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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the most important thing to make money online. If you know the basic concept of SEO, you can be confident to make money online by SEO. Here I am jotting down best SEO tactics that I have learned from hands on SEO experience on SEO for online marketing. 1) Think where to write SEO articles? Answer is - blog, website or article submission websites. If you have a blog or website, SEO is important to promote your website through search engines by doing SEO. If you have a good search engine ranking, you can get more target traffic/visitor to your website and if you run Google adsense /adbrite/chitika or any other contexual ad providers, your earning potential will be increased by an increasing CTR (click through rate). If you have no website but you want to promote your affiliate product, then SEO for article marketing is important to you for your affiliate marketing. Figure out the right product for your affiliate marketing. 2) Now decide what topic you should choose. You need to research on various SEO trends, Google search volume on particular keyword, Google AdWord selector tool to select best paying and popular keywords and the most important tool is to use some best keyword selector tools like KEYWORD ELITE 2.0. You choose the best keywords with maximum volume of global search and good no. of advertiser competitions. Learn Why Keyword Elite 2.0 Will Allow You To Dominate The Competition 3) Now comes SEO content writing. Try to focus on the most important 3 keywords or key phrases that you have researched from KEYWORD ELITE2.0. Try to use these keywords meaningfully in your content title and use frequently in your content body. The content body should contain a SEO keyword density of 3-4%. So, if you write a 300 words article, it should contain 9-12 times repeatation of that particular keyword in your content. You have to maintain keyword proximity too. That means the most important keywords should be in a sequence and close to each other. It gives the content a SEO boost. 4) Now if you have a website, use title tag, meta description, meta tag optimization for good SEO and then paste the SEO content in website content area. The title should contain 3 keywords and meta description and title should be relevant to the content of the website. Try to put some unique keyphrases/combination of keywords to make your title different from the crowd. Your creativity along with the techniques I described is vital for a good SEO title. Then write a keyword rich meta description (meaningful) You can use H1-H6 tags in your web page HTML to boost SEO. Also don't forget to put put alt text for images. If you have blogs try to put some good blogger hacks for better SEO

5) Put keyword rich anchor text in body of the content, that links to your other web pages. Cross linking with anchor text is a must for good SEO practice. 6) If you are writing articles put your signature line and affiliate links there. the rest of the SEO article writing is same as discussed above. Also using Mass Article Control Tool is a good choice to make money by article marketing 7) If you are using wordpress, then change your permalink structure to custom field /%postname%/ or anything else you would like that act as static HTML pages. Also use All in one SEO plugins and other best wordpress plugins for good SEO. The keyword research is sufficient if you use KEYWORD ELITE2.0. It will save your time and effort to make you decide what niche you should choose to work and to make money online. Don't forget to upgrade your wordpress to latest version. 8) Now comes promotion of your content by SEO. Do link exchange with other good relevant sites. Give links to other authority sites like Google, yahoo, wikipedia from your site. Do social media marketing and social bookmarking in Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Propeller, Yahoo Buzz, Simpy, Mixx, Netvine, Mybloglog, Technorati, Blogcatalog, and Feedburner for the best SEO 9) Submit your article or sites to article directories, blog directories. Do rss submissions for better SEO. 10) Write free press releases and submit that also acts good to boost up your backlinks and thus SEO 11) Use SEO tools like SEO centro meta analyzer, keyword density checker, page rank checker, Google banned checker, Google webmaster central, domaintools to get your SEO score. 12) Always update your self what is happening in internet marketing and SEO industry. Read Google's Matt Cut's blog, and search Google on different other SEO topics. Read 2 SEO Tips That I Bet You Really Didn't Know Hope you like these SEO tips that I have summed up here to give you a brief idea on SEO and online marketing tips to promote your website and to earn money.

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