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Our story...

As brothers growing up in Vermont we spent much of our free time exploring the woods, hiking, canoeing, camping, and skiing; usually with the many family dogs we had over the years. Our adventures with our dogs are part of our best memories. In fact, Kitter’s Plott Hound, Zelda, spurred the creation of Kurgo. On car trips, Zelda often tried to nudge her way into the front seat. On one trip, a short stop threw her to the floor where she ended up tangled in the car pedals. This inspired Kurgo’s first product, the Backseat Barrier™. Now she’d be safe in the backseat, and we’d be safe in the front. We designed the Backseat Barrier – like all Kurgo products – because we saw a need. That’s why we craft products that are long on usefulness and quality, and short on frivolity. In our Winter Adventure Guide, we hope our story and products inspire you to hit the road with your dog and explore the outdoors. We would love to hear about your favorite adventures together, and encourage you to post photos on our Facebook page, tag us in an Instagram post, or drop us an email. Our dogs continue to be a central part of our lives as our families and our business grows. Zelda is gone but we have new family dogs, plus a pack of Kurgo office dogs, that inspire us every day. And, at its heart, that’s what Kurgo is all about: Innovating great products that help people and their dogs explore the world together.

1 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

DURABILITY & QUALITY FOR LIFE. We craft our products for purpose and durability, and we take our work very personally. As dog owners ourselves, we share the love our customers have for their pets. All Kurgo products are designed to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. That is why we never create a product unless we think it solves a real problem or need, or is a major improvement on what’s out on the market. We back up all of our products with a Lifetime Warranty.

Idea - Concept - Prototype

From early concept to creating in-house prototypes and finally production - Kurgo’s product designers are always working on innovative solutions that make it easier for you and your dog to get out together.

Production and Testing

All Kurgo products are thoroughly tested before they ever hit the market. We rely on our product testers to use and report on our newest products. For car safety products, like harnesses, we crash test each before we sell them to customers.

Listen to the Customer

Even with all the testing we do, ultimately it’s our customers that give us our best feedback (good and bad!). No automated team here - our customer service team will personally take your call or email and make sure you are satisfied.

Back it Up

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a product that breaks. If, during your product’s lifetime, it does not function as it should due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your product free of charge. Hassle & worry free! :: 877-847-3868 | 2


Impact Harness™

$75 The results of nine years of engineering car harnesses, the Impact Harness is a totally new design using a single piece of high tensile tubular webbing with reinforced bar tacking. It is purpose built for car safety as well as your dog’s comfort. • • • •

Crash tested for dogs up to 130lbs Integrates directly with car seatbelt system Reduces pitching forward upon impact Four adjustment points for a perfect fit lack - (S) 01606 | (M) 01607 | (L) 01608 B (XL) 01731

Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness™ $30

This crash-tested dog harness keeps you and your pup safe while driving. Designed as a car harness, not a converted walking harness, the all-steel Nesting Buckle System is based on the engineering for rock climbing harnesses. • • • •

Crash tested for dogs up to 75lbs Five adjustment points for a perfect fit Broad, padded chest plate reduces stress on the trachea and sternum while dispersing kinetic energy across the chest of the dog Can also be used as a walking harness lack - (XS) 01255 | (S) 01256 | (M) 01257 B (L) 01258 | (XL) 01259 Red - (XS) 01175 | (S) 01404 | ((M) 01405 (L) 01406 | (XL) 01407

3 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

DOGS NEED SEATBELTS TOO When it’s time to hit the road, safety comes first. You wear a seatbelt. Your kids wear a seatbelt. Your dog should wear one too. Kurgo’s crash tested, car safety harnesses are designed specifically to keep your dog buckled up. Direct to Seatbelt Tether™ $13 Simply click-and-go with this easy to use dog seatbelt tether to prevent distracted driving. The seatbelt attaches with a carabiner to your dog’s harness and then clicks into the female slot of any car seatbelt. Black with Orange - 01244

Auto Zip Line™ $25 Inspired by a dog run, the Auto Zip Line restrains your dog in the back seat for safe driving, but allows back and forth, sit and stand movements. It can be strung between any two fixed points in a vehicle, on a boat, or at your campsite. • P ackage includes zip line and leash/tether (harness not included) • Zip line can be used between any two fixed points • Restrains dogs to prevent distracted driving Black with Orange - 00032

