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Solar system projects in orbit at Rendezvous Upper Elementary B11 In

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B1 teton valley news - March 21, 2013

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Where: Utah Desert and Moab Nestled between two National Parks, the famous red rock desert landscape, ample climbing and biking opportunities, Moab is a good base camp and a pretty easy road trip for a desert getaway. The peak tourist season starts to pick up mid-March. Cold is relative, but for hearty Valleyfolk, a trip to the desert can feel downright balmy. The average high in March is 62.1 F and the low dips to just above freezing at 33.2. In April the average temp jumps Desert continued on B7

Staying local Where: Flights out of Idaho Falls on Allegiant Air From America’s favorite small cities to world-class destinations, Allegiant makes leisure travel affordable and convenient. That is the mantra of the company. Affordable flights out of Idaho Falls on Allegiant Air include Las Vegas, Los Angles, Oakland and Phoenix. You’re restricted to certain days and tickets range in price based on availability and how far out you book. While the flight itself is a deal, there Allegiant continued on B7 Allegiant continued

At Grand Targhee, next year’s season pass went on sale Wednesday. If you buy a pass for next year, you can ski the rest of this season for free, just in time for a host of “spring breakaway” activities. For the next two weeks there will be free après music on Friday and Saturdays. The weekend of March 29-30 is a totally 80s weekend, so break out your best neon and one-piece snow suits. There will be a photo booth set up with props, a mustache and teased hair contest, best retro trick contest, air guitar contest, 80s karaoke roulette and live DJ’s spinning outside. On the other side of the hill, it’s the 38th Annual Pole, Pedal, Paddle weekend and the free 8th Annual Mountain Festival Concert with headliner O.A.R. Combining rock and reggae sounds. O.A.R. will bring new and familiar music to the stage as they just released their 7th studio album, King. Black Mother Jones opens and a Local continued on B7


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B1teton valley news - June 27, 2013

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TVN staff ust for fun, as we head into the peak of our tourist season here in Teton Valley, the editorial staff of the TVN offers up some hints and tips on how to be a local, (not to be confused with native, that’s a whole other debate.) In the interest of sweeping generalities and unabashed stereotyping, here’s our guide to tell if someone is a local from Teton Valley, or has at

How to dress… Footwear will give you away every time. XtraTuFs and Sorels are fine to wear around town and to your office. The same goes for western boots, Chaco sandals and clogs. You wouldn’t be caught dead in loafers. Wool socks are essential. While retail clothing stores are expanding beyond Carharts and Patagonia, some of the best outfits found in the Valley likely came from putting something together from the thrift store, yard sale or clothing swap. You wear ski pants to work when you’re not wearing jeans. A knit hat is perfectly acceptable to wear anywhere at anytime of the year. But coats are sometimes missing. Especially kids waiting for the bus. Maybe they just grow up accustomed to the cold temperatures, but often they are outside with no jacket.

Planning ahead The largest grocery store in the Valley is closed on Sundays so you know to plan ahead accordingly. But, there’s no need to panic if you forget, the Victor Valley Market and Barrels and Bins has everything you need. The liquor store in Driggs is also closed on Sundays. Many businesses close in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. You also know that many businesses will be closed in the morning for powder days or to run errands. Hours can be somewhat unpredictable at a few places.

least been here long enough to blend in. This is a place where millionaires land their jets and mix with hippies and Mormons. Ski bums to rodeo cowboys, artists to entrepreneurs, you’ll find them all here, but there are a few things that are truly unique to Valley living. And if none of this is helpful, don’t worry about it. You’ll look like a tourist and there’s no harm in that. Welcome home!

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Out below means a trip to Rexburg or Idaho Falls. The hill or ‘Ghee means Grand Targhee Resort. The Pass is Teton Pass. Hatches corner is the last big corner before you reach Tetonia heading north from Driggs. Wydaho is the combination of Wyoming and Idaho. It’s used to describe Teton County Idaho that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of the state of Idaho, but isn’t exactly part of Wyoming. It can also be used to describe parts of Wyoming that are more easily accessible by first traveling through Idaho. Drictor is not found on a map and does not have a zip code, but it’s perfectly acceptable to describe where you live if you’re between Driggs and Victor. Jackson refers to the city in Wyoming, while Jackson Hole can refer to the entire valley. Jackson Hole can also mean Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, but just call it, “the village.”

