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Hey I have come across some of the SEO technique. So I want to share those with you. These are not full proof techniques but it will increase your chances of getting indexed and thus more traffic. And IF you know any other points rather than this then please share it with us.......add your points. There are lots of advanced SEO & marketing techniques, which you will be using but before that you must use these basic SEO strategies before putting your effort on those things. 1. Get-your-domain-name-dot-com/org/net (The main TLD's are preferred but if you are focusing on local visitors of your country, then getting a country specific extension like .us or .uk helps a lot) 2. Hosting your site/blog on a reliable hosting company.(If you are using free services like blogger or then sooner or latter you will need those services which they don't provide, so rather than wasting your time in those free services, spend few bucks on hosting & domain) 3. Never put your domain name in the Meta Title > if anything your registered BUSINESS NAME should be here and the last few words of the 60 character title. 4. Never start a word pass 58 characters 5. Use to research the proper keywords for your site. 6. Add the robots tag & Place the robots.txt in your root on your server. 7. Make sure to have a site map page. 8. Make sure you have 404 pages. 9. Use css instead of color, size and font tags. 10. Change the link buttons or js links in to text links. 11. Include your keywords in the alt tags of images. 12. Use the H1 tag for page headings (you can alter the way h1 displays text with CSS) 13. Get rid of the js in the code and put it in an external file. 14. At the bottom of each page use menus as text links. 15. Make sure your page code is not bigger than 100 K.

16. Submit your site to ODP (make sure to select the right category), Yahoo Dir, and other free directories like and etc. 17. Try to get as much as relevant links you can. 18. Read each search engines guide lines and follow them strictly. 19. Don't spam & Don't cloak. 20. Don't use doorway pages. 21. Pay special attention to your content. 22. Put your competitors on your site and compare your positive points to their negative points (be truthful though). 23. Syndicate your content (if possible you can use Feedburner service which helps a lot in tracking your feed subscribers). 24. Use a good visitor tracking system like Google Analytics. 25. Write unique & interesting contents & use social bookmarking sites like & Remember SEO isn't just about getting to 1, it's also about selling "more" once you're there!

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