Swivel Tether™

$30 This is our strongest tether system, featuring a carabiner used by arborists. The swivel action prevents your pup from twisting or getting caught up in the tether. The locking carabiner prevents those sneaky escape artists from getting out of their restraint. • • • • •

10” seatbelt loop Strong, lightweight aluminum hitch Screw gate to lock carabiner Swivels for extra mobility Recommended for use with Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness Red - 01179 :: 877-847-3868 | 4


Wander Bench Seat Cover™

$40 Keep your car seats in showroom condition with our best-selling bench seat cover. It doesn’t slip and slide like other models, because we have designed ours with both front and rear attachments for a secure fit. • • •

Waterproof, stain-resistant, and machine washable Velcro openings allow use of seatbelts and child car seat attachments Measures 55” wide Black - 01189 Hampton Sand - 00042 Charcoal - 01268

Have a truck or SUV? Check out our Extended Width Bench Seat Cover - measures 60” wide.

5 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

Heather Bench Seat Cover™

$50 Update the look of your car interior with this stylish heather pattern while protecting your car seats from muddy paws. It’s waterproof, stain resistant and machine washable making it easy to keep clean. It stays in place unlike other car seat covers because it has both front and rear attachments. • • • • •

aterproof and stain resistant W Piped edges to keep dirt and water from rolling off cover onto carpeting Velcro openings allow use of seat belts, pet restraints, and child car seat latches Two large pockets for extra storage Measures 55” wide Charcoal Heather - 01600 Nutmeg Heather - 01599

MUDDY DOGS ARE HAPPY DOGS Bringing your dog along on trips always makes it more fun. But cleaning up dirt, hair and slobber isn’t fun. Kurgo offers a variety of different car seat covers that keep your trip focused on the fun and not the clean up. Mud Dog Travel Shower™

$10 Turn any plastic soda bottle into a portable shower! The Mud Dog Travel Shower simply screws onto most plastic bottles to create a quick, convenient shower to clean off a playful puppy or muddy gear after a romp on the trail.

Grass Green - 01567

Wander Hammock™ $60 This hammock protects your seats and keeps your dog safely in the back seat. It hangs between the front and back seats providing a cradled nest for a comfortable ride. Center zipper allows passengers to share the seat. • W aterproof, stain-resistant, and machine washable • Velcro openings allow use of seatbelt and child car seat attachments • Center zipper accommodates passengers • Durable, heavy stitched seams reinforce overall strength preventing rips or tears from claws. • Measures 55” wide x 56” long Hampton Sand - 00031 Black - 00030 Charcoal - 01188

Heather Hammock™

$65 Our new heather pattern brings contemporary style to your car interior while protecting your back seat from mud and dirt. This dog hammock hangs between the front and back seats, blocking your pup from getting into the front seat as well as providing a comfortable nest for dogs. • W aterproof, stain-resistant, and machine washable • Velcro openings allow use of seatbelt and child car seat attachments • Center zipper accommodates passengers • Durable, heavy stitched seams reinforce overall strength preventing rips or tears from claws. • Measures 55” wide x 56” long Nutmeg Heather - 01597 Charcoal Heather - 01598 :: 877-847-3868 | 6


Loft Bench Seat Cover™

$60 The waterproof Microtomic™ ripstop material with poly fill is designed to take some abuse but still create a cozy spot for any tuckered-out pup. Sturdy attachments from all seat angles ensure this cover has a secure fit. • • • • • •

Reversible Waterproof and stain resistant Machine washable Under-seat and behind-seat attachments for a snug fit Zippered pockets allow use of seatbelts, pet restraints, and child car seat latches Cover is 55” wide Blue: reverses to Orange - 01306 Green: reverses to Grey - 01307

7 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

Loft Hammock™

$70 This sporty dog hammock serves triple duty, keeping your pup safe and off the floor, and the dirt off your seats. Five sturdy attachment points make it a great fit for any vehicle. Pack it all down into its own soft-shell carry case to easily transport if needed. • • • • • •

eversible R Waterproof and stain resistant Machine washable Can also be used as a bench seat cover Zippered openings to access seat belts 55’’ wide X 56” long Red: reverses to Dark Grey - 01663 Blue: reverses to Orange - 01308 Grass Green: reverses to Grey - 01309

STYLE AND SUBSTANCE We love our dogs. We also love our cars! Keep them both happy with stylish and rugged solutions designed to look great and perform better. From the cargo area of your vehicle all the way to the front seat – we’ve got you covered. Collaps-a-Bowl™ $10 Our multi-award winning Collaps-a-Bowl is the perfect dog travel bowl. Just pack it, pop it, and pour it. It holds up to 24 fluid ounces and is dishwasher friendly as well as BPA free Orange - 00018 | Blue - 00098 | Red - 01136

