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We are proud to supply products for many of the biggest names in the Photographic and Print markets including;



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PICTURES BEST FRIEND SINCE 1847 With a history stretching back to 1847, Tetenal have photographic experience few can equal so you can trust us to present you with the best products available backed up by comprehensive knowledge and enviable customer service.

This catalogue represents our range of products which have been specially selected for photo labs and darkroom enthusiasts with an aim of helping them become more creative, efficient and profitable.


You can find more information on Tetenal and our products by visiting us online at or by contacting us via any of the methods which you can find inside the back cover of this catalogue. So take a look at what Tetenal can offer, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Anti-Dust Products Air Sprays Cloths Anti-Static Products Anti-Newton Spray Hardeners Biocides Anti-Oxidants

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As one of the oldest photographic companies in the world, Tetenal has a wealth of knowledge and expertise which few can match. As a Tetenal customer, you have access to our specialists for help and advice. As you can see, we are very selective in the products we list and they are chosen because, in our opinion, they represent great quality and excellent value.

C-41 Kits E-6 Kits RA-4 Kits Starters Developers Fixers Replenishers Stop-Baths Rinse Aids Toners Emulsion


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Cleaners Test Strips Adhesive Sprays Varnishes


IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING PRICING Please note that all prices quoted in this brochure are net of 3.5% settlement and exclusive of VAT and can be subject to change without notice.



Splicing Tape Twin Check Labels Extractor Tape Gloves Sleeving Storage Bottles

All prices are Tetenal list. Volume discounts are available for some products. Watch out for our monthly promotions.


SPRAYS Anti Dust Spray

Anti Dust Professional

Pressurised gas for removing dust in inaccessible areas. Sufficient for many standard applications in the hobby and multimedia fields.

High capacity pro can for professional application. Mounted spray valve plus separate nozzle.

Turn favourite images into stylish art

Permanently mounted spray head, a separate spray hose is also included. 400ml can.

500ml can. Yield approx. 120ltr gas.

Yield approx. 90ltr gas.

Air Spray Inflammable with screw top

Air Spray inflammable with nozzle

Primarily designed for dusting off negatives & sensitive optical equipment.

Primarily designed for dusting off negatives & sensitive optical equipment. A standard version with a plastic nozzle suitable for accessories. 500ml can.

Anti-Newton Spray Prevents the formation of Newton’s rings when scanning films. Designed for drum scanners. Free from CFC’s. 200ml can.

Antistatic Spray Surface active spray to eliminate & prevent static charge on metal, glass & plastic. No adverse or optical effect on films. 400ml can.


No nozzle. 500ml can.

Film Cleaner Spray Neutral cleaner for all surfaces not only films. Removes fingerprints, greasy deposits and other marks. Free from CFC’s. 400ml can.

Protectan Anti-Oxidant Spray Protects developers and other photographic solutions from oxidation and so greatly extends their storage life. Just spray PROTECTAN gas into a partly filled bottle - that’s it. PROTECTAN inert heavy gas displaces the air and thus gives a long term protection. Can 400ml

CLOTHS & CLEANING AGENTS Lint Free Cloth Yellow, lint free, non impregnated cloth. For use with Film Cleaner Spray for removing water stains, finger prints and grease marks.

Alkotip Cleaning Swabs

Turn favourite images into stylish art Each swab is individually wrapped and impregnated with 70% isopropyl-alcohol. 100 Swabs per pack

Size 35 x 30cm

Anti-Static Graphic Arts Film Cleaner

Optical Lens Cloth

Effectively removes all glue residue, fingerprints and grease from film materials and mounting frames. It’s antistatic and nonaggressive with materials.

White high-tech microfibre fabric for gentle cleaning of optical lens systems Washable up to 60˚C

1 Ltr Bottle

Size 20 x 25cm

Mirasol 2000 Anti-Static Wetting Agent

Anti-Static Cloth

Antistatic wetting agent for b/w films. Ideal as glazing agent (Glanzol) for fibre based papers

Orange, lint free, impregnated premium antistatic polishing cloth for eliminating & preventing static charge on different types of surfaces.

Dilution: 1 + 400 for films 1 + 40 for fibre based paper

Size 29 x 30cm

0.25 Ltr Bottle



103039 Anti-Dust Spray


103043 Anti-Dust Professional Spray


103056 Air Spray - Inflammable with Nozzle.


Hardener Liquid Hardener additive for all liquid fixers & stop baths.

101638 Anti-Newton Spray


A hardener additive will harden the surface of the photographic material that is being fixed.