On driving… • A traffic jam usually involves wildlife or livestock. If not, it’s more than three cars at the light. • You actually stop for pedestrians and respect the bike lanes. • You have more snow removal equipment in the back of your vehicle than most people have in their homes • You’ve pulled at least two vehicles out of snowbanks. • Your snowmobile or bike is nicer than your car.

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February 7, 2013


Bridget Ryder TVN staff he maracas play in the imagination conjuring up images of a frosty cocktail accented with a yellow umbrella, but tequila is more than margaritas. “Surprisingly, its harder to produce and Mexico. more valuable than fine wine,” Ben Williams “Tequila has a bartender at both the Trap Bar at Grand the biggest sense of Tarhgee resort in Alta, Wyo. and the Royal national pride assoWolf in Driggs, Idaho, said. ciated with a liquor,” Williams has served the liquor for thirteen Williams said. years as a bartender, mostly at tequila bars. In his Only those of position, he also gleaned a small encyclopedia Mexican decent of knowledge from customers and merchants. can deal the alco“Tequila has kind of a loyal following,” hol, according to Williams said. “There’s a tremendous variety Williams. TVN Photo/Bridget Ryder in Tequilas.” Juanita Flores, a Ben Williams is a local tequila expert after thirteen years of serving the fiery Williams calls Jose Cuervo, the most com- resident of Driggs alcohol. He’ll lead a tasting on Friday at the Trap Bar. mon and easily recognized brand of the alcohol, of Mexican decent, an example of “what not to do with tequila,” spent several years Jose Cuervo bareley qualifies to bare the living in a town that name tequila. Its alcoholic content derives only consumes its fair the Spaniards allowed the legal production of 51 percent of its potency from the blue agave share of tequila— plant. No blue agave, no tequila. Tijuana, Mexico. However, her paternal origins mezcal vino Tequila for a tax. The tax revue The spiky leaves of the agave that extend in the country lie at the heart of the tequila derived from the regulations paid for drinking water system in the city of Guadalajara, several inches from its core make it look like a culture. pineapple zapped by radiation. Varieties of the “My dad is from Amatitan, Jalisco, which is Jalisco. In the same century, a Señor Jose Cuervo plant grow in many parts of Mexico and the close to the city of Tequila, and everyone around received a charter from the Spanish crown for Aztecs used its fibers to make everything from there makes their own tequila. I remember, its production and opened the first commercial clothes to rope, but the core they fermented into while living in Tijuana, that everyone coming production of the alcohol, according to the a drink called pulpe. Shortly after the Spanish from Guadalajara would bring my dad a gallon company. Mexico keeps close guard over its national conquistadors toppled the native empire, their of tequila without any label either from the supply of brandy ran dry. The soldiers applied factory or from someone’s “cocinita.” she told drink and product. According to the Consejo Regulador de the European distilling process to the making the TVN in an email. Tequila, all tequila must come from the province of pulpe and started drinking mezcal vino; now Spaniards and natives produced mezcal vino know as Tequila and the national alcohol of from agave throughout Mexico, each bearing of Jalisco and derive 51 percent of its alcohol the name of the from the agave plant. Every bottle of tequila region or partic- displays its agave alcohol content on the label. ular plant from Each label also has a “NOM” number. The Jose Antonio de Cuervo which it was dis- number indicates the origin of the agave used was the first Tequila producer, obtaining tilled. However, for the tequila. If you’re on the inside of the the land from the King of Spain in 1758, t h e S p a n i s h tequila industry, you could probably use the before Mexico became an independent crown outlawed number to find the farmer who cut the plant, republic. In 1795, Jose María Guadalupe its production for Williams said. The agave’s life cycle also causes the extenseveral centuries de Cuervo made the very first Vino sive period of production for tequila. It takes so that it couldn’t Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo when compete with at least 9 years to produce a bottle of tequila, he received the first official permit from Spanish products. according to Williams. Most of that time is the King of Spain to produce Tequila In the 17th century, spent growing the agave. commercially Tequila! Tequila continued on B12 Source:

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Blue agave, all tequila is produced from this plant. Stock photo



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