CoPilot Bucket Seat Cover™ $35 Protect any bucket seat with this cover that goes over the top of the seat and fits like a glove. It covers both front and back, protecting the back of the seat from muddy paws and kicking children’s feet or falling ice cream cones. • W aterproof, stain-resistant, and machine washable • Covers both front and back of seat • Fits seats up to 30” wide and 60” from top of head rest to bottom edge of seat Black - 01190 Hampton Sand - 00027

Cargo Cape™ $65 The Kurgo Cargo Cape protects the back of your SUV or station wagon from the mud and dirt tracked in by your pup or from dirty projects like gardening. With several attachment points, it doesn’t slide around. The unique bumper flap covers your fender protecting it from scratches. • • • • • •

Waterproof and stain-resistant Machine washable Universal fit Split zipper to accommodate folded seats Built in bumper guard 2 mesh pockets for storage Charcoal Grey - 01730 Hampton Sand - 01107 :: 877-847-3868 | 8


Heather Booster Seat™

$65 Give your pup his own comfortable car seat where he can see out the window and enjoy the ride. The stylish heathered fabric version of our award-winning Booster Seat gets Fido off your lap so he can’t interfere with your driving and cause an accident. In the front or in the back, your pup is just a safe reach away. • • • •

Holds up to 30lbs Machine washable liner Seat belt tether included Collapsible for easy storage when not in use Charcoal Heather - 01724 Nutmeg Heather - 01601

9 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

Skybox Rear Booster Seat™

$90 This booster seat sits on top of your backseat and can be secured with any vehicle seat belt. It gives a boost so small pups can see out the window while creating a cozy spot for them to lay their heads. • • • •

Holds up to 30lbs Folds flat for easy storage Tether & rear webbing work with any seat belt Doubles as a convenient travel bed Charcoal and Grass Green - 01391

SMALL DOGS - BIG ADVENTURES Kurgo’s booster seats give smaller dogs a safe and comfortable spot to ride while boosting them up to see out the window. Our carrier line is ready for planes, trains, automobiles - and everything in between. Kibble Carrier™ $15 Modeled after river dry bags, the carrier top rolls down and clips securely to keep food fresh and contained. The bottom of the bag features a convenient opening that fits a Collaps-A-Bowl. Zippered side pocket is perfect for treats. Chili Red - 01671

Explorer Dog Carrier™ $70 The Explorer Dog Carrier is designed for sporty dogs and their owners that are always on the go. Whether you’re running around town, boarding a plane or on a weekend trip away, the Explorer Dog Carrier lives up to its name. The Explorer holds pets up to 10lbs. • • • • • • • •

Lightweight, rugged, ripstop material Removable, machine-washable interior pad 18 (l)” x 10 (w)” x 11 (h)” Bottom is both water and muck proof Easy seat belt attachment Interior swivel tether latches onto any harness Extra pocket for storage Airline compliant - check with airline Ink Blue and Electric Green - 01680

Metro Dog Carrier™ $70 When your dog is your 24/7 companion, you need to make sure they’re traveling comfortably. Our Metro Dog Carrier is stylish, sturdy, and has all the little touches to make your dog feel at home. The Metro Carrier holds dogs up to 15lbs. • • • • • • • •

Lightweight with breathable mesh sides Bottom is both water and muck proof Dimensions: 18” (l) x 11” (w) x 11” (h) Removable, machine-washable interior pad Interior swivel tether latches onto any harness Top-loading and side-loading Extra pocket for storage Airline compliant - check with airline Nutmeg Heather and Red - 01682 :: 877-847-3868 | 10


Reflect and Protect Dog Vest and Bandana™ $20

Make sure your pup is seen whether running on the road or through the woods. Our reflective coat and bandana both feature a flashing LED light for nighttime visibility from 1,000 feet. Each sold separately. • • • •

Flashing LED light Breathable mesh Reflective trim Machine washable after removal of LED light

Vest right Orange - (XS) 01239 | (S) 01240 B (M) 01241 | (L) 01242 | (XL) 01243 Bandana Bright Orange - (S) 01260 | (L) 01261