105198 Film Cleaner Spray


1 Ltr Bottle

105194 Anti-Static Spray


105193 Protectan Anti-OxidantSpray


101313 Lint Free Cloth


101315 Optical Lens Cloth


101317 Anti-Static Cloth


103060 Air Spray - Inflammable with Screw Top £6.22



101409 Alkitop Cleaning Swabs


105196 Graphic Arts Cleaner


101080 Mirasol 2000


101038 Hardener Liquid


Visit us online at or call our Sales Order Line on 0116 289 3644


DARKROOM Colortec C-41 Negative Rapid 2 Bath Liquid Kit Processing kit consisting of colour developer, bleach, fix plus stabilizer for C-41 compatible processing of all colour negative films. Easy mixing due to adjusted liquid concentrate parts. Short processing times. Capacity: 1 Ltr Kit: 12 films 135-36 or 24 APS films.

5 Ltr Kit: 60 films 135-36 or 120 APS films

Emofin Powder Two bath fine grain developer with highest speed yield and excellent balancing effect Ideal for available light photography (reportage, stage, artistic performances.) Capacity: 1 Ltr Kit: up to 15 films 135-36

Neofin Blue One shot developer for negatives with the highest resolution & exceptional sharpness.

I Ltr Kit

5 Ltr Kit

5 Bottle Kit. Ideal for slow/medium speed films.

Colortec E-6 3 Bath Liquid Kit

Capacity per 500 ml: 1 - 2 films 135-36

Advanced 3 Bath formula plus stabilizer for processing of all standard E-6 reversal films in tanks and rotary processors.


Capacity: 1 Ltr Kit: 12 slide films 135-36

5 Ltr Kit: 60 slide films 135-36

Special developer for all b/w papers & document films. Produces a very high gradation. Dilution: 1 + 6 up to 1 + 9 Capacity: 1 Ltr Conc: up to 50m2

I Ltr Kit



Colortec RA-4 Professional Print Kit RT

102226 C-41 Negative Kit. 1 Ltr


Kit consisting of colour developer and bleach fix for processing of RA-4 paper in table top roller transport machines at 35°C / 38°C. Odourless technology.

102228 C-41 Negative Kit. 5 Ltr


102031 E-6 3-Bath Kit. 1 Ltr


Simple application – very long keeping properties of the working solutions (approx. 8 weeks).

102034 E-6 3-Bath Kit. 5 Ltr


Easy mixing due to equal part quantities. Capacity: 5 Ltr Kit: Up to 10m2


102124 RA-4 Professional Print Kit. 5 Ltr £49.36 100004 Emofin Powder


100126 Neofin Blue


100272 Dokumol


DARKROOM Ultrafin Liquid Universal b/w film developer producing an excellent speed yield, fine grain and great resolution.

Eukobrom Liquid Universal b/w developer for all fibre based and PE papers.

Dilution variable 1 + 10 up to 1 + 30 depending upon required contrast and film emulsion.

Produces neutral image tones, rich blacks and glowing highlights.

One shot developer.

Dilution: 1 + 4 to 1 + 9

1 Ltr Conc.

1 Ltr conc for up to 50m2 5 Ltr conc for up to 250m2

Ultrafin T-Plus Liquid

200 Ltr available for large labs. POA.

Even better suited to the modern T-Grain films such as Kodak T-Max & Ilford Delta

Variospeed W

However, all conventional b/w films can be processed perfectly in Ultrafin T-Plus, especially low & medium speed films.

Produces warm black image tones with fibre based paper.

Ideal developer for Vario papers

Dilution: 1 + 4 up to 1 + 9

0.5 Ltr Conc to make 2.5 Ltr.

1 Ltr conc for up to 50m2 5 Ltr conc for up to 250m2

Neotenal Liquid Fine grain b/w developer for tank & machine processing. Replenishment rate: 270 - 300 ml / m2.

Eukospeed 2000 Developer Special developer concentrate designed for machines such as Ilford 2050/2150 RC.

Use Starter for Neotenal liquid when preparing a fresh working solution

Use in combination with Eukospeed 2000 Fixer.

Dilution: 1 + 5 (working solution) 1 + 3 (replenisher)

4 Ltr Conc to make 14 Ltr.

0.5 Ltr Conc.

Eukospeed 2000 Fixer

Starter for Neotenal Liquid

Special fixer concentrate to be used in combination with Eukospeed 2000 Developer.

Required for preparing fresh working solution of Neotenal.

