and due diligence in order to identify stocks with high yield potential. The company's mission is reflected in its tagline, "From Pennies To Prosperity". To learn more about, follow the links found at: For More Information and your Free eBook, Visit: 228 S.E. 9th Street Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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