11 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

Go-Tech Adventure Harness™ $30

With breathable fabric, v-neck construction, and broad chest plate, this harness is perfect for active sports like running. Also makes a great walking harness • • • • •

ive adjustment points for a perfect fit F Broad, padded chest plate reduces stress on the trachea and sternum while dispersing kinetic energy across the chest of the dog Reflective trim for added safety No pull harness with halt ring on chest Back handle for easily pulling dogs over obstacles or out of water lack - (S) 01286 | (M) 01287 | (L) 01288 B (XL) 01289 Blue - (S) 01276 | ((M) 01277 | (L) 01278 (XL) 01279

THE PERFECT RUNNING PARTNER They are our companions, our pace setters, and our motivators on those lazy Sunday mornings. Whether you are running the trails in the mountains or just jogging around your neighborhood, make sure that your pup has the gear he needs. Springback Lite Dog Leash™

$15 This tough but lightweight leash weighs just over 3oz. The internal bungee is ideal for running as it cushions any sudden moves made by your pup. At 30” in length, it provides control when running on roads or crowded areas.

Black - 01676

K9 Excursion Running Belt™

$35 This handy running belt is perfect for hitting the streets or the trails with your favorite running companion, your pup. It comes equipped with two sliding leash clips for hands-free convenience, a zippered pouch with a small portal for poop bag or headphone access, and a water bottle for hydration on the go. • • • • • • • •

2 sliding leash clips Reflective strip for nighttime visibility Hole for poop bags or headphones Zipper pocket and easy access pocket 12oz BPA-free water bottle Key clip inside pocket Water-resistant Fits waist 29” - 45”

Springback Dog Leash™

$20 Designed for active dogs and owners, the Springback Leash is the perfect leash for your next run or hiking trip. The leash is constructed with tough 1” tubular webbing, has a breathable, padded handle and a d-ring to clip any necessary accessories to. An internal bungee gives you an additional 6” of stretch for when Fido makes unpredictable pulls or directional changes. • • • • •

ength is 48” L Stretches to 54” when fully extended Internal bungee eases pulling Bottle opener D-Ring for accessories Black - 01675

Grey with Red - 01375 :: 877-847-3868 | 12


Loft Jacket™ $30 Help Fido brave those chilly fall and winter months in this reversible, quilted shell. Made from rugged Microtomic™ ripstop material and 140 msg Polytech fill, this lightweight jacket is just as city worthy as it is mountain made. • Waterproof • Machine washable • Reflective piping for visibility I nk Blue reverses to Seaglass - (M) 01744 (L) 01745 | (XL) 01746 reen reverses to Charcoal - (XS) 01321 | (S) 01322 G (M) 01323 | (L) 01324 | (XL) 01325 oastal Blue reverses to Orange - (XS) 01316 C (S)01317 | (M) 01318 | (L) 01319 | (XL) 013120 eep Violet reverses to Grey - (M) 01747 | (L) 01748 D (XL) 01749 Red reverses to Charcoal - (XS) 01500 | (S) 01501 (M) 01502 | (L) 01503 | (XL) 01504

13 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

WINTER DO YOUR WORST Whether it’s windy, rainy, or snowy, we have your dog protected from Mother Nature’s worst. We offer a wide range of tough, waterproof coats as well as booties to protect your dog’s paws from extreme weather.

Step n Strobe Dog Shoes™ $60 Protect his paws from extreme heat or cold as well as rugged terrain. Lightweight and breathable mesh uppers keep him cool. Red and green flashing lights in the soles for high visibility. Black with Orange - (XXS) 01352 | (XS) 01353 | (S) 01354 (M) 01355 | (L) 01356 | (XL) 01357

North Country Coat™

$45 - $50 The North Country Coat is made from a durable ripstop and 1200 denier material that stands up tough on the trail and effortlessly sheds water, wind and snow. Inside, it’s lined with a soft fleece to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable through any conditions. • • • •

aterproof and machine washable W Three season coat with full coverage while allowing natural movement Durable ripstop material with warm fleece lining Flashing LED strip with reflective piping for 360 degree visibility lack - (XS) 01543 | (S) 01544 | ((M)01545 B (L) 01546 | (XL) 01547

Surf N Turf Vest™ $40 - $60 This coat is both a life vest and a three-season, waterproof shell in one. Just remove the flotation layer and it doubles as a dog raincoat. • • • • • • •

Made of rugged ripstop material Two transverse handles to quickly pull your dog out of water Two metal D-rings for leash connections Can be used as a dog life vest or light jacket Rugged material High contrast color and reflective trim Machine washable Red - (XS) 01138 | (S) 01139 | (M) 01140 (L) 01141 | (XL) 01142 :: 877-847-3868 | 14