4 Ltr Conc to make 14 Ltr.

1 Ltr Conc to make 50 Ltr. CODE DESCRIPTION


100296 Eukobrom 1 Ltr



100298 Eukobrom 5 Ltr


100154 Ultrafin Liquid


102446 Variospeed W 1 Ltr


102112 Ultrafin T-Plus Liquid


102448 Variospeed W 5 Ltr


102176 Neotenal Liquid


103255 Eukospeed 2000 Dev


100216 Starter Neotenal Liquid


103256 Eukospeed 2000 Fix



Visit us online at or call our Sales Order Line on 0116 289 3644


DARKROOM Eukoprint VR B/W Developer Modern, very stable and clean working for B / W developer machines. The replenishment rate may vary according to through put in the range of 150 ml to 250 ml/m2 0.5 Ltr Conc to make 2.5 Ltr.

Kodak Professional T-MAX RS Developer & Replenisher Moderately active, hydroquinonebased, liquid concentrate developer & replenisher for use with black and white negative roll & sheet film. Has the ability to produce high shadow detail with excellent tonal reproduction. Conc to make 50 Ltrs

Centrabrom S Soft working developer for PE and fibre based papers. Develops up to one grade softer, depending upon paper type. Ideal for 2 dish technique in combination with Eukobrom or Dokumol. Dilution: 1+3 1 Ltr Conc to make up to 10m . 2

Kodak Professional D-76 Developer Powder

Superfix Plus High performance rapid fixer for all b/w papers and films. Suitable for fixing in dishes, drums or machines. Dilution: 1+4 to 1+9 1 Ltr Conc to make up to 20m2 . 5 Ltr Conc to make up to 100m2 .

For general-purpose use with films such as Kodak T-MAX Professional, PLUS-X Pan, and TRI-X Pan Films; also for some spectroscopic films and plates.

Superfix Odourless

A favourite of pictorial photographers as it yields full emulsion speed and maximum shadow detail with normal contrast.

Use only in combination with Indicet Stop bath.

Moderately fine grain, excellent development latitude. Available in 1 Ltr & 3.8 Ltr packs

Kodak T-MAX Liquid Film Developer Moderately active, liquid black & white film developer that offers enhanced shadow detail in normally processed & pushprocessed films. You can use T-MAX Developer to process roll sizes of Kodak T-MAX Films & most other black & white continuous-tone films. Available in 5 Ltr packs


User friendly fixer for all b/w papers & films. Neutral pH, therefore ideal for fibre based paper.

Dilution: 1+4 1 Ltr Conc to make up to 10m2 . 200 Ltr available for large labs. POA.




Eukoprint VR B/W Developer £24.69


Centrabrom S

5160304 Kodak D-76 Developer 1 Ltr

£11.82 £1.83

5160296 Kodak D-76 Developer 3.8 Ltr £4.96 5050851 Kodak T-Max Film Dev 5 Ltr


5054184 Kodak Pro T-Max RS Developer & Replenisher



Superfix Plus. 1 Ltr



Superfix Plus. 5 Ltr



Superfix Odourless 1 Ltr


DARKROOM Indicet Odourless stop bath with indicator.

Kodak Photo Flo 200

Comfortable working conditions for those who are sensitive to odours.

Should be added to the final wash when processing black & white films

Contains an indicator, which changes colour when the solution is exhausted. Dilution: 1+19 Capacity per 1 Ltr solution: 15 films 135-36. 3m2 of PE papers. 1.5m2 of fibre based papers.

It acts as a wetting agent by foaming up and protecting the film from dust and scratches while it is hanging to dry. 0.47 Ltr Conc to make 95 Ltrs.

Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent

Lavaquick Rinse aid for b/w films and papers. Ideally suited for fibre based papers. Reduces the washing time by 50%. The application of Lavaquick is strongly recommended if prints are to be toned. Capacity per 1 Ltr solution: Up to 60m2

Promotes the removal of fixer from films & fiber-base papers to shorten wash times & make washing at lower wash-water temperatures practical. Dilution: 1 part stock solution to 4 parts water to make 5 Gallons

B/W Photographic Emulsion BLACK & WHITE TONERS Tetenal Sepia Toner A Classic toner for all B&W PE and Baryta papers. 2.5 Ltr Pack

Tetenal Gold Toner Can help the archival stability of your B/W prints. 1 Ltr Bottle

Kodak Selenium Toner To be used with warm tone papers to produce several cold brown hues. Dilute 1:20 for print protection. 946ml Bottle

Photosensitive chlorobromide emulsion for coating different surfaces such as glass, ceramics, fabrics, plastics, etc. which can then be exposed. The emulsion corresponds in sensitivity and contrast to grade 3 of ‘Work by TETENAL’ b/w paper. .25 Ltr Bottle. Capacity: 1.5-2m2 CODE DESCRIPTION