Journey Harness™

$40 - $45 Tough enough to crest a mountain trail and comfortable enough to wear on your daily walk around the block, the Journey Harness lives up to its name. The broad, padded chest piece and back handle allow for easy control and lifting in tough terrain. Wherever your journey may take you, this harness has you covered. • • • • •

Four adjustment points for a custom fit Padded chest plate for comfort Back handle to extract or assist dogs Chest and back leash attachment options Chest D-ring enables use as a no-pull harness harcoal with Chili Red - (S) 01664 | (M) 01665 C (L) 01666 | (XL) 01691 harcoal with Coastal Blue - (S) 01591 | (M) 01592 C (L) 01593 | (XL) 01690

15 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

Loft Wander Bed™

$65 - $75 Far from your ordinary dog bed, the Loft Wander Bed has a travel-friendly design with a rugged waterproof Microtomic™ ripstop top and durable rubber underside. Perfect for any location, or on-the-go, the bed rolls up in seconds. • • • • • • •

Waterproof Machine washable Quilted center for extra comfort Medium measures - 25” X 36” X 1.5” Large measures - 36” X 48” X 3” Rolls up like a sleeping bag Convenient handle for easy toting Barn Red - (M) 01560 | (L) 01740

TAKE A HIKE When it comes to adventures, dogs are always up to the challenge. So if your adventure plans include through hiking the Appalachian Trail or simply car-camping for the weekend, Kurgo makes the gear that will let you and your dog enjoy any adventure. Pet First Aid Kit™ $30 This essential 50-piece kit has all the things you need to take care of your pup on an adventure. It includes a Pet First Aid Guide with directions on how to assist your dog with everything from choking to lacerations to poisoning. Paprika - 01263

Gourd Water Bottle™ $15 The ultimate in water bottles. The main container brings water for both you and your dog. You drink from the top. You detach the bowl and pour water for your adventurous companion. Great for walking, hiking, running, or traveling. No need to bring two water sources and no wasting water trying to pour it into your pup’s mouth. • • • •

olds 24 ounces or 750 ML of liquid H Detachable bowl holds 8 ounces or 250 ML of liquid PVC and BPA Free Dishwasher Safe Grass Green - 01688

Baxter Backpacks™ $50 Get Fido packed up and ready to go with this lightweight, tough, custom-fit Baxter Pack. Great for everyday use or backpacking adventures. • • •

Unique adjustable saddle bag construction enables adjustment to fit most dog sizes and proportions Ergonomic spine support contours to the dog’s back for a comfortable fit Two sizes: Regular (30-80lbs); Big (50-110lbs) Barn Red - (reg) 01585 | (big) 01586 C oastal Blue - (reg) 01587 | (big) 01588 Black / Orange - (reg) 01583 | (big) 01584 Purple / Grey - (reg) 01754 | (big) 01755 Ink Blue / Electric Green - (reg) 01756 | (big) 01757 :: 877-847-3868 | 16





Quantum Leash™ $25 With a simple carabiner adjustment, this award winning leash easily switches styles depending on your activity. The Quantum Leash goes from a 6’ lead to a 3’ lead to a hands-free dog leash that goes around the waist or over the shoulder courier style. It can even become a double dog walker. Available in regular nylon and reflective nylon.


• Five leashes in one • Easy tether - no need to unhitch your dog • Swiveling snap hook Standard


Red/Blue - 01132

Raspberry - 01351

Black/Orange - 01131

Grass Green - 01349

Pink/Chocolate - 01732

Coastal Blue - 01350

Double Dog Leash Extender™ $20 Walking two dogs getting you all tangled up? With the Kurgo Wander Double Dog Leash, it’s easy to keep your pups in line.


• Attaches to any leash • Uses swiveling snap hooks to avoid tangles • Adjustable 2” to 26” for dogs of different sizes Black - 01376 D Back Bay Leash™ $15 Strong and lightweight, the Back Bay Leash is perfect for both quick trips around town or long walks down your favorite path. Red - 01618 Black - 01617 Blue - 01619

17 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

TRAIL. SIDEWALK. SHORELINE. Yup. We have a collar and leash to fit any location, condition or adventure that you have in mind. Have a water-loving dog? You need a waterproof Muck Collar. Night owl? We have a full line of reflective leashes and collars. Snout About - Head Halter™ $15 This nylon weave strap provides a soft but flexible option, to reduce undesired behaviors, still allowing your dog to breathe and drink as normal. The custom designed webbing cross is easily adjustable and fits comfortably for all day use. Coastal Blue & Raspberry - Available in S, M, L












Waterproof Muck Collar™


A Color Splash - (S) 01442 | M) 01443 | (L) 01444


Wander Collar™

$10 - $12

J Black with Orange - (S) 00071 | (M) 00072 | (L) 00073

B Easy Rider - (S) 01779 | M) 01780 | (L) 01781

K Red with Blue - (S) 00074 | (M) 00075 | (L) 00076

C Atomic Drop - (S) 01445 | (M) 01446 | (L) 001447

L Pink with Chocolate - (S) 01733 | (M) 01734 | (L) 01735

D Crop Circles / Red - (S) 01430 | (M) 01431 | (L) 01432 E Crop Circles / Orange - (S) 01433 | (M) 01434 | (L) 01435 F Prepster Stripe / Grey - (S) 01427 | (M) 01428 | (L) 01429 • Prepster Stripe / Blue (Shown in main image) - (S) 01424 (M) 01425 | (L) 01426

Reflective Wander $12 - $14


COLLAR ACCESsORY Wander Clip™ $5 Quickly switch dog tags from one collar to another.


G Grass Green - (S) 01331 | (M) 01332 | (L) 01333 H Coastal Blue - (S) 01334 | (M) 01335 | (L) 01336 I Raspberry - (S) 01337 | (M) 01338 | (L) 01339 :: 877-847-3868 | 18






Classic Yard Game Toys™


$8 - $12 Modeled after our favorite yard games from childhood, these toys are designed to be fun for you and your dog. They are durable, chew-tough and they all float on water. • • • • •

Made of non-Toxic TPE material PVC free Floats on water Chew-tough Dishwasher safe

A Target Jack - (Violet) 01643 | (Green) 01644


B Wapple Ball - (Violet) 01623 | (Green) 01624 C Horseshoe - (Violet) 01645 | (Green) 01646 D Tossing Disc - (Violet) 01647 | (Green) 01648 E Backyard Birdie - (Violet) 01638 | (Green) 01639 F Doggie Dart - (Violet) 01641 | (Green) 01642

19 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life

GO PLAY...TOGETHER Remember being a kid during the summer and you spent hours playing lawn games until it got dark or your mom made you come in? We remember – so we developed a line of dog toys that let’s you relive these moments with your pup. These toys are built Kurgo tough, float on water and are dishwasher safe. So go ahead, there’s still a little daylight left!

Skipping Stones™ $13 - SET OF 2 Fetch in the water is a great workout for your dog, but why should they have all the fun? Bring some excitement to your game by replacing your slimy ball with these floating skipping stones. Shaped just like real stones, you can skip them over the water as far as you can. See how many skips you can get, wait for your dog to bring it back, and then repeat until you beat your personal best. • • • • •

on-Toxic N Dishwasher safe Super durable Easy-to-spot colors Never gets waterlogged

Winga Disc Thrower™

$20 The Winga offers an engaging way to play and enjoy time outside with your dog. The Winga is a disc that can be thrown up to 200 feet with the included thrower. It is great in any field, playground or park. The discs even float, making them a favorite for water-loving pups. Our office dogs love to chew them inside too! • • • • •

Non-Toxic Flies up to 200 feet Floats Comes with two discs and Winga Thrower Additional discs available in packages of two Green thrower / Violet discs - 00069

Violet, Orange & Electric Green - 01417 :: 877-847-3868 | 20




METROPOLITAN DOG A Back Bay Leash | $15 - pg.17 B Journey Harness | $40 - pg.15 C Metro Carrier | $70 - pg.10 B A

21 | Everything we make is guaranteed for life



A Mud Dog Shower | $10 - pg.7 B Muck Collar | $15 - pg.18



C Collaps-a-Bowl | $10 - pg.9 D Dog Toys | $8-$12 - pg.19-20


ADVENTURE DOG A Loft Jacket | $30 - pg.13 B K9 Excursion Running Belt | $35 - pg.12 C Baxter Backpack | $50 - pg.16


Guaranteed to Arrive on Time We want you to get your gifts on time! If you order by the deadlines below and select the corresponding shipping method, we guarantee you will get your order on time.

December Countdown SUN






SAT :: 877-847-3868 | 22


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