Indicet 1 Ltr



Lavaquick 1 Ltr



Tetenal Sepia Toner 2.5 Ltr



Tetenal Gold Toner 1 Ltr


5160445 Kodak Selenium Toner 946ml


1464510 Kodak Photo Flo 200


5160338 Kodak Hypo Clearing Agent




B/W Photographic Emulsion

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CLEANING & FINISHING Fixing Bath Test Strips

Processor Cleaner Monochrome A special cleaner for developer- and watertanks in X-ray, B&W and PrePress. 2-part powder formula. Not suitable for Colour Developer tanks & B&W machines which are running with hydroquinone-free developers, e.g. Eukoprint Prof. AC and colour processes. Easily removes even stubborn dirt, such as silver, silver sulphide & lime.

For the quick & easy measurement of the silver content and pH value in b&w fixing baths. Use: dip the test strip into the fixing bath, shake off excess liquid & compare the coloured measurement field with the scale on the packaging. Restricted use in colour fix & bleach fix bath too. Pack contains 100 test strips

4 x 10 Ltr pack

Super Adhesive Spray Very efficient spray adhesive for mounting photo prints, papers, posters, drawings, etc. The spray produces an elastic, waterproof layer of high adhesive strength.

Chem Cleaner Supplied in a bottle with integral spray valve. Efficient cleaner for stainless steel, plastic and glass.

The bond is permanent no matter, whether the surface is cardboard, chipboard or metal.

Removes tar, developer stain and other deposits. Ideal for the “intermediate” cleaning of colour developer racks.

Contains no CFC’s 400ml Can

Very easy application: Spray on the surfaces to be cleaned, leave to take effect for a minute or two, rinse off with water.

Protenal Matt Canvas Varnish Transparent protective varnish for finishing and for the preservation of precious ink jet printing on textile materials.

Pack Size: Available in 1Ltr Bottle and 5 Ltr Refill which can be used as a developer tank cleaner when diluted.


1 Ltr Bottle PRICE

Light Protecting Varnish Spray


Processor Cleaner Mono 4 x 10 Ltr



Chem Cleaner 1 Ltr



Chem Cleaner 5 Ltr



Fixing Bath Test Strips x 100



Adhesive Super Spray 400ml


Glossy varnish is also suitable to reduce/eliminate scratches on films.


Protenal Varnish 1 Ltr


Contains no CFC’s


Light Protecting Varnish Spray


400ml Can


Special varnish for the protection of print surfaces and image dyes. Absorbs the ultraviolet part of light that causes dye fading. The colourless varnish dries rapidly and protects the treated surface against physical damage.

LAB SUNDRIES & STORAGE Splicing Tape 3/4" Blue Film Splicing Tape.

Storage Bottles

Silicone adhesive tape for leader cards. Pack Size: 19mm x 66m.

Ideal to store mixed chemicals or any liquids.

Twin Check Labels

Available in 7 different sizes.

Self-adhesive Tetenal Polyester Twin Check Labels stick firmly to the film strips & are resistant to all photographic chemicals.

All bottles come complete with lid. CODE DESCRIPTION

Pack Size: 1 roll x 2500 numbers

Extractor Tape High-quality, black extractor tape for the quick and easy removal of films from 35mm cartridges using film extractors and film pullers Pack Size: 16mm x 10m



0.25 Ltr Bottle with Lid



0.5 Ltr Bottle with Lid



1 Ltr Bottle with Lid



2.8 Ltr Bottle with Lid



5 Ltr Bottle with Lid



10 Ltr Bottle with Lid



20 Ltr Bottle with Lid


Gloves Essential for prevention of fingerprints on negatives. These white gloves are made of 100 % cotton, they minimise static charge and allow clean working. Available in S, M and L

35mm Perforated Easy Tear Sleeving Easy tear, white belt perforated Sleeving Material for easy use. Designed for simple manual sleeving units.

Pack Size: 10 pairs




Blue Film Splicing Tape



Twin Check Labels



Extractor Tape



Gloves - Small



Gloves - Medium



Gloves - Large



Perforated Sleeving



Non Perforated Sleeving 4 Frame



Non Perforated Sleeving 6 Frame


Pack Size: 300m x Perforated 4 frame

Non-Perforated Easy Tear Sleeving Matt, non-reflecting, anti-static sleeving material allows the films to be inserted easily. Available as 4 or 6-frame strips with blue stop marks Pack Size: 300m x 4 Frame 300m x 6 Frame

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Tetenal Auxiliary Brochure  

Products for the Photographic Darkroom and Pro Labs.

Tetenal Auxiliary Brochure  

Products for the Photographic Darkroom and Pro